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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

NWA Showcase Season 2, Episode 6

-Yeah, now NWAWrestling.com is listing Showcase shows by episode number, not by date. Tonight is the much hyped showdown between NWA Champion Blue Demon Jr. and Joey Ryan.

Brent Albright vs. Jack Bonza
Albright goes for the back, but Bonza drop toe holds out. Albright counters and the crowd applauds the exchange. They shake hands and the match restarts. Albright works the head. Bonza fights out of a chinlock and works the arm. Albright counters with a German suplex! Albright pulls out some hard chops and a botched power slam, dropping Bonza on his head. Bonza is rightfully pissed and attacks the face. Albright chops his way back into control. The cross arm breaker finishes Bonza at 4:50. I donít know what is is but the Showcase seems to exist in a parallel universe where Albright sucks, ĺ*.
Winner: Brent Albright

Over the Top Battle Royal:
The ring is filled with indy wrestlers, many of whom I donít recognize. The sound is screwed up so I cannot hear the commentators at all, so itís going to be fun learning the names. I see some familiar mainstays like the Border Patrol in there (but they are quickly tossed out, no one likes them). The Border Patrol abducts a Mexican wrestler they are holding responsible for their eliminations. If nothing else, the eliminations are coming fast. Willie Mack is in there too and has been dominating. LTP makes a foolish dive and hits the floor. Ryan Taylor dumps Mack but J.J. Perez tosses him out right after. Perez is the winner in about five minutes, but the crowd is still chanting for Willie Mack. I guess this make Perez next in line for a shot at Taylorís Heritage title. This was a mess, no rating, but also not a good match.
Winner: J.J. Perez

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Scott Lost and Tristan Gallo
Cade starts off against the much smaller Gallo and dominates. Gallo tries to hide in the ropes, but Murdoch tags and beats him down. Lost tags in, and Cade and Murdoch mock his smaller size. Murdoch gets serious, beating down Lost. Cade and Murdoch keep the tags coming and Lost is unable to make a tag. Gallo gets a tag and helps double team Cade, but they canít get the pinfall. Gallo uses some hard elbow shots to wear down Murdoch. Murdoch counters with some body shots but soon finds his head driven into Lostís boot. Gallo flies into Murdochís boot and both men need tags. Cade tags and cleans house. Cade and Murdoch finish Lost with High and Low at 5:33. Good enough for an extended squash, *ľ.
Winners: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Muscle Gang vs. Kahn Kusshin
Kahn gets some token offense early on but gets launched into the air. Muscle Gang beats him down and nails a Vader Bomb. Springboard leg lariat by Kahn, but Muscle Gang counters an Irish whip. Kahn attempts a variation of the Whisper in the Wind but slips off the turnbuckles. How embarrassing. Muscle Gang tosses Kahn over the ropes, drawing a disqualification. What a mess, DUD.
Winner by DQ: Kahn Kusshin

-Muscle Gang isnít finished and slams Kusshin on the stage.

NWA World Championship:
Blue Demon Jr. © vs. Joey Ryan (with C. Edward Vanderpyle)

There are actually some Blue Demon fans in the crowd this week. Ryan and Vanderpyle waste time in the early going. Vanderpyle claims we canít trust Demon because heís Mexican and demands a different referee. The match finally starts, but Ryan immediately hides in the ropes. Stand and switch ends with Ryan going for the ropes again. They exchange holds but Ryan retreats to ringside again. Demon teases a dive, but Vanderpyle and Ryan run away. Match restarts with some good back and forth action. Demon has a little too much success and Ryan escapes to ringside again. Cue the commercial. After the break, the back and forth action is continuing nicely. A series of counters leads to a standoff. Both men turn up the intensity. Demon counters a boot choke with an ankle lock. This leads to a great little series of counters and a great surfboard submission by Demon. Indian Deathlock by Blue Demon! Ryan rakes the eyes to escape and beats down the champ. After taking a beating, Demon counters with some arm attacks and a backbreaker for 2. Demon drives his knees into the back and delivers a shoulder breaker for 2. Ryan fights back and tries to unmask the champion! Vanderpyle assists while the referee scolds Ryan. Demon seems to want to go top tope but Vanderpyle is very distracting. Vanderpyle holds Demon still for a dive by Ryan but Demon dodges and Vanderpyle is wiped out. Demon has had enough and puts Ryan away with a double underhook backbreaker for the win at 15:39 (shown). This was a very nice showing for both men, easily Blue Demon Jr.ís best outing this season, ***ľ.
Winner and still NWA World Champion: Blue Demon Jr.

Final Thoughts: This wasnít much of a show up until the good main event. They really need some better talent for this program, as some of these guys (particularly Kahn Kusshin) just arenít cutting it. I am also confused about whatís going on with Brent Albright, because he typically brings the goods, but he has been completely unimpressive in the Showcase this season. Iím wondering if he just doesnít feel comfortable in the setting of venue or something. I should note that the crowd was much more into the show than usual this week and were responding appropriately to the action, so that definitely helped things out.

Thumbs in the middle.

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