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NWA Powerrr
January 14, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Powerrr

Episode 14: Strictly Business Takeover!

BREAKING NEWS! Nick Aldis invades Ring of Honor! Does this mean I have to start watching ROH again?

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

David Marquez hosts NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson at the desk. Morton says they have always put the fans first, as opposed to Strictly Business. Morton goes to work to pay his bills and feed his kids (who have got to be adults by now, but I digress). He promises victory against Strictly Business and Scott Steiner in their 6 man tag. Gibson says everyone will have to wait and wonder to find out who will be on their team.

TV Title Brackets for Hard Times are revealed. Turns out there are open slots, for non-members of the NWA roster, which means SURPRISES! They've done a nice job establishing that almost anyone can show up, so I'm intrigued.

Zicky Dice questions Ricky Starks' credibility at the desk. Starks calls him a cheap Guy Fieri (Dice doesn't get the reference) and says he did his mom. Dice says Starks better hope they don't meet in the tournament.

NWA TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match:
Dave Dawson vs Zane Dawson

6:05 time limit is in effect, but let's pray that won't be necessary. The man-bun Dawson seems to have a slight advantage in a hoss fight. Flying shoulder tackle by Man-bun gets a 2 count on Baldie. Yes, I know I should be able to tell them apart by now, but I don't care. Things turn vicious with head butts and knife edge chops. Crowd chants "Older brother/younger brother" and are actually getting into this as both Dawsons show some fire. Zane (Man-bun) hits his brother with his cast and wins at 3:59. This was fine, I'm a little sorry for making fun of it.
Winner: Zane Dawson

William Patrick Corgan wrote a country album and the single "Hard Times" is our official theme song for... Hard Times.

Video package highlighting Mr. Anderson and Colt Cabana's current motivations. Anderson claims he's not bitter. Colt thinks he's been a good friend and tag partner.

Ashley Vox vs. Melina

Bell rings and Vox hits a dropkick. Melina pulls the hair to slam Vox's face into the mat. Vox hits a rough head scissors takedown, and misses a running cannonball. Melina snaps Vox's head into the top rope. Vox fires back with a lunging head butt, but Melina answers with educated kicks. They trade wild forearms. Melina's standing leg drop finishes at 3:09. Not bad!
Winner: Melina

Galli asks Melina where does she go from here. Melina jumbles her words but gloats that her team has beaten Allysin Kay's team. Kay shows up right on cue and demands Melina challenger her face to face. Melina won't give her an answer, just tells her to be ready to wrestle next week.

We are treated to footage of Nick Aldis crashing an ROH event and interfering in a World title match. Aldis tells Marty Scurll to stay out of his town. Aldis forced his way onto commentary at another ROH event and doubles down on Scurll for coming into his territory. The ROH roster forces Aldis out of the building, so he keeps talking in the parking lot. He finds it funny that Scurll was nowhere to be seen, but calls out Flip Gordon for putting his hands on his people. Aldis challenges Gordon to a match at Hard Times.

Marquez interviews The Pope, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide at the desk. Pope denies that he's a manager for the others, but just wants to help them get an opportunity. He thinks National Champion Aron Stevens should consider putting his gold on the line against Kingston or Homicide. Pope says James Storm and Eli Drake have stumbled into tag title contention without scoring a single pinfall, while Kingston and Homicide are BROTHERS! The man raises some good points.

Outlaw Inc (Homicide and Eddie Kingston) vs. National Champion Aron Stevens and ?The Question Mark?

Homicide disrespects the Mongrovian flag, which simply is uncalled for, bro. Stevens gets overmatched and retreats while Orange Santa fan offers advice. It's no good, as Outlaw Inc hit a tandem suplex on Stevens. Homicide dominates until Stevens starts targeting the bad shoulder that kept him on the shelf for weeks. Power slam by Stevens allows a Mongrovian elbow drop. Stevens makes no tags and keeps attacking Kingston when convenient, until Kingston storms the ring illegally and bits the forehead. Question Mark saves his partner with a Mongrovian spike. Homicide teases the Cop Killa, but eats a Mongrovian Spike, allowing Stevens to pin him at 4:52. Enjoyable TV match that avoided the overplayed tag formula.
Winners: Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

The Pope doesn't like what he sees and walks away.

Marquez hosts Nick Aldis and Strictly Business, including Scott Steiner, at the desk. Aldis says that when he first came to America, he was warned about sharks that would try to shut him down. Aldis was warned about Scott Steiner, when in fact, Steiner has been nurturing towards him, because he knows a world beater when he sees one. Steiner says he always knew Aldis would be a world champion and appreciates getting a phone call to beat people up. He's always pissed off and wants to punch up the (bleep)s in the crowd. All the fans have fat asses and Steiner hates fat asses. This was classic Steiner lunacy and I loved it.

Strictly Business (Scott Steiner, Thomas Lattimer, and Royce Isaacs) vs. Robert Gibson (with Ricky Morton), Eli Drake, and Tim Storm

Hot start by Lattimer, but Drake cuts him off with a cutter. Gibson and Drake hit tandem back elbows. Storm controls the wrist of Lattimer and delivers a neckbreaker for 2. Lattimer chops the throat and makes a tag, but Isaacs runs into Storm's fallaway slam. Isaacs gets isolated as the good guys make hot tags. Lattimer's interference lets Royce snap Drake's neck off the ropes. Steiner tags in to massive crowd heat and lights Drake up with chops. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner, but he picks Drake up from the cover. Strictly Business isolate Drake for a long heat sequence and dish out a ton of punishment. Crowd is crazy into this. Gibson gets the hot tag and runs wild through Isaacs, hitting a sunset flip for 2. The match breaks down and bodies spill to ringside. The camera missed Kamille interfering and hitting the ring post or something. Amidst the chaos, Gibson rolls up Isaacs for the win at 9:15! This was tons of fun. Wrestling is so easy to enjoy when the babyfaces are as likable as these guys are and the heels are as obnoxious as Strictly Business, ***.
Winners: Robert Gibson, Eli Drake, and Tim Storm

Final Thoughts: NWA Powerrr continues to be a rewarding program to watch every week. Check it out for free on Youtube.

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