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WWF Tuesday Night Titans- February 1, 1985

by Scrooge McSuck


- Vince McMahon is our host, joined by co-host Lord Alfred Hayes, and some blatantly obvious redubbed music that almost drowns out the introduction of the show. Just for the record, I don't plan on recapping many episodes of TNT. While it's a unique atmosphere, I don't see it keeping me wanting to watch more of it as well stroll through 1985.

Guest(s) #1: The Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji.

It's weird to think that Fuji had only recently retired as a full-time in-ring performer, having stepped into the spot as a manager, first taking on George "The Animal" Steele. Not knowing the James Bond franchise, I had no idea his look was inspired by one of the villains (Oddjob), which I'm sure a lot of kids my age getting into wrestling were unaware of. Muraco is making his return to TV, having last competed in a WWF ring back in June of '84. For weeks, vignettes of him and Fuji in Hawaii were featured, typically calling out Hulk Hogan. We're shown footage of Muraco surfing on the beaches of Hawaii, with more obviously changed music (I'd put money on it being something Beach Boys related). Muraco calls the footage an embarrassment because he's ridden much higher waves than that.

The Magnificent Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji) vs. Mario Mancini

Taped on January 7th from Hamilton, Ontario, and set for broadcast on the February 2nd episode of All-Star Wrestling. One of Muraco's first matches since returning to the WWF. Jack Reynolds and Jesse Ventura are calling the action. Muraco wastes no time driving a series of knees into the midsection and hitting a stomach buster. Muraco with a Russian leg sweep and knee across the chest. Muraco pulls Mancini off the canvas to continue dishing out punishment. The Spike Piledriver (Tombstone, called a "double shoulder breaker" by Ventura) finally finishes at 2:16. Just a squash. Nothing to mock, and I've already used my small talk on both Muraco and Fuji.

- Back in the studio, Don Muraco buries Reynolds for incorrectly identifying him being from Waikiki, while Ventura correctly pointed out that he now resides in Sunset Beach. Muraco puts Fuji over for his ruthlessness as a manager and that's what will push him over the top in the WWF.

Guest(s) #2: Granny Kim and her smell hounds.

Oh, sweet Jesus. I've been on this earth (as of March 2018) for over 32 years, and I still don't understand Vince McMahon's obsession with southern folk and the endless parade of characters that come from that stereotype. I'm not sure if this is the same relative we'd see in a Coliseum Video exclusive that had Jim demonstrate how he got so big and strong, including dropping elbows on a filthy mattress. I guess McMahon also thinks all rasslin' fans are nerds who play pretend on their soiled mattresses.

Hillbilly Jim (w/ Hulk Hogan) vs. Terry Gibbs

From the January 26th episode of Championship Wrestling. We're Joined in Progress (yes, for a squash match), and we've already covered this one. Hillbilly Jim wins his debut match with a bear-hug.

- Granny Kim continues to swoon over her Grandson Jim. McMahon says Jim is doing a lot more traveling and isn't so sure of Granny is spry enough to travel around and see him wrestle in person (because the WWF would rather give away tickets than come to the make-believe city of Mudlick, KY).

Andre The Giant & "Special Delivery" Jones vs. Big John Studd & Ken Patera (w/ Bobby Heenan)

Originally featured on an episode of Championship Wrestling back in November 1984, and we've covered this one on the January 5th episode of WWF World Championship Wrestling. Short and to the point, this is the match where Andre was "raped of his dignity" and had his hair cut at the hands of the Heenan Family.

Guest #3: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

He snubs Lord Alfred's attempt at a handshake. He says there's only room for one Giant in the WWF, and that's John Studd. We flashback to last week where Heenan, Studd, and Patera abuse a volunteer in a Barber's chair by covering him in various goop like shaving cream, hair gel and after-shave lotion. Vince McMahon can't help but laugh his ass off as he does a pitiful job of pleading with them to stop. As much as their attack on Andre was done for serious heat, this was straight comedy, and almost defeats the purpose of showing the angle! Heenan tries to salvage the segment, saying you'll look like a fool like that fan if you try to mess with the Heenan Family.

Guest #4: "Classie" Fred Blassie

...without his proteges Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik. He at least has enough respect for Hayes to shake his hand. McMahon mentions Blassie being a former Pacific Coast Heavyweight Champion (that would be NWA Los Angeles/Hollywood Wrestling, based on a quick search for verification). Blassie mentions his decent golf game and shows off his diamond ring before we throw it to the video footage of his men in action.

Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik (w/ "Classie" Fred Blassie) vs. Steve Lombardi & Mario Mancini

Recycled from the January 5th episode of Championship Wrestling. Seriously, they dug this far back for content, and gave us our second match with Mario Mancini in the same one hour of programming?! Who the hell is in charge, and please tell me they were fired for it. Just a squash match, would've made more sense to show the match where Windham and Rotundo interrupted the Soviet Anthem.

- Blassie says Volkoff and Sheik have become the #1 Tag Team in wrestling after only a few weeks together as a team and are the uncrowned Champions. Blassie says for years, people rubbed it in his face he never managed a World Champion, but he proved everyone wrong with the Iron Sheik, and he'll prove people wrong again when he guides the Sheik and Volkoff to the Tag Team Titles.

Final Thoughts: As you can see, there's only so much material to work with on a given episode of Tuesday Night Titans. Some episodes have more dumpster fire appeal, but for the most part, we got cookie cutter interviews and poor attempts at comedy to string everything together. I'll poke around for occasional recaps of TNT, trying to find some of the more infamous (awful) episodes, otherwise we'll just stick to Championship Wrestling and All-Star Wrestling as we press forward.

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