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WWE Smackdown- July 11, 2008
by Sassy

Smackdown is broadcast on the CW Network from Baton Rouge, LA.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross & Mick Foley

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Last week The Rated R Superstar and Friday Night Smackdown general manager shocked Vickie Guerrero by calling off the wedding. Edge has been having a terrible time since he lost the WWE World Heavyweight title to CM Punk on Monday Night Raw last week. The only reason I am bringing this up is because of CM PUNK! CM PUNK! I canít wait for Monday nights now that Punk has that gold around his waist Ė and the fact that the first part of tonightís Smackdown is a rewind of what has happened to Edge during the last couple of weeks.

I guess Edge didnít have enough mic time last week because heís back and heading to the ring in his street clothes. Jim Ross reminds the audience that Edge will face The Game Triple H at Great American Bash for the WWE Championship. The fans remind Edge of what they think of him with ďyou suckĒ chants. Donít tell me; let me guessÖEdge has changed his mind. But NO! Edge says that the wedding is still off. Edge says he is going to prove all of his critics wrong by beating HHH at the next WWE pay per view. Guerrero in her wheelchair shows up at the top of the ramp accompanied by Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder. Guerrero is putting Edge in a no DQ match against The Big Show. Edge says he isnít afraid of Show and by the end of tonight; Show will be a loser just like her. Guerrero has his mic turned off. Is this episode entitled The Bitch is Back? We go to commercial break.

Matt Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 236 lbs.
WWE United States Champion
The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC weighing 248 lbs.

The bad part of this match is going to be that Benjamin just might be able to outwrestle Hardy but Benjamin will resort to dirty tricks to win. Benjamin does work some great counters but Hardy is doing the same. Two close falls from both wrestlers. Another close fall and Hardy barely gets a shoulder off the mat. Benjamin delivers a neck breaker and gets the cover and the three count. Time: 5 minutes.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin with a neck breaker

This was not a title match and itís a good thing for Hardy. Benjamin showed his real talent during most of this match and heís good. WWE needs to put Benjamin in high quality matches and keep him there.

Hawkins & Ryder are backstage with Guerrero and they have turned their back on Edge. They also want a match against Jesse & Festus and she grants it. We go to commercial break.

Montel Vontavious Porter is at the announcerís table to watch the next champ.

Mr. Kennedy from Green Bay, WI weighing 235 lbs.
Domino from the other side of the tracks weighing 230 lbs.

Kennedy makes sure to make fun of MVP sitting at ringside when he has the mic. Iíve got a feeling that Domino has some wrestling ability that the fans have not seen. The match starts out with a little rassliní but then Domino decides that isnít the way he wants to play. Domino goes for the first cover but Kennedy kicks out. Kennedy gets the second cover and gets a two count. Kennedy catches Domino with the mind check and wins the match. Time: 4 minutes.

The match was too short but it was a decent match. Kennedy and Domino both have talent and it would be nice to see them in a short feud. After the match, MVP rips off his announcerís gear and stands outside the ring facing off with Kennedy. Samoan Bulldozer Umaga appears and takes out Kennedy in the ring.

Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely are backstage with Edge. Guerrero says heís going to talk to Vickie about how she has been treating Edge. Guerrero reminds Edge that they are like brothers and he will straighten everything out. We go to commercial break.

Chavo is backstage with Vickie to tell her that he canít believe that Edge treated her like he did. He tells her that the two of them are Guerreros and they have to stick together. She tells Chavo to cut the crap and tonight Chavo will be competing against HHH.

Non-title Match
John Morrison from Los Angeles, CA weighing 219 lbs.
The Miz from Cleveland, OH weighing 231 lbs.
WWE Tag Team Champions
Finlay & Hornswoggle

What I wouldnít give to see Finlay & Hornswoggle to take out Morrison & Miz. As much as I like Hornswoggle, you have to admit that Finlay has been carrying these matches that the two of them have as a tag team. Hornswoggle does deliver a couple of stunners during this match after Finlay tags him into the ring but it doesnít take long for Morrison & Miz to take Hornswoggle down to the mat. Hornswoggle delivers a kick to the head of Morrison and makes it to Finlay for the tag. I really enjoy seeing Finlay take out Miz. Finlay delivers the Celtic cross to Morrison but Miz breaks it up. As Morrison tags in Miz , Finlay delivers a smack to Miz with his favorite weapon, Hornswoggle delivers the tadpole splash and gets the three count. Time: 4 minutes.
Winners: Hornswoggle & Finlay with a Celtic cross/tadpole splash combination

I take back what I said about Hornswoggle not keeping up his end of the match. He did a great job for being so outsized in this match up. We go to commercial break.

JR introduces a video of Jeff Hardy.

The Game Triple H from CT weighing 255 lbs.
WWE Champion
Chavo Guerrero from El Paso, TX weighing 215 lbs.
With Bam Neely
This match might be a little more even if Neely was against HHH. However, HHH will have to watch his back. JR mentions that Charles Robinson is back in the ring as the referee and if I recall correctly Robinson was in Vickieís bad graces not too long ago. Neely doesnít appear thrilled with the way HHH is working over Guerrero. Neely gets his chance to work over HHH as Guerrero has the refereeís attention. Neely gets knocked off the ring apron by HHH and Guerrero tries to take advantage but HHH delivers the pedigree and gets the win. Time: 4 minutes.
Winner: The Game Triple H with a pedigree

The purpose of this match was to show that Vickie Guerrero is in charge and to build the beginning of bad feelings between Neely and HHH. We go to commercial break.

Natalya & Maryse
Michelle McCool & Cherry

Cherry and Natalya are my favorites in this match. Iíd really like to see Natalya outside of the WWE ring. She has some awesome moves. Cherry is another female wrestler that I think could do a great job if she was given the proper matches. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter on Cherry and gets the win. Time: 3 minutes.
Winner: Natalya with a sharpshooter.

After the match, Natalya goes after McCool and takes her out with a suplex on the floor outside the ring. We go to commercial break.

Tag Team Match
Jesse & Festus
At a combined weight of 501 lbs.
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
At a combined weight of 435 lbs.

All I can say is Ė Take Ďem OUT Jesse & Festus! I havenít liked team of Hawkins & Ryder after they became Hawkins & Ryder. Iím a Jesse fan and donít understand why WWE brought him in as a tag team member. Jesse is another wrestler that Iím sure has hidden talent we donít often see. Donít get me wrong, I like Festus, too. Hawkins & Ryder bail out of the ring in order for the time to run out and the bell to ring so that they, obviously, can attack a helpless Festus. Time: 3 minutes.
Winners: Jesse & Festus via count out.

As soon as the bell rings, Hawkins & Ryder enter the ring and beat down Jesse, tossing him out of the ring into the announcerís table so that they can beat on Festus. Fortunately for Festus, Jesse makes it back to his feet to ring the bell and itís all over for Hawkins & Ryder. Jesse is back in the ring to help out. They clear the ring and Hawkins & Ryder are on the run. We go to commercial break.

Stevie Richards from Philadelphia, PA weighing 230 lbs. (already in the ring)
Vladimir Kozlov from Moscow weighing 302 lbs.

Kozlov appears to have found some entrance music. Richards better have a couple of cards up his sleeve. Heís outsized and could be up against someone who is a better wrestler. Richards is good, no doubt, but if he doesnít get ahead of Kozlov early in the match, heís going to lose. Head butt by Kozlov and he gets the three count. Time: 3 minutes.
Winner: Vladimir Kozlov with a head butt

Stevie Richards deserves better matches than this (editor's note: No way!! We've never heard anybody on the Internet say THAT before!!). Kozlov is large and he may be a great wrestler but the fans havenít seen that from him to date.

Edge is backstage arguing with Guerrero & Neely when Hawkins & Ryder show up to argue with everyone. Vickie Guerrero appears and says that if any of them show up to help Edge in his match against Show, she will fire them and if Edge tries to get out of the match, she will fire him. We go to commercial break.

Main Event
No DQ Match
The Big Show, 7í0Ē weighing 440 lbs.
The Rated R Superstar Edge from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 250 lbs.

Edge would have been better off asking for a TLC match tonight. At least with a ladder he could look Show in the eye. Guerrero with Hawkins & Ryder appear at the top of the entrance ramp to watch the match. The match moves outside the ring and Edge isnít faring well against the big man. Edge delivers a spear to Show on the floor outside the ring and we go to commercial break. Back to the action, the match is still on the floor and Edge has a kendo stick in his hand. Unfortunately for Edge, Show takes the kendo stick away. Edge tries to climb over into the audience but Show catches him and delivers more punishment on the floor outside the ring. Guerrero has managed to get her wheelchair closer to the ring as Edge goes into the steel steps. Show shoves Edge over the guardrail but Edge comes back and takes Show down to the floor. Both men are down on the floor. Edge has the kendo stick again and he nails show but Show rolls into the ring. Edge rolls back into the ring and Show shoves him into the corner. Edge has Show around the neck and the ref is trying to stay out of the way. Edge has Show down to one knee. Show comes back and delivers a side slam. Both men are down again, this time on the canvas. Show tries to deliver the choke slam but Edge counters with a DDT and goes for the cover, getting two count before Show throws Edge across the ring. Edge comes out to the floor and grabs two steel chairs. Show knocks a chair into Edgeís face. Show picks Edge up but Edge delivers a low blow. Edge has the chair and he nails Show across the back then puts a chair under Showís head. He grabs the other chair and goes for the conchairto but Show grabs Edge by the throat and delivers a choke slam. Show sets up Edge on a chair and grabs the second char but Guerrero stops Show from hitting Edge. She is out of her wheelchair and is in the ring, falling all over Edge. Time: 9 minutes.

Iím not sure who won and right now if I have to watch one more second of the Edge and Vickie soap opera, Iíll throw up. I hate to break it to the WWE fans but it looks like the wedding might just be back on.

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