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WWF TNT- June 3, 1986

by Scrooge McSuck

Jake Roberts

- Hosted by "Mean" Gene Okerlund, along with co-host Lord Alfred Hayes. Vince McMahon wrapped up his time as host last week with an off-the-wall episode. According to sources, TNT wasn't a popular program amongst the brass executives at TNT, and Vince stepping aside was basically his way of avoiding looking bad when the show is eventually canceled. This week's guests include Danny Spivey, Mike Rotundo, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Elizabeth.

Guest #1: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Roberts isn't alone, carrying around his ominous bag. He says not many men are willing to shake his hand, then freaks out Alfred by placing the bag on the couch next to him. Roberts is bandaged up for some reason.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Ricky Hunter:

Recycled from the May 31st episode of Championship Wrestling and Joined in Progress. RICKY STEAMBOAT is sitting in on commentary for a front row seat. Roberts takes control, working the arm. Hunter with a hip toss, but Roberts rolls through with the arm bar. The match is playing background noise to Steamboat cutting a promo and Vince pushing the rivalry they've established between the Dragon and the Snake. Hunter teases a comeback, but Roberts cuts him off with a knee lift and finishes with the DDT. Roberts goes for the bag, but Steamboat makes a mad dash for the ring and hits Roberts with a bell-to-belly suplex before unloading with mounted right hands. The referee accidentally leaves Steamboat open for a cheap shot, but Steamboat shrugs it off and sends Roberts out of the ring with a flurry of chops.

Back in the studio, Okerlund calls Roberts a "rather sick individual." Roberts thanks him like it's a compliment. He lives by his own rules because they fit him the best. If a man is thirsty, he finds water, and if he's hungry, he finds something to eat. He's a very hungry man and Steamboat happened to be his piece of meat. He calls the DDT the best hold in wrestling and nobody ever has or will get up. We see Alfred sitting as far away from the bag as possible. Roberts says Steamboat was looking like the Elephant Man after getting a DDT on the concrete at the Meadowlands. We come back from commercial, and Roberts has some of his exotic friends with him, including a Diamondback Rattlesnake (that Roberts provokes), a Mexican Rattlesnake, a Black Mamba, Cobras, and a Viper "from Pakistan." He comes over to a large glass case with equally large snakes, comparing them to Hogan and Steamboat. Finally, there's a giant python in his bag that he calls the Son of Satan. The whole segment with the showcase of snakes was featured on the Coliseum Video dedicated to Jake Roberts.

Guest(s) #2: Mike Rotundo and Danny Spivey

These vanilla guys have to follow Roberts? Poor bastards. The snakes remain in the set from the previous segment. Okerlund rolls his tongue pronouncing "Rotundo" because why the heck not. 30-seconds in and Rotundo is dripping with sweat… OK, I made that up, but you'd believe it, I'm sure. Rotundo says he's wrestled around the world for the last few months and it's good to be back in the USA. I guess that doesn't include Wrestle-Rock '86 hosted by the AWA. We see a clip of Danny Spivey against Terry Gibbs from Madison Square Garden. WOOF. Spivey is as far removed from "pretty-boy with blonde hair" as you can get, but they're still trying to shove him into that box. Alfred says Spivey and BRET HART were in the running for most improved in 1985, and Bret barely edged him out. WHAT AN INSULT TO BRET.

Mike Rotundo & Dan Spivey vs. Steve Lombardi & Paul Christy:

Recycled from the May 24th episode of Championship Wrestling and Joined in Progress. Vince says Lombardi is one of the most improved competitors in the WWF. WHAT?! Rotundo with a slam and Spivey with a clothesline. Spivey with a slam of his own but misses an elbow drop. Christy tags in and throws some rights, looking about 18 inches shorter than Spivey. "U-S-A" chant in a match with four Americans, none based further West than Chicago. Whip and Rotundo and Spivey with a double dropkick. Whip and Rotundo sends Spivey into Christy with an elbow. They try another "team spot" that looks much worse. Spivey with a cross body press, but he ends up in the ropes. Lombardi gets the tag and Rotundo (sweating bullets after 2-minutes of work) catches him off the ropes with the Airplane Spin. Spivey with the tag, hitting a slingshot splash for three. They tried to look like a cohesive unit, but clearly need more matches to get their timing down.

Back in the studio, Rotundo says that match was the first time they were a team, but once they get some work under their belts, they're going to the top of the WWF.

Guest(s) #3: "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Elizabeth

Some clown has tucked a King Kong Bundy figure into one of the snake's cases. Okerlund shows off the latest edition of the WWF Magazine and Savage is in a featured article. Alfred says it'll take a special individual to dethrone Savage as the Intercontinental Champion. Savage is so hot right now, he's also on the cover of the WWF Program, available at your local arena. Savage tosses some confetti at Alfred and he's wearing another custom tanks with "Hulk Who?" on it. Okerlund compliments Elizabeth for her tan and dress, ticking off Savage who must be the center of attention at all times. He's the Superstar of Superstars while they have a conversation.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) vs. Serge Jodoin:

Recycled from the May 10th episode of Championship Wrestling. Savage with a lot of stalling for a squash. He throws his sunglasses to the canvas, forcing Elizabeth to pick them up. Savage offers a handshake, but Jodoin is smart enough to not accept. Lockup to the ropes, Savage gives a clean break and gets in the face of some front row fans. Lockup to the corner and Savage with a knee to the midsection. He takes Jodoin over with a suplex and comes off the top with the flying elbow at 2:14. Again, I wasn't cutting corners. Post-match, Savage teases coming off the top again, but cools down. It's no wonder Savage is working the house show loop with Hogan while holding the Intercontinental Title, he's a license to print money.

Back in the studio, Okerlund brings up a picture of Tito Santana as someone Savage should watch out for. Savage cuts off Elizabeth from answering another of Gene's questions and says he can win matches whether he has Elizabeth or the table in front of him placed in his corner at ringside. Savage continues to get his own feathers ruffled by the attention given to Elizabeth. We come back from commercial, and it's time for questions from the audience. Oh God, this is always DEATH. Savage warns Alfred to keep Okerlund in check or McMahon will be back in the hosting role next week. "Gary" asks about Randy's BASEBALL CAREER. WOAH, IN 1986?! Savage refuses to answer after building it up for a moment. "Mike" asks how it felt to STEAL the belt from Santana and how long will he keep it? Savage's next title defense will be when Mike goes to his car in the parking lot. "Maxine" asks if he thinks people are applauding for him or Elizabeth. Savage says she put him on the spot, and what if he put her on the spot and melted her like butter and tells her to sit next to Gary. "Betsy" asks what he used to take away the belt. Savage flexes and kisses his bicep. "Joe" wants to know why Savage doesn't treat Elizabeth like George "The Animal" Steele does. No answer. "Fred" wants to know when he's going after Hogan's belt. Savage gets upset at Okerlund for cutting him off from answering. Someone plays a slide whistle as Savage sits down, and that got a genuine laugh out of me. "Elizabeth, about that Tennis game..."

Next Week: Who knows?

Final Thoughts: Not too many guests, but sometimes that's a good thing, especially when two segments are dedicated to Jake Roberts and Randy Savage. Gene Okerlund was MUCH MORE toned down from his last spot as host, so maybe this won't be as much of a chore to get through as a I thought. An enjoyable 40-minutes, though Rotundo and Spivey continue to showcase a negative amount of charisma in the short amount of time spent on the set.

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