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WWE Friday Night Smackdown- April 8, 2011

by SamoaRowe

-From Charlotte, NC. Our hosts are Josh Matthews, Booker T, and Michael Cole.

-The show opens with Alberto Del Rio, along with Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay, coming to the ring for an interview. Del Rio failed to win the World title at Wrestlemania, so his trademark smile is nowhere to be seen. Del Rio says that destiny can be delayed, but not stopped. He mourns the loss of his Wrestlemania moment and his car, which Edge and Christian destroyed. Del Rio is interrupted by (still World Champion) Edge and Christian, who are towing out the remains of Del Rio’s Rolls Royce. Edge is turning into quite the sore winner, eh? Edge isn’t finished and spray paints something on the hood. Del Rio wants a rematch, but Edge thinks his buddy, Christian, is more deserving. Theodore Long shows up and makes the logical Christian/Del Rio #1 Contenders match for tonight. The winner will face Edge in a ladder match at Extreme Rules.

-Later, we’ll be treated to a recap of John Cena challenging The Rock to a match at Wrestlemania 28.

2/3 Falls match:
Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, and Kofi Kingston vs. The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel)

This is a rematch from the 90 second classic that took place at Wrestlemania 27. The Corre was absolutely decimated at ‘Mania so they desperately need a good showing tonight. Justin Gabriel starts against Santino Marella, with Gabriel getting the upper hand. Slater tags and stomps away. Santino rebounds, tagging in Kane, who is more than happy to hurt Slater. Big Show tags and tries to put Slater away the way he did at Wrestlemania, but more slowly. Kofi tags and splashes Slater off Show’s shoulders. The Corre pull Slater to ringside so they can regroup heading into a commercial break. Afterwards, Kane is in control of Wade Barrett. Jackson gets his first tag and squares off with Kane in a power match. Barrett grabs Kane’s legs, giving Jackson the opening to isolate Kane in the Corre corner. Kingston gets a hot tag and overwhelms Gabriel. Kingston pins Gabriel for the 1st fall at 5:30 (shown).

After a second commercial break, we are ready for the second fall. Slater is in control of Santino. Santino fights back and prepares the Cobra, but Barrett storms in with a big boot. Wasteland puts Santino away at 7:22 (shown) and the Corre wins the 2nd fall. The match continues with Barrett trying to get another quick win over Marella. Santino is hapless as the Corre make frequent tags. Kane gets a hot tag and cleans house! Barrett eats the flying clothesline but Jackson makes the save. The Corre knocks Kane’s teammates off the apron and then pounce on him as a group. The referee calls for the DQ at 11:08 (shown). Sheesh, that was a long way to go for that finish.
Winners via DQ: Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino Marella

-Kingston, Show, and Marella rejoin the fray. They overwhelm the Corre and take turns hitting their finishers. Ezekiel Jackson eats a triple choke slam. Well, that was kind of fun. It looks as though the Corre are going to have to rethink their strategy.

Not-so-dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Trent Barreta

Cody is riding high after defeating Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania. Rhodes is aggressive in knocking Barreta off his feet. Barreta surprises Cody with a missile drop-kick! Side Russian leg sweep by Rhodes. The Cross-Rhodes finishes it at 1:30. Squashtacular!
Winner: Cody Rhodes

-Rhodes dishes out a beat down on Barreta, causing Rey Mysterio to run in for the save. Cody retreats after Rey targets his protective mask. Good to see this rivalry isn’t over.

-We are treated to John Cena calling out The Rock from Raw. Rock and Cena will face in one year at Wrestlemania 28. This was a great segment, but we already saw it!

-Edge and Christian are hanging out backstage. Edge says he hopes Christian is the one who gets the title shot. How nice. Edge leaves Christian alone with the belt. Christian fawns over the title until Edge, sporting a “gotcha” grin, returns for it.

Layla and Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix

LayCool are still smarting from losing to Snooki at Wrestlemania. McCool starts off against Phoenix, and gets knocked off her feet. McCool accidentally knocks Layla off the apron in the process. Backbreaker by Beth leads to Layla tagging herself in. LayCool argue over the apron incident, giving Beth a chance to Press Slam Layla onto the turnbuckles. Kelly tags and stretches Layla in the ropes. Sloppy flying cross body by Kelly and some spanking. Yep. Layla looks for a tag, but Michelle suddenly falls off, selling a phantom back injury. Kelly rolls up Layla at 2:41. So it looks as the LayCool dissension angle is back on track.
Winners: Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix

-Michael Cole is in the ring, laughing over shooting Jim Ross with barbeque sauce on Raw. Cole introduces Jack Swagger, the man who taught him everything he knows. Just for the record, Cole won his match against Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania, when the anonymous Raw GM reversed the decision. Swagger puts over how successful he was in training Cole. It looks as though this pairing isn’t finished either. They declare that Michael Cole is the new Mr. Wrestlemania and they enjoy another victory lap. They are interrupted by Sin Cara, making his Smackdown debut! Cara dives over the ropes and gets in Swagger’s face. Cara uses his high flying tricks to dump Swagger to ringside and land a dive! The crowd reacted favorably to this segment.

-Wonderful, they replay footage of Steve Austin confronting the Miz in front of the Tough Enough cast.

-Michelle McCool is brooding backstage. Layla shows up and suggests they go to couple therapy. Michelle reminds them they are not a couple, but Layla just insists that she show up. This could lead to some entertaining vignettes.

-Highlights of the Hall of Fame ceremony. How nice.

#1 Contender match:
Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay) vs. Christian (with Edge)

Edge joins the commentary team for the match. This is the third time in four weeks that Christian and Del Rio are facing in the Smackdown main event, yet I don’t mind. Del Rio targets the head. The match restarts with a test of strength but Del Rio cheap shots. Christian punks Alberto and tosses him to ringside. Del Rio lands in front of the announce table, giving Edge a chance to wave the title at him. Cue the commercial. Afterwards, Del Rio has taken control by driving Christian into the ring steps. Sick backbreaker by Del Rio but he can’t get the pin. Christian climbs the ropes but Del Rio sneaks up for a superplex. Christian surprises with an inside cradle but that only pisses Del Rio off. They both tumble to ringside to tease a draw. Del Rio misses a back senton! Christian fires back with a flying drop-kick. Flying cross body by Christian only gets 2! Del Rio rolls through a sunset flip and catapults Christian into the ropes. Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker but Christian gets the ropes. Christian drops Del Rio neck-first on the ropes! Brodus Clay distracts and ends up eating another spear by Edge! Sadly, Del Rio nails the leaping enziguri for the win at 10:58 (shown). Another great main event by these two. Christian should be a top opponent for Del Rio after he wins the title, ***.
Winner and #1 Contender: Alberto Del Rio

Final Thoughts: Wrestlemania is over, but it seems that all the storylines heading into the show are going to continue. There wasn’t much of a show after a third of it got sucked up by Raw recaps, but we were treated to another great main event. Thumbs in the middle, I sez.

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