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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

March 6th 2009

-Yes, I know this is very late. To be fair, it took almost two weeks for the NWA to post this on their website, and then I considered giving up on these reviews until I was informed that they are generating traffic to Da Wrestling Site. I should mention that NWAWrestling.com is reporting that the March 20th and 27th episodes will be reruns (and there‘s no sign of the 3/13 episode), so it looks like I’ll be on a sort of vacation anyhow.

-If you have e-mailed me about the Showcase, I haven’t gotten them. I might have deleted them by accident.

Anyhow, on to the show!

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (with C. Edward Vanderpyle) vs. Brandon Gatson
They lock up, Gatson gets a reluctant clean break from Pearce, but the pace quickens. Spin heel kick by Gatson followed by a drop-kick and scoop slam. You know, traditional jobber offense. Pearce retreats to ringside, but eats a handspring splash from Gatson to the floor. Back to the ring, Gatson chops the life out of Pearce. Irish whip reversal by Pearce, who clotheslines Gatson to the floor. Hard chopping at ringside by Pearce, who then rakes the face. Back to the ring, Pearce dominates with douchey heel offense. Sunset flip by Gatson gets a near fall, but Pearce bounces back with a clothesline. Pearce pokes the eyes, what a bastard. If you weren’t convinced that Pearce was a true heel yet, he bites the forehead. Gatson counters with an elbow and nails a double axe handle. Shoulder block by Gatson and counters an atomic drop with a clothesline. Gatson misses a springboard elbow and eats a German suplex. The piledriver finishes Gatson at 5:37. Solid outing from both men, **.
Winner: Adam Pearce

-Pearce takes the mic and orders the fans to bow before him. He proceeds to bitch about Blue Demon Jr. They are joined by Joey Ryan, the man who will be challenging for the NWA title next week. Fun moment, as a fan shouts “Kiss him” to Pearce while he embraces Ryan. “I’ll kiss him if I want to” states Pearce, “You think there’s something wrong with two men kissing out of mutual respect and love?” That’s just awesome. Ryan talks some smack to Blue Demon Jr., putting himself over as the next NWA Champion. He’s bringing sleazy back! More of this, please.

Jason Redondo vs. J.J. Perez
Redondo is a tall guy, but not too built. Perez is a short guy, and basically looks like a normal guy. I wonder who jobs. The announcers say Redondo is a 20 year vet. Interesting. Redondo works a headlock and nails a side tackle. They jockey for position, but Redondo cheap shots and attacks the chest. Perez ducks a clothesline and nails a shoulder block. Redondo recovers at ringside. Perez wants a lock-up, but Redondo kicks the gut and pummels him around the ring. Backbreaker and side slam by Redondo. Series of drop attacks by Redondo gets a cover for 2. Vertical suplex and neckbreaker by Redondo. Leg drop off the second rope misses. Perez kips up and connects with a big forearm. Neckbreaker by Perez and diving head butt gets 2. They catch each other with clotheslines and both go down. Perez nails an ace crusher off the top rope for the win at 6:28. That’s what I get for making snide comments. Another solid outing, **.
Winner: J.J. Perez

The Axel Bros. vs. Jerome Robinson and Willie Mack
The Axels jump from behind. Robinson and Mack avoid collision and decide to dance. You know, because they are fun baby faces. Robinson and Mack clotheslines the Axels before the match finds some order. Robinson nails a rolling fireman’s carry and a twisting moonsault before getting hung up in the ropes by the Axels. Billy Blade tags and dominates before tagging Kaden Anthony. The Axels double team and play air guitar with Robinson’s arms. Robinson is an obvious face in peril. Willie Mack gets a hot tag and cleans house. Robinson tags himself in needlessly. The Axels nails double backstabbers on Robinson for the win at 3:59. Short, but told a story, *.
Winners: The Axel Bros.

The Border Patrol vs. TJ Perkins and The Young Bucks
The Boarder Patrol is now the “Border Patrol.” Come on, get it together, NWA. Oliver John starts against Matt Jackson, but John calls out Perkins. Perkins tags and goes to work on the back. John is outwrestled so he retreats. The match restarts with John pounding on Perkins. Perkins counters and tags Matt, who sets up John for an attack to the arm by Nick Jackson. The tags and arm attacks off the top rope keep coming. Derrick Sanders tags but gets dominated, so Nathan Rulez replaces him. Rulez challenges Perkins to a test of strength, but just ends up eating a drop-kick. The Young Bucks and Perkins triple team Rulez. Matt tags and moonsaults the arm of Rulez. Nick tags and double stomps the arm. John pulls Nick off of Rulez, ending the abuse to the arm. Sanders tags, but is unable to stop the arm destroying maneuvers of the Bucks. The Border Patrol flee to ringside to talk strategy. Cue the commercial.

Back from the break, Sanders and Nick Jackson are in the midst of a test of strength. Nick counters with a monkey flip and attacks the head. Perkins tags and assists in a double suplex. Elbow drop by Perkins gets 2. Triple team poetry in motion on Sanders. Matt Jackson tags and lands a leg drop for 2. The tags from the Bucks and Perkins are frequent and devastating. Perkins finally misses a drop-kick, giving the newly tagged in Oliver John a chance to punish him. The Border Patrol take control and isolate Perkins from the Young Bucks. Despite their best tricks, the Border Patrol are unable to put Perkins away. Perkins finally scores with a neckbreaker and tags Nick Jackson. Nick cleans house, knocking Sanders and Rulez off the apron and dropping John in the ring. Matt tags and continues the house cleaning. Sliced Bread #2 by Matt gets 2. The Border Patrol dump Nick and Perkins to the floor and triple team Matt. A double flap jack isn’t enough to put Matt away. The Young Bucks nail More Bang for Your Buck on Sanders. Perkins protects the cover, and Sanders is finished at 16:33 (shown). Easily the best match on this show since returning, ***.
Winners: TJ Perkins and The Young Bucks

-The Skullcrushers charge the ring and attack the Young Bucks. They pose, obviously pleased with their accomplishments.

Final Thoughts: Now THIS is more like it. Pearce and Ryan returned to being entertaining characters, the in-ring wrestling product didn’t bore me, and we got a big reminder of why the Young Bucks are more than just another random spot monkey indy team. THIS is the Showcase that I’ve been waiting for, it’s a shame that new episodes appear to be delayed from this point on. I look forward to seeing what Blue Demon and Joey Ryan do in their title match.

Thumbs up!

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