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WWF Tuesday Night Titans- February 22, 1985

by Scrooge McSuck


- Hosted by Vince McMahon, along with co-host Lord Alfred Hayes. Tonight's guests are Hillbilly Jim, Granny Kim, Mr. Fuji, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Swede Hansen, Barry Windham, Captain Lou Albano, and Mike Rotundo.


- We're on an alternate set where a goat is hanging around. Wouldn't you know it, we're at the "home" (or adjacent barn) of Hillbilly Jim and Granny Kim. She's sitting around, plucking a bird into a bucket and awkwardly shakes Vince's hand. Alfred declines to do the same because he's an elitist. Alfred says it's the first time he's watched someone pluck a chicken. Jim admits that he ran the chickem down himself. PETA would be all over this segment with that red alarm. They've got little piggy's too, named Bonnie and Bruce (no, Bruce Prichard was 2-years away from being ribbed like that). Vince grabs one and eagerly hands it to Alfred. Jim insists they all stick around for a bite to eat.

- Video of Hillbilly Jim training with Hulk Hogan. Jim is serious about his training now and makes a protein shake out of hawk gizzards. It's octane to make you powerful. Hulk sips it and makes a yucky face. Jim chugs it from the blender. They dub Real American over the original musical track, despite the song having not been written yet. Jim still has issues with taking his hat off in the weight-room, but his technique has improved greatly since he started training to become a professional rassler. Hogan's so proud, HE PUTS THE HAT BACK ON HIM. Prelim guy A.J. Petrucci gets a guest spot, sparring with Hogan for some chain-wrestling and counters training. Jim still resorts to brute strength. Hogan rewards his hard work with a pair of boots that he trained with in the 6-months before he won the WWF title. Yes, they recycled that moment in WCW with Hogan and Dave (Evad) Sullivan, and it was his Mania 3 boots.

- Alfred reluctantly attempts to milk the goat. He gets a horn in the butt and Vince loves it. Why am I not surprised?


- Back in the studio with Mr. Fuji and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Neidhart takes off his shirt upon arrival because… why? "Normally guests wear shirts, but it's alright if you choose not to." Neidhart isn't impressed by Hillbilly Jim. He has no business being in the ring and has no credentials. Anvil says he has the credentials as a world-record setting anvil thrower, as well as playing for the Dallas cowboys and Oakland Raiders. I'll take his word for it.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs. Jose Luis Rivera:

From the February 2nd episode of Championship Wrestling. TV Debut for Jim Neidhart. I'm sure not many people remember him part of Fuji's stable when he arrived in the WWF. Neidhart last made stops in Continental and Championship Wrestling from Florida before this. Neidhart attacks Rivera from behind. He plants Rivera with a slam and drops a forearm across the chest. Whip to the ropes and Neidhart connects with a dropkick. He tosses Rivera out of the ring, but no cheap-shot from Fuji. I guess that was a standard spot a few years later. Neidhart with another slam and forearm drop for two. Whip to the ropes, Rivera ducks a right hand and connects with a dropkick. He has a short rally, but meets a boot in the corner, and Neidhart finishes with the Powerslam at 3:05. Someone let Anvil know that JYD already uses that move. I don't see much upside to solo run Neidhart, seems like a card-filling guy rather than someone we'll see get a significant push.

- Anvil says Fuji taught him to enjoy administering pain and enjoying it himself. Fuji tap dances around a simple question with some hushed mumbling. Alfred was impressed by Neidhart being able to do a jumping powerslam with the weight of a man like Rivera. Not as entertaining as the Hillbilly Family.


- Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham are swarmed by a group of young women. No offense, but I never got the impression that Rotundo was a heart-throb. Albano lets the girls sit at the step of the interview platform. Poor Windham had his shirt torn! At least one of those plants earned their payday, unless they're forced to be there because they're related to a WWF employee in the studio. Windham says he goes through a lot of t-shirts. Babyface Lou Albano says it's Beauty and the Beast when you look at Rotundo and Windham next to himself. Albano says he's still going to holler and shout, but he'll try to be a better person.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis (c) vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham

Taped from the Hartford Civic Center on January 21st, Joined in Progress. Rotundo pounds away on Murdoch. Adonis comes in to cut off a tag attempt and connects with a slingshot suplex. Vince McMahon's post-production commentary says Rotundo and Windham are now managed by Lou Albano, but I can't see him anywhere. Adonis charges and gets dumped over the top rope. He recovers in time to sweep Windham off the apron to prevent the tag. Murdoch with a scoop slam and turns Rotundo over with a Boston Crab. Rotundo powers out, sending Murdoch into the turnbuckle. Windham hot tags and unloads on Murdoch and Adonis with rights. Whip to the corner and Adonis turns himself inside out. Double Noggin Knocker! Adonis clotheslines Windham to break up the running bulldog. All four men brawl in the ring. Windham clears out Adonis and takes out Murdoch with a sunset flip for three to capture the Tag Team Titles at 3:45 (shown), making them the 14th set of tag teams to be guided to the Tag Team Titles by Lou Albano (again, nowhere to be seen at ringside).

- Is it weird that it bothers me that all the girls are sitting/laying in the exact same position, equally spaced? Rotundo is such a vanilla promo. Albano says Windham and Rotundo are a good example of the youth of America. Albano rambles about exposing a weakness in Murdoch and Adonis. The segment ends with the boys being ambushed again, and this time they manage to rip Rotundo's shirt.

- Back to the Barn™, in the kitchen of Granny Kim. She yells at Jim for wearing his hat at the supper table. Alfred is too posh for goat milk, asking for wine. Alfred does a spit-take sipping down their moonshine, much to the delight of Vince.


- I guess we have time to fill if Swede Hansen gets to join the supper table with Vince, Alfred, Jim, and Kim. Alfred insists they give Hansen the "white wine." Unfortunately for Alfred, Swede enjoys the stuff, guzzling it down and ruining Alfred's attempts at being a jerk. We get the closing moments of Hansen vs. S.D. Jones from the Philadelphia Spectrum. There's no way the crowd is popping that big for this prelim match. The finish is Jones doing an airplane spin, losing his balance, and Hansen falling on top for the three-count. The date of the match? February 19th... 1983. WHAT IN THE F*CK?!

Next Week: Dr. D David Schultz, "the premiere tag team combination" of Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik, Sal Bellomo, and a LADY REFEREE! #WomensEvolution

Final Thoughts: I know it's a cliched observation, but Vince McMahon must've REALLY enjoyed doing the segments with Hillbilly Jim, considering how often him and his kin make appearances on the show. I always wonder who their target demographic was, with questionable guests and matches taped from nearly a month ago. They don't hype other shows, never promote live events, and seems to exist in its own bubble. For what it is, it's not the worst stuff to watch, but there's little incentive to watch every episode on the WWE Network.

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