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WWE Main Event - October 31, 2012

by Scrooge McSuck

- Last week on WWE Main Event, we got probably our weakest show of the program's short history. For those who don't recall, Ryback continued his path of dominance, making short work of a cowardly Dolph Ziggler in an attempt to put him over some better names than Epico and Primo for his big showdown at Hell in a Cell. Also, Alberto Del Rio went over Sin Cara, then for whatever reason, joined forces with the Primetime Players, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, in laying a further beating on Sin Cara until Randy Orton made the save, setting up tonight's Main Event: SIX MAN TAG ACTION! Orton, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio against the equally unlikely trio of Alberto Del Rio and The PTP.

- Taped on October 30th, 2012, with Michael Cole and JBL calling the action. I guess the Miz was too busy? They're at the broadcast position to start... have we changed the course on Main Event set up, already? Who knows.

- We open the show with the shocking finish of the Hell in a Cell Match, where rogue referee Brad Maddox cost Ryback the title with a low blow and fast count. Apparently Maddox will be questioned at WWE Headquarters, today. All we know of this man is that he failed at trying to become a WWE Superstar, and he was licensed as a referee when Raw extended to three-hours. Damn that A.J. for her poor decision making!

- Video package hyping up Alberto Del Rio. Apparently he's a Mexican aristocrat, and he has his own personal ring announcer, the ever awesome Ricardo Rodriguez, and he has an awesome submission finisher, the cross armbreaker. I'm surprised the video didn't mention his heritage to certain lucha-libre performers, but if they won't, then I won't either. OK, it's Dos Caras and Mil Mascaras. I guess with such a big 6-Man Tag of Randomness, doing backstage promos wouldn't get over well. I'm a little disappointed, but I do like Six-Man Tags, so we'll see where this goes.

Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio and the Primetime Players:

For those who didn't watch Hell in a Cell, Orton went over Del Rio, and Mysterio and Sin Cara were victorious over the PTP. One would assume a heel going over, especially with the obvious set up for a screwy finish. Personally, I'd have Orton turn heel by laying out Rey Mysterio, but that won't happen. Maybe at Survivor Series. Rey and Young start. Lockup, and Young with a waistlock takedown. He hooks a front facelock, then offers some bitch slaps, because Rey's a punk. Young with a knee to the midsection, whip to the corner, and a charge has Rey drop toe hold him face-first into the buckle. Mysterio with a snapmare, and Sin Cara comes in with a kick to the chest for two. Sin Cara with rights, followed by an enziguri. Orton tags in, and continues to dish out the punishment. Whip to the corner, and Orton lays Young out with a clothesline. Orton with half of the Garvin Stomp, followed by a vertical suplex for two. Orton with rights to the midsection. Young blocks being rammed to the buckle, and muscles his way into his teams corner, tagging out to O'Neil. He lays into Orton with rights, takes him over with a snapmare, and drops a leg across the chest for a two count. O'Neil slaps on a chinlock, but quickly tags out to Young. They connect with a double shoulder tackle, and Young with his own leg drop for another two count. Orton up with a quick dropkick, and tags out to Rey Mysterio. They slug it out until Young brings it to the corner, and in comes Del Rio with a running enziguri in the corner for a two count. Del Rio with a delay back suplex for another two count. Whip to the ropes, and Rey with a kick to the chest. Orton tags in, but Del Rio backs away as we take a break.

We return from commercial, with O'Neil having a chinlock on Orton, but Orton quickly breaks the hold with a back suplex. Sin Cara tags in and hammers away with forearms. O'Neil side-steps the handspring elbow, but gets tripped up and Cara with a basement dropkick. Sin Cara with an enziguri, followed by another kick to the face, and a springboard body press gets two. Sin Cara hits the ropes, but gets tripped up by Del Rio while the referee is distracted. O'Neil stomps away on Sin Cara, and tags out to Del Rio, who helps continue to dish it out. Del Rio with a snap suplex for a two count, and settles into a chinlock. Sin Cara escapes with body blows, then comes off the ropes with a sunset flip. Sin Cara charges, and Del Rio turns it into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Young tags back in, putting the boots to Sin Cara, then dumps him to the floor. Back in the ring, and the PTP take turns stomping him down. Young with a chinlock. Sin Cara with blows to the midsection to escape, and a hard kick to the midsection gets two. Mysterio in, and he takes him over with a head scissors. Mysterio rolls through a victory roll, and a kick to the head gets a two count. Whip to the corner, Mysterio ends up on the apron. He attempts to spring in with something, but Young cuts him off, knocking him to the floor.

We come back from another commercial break, with Young taking Rey down with a neck breaker for a two count. Del Rio in, and a powerbomb is countered with a head scissors. Rey goes for 6-1-9, but Del Rio ducks out of the way, and lands a stiff kick to the back for a two count. O'Neil in with choking, using the ropes for added leverage. Rey squirms through the legs to attempt a tag, but O'Neil simply flicks him across the ring like a bug. Whip to the corner, and Del Rio meets the post on a charge attempt, with extra gusto. Ricardo helps Del Rio back into the ring, and he manages to tag out to O'Neil, who cuts off the tag with an elbow drop. He goes for a cheap shot on Orton, but pays for it. Young with a snapmare, and it's back to the chinlock. He talks trash to the faces to fill the void, at least. Mysterio with kicks to the face to break the hold, but Young hangs on to tag in O'Neil. He puts the boots to Mysterio, and Del Rio with more of the same for two. He locks Mysterio in a body scissors, but Mysterio quickly fights free. Whip to the ropes, and he takes Del Rio down with a tornado DDT. Orton gets the hot tag, and goes through everyone walking with clotheslines. Young charges, and Orton with a powerslam. Del Rio tries the same, with repeat effect. Del Rio tries to escape, but Orton pulls him back through the ropes and plants him with a DDT. Orton hits the canvas, but the PTP break the RKO attempt with a beating. Sin Cara comes in, clearing O'Neil from the ring, and Mysterio with a head scissors to take out Young. Sin Cara head scissors Del Rio into the ropes, Mysterio hits the 6-1-9, and Orton with an RKO for the three count at 15:07 (sans two commercial breaks). Incredibly hot finish to cap off a pretty exciting 6-man tag. The great thing about these types of matches is hiding the weaknesses of others, and showcasing everyones strengths. The only negative I can say about the match is that Titus O'Neil's nowhere near the same level as most of the participants, even in comparison of his partner. He has some beast strength, but that's it.

- Matt Striker comes to ringside for an interview with the victorious trio. Rey puts over Orton for getting the victory, then himself and Sin Cara as a team to be reckoned with in the future in the new-found and quite deep Tag Team Division. Sin Cara talks, and Mysterio translates it into "we want da' belts!"

- Josh Mathews is backstage to get a word from the recently defeated Primetime Playersa. They blame the loss on Del Rio, and say this isn't the end. They also predict they'll be the next Tag Team Champions. Titus continues to prove his green-ness with a pretty bad promo. Del Rio comes in, shoves Mathews away, and tells Orton to watch his back on Smackdown... what's with Del Rio constantly jobbing, yet pushing angles to continue for months?

- Raw Rebound: John Cena and A.J. are banging, according to Vicki Guerrero. Who cares?

Tyson Kidd vs. Wade Barrett:

I sense Barrett being featured next week on the Main Event. There's someone who seems to have been lost in the shuffle, thanks to some uncreative booking decisions in pushing heels to midcard status, but never really letting them get anywhere from there without losing all the time. These two did a few bouts on Superstars, but now it's Main Event, so it's "fresh" for the American audience who aren't dedicated online viewers. We join in progress, with Barrett clubbing Kidd in the corner with rights to the midsection. Barrett with a big right for two, then settles into a seated chinlock. Barrett with a snap takedown for a two count, then back to the chinlock. I've said it before, I like Barrett having a different style, but it's best to watch than type about. Kidd counters a back suplex with kicks to the leg, followed by an enziguri. Kidd with a spinning heel kick for two. He comes off the ropes, and gets caught with a side-winder slam. That only gets two. Barrett sets Kidd up on the top turnbuckle, but Kidd fights him down with headbutts, and comes off with a missile dropkick for two. Barrett charges, and Kidd pulls the ropes down. Kidd follows with a field goal kick to the face. Kidd goes for a suicide dive, but Barrett lays him out with a big right. Back in the ring, and the Souvenir (the short-arm forearm) finishes it off at 3:39. I've already seen these two wrestle on Superstars twice this month, so nothing new for me, but Kidd is a great underdog, and these two have some decent chemistry together.

Post-match, Barrett grabs the microphone for a celebratory promo. It was "bloody impressive." I love his accent, I'm sorry. He gloats about beating a graduate of the Hart Dungeon in less than 5-Minutes. He's also not surprised Sheamus lost the World Heavyweight Title. In the most obvious intteruption, it's Sheamus, and guess what... next week on Main Event, in ENGLAND... Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett, and this time, it matters! (Because no one watches Smackdown anymore).

Final Thoughts: This week was a great recovery from a subpar episode last week. The Six-Man tag was pretty darn good action, which is always the point of a Six-Man, and in classic Saturday Night's Main Event fashion, we close the show out with an uppercard heel squashing someone from the JTTS Squad. Typical to the shows format, we set up next week's main event with the closing segment on the episode presently airing. I know Sheamus and Barrett have been wrestling a bit lately, but making it the focus of a broadcast, in an overseas telecast... it could be a must-see.

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