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NWA Powerrr
November 19, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 7: The Phoenix Rises.

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. This episode became instantly notorious when it was yanked off the air midstream due to Jim Cornette using a racist metaphor on commentary, which I'm not going to dignify by repeating here. There's a bit of a boycott movement against Powerrr on social media after Dave Lagana posted one of those "Sorry if YOU were offended" type non-apologies.

David Marquez hosts NWA World Champion Nick Aldis at the desk and sheepishly asks Aldis about the Kamille topic, since it's the "talk of the internet." Aldis mockingly says if the internet is talking about it, then surely it's on the top of his mind. Fans chant "NWA" as Aldis shifts his attention to the contenders to his title, and is ready to prove once again why he's the best. Aldis will face someone he respects, Trevor Murdoch, in an exhibition match, which the crowd boos. Aldis doesn't want to suggest this is a "tune up" match but admits that Murdoch has been out of the game for a while. They have history together, as they both trained under possibly the greatest NWA Champion of all time, Harley Race. Crowd responds well to Aldis' back handed compliments.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch

They shake hands and lock up. They trade wristlocks and Murdoch takes over with shoulder thrusts. They trade hammerlocks and Alids climbs into the ropes, to which Murdoch kicks a rope into the groin. Aldis is frazzled as Murdoch unleashes a flurry of offense. Murdoch's uranage sets up a flying bulldog, but Aldis gets a lucky rope break. Aldis meets Murdoch on the top rope but gets knocked down, but Murdoch slips on a flying dropkick, and Aldis rolls him into the cloverleaf for the submission at 3:30. Awkward finish to a good TV match.
Winner: Nick Aldis

Crowd chants "Thank you Murdoch." Aldis says Murdoch is a crafty bastard, but respects him, and demands he shake his hand.

David Marquez hosts The Rock N Roll Express at the desk. Morton says they've got a shot at the tag titles and are ready to become nine time champions. They depart to "Rock N Roll" chants. The champions Wild Cards come to the desk. Lattimer says there's no bloody way the RNR Express will get their hands on their gold. Isaacs isn't impressed by RNR's resume, and Lattimer says they can kiss their ass.

Andy Anderson promo from "1979." There's a ton of great deals to be had at Highspots! It's like heaven for the wrestling world!

National Champion Colt Cabana joins commentary to scout Ricky Starks.

Ricky Starks vs. ?The Question Mark?

The crowd pops big for the Question Mark, who immediately scores a thrust strike to the face. The Mark knocks Starks off his feet but misses a charge into the buckles. Starks hits a chinbreaker and running kick to the face. Starks barely hits a tope suidica, but Aron Stevens ambushes him for the DQ at 1:39! Not much to this, other than the fans enjoying the Question Mark a bit too much.
Winner via DQ: Ricky Starks

Question Mark seems to hesitate before joining Stevens in beating up Starks, hitting thrust strikes to the neck. Cabana has seen enough and makes the late save. Stevens and Mark take turns posing to boos and yeah's from the fans.

Cornette and Galli host Eli Drake at the desk. Drake feels like everyone around him just wants to make noise (the fans are still chanting for Question Mark). Drake calls the fans dummies and challenges Mr. Anderson to come find him so he can ship him back to Minnesota. Anderson arrives on the scene and states he's here for the rebirth of the NWA and is sick of Drake running his "jibs" and wants to fight now. Drake agrees, but then cheap shots Anderson, knocking him into the ring post. Drake grabs a spare metal turnbuckle and clocks Anderson in the head. Officials check on Anderson while one smart guy in the audience yells "Someone get Question Mark!"

NWA Women's Champion Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle

Kay wants a piece of Rosa, but it's Vox who starts against Belle, who gets a quick warning from the official for biting. Vox hits a drop toe hold and back senton for 2. Belle pops up for a big boot to the head and stomps Vox's head in. Rosa tags and chops the chest for 2. Rosa stares down Kay while stretching the arm of Vox. A missile dropkick by Vox allows a hot tag to Kay, who unleashes a flurry on Rosa. Rosa rebounds with a drive by dropkick. Kay counters with a superplex! Suddenly, Melina Perez struts through the stands (to no reaction). The distraction allows Rosa to steal a pinfall on Kay at 5:28. I was enjoying this, though the "distraction/roll up" finish is the type of trope that non-WWE companies should be avoiding at all costs.
Winners: Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle

Melina grins while watching Thunder Rosa hit a flying double stomp on Kay for good measure. Melina joins Rosa and Belle in the ring and they appear to be a united clique.

National Champion Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens and ?The Question Mark?

Stevens refuses to let the Question Mark start the match, but hightails it in terror when Starks nearly blindsides him with a clothesline. Quick tag to Mark, who gets overwhelmed by Starks, the crowd doesn't like it. Cabana tags and he goes after the arm, but the Mark turns it around with karate chops. Stevens tags himself in but runs into Colt's hip toss. Starks chases Steven around and saves himself with another tag to Mark. Starks takes more karate shots and Mark hits a back drop. Stevens uses a karate chop too, but the crowd hates him, but pop for everything Question Mark does. Stevens pulls his pants down and moons the crowd. Starks capitalizes with a sling blade and Cabana gets the hot tag. Colt serves Stevens up for Starks' flatliner for 2. Starks hits Mark with a leg sweep and tries to remove the mask, but Stevens saves. Mark's Mongolian spike to the throat of Starks allows Stevens to gain an easy pinfall at 6:39. This was fun.
Winners: Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Stevens declares the victory came from the power of karate, and Mark echoes the sentiment. James Storm randomly shows up and complains about Nick Aldis having nothing but exhibition matches against people who don't matter, and "bullsh!t" like Colt Cabana in matches like this. Right before Storm totally loses it, Kamille shows up and whispers something in his ear. Storms immediately calms down.

Final Thoughts: Another entertaining and easy to watch episode, once the racism was cut out. It's funny how quickly the "real fans of professional wrestling" in the studio hijacked the show once they latched on to the Question Mark. This shtick could get old really fast.

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