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WWE and WWF Reviews, Recaps and Results

This section contains reviews of the TV shows produced by the WWF; be they on WWE Network, free TV, DVD, VHS or the PPV staples.

Monday Night RAW

BY GAWD, KING!! It's a safe bet that someone will be "broken in half!"

WWE Friday Night Smackdown!
TV that's changing Friday* night! B'lee 'dat, playa! (*Or Tuesday. Sometimes Thursday)

WWE 205 Live
No I won't stop now, I'm the fire breaking through. Now this is war! Now this is war!

The Showcase of the Immortals (and Men on a Mission). It will be... a happening.

Royal Rumble
30 Men Enter... One Man Leaves (usually)

Rarely does an Intercontinental Champ survive in the WWE's second-biggest PPV of the year.

Surivor Series
Team of Five Strive to Survive... or teams of four... or sometimes just a buncha' regular matches. It's the Thanksgiving Night tradition. Or Thanksgiving Eve... or Sometime in November.. or, nevermind...

King of the Ring
Like WrestleMania IV... only shorter

In Your House, Vengeance, Backlash, No Mercy and all those other random names for WWF/WWE Pay-per-views. From 1985 to current!

"Old School" House Shows

Old timey regional broadcasts from Madison Square Gardens, Boston Gardens, the LA Sports Arena and more.

WWF Prime Time Wrestling

Gorilla and the Brain! The WWF's old flagship progam from 1985 to 1992. Lots of matches with Steve Lombardi and Paul Roma. Will you stop?!

Saturday Night's Main Event

"Saturday Night Live will not be seen tonight, so we may bring you this special presentation!"

WWF Superstars of Wrestling

Wotta' Manuever! Squash matches and angles featuring your favorite wrestlers ---errr--- "Superstars"

WWF Wrestling Challenge

"They'll be hanging from the rafters" to see more squash matches from the WWF's B-Show!


Originally "Tuesday Night Titans", see the WWF's version of The Tonight Show. With less humor and timing.

Coliseum Home Videos and DVD releases

The special compilation tapes and DVD's put out by the WWF; or stuff straight from the Wal-Mart and Best Buy bargain bins.

Shotgun Saturday Night

The WWF with a more raunchy attitude... and poor production values!

WWE ECW on Sci-Fi/SyFy
Or more accurately: WWE Velocity.

Random shows that don't fit anywhere else. Compilations, internet-only shows and other stuff that can't fill its own category...yet!