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MLW Fusion - Filthy Island
February 17, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

MLW Fusion

Disclaimer: MLW has no association with Filthy Island and assumes no liability.

It's a beautiful day in Hawaii, but Tom Lawlor is having a difficult phone call on the beach. He assures his contact that he'll handle "it" and then pays off Dominic Garrini to do some dirty work.

From Filthy Island, Hawaii (more than likely somewhere in Florida). Our hosts are Tom Lawlor and Dan Lambert. There's a ring with no ropes set up in a field near the beach.

Dominic Garrini vs. Mauna Loa

Loa knocks Garrini out of the ring, but he charges back in to hit a Judo throw and finishes with a rear naked choke at 0:46. Next!
Winner: Dominic Garrini

Tag Team Champions Los Parks have strong words for CONTRA Unit. Senor Park thinks he'd look good with Hammerstone's National title around his waist.

Richard Holliday is disappointed that the Hawaiin scenery doesn't look more Hawaiin. He may be on to something, as he stares down a tree that is covered in bittersweet vines.

Salina de la Renta video package hyping up an Aztec Jungle Fight between her client Mil Muertes, and nemesis, Savio Vega. It looks like this fight will take place in actual ruins in Mexico. Salina and a referee are standing by at night, but the competitors are MIA.

Kevin Ku vs. Zenshi

Zenshi ambushes with a 450 splash out of a F'N TREE! I'm not going to lie, I'm marking out. Ku recovers with a power slam onto the ring frame. Zenshi defies gravity by hoisting himself on the ring post to catch Ku with a thrust kick. Ku applies an ankle lock and Zenshi forgets there's no ropes for an escape, so he kicks free. Ku follows with a Boston Crab. Zenshi's comeback stalls when Ku knocks him into the bare ring post. Zenshi blocks a German suplex, but Ku recovers with a Dragon Suplex to win at 4:59. Despite the short length and tough situation, this was fun, they made great use of their setting, **½.
Winner: Kevin Ku

The Von Erichs visit the Grand Canyon, or some place that looks a lot like the Grand Canyon, but they're worried about their buddy, Low Ki, and take off.

Back to the Aztec ruins, Savio Vega arrives to argue with Salina, but he gets ambushed by Mil Muertes. They brawl into the jungle and the camera cuts out.

TJP talks to Alicia Atout via Zoom, and she wisely avoids asking him about COVID-19. He justifies his recent actions against Bu Ku Dao, claiming he's not a bully, he's more like LeBron James being tough on a younger teammate, but Dao has been actively working against him. Atout doesn't let TJP off the hook, and TJP defensively argues that years ago he was disrespected by his elders too, so he's not being a bully, he's being realistic. He gets offended and calls off the interview.

Gringo Loco vs. Rocky Romero

There's a tiny audience of guys lounging in couches and other furniture, and Romero amusingly hands his jacket to a "fan." Someone has set up a tent near the ring, this scene is starting to resemble a homeless camp. At least the weather is good. Gringo and Romero try to have a real match despite there being no ropes. Gringo forgets and almost falls out, but he manages to knock Romero and teases a surfboard stretch to annoy Lawlor. Romero fights back with chops and builds some steam with a clothesline. Romero hits a leaping rana off the apron! Gringo kicks Romero onto the couch and hits a somersault senton through the sofa! Gringo then misses a back handspring moonsault, but recovers with a spinning enziguri. Romero strings together some offense and hits a tornado DDT for the win at 8:50. Perfectly silly and light-hearted outing, **½.
Winner: Rocky Romero

Meanwhile, Vega and Muertes are still brawling in the jungle. They're interrupted by a CONTRA video package. Josef Samael has a bone to pick with Jordan Oliver and will be unleashing Jacob Fatu onto him.

The Von Erichs live stream from their car, en route to Filthy Island.

Alicia Atout tries to plug upcoming MLW programs, but the feed cuts back to Muertes choking Vega with a vine. Vega somehow stumbles upon a crowbar, but Muertes takes it for a KO blow and the pinfall at something like 37:00. Muertes grabs a shovel and starts digging a grave.

Tom Lawlor welcomes Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone to Filthy Island and gushes over them. He offers them VIP seating in the sofa that Gringo put Romero through earlier. Hammerstone happily sits down while Holliday protests. Hammerstone wants to know where catering is, and Lawlor opens him a can of spam with his mouth. They leave Lawlor alone and wondering what went wrong.

Low Ki vs. King Mo

The camera spots a crew member putting a cassette tape into a boombox to play Low Ki's music. After years of never appearing to age, Low Ki finally looks like the 40-something year old curmudgeon that he is. Mo has a serious size advantage and drops Low Ki into a kneebar. Mo hoists Ki over his shoulders and slams him onto his knee. Low Ki crawls up Mo's back for a tight chinlock and Mo submits at 1:35! Efficient!
Winner: Low Ki

Lawlor protests Mo's loss because he was in the invisible ropes and he never tapped. Lawlor throws the referee out and helps Mo beat down Low Ki. The Von Erichs' jeep comes peeling in and they rush the ring to save Low Ki. They clear the ring and toss Lawlor onto the hood of the jeep to stand tall. This was nuts and I loved it.

Final Thoughts: COVID-19 has certainly resulted in some demented, strange wrestling events, and this was no exception. I recommend this light-hearted and goofy show to anyone who likes to have fun.

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