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WWF Tuesday Night Titans- January 10, 1986

by Scrooge McSuck

Junkyard Dog

- Hosted by Vince McMahon, with co-host Lord Alfred Hayes. This week's guests include Ivan Putski, Big John Studd, the Junkyard Dog, "Macho Man" Savage (yes, that's how Alfred says it) and his manager Elizabeth. This week's run time is 38-minutes. If we only knew the content that is missing, and yes, I went to the effort of making a reference to the SECOND Wrestling Album, on a show that promotes the original.

Guest #1: Big John Studd

Glad to see Studd is no longer carrying around a baggie of Andre the Giant's hair trimmings. Studd with some rough hand shakes that McMahon calls attention to. Studd wants you to know when he shakes your hand that he's not a pansy like the people sitting in the audience.

Big John Studd (w/ King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan) vs. Sal Gee:

Recycled from the November 9th, 1985 episode of Championship Wrestling. JESUS. Studd taunts Gee about attempting to body slam. Gee goes for it, but Studd easily shoves him to the canvas. Gee's second attempt is even less impressive. Suddenly, ANDRE THE GIANT and Capt. Lou Albano show up to the broadcast position. Andre mumbles something about wanting to get even with John Studd. Back to the action, Studd takes Gee over with a hip toss. Whip to the ropes and Studd with a shoulder tackle, followed by an elbow drop for three at 3:15. Post-match, Bundy gives the poor soul a splash. Well, the 2+ month old match explains the promo from Andre, who was working houses against the duo that Fall.

- Back to the studio, McMahon polls the audience for questions. This time it's more clearly stated that the fans will be asked questions and they can ask Studd questions too. Fan #1 says he's seen "bigger boys" than Studd. Fan #2 says she's in love with Paul Orndorff and accuses of Studd of not being able to beat him. Studd stumbles over his words with a rebuttal. Fan #3 says he spent good money to see WrestleMania where he was slammed, then says Studd's mom is a punk because he lied and says it never happened.

Guest(s) #2: "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Elizabeth

McMahon notes that Elizabeth is more popular than the Macho Man before introducing them. Savage comes out and tears up a poster of Hogan to drive home he's a jerk. Savage tosses around some of the LJN action figures, none of which are the Macho Man. As for the WWF Magazine, he's not on the cover, so there it goes on the floor. Savage calls himself a future-WWF Champion. He promises 1986 will be the Macho Man's year. McMahon says most fans applaud Elizabeth and boo him. Savage says they're ignorant and jealous of success. Savage says Elizabeth is his property, and as minute as she is, no one messes with her, especially not George Steele and Capt. Lou.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) vs. Gary Starr:

Recycled from the December 21st, 1985 episode of Championship Wrestling. Someone has handed Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers, and one guess what Savage does with them. Spoilers: He destroys them after giving her a tongue lashing. THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY. He adds further insult by throwing his ring gear at her. Savage attacks from behind, takes Starr over with a suplex, and finishes with the flying elbow at 0:22. Post-match, Savage hits him with another elbow. So much for Vince's wish for Starr to defeat Savage.

- Back in the studio, Vince says this was an edited version of the match, and notes the full version shows specifically what he did to the flowers. Savage says if anyone wants to give Elizabeth a gift, make sure it fits in you sideways. Vince asks Elizabeth what she sees in the Macho Man. Savage interrupts and flexes, and orders her to give him a kiss on the cheek and then on the bicep. We see footage from Saturday Night's Main Event, where Steele was showing signs of affection to Elizabeth. Savage continues to yell that nobody touches his property, and that includes Elizabeth. He refuses to let Elizabeth answer any questions, flustering McMahon. Knowing the stories that have circulated over the years, it's hard to enjoy this segment to its fullest, though Savage stealing the spotlight is hard to deny having charm.

Guest #3: Ivan Putski

McMahon says that Putski has a better physique than the Macho Man. Putski tells "Vinnie" to not drink, do drugs, and get plenty of sleep. Oh, and good nutrition, especially kielbasa and onions. McMahon asks Putski to remove his sweater and show off the body. Putski obliges and flexes as we throw it to the video tape footage…

Ivan Putski vs. Moondog Spot:

Joined in progress from the July 13th, 1985 card held at Madison Square Garden. Spot connects with a crescent kick to "the throat area", sayeth Gorilla. Whip is reversed and a shoulder tackle knocks both men down. He chastises the referee for continuing to count the men down despite being on their knees. Spot begs for mercy, but the crowd pleads for Putski to give him a thrashing. Putski with overhand rights, trapping Spot in the ropes. Whip to the ropes and the Polish Hammer finishes Spot at 1:45 (shown of almost 13:00).

- Back in the studio, Putski says he wants to stay healthy for 1986 and promises to stay in shape. That's good to know. What an amazing guest.

- Highlights of 1985 shown, courtesy of Saturday Night's Main Event, and yes, the dubbed music here is different than the dubbed music on that episode.

Guest #4: The Junkyard Dog

I don't know if anything can match the excitement of a middle-aged man flexing his muscles and looking like a wrinkled, overdone hot dog. McMahon asks if the JYD ever thought he'd be a successful recording star. He thanks his family and God for the opportunity. They discuss what "Grab Them Cakes" means, and they joke about it meaning dollars. I don't know, I think it's something else, but I'm not going to listen to the song again.

- Highlights of Jimmy Hart performing "Eat Your Heart Out Rick Springfield" from a previous episode of Tuesday Night Titans. Not really a fan of the song (it's OK, I guess), but at least Jimmy has previous experience in the music industry as a performer. Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart are shown geeking out on the stage.

- The JYD wants to know where the female vocalist was. The fans are polled their opinion and, of course, they prefer the Junkyard Dog over Jimmy Hart. Send your postcards to Greenwich, CT with your votes for the Slammy Awards. When we return from commercial, the fans get to interact with the Dog, but not before we get a demonstration of what would happen in a match with the JYD and Piper via the LJN action figures. Fan #1 asks JYD about his training program. Lots and lots of Twinkies. Okay, that was my answer, but Dave Meltzer had a hilarious story that brought along the nickname the Junkfood Dog, and word is that Sylvester Ritter (JYD) laughed at the joke himself. These are some awful questions and comments, they're not worth writing here. McMahon pokes fun at a geeky fan with bad hair. It looks like a heavier version of Jameson, to be honest. He asks about Terry Funk and Jimmy Hart, but this segment is just dying.

- Next Week: George "The Animal" Steele, Lou Albano, Candice Perdue, Adrian Adonis, and Jimmy Hart. Final Thoughts: Except for the segment featuring Randy Savage and Elizabeth, a very weak episode of Tuesday Night Titans. Big John Studd didn't have much to say, and was flustered cutting a promo on a young girl, Ivan Putski is far down my list of enjoyable talent, and the ending with the Junkyard Dog looked like a guy was forced at gunpoint to go on the stage and wing it. Definitely an episode that isn't worth revisiting on the WWE Network.

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