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WWF Smackdown! - October 21, 1999

by SamoaRowe

Steve Austin

-From Louisville, KY. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are calling the action.

-Mankind comes to the ring and reacts to The Rock seemingly throwing out his book, which conveniently gives him the the chance to make a sales pitch for the viewing audience. Mankind sits his "big fat ass" down on the apron for a sit-out until Mr. McMahon gives him some attention. Vince shows up and listens to Mick rant about how all the fans forgot about his accomplishments while he was trying to have fun in a Rock n' Sock jacket. He's not okay with The Rock ahead of him in line for the WWF title and wants to kick his ass tonight and take his place in future main events. The Rock comes to the ring, doesn't like what he's hearing from Mick, and proceeds to verbally put him in his place as only The Rock can. Rock accepts Mick's challenge for later and Mick calls him an insecure little boy before taking off. Rock stays behind with Vince looking to find out if he's the only #1 contender, and they're interrupted by Val Venis, who is trying to claw his way into the main event scene. Val wants to face Stone Cold, so Austin marches his way to the ring. Austin makes a a face at Rock before knocking Venis out of the ring.

-Lillian Garcia asks WWF Champion Triple H for his thoughts on the opening segment. Triple H thinks this will be the best Smackdown ever (well, this show was only in it's second month, but okay) and hopes that both number one contenders get ripped to shreds. Al Snow interrupts to ask if Triple H is wrestling tonight and HHH tells him off, saying he's got the night off.

-Triple H visits Mr. McMahon to complain about Al Snow challenging him. Vince wonders out loud if Triple H can beat Snow, winning the exchange pretty handily.

Test, Edge, and Christian vs. The British Bulldog and The Mean Street Posse (Joey Abs, Pete Gas, and Rodney)

Hot start for the good guys, but the Posse drag Christian to ringside for a gang beatdown. Test gets a hot tag after almost two minutes of action and powerbombs Rodney. Gas hangs Test on the ropes, but Edge and Christian destroy Rodney with an electric chair superplex, and Test finishes with a flying elbow at 2:55. Just three minutes of chaos.
Winners: Test, Edge, and Christian

-Lillian Garcia interviews Big Show about the cruel joke Big Boss Man played on him on Raw. Show says his father was watching and he's so angry that he's going to dismantle the Boss Man.

-Kevin Kelly interviews Al Snow about this match against WWF Champion Triple H. Snow says he'll pull out all the stops, but Triple H ambushes him from behind.

WWF Championship:
Triple H © vs. Al Snow

Snow returns the favor by ambushing HHH from behind before the opening bell. HHH absorbs some shots but delivers a crafty neckbreaker. Snow nails an enziguri to stay alive and traps HHH for a series of headbutts. Snow pretends to pass out as to get away with a head butt into Triple H's groin. Snow hits an overhead suplex and rapid fire covers but gets no 3 counts. Just like clockwork, Triple H counters with the facebuster, but Snow trips him on the top rope for a superplex! Triple H comes back with the Pedigree for the win at 4:20. Good underdog match, made Triple H look simultaneously vulnerable and dangerous.
Winner and still WWF Champion: Triple H

-The Rock comes to the ring to amuse the fans with his catchphrases. He lists off all the types of pie he WILL NOT be serving to Mankind before declaring to have a huge piece of Peoples' Pie heading his way.

The Rock vs. Mankind

Val Venis joins commentary as the bell rings. Mankind's feelings are still hurt and goes after Rock's injured ribs. Rock is having a hard time getting into the fight but manages to clothesline Mankind over the barricade. Venis reads an excerpt from Have a Nice Day where Mick criticizes Rock. Meanwhile, Mankind delivers an elbow drop off the apron. Rock avoids a count-out and charges back with a swinging neckbreaker. Foley absorbs some shots and mocks the Peoples' Elbow, but Rock pops up for a DDT. Mankind puts on Mr. Socko, but Rock fights out of the Mandible Claw. They clothesline each other to ringside, where Venis hits Mankind with his own book, drawing the DQ at 6:58. Nice brawl and storytelling leading up to the non-finish.
Winner via DQ: Mankind

-Venis puts the boots to Mankind, but Rock makes the save. Rock wants to hurt Foley too, but Triple H runs in for a Pedigree. Triple H stands tall with his belt while everyone is down.

-Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah are seen warming up for their championship match.

Women's Championship:
The Fabulous Moolah © vs. Mae Young

Yeah, this is really happening. It should be shorter than a 2013 Great Khali match, so there's some hope. Young aggressively takes the fight to Moolah, and rubs it in with some crotch chops. Moolah nails a big kick and makes a comeback while Jerry Lawler cracks himself up with dinosaur jokes. Moolah dumps Mae over the announce table. Mae puts her hand down the referee's shirt, causing him to take the same bumps she does as Moolah whips her around. Ivory storms the ring and attacks Moolah to draw the DQ at 2:55. This was about as bad as you'd expect.
Winner via DQ: Fabulous Moolah

-Tori runs in and attacks Ivory, leading to Luna and Jacqueline joining the fray. Ivory is the most hated woman in the ring and flees for her safety.

-Mark Henry's newest sex therapist is none other than The Godfather, who doesn't think there's anything wrong with Henry. Godfather tells Henry to be himself and not worry about the haters.

WWF Tag Team Championship:
Crash and Hardcore Holly © vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy (with Terri)

The Hardyz just got the biggest win of their careers in an all-time classic ladder match and they're going to follow it up by jobbing to the Holly's. No one remembers this bit of trivia, so let's keep this in mind when something equally questionable happens on Raw in 2016. The match quickly breaks down and Jeff wipes out the field with a dive to ringside. Hardcore hangs Matt on the ropes, setting him up as the face in peril. Matt saves himself with a double neckbreaker and Jeff hot tags in with a double missile drop-kick. Matt suplexes Hardcore into place for Jeff's Swanton Bomb, but Crash saves the match. Hardcore counters Poetry in Motion with a drop-kick and pins Jeff at 3:53. Weird booking, but I guess the back office wasn't sold on the Hardyz yet.
Winners and still WWF Tag Team Champions: Crash and Hardcore Holly

-Hardcore and Crash can't celebrate for long before the New Age Outlaws ambush them on the ramp. The Hollys head for the hills while the Outlaws celebrate with the fans.

-Big Show trashes the locker room as if he's Randy Orton in a hotel room.

-Big Boss Man and the phony police officer come to the ring to laugh about Big Show's dying father. Big Show storms to the ring and throws both men around. Boss Man gets to sneak away while the Rent-a-Cop eats a series of chokeslams.

-Road Dogg has a friendly chat with Austin about how weird things are on Smackdown.

-It's supposed to be Godfather vs. Viscera, but Mark Henry happily trots to the ring to make a tag match.

The Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Viscera and Mideon

Hot start for Godfather, but Henry misses a a splash. Godfather dodges to force Viscera to splash Mideon. Godfather hits the Ho Train, setting Mideon up for Henry's splash and it's over at 1:27. Henry and Godfather make a natural team, but this would go nowhere.
Winners: The Godfather and Mark Henry

-It's almost time for Venis vs. Austin, but cameras reveal that Mankind, Triple H, and Rock are all still in the building.

Val Venis vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin is in his usual bad mood and aggressively locks up with Venis. Val delivers a series of punches, but Austin turns it around and shows him how it's done. Val risks a DQ by choking with his boot in the corner. Venis controls the fight, bringing Stone Cold to ringside for a suplex. They head back to the ring and trade sleepers, with Austin smashing Venis into the turnbuckle to escape. Austin tries to build momentum, but Val manages to show him down at almost every turn. Austin shoves the ref while trying to choke with cables, and Val capitalizes with a blind chair shot. It doesn't go anywhere, as Austin nails the Stunner for the win at 9:53. Good intensity, but this match was pretty weirdly strung together.
Winner: Steve Austin

-Triple H runs in to put Austin down with a Pedigree, but he gets caught by surprise with a Rock Bottom.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was definitely filler, but it was entertaining and nostalgic filler. Hard to say anything but Thumbs Up.

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