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NWA Powerr
October 22, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 3 - "The Twilight of Tim Storm."

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Jim Cornette. Galli has agreed not to bother Nick Aldis with questions regarding Kamille and will get another interview with the champion tonight. Eddie Kingston interrupts commentary during introductions. He's still hot over the Dawsons interfering in last week's tag title match and demands a match tonight, because the NWA is lucky they didn't fight in the parking lot.

Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose

Rose is a grunge enthusiast from Skid Row. We're getting a 90's throwback gimmick on an 80's throwback show, why not. Belle is a true millennial and gains the upper hand with a head scissors takedown. Belle misses a charge into the buckles and Rose stomps a mud hole into her. Belle escapes off the shoulders and lands a loaded punch to the face. Running hip to the face by Belle and the Pedigree finishes at 2:24. This was ... not very good. Sorry.
Winner: Marti Belle

David Marquez interviews the Dawsons at the desk. They're pleased with themselves for ruffling feathers around this place and will tear it apart, even if the fans don't like it. They agree to fight anyone on the roster, EXCEPT Homicide and Kingston.

Hype video for Thunder Rosa. She wears spooky face paint and is a luchadore!

Joe Galli is ready to interview Tim Storm at the desk, but instead he gets Aaron Stevens, dressed up as a pirate... for reasons. Stevens reminds Galli that he has a "no eye contact" rule in effect. Galli asks if Stevens will be Storm's mystery partner and he takes offense to questions about other people. Stevens demands silence from the fans and since this is an hour show, he can wait. The crowd chants "Captain Morgan" as Stevens tries to promote his pirate movie that's apparently available on blu ray and DVD. They cut to a trailer and it's hilariously fake. Stevens is wearing the same get-up as in the studio as he looks dramatically at the camera in between stock footage of boats. I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this.

Replay of Tim Storm losing to Nick Aldis and receiving a standing ovation from the fans.

Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker

Konley has been suddenly recast as a plucky, smiling babyface. Parker is from Canada, so obviously he's evil. Crowd gets behind Conley as he lights Parker up with chops. Conley's head scissors takedown and back leg sweep sets up a back senton for 2. Parker attacks the leg to trip Conley up on the ropes and takes control. Parker cheats by grabbing the ropes in an abdominal stretch, Konley escapes anyway and he nails a spinning back hand to the face. Konley's springboard moonsault finishes at 3:20. Good re-introduction for Konley.
Winner: Caleb Konley

Joe Galli gets his interview with Tim Storm, who is still feeling sad knowing that he can never challenge for the NWA title again. Storm is a good sport and admits that Nick beat him, and it is what it is. Crowd chants for Mama Storm, as Tim says he needs to make hard decisions about his future. He's interrupted by Eli Drake, who doesn't understand why it sounds like Storm might quit. Drake speculates that Mama Storm doesn't want him to give up. Drake proposes they team up and face the Dawsons. Storm wants to make his mama proud and will think about it.

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Marquez hosts Jocephus at the desk. Jocephus is here to make a public apology to James Storm AND shake his hand. Colt Cabana comes out instead and takes a cowboy hat from Jocephus and pretends to shoot bullets from his fingers. Cabana does a full blown parody of James Storm, shaking Jocephus' hand while pretending to drink a beer. Jocephus throws powder into Cabana's face! I am so confused right now. The real James Storm runs in and hits Jocephus with the Last Call. Storm sizes up the blinded Cabana but Mr. Anderson shows up in time to pull his partner to safety.

Joe Galli interviews NWA Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille at the desk. Aldis says the NWA is cooking and the energy from all the people involved are bringing out their best. Aldis has noticed a horse race breaking out a shot at his title, which is great for his bank account. Fans shout out contenders, and Aldis riffs off them well. He thinks Ricky Starks would be his #1 draft pick. Overall, Aldis doesn't feel that anyone has lead the pack yet, so he's going to sit back and watch. Galli just can't help himself and asks again why Kamille can't speak for herself. Aldis is offended by this clickbait material and says Kamille can speak whenever she wants. Galli asks Kamille about her status as Aldis' insurance policy and she gives him the silent treatment. Aldis says she doesn't feel like speaking and she does, Galli will be the first to know. Aldis has quietly become a world class talker.

Eli Drake and Tim Storm vs. The Dawsons (Dave and Zane)

The fans are pleased that Storm decided to take this match. Crowd chants "Dawson's Creek" at the opening bell, there's another hot 90's reference for you. The bald Dawson starts against Drake, who can't knock him down with shoulder tackles, so he leaps off his feet for a flying tackle. The Manbun Dawson tags but eats a quick neckbreaker. Storm tags and fires away with punches and kicks. Storm's neckbreaker gets 2. Drake follows up with a leaping bulldog for 2. Storm and Drake are completely dominant until Zane bear hugs Storm into the Dawson's corner. Storm oversells Dave's reverse bear hug. Storm boxes the ears to escape and Drake gets the hot tag. Cornette says Drake is "slicker than sperm on a gold tooth." Um, is that what you want on your show, Billy Corgan? The Dawsons cut off Drake's momentum and finish Storm with their avalanche/power slam combo at 6:44! The fans are SO MAD at that result, it makes me smile. It was painfully clear that the Dawsons are not in any way, shape, or form in the same league as Drake and Storm, but the vets held this together.
Winners: The Dawsons


Eddie Kingston and Homicide arrive on the scene to chase off the Dawsons. Nick Aldis walks in to check on Tim Storm, and show's over, folks.

Roll the credits!

Final Thoughts: The in-ring action was largely mediocre this week, but the interviews and promos continue to entertain. If you're busy, you can probably skip this one.

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