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Episode 13 - December 16, 2021

by Doc Allen

MLW Fusion

Video promo with 5150. Konnan gloats that his team are the Tag Team Champions. Los Parks talked a lot of sh!t, but were nervous in the Street Fight. Slice Boogie says that very few gangstas leave the game, even fewer become champions. Boogie won't go back to jail, he's heading straight to the bank. Rivera drops some rhymes, and challenges any team from any company to step up.

Taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini.

Calvin Tankman has been arrested for attacking Alex Kane and has a pretty adorable mug shot.

Holidead (with Dr. Dax) vs. Willow Nightingale (with The Blue Meanie)

In a pretaped promo, Holidead threatens to rip out Willow's hair and drape it around her. She leads Dr. Dax by his leash. Willow brings out Meanie as surprise backup, and he looks pleased to be there and dances. Willow gets down to business at the bell and splashes Holidead into the buckles for back elbow shots. Senton by Willow gets 2. Dax grabs Willow's legs (no help from Meanie) and Holidead takes over with a suplex. If Meanie isn't going to neutralize Dax, why is he there? He wonders the same thing and tries to distract Holidead with a crane stance. Willow makes a quick comeback with clotheslines and chops. Missile dropkick by Willow, but Dax distracts the ref on the apron. Willow knocks Dax from the apron, again no help from Meanie. Willow misses a charge and takes out the ref. Dax chokes Willow with his chain and FINALLY Blue Meanie gets involved with a rescue. Willow and Meanie deliver stereo jabs, Meanie dance, and double elbows. Arez sneaks in for a missile dropkick onto Meanie. Holidead recovers with a double underhook slam for the win at 5:12. This was mildly amusing SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, *½.
Winner: Holidead

Meanwhile, in Azteca Underground, Cesar Duran is wheeling and dealing on the phone. He's joined by 5150, who have been cleaning up MLW on his behalf. MLW is heading to Mexico, so the real fun is about to begin.

Meanwhile, the Von Erichs have had too much down time and are playing Pacman. They've got their title contracts for MLW's return to Dallas. They think 5150 are sissy pansies, and they're going to hit the gym to show the world what champions should look like. They've had enough "hand eye coordination" training and turn off the video game.

Homicide vs. LA Park

They start by competing for crowd support as if they were good friends. Homicide scores a dropkick and tope to outside. Homicide slowly climbs the ropes and Park catches him in midair and hits a headbutt. Park hits running knees to knock Homicide outside. Blatant chair shot by Park and then he seats Homicide for a tope! Julius Smokes arrives to will Homicide back up. Homicide answers with a DDT in the ring for 2. Park comes back with dancing and a clothesline. Exploder suplex by Homicide, and this is devolving into a spotfest where both guys take turns hitting moves. It continues with Park hitting a running boot for 2. Neckbreaker by Homicide, and then a Gringo Cutter. Park pops up for a spear and sudden pinfall at 5:39. Clunky match, with no story or narrative to sink your teeth into, *
Winner: LA Park

Medical update on KC Navarro. He's suffered a neck fracture from NZO's reckless ring post attack.

EJ Nduka video promo. He's from Dallas, played 3 sports in high school, and played college football. His experiences have taught him to put forth his best effort every single time, which translated to the classroom. He is smart and savage, which is bad news for the MLW locker room.

Video recap of Tajiri winning the Middleweight title.

Rok-C is coming to MLW! She'll debut at Blood and Thunder in Texas!

Video package for Charlie Bruzzese, a veteran member of MLW's production crew, a cameraman, who previously worked for ECW. He gets a standing ovation from the live crowd and a banner in the 2300 Arena, inducting him into the Hardcore Hall of Fame! Good for Charlie!

Alex Kane is distraught over being the victim of a carjacking at the hands of Calvin Tankman, and hopes that Tankman will be in jail for a long time. Kane chants "Bomaye!" and that's all.

Calvin Tankman joins us via phone from jail. He's had plenty of time to think about everything that Alex Kane has put him through. He's also had time to strategize, and when he gets out of jail, the police, airforce, or president won't be able to stop him from getting payback. Tankman says he's getting out sooner than expected, so "see you soon."

MLW Middleweight Championship:
Tajiri © vs. Atsuki Aoyagi

The broadcast moves to an All Japan show in Tokyo for our main event. The venue is a small basketball gym with maybe 150 people scattered around. Bell rings, and they start with some mat based grappling. Aoyago reverses an arm drag and goes to work on the arm. Tajiri hits a forearm to the throat, and reverses into a neckbreaker. Tajiri sells arm damage before dishing out another neckbreaker. Aoyagi escapes a chinlock, but Tajiri cuts him off and reapplies the hold. Aoyagi escapes with a back suplex, and they cut to commercials. They return with a slugfest. Aoyagi back flips and leap frogs to jockey for position, but Tajiri swats away his back handspring attempt. Tajiri slips outside and Aoyagi catches him with a moonsault. Aoyagi follows with a missile dropkick and standing moonsault for a good nearfall. Tajiri dodges another moonsault and tests the ref's patience with the Tarantula! Tajiri misses a buzzsaw kick and Aoyagi hits back handspring kick for 2. Aoyagi misses yet another moonsault, but blocks Tajiri's kick. Enziguri by Aoyagi, and spinning kick for a great 2 count. Aoyagi misses a 450 splash, but surprises with a cradle pin for another 2 count. Tajiri hits a piledriver and makes a concerned 2 count face. Buzzsaw kick knocks Aoyagi out for the pinfall at 11:18. See, this match had a story you could sink your teeth into, with the young Aoyagi giving the veteran everything he's got, but going back to the top rope well far too many times and coming up short, ***½.
Winner and still MLW Middleweight Champion: Tajiri

Back in the states, Richard Holliday wants to talk to Cesar Duran about NFT's. Duran has no idea what an NFT is (that makes two of us). He orders Holliday to have his lawyer/father send it to him. Duran moves on and Gnarls Garvin jumps into his face, and wants another fight ASAP. Duran keeps moving, and Alexander Hammerstone confronts him about double crossing him instead of earning his trust.

Final Thoughts: This show felt a bit like the scraps from the big Philly taping, but I did enjoy the main event from Japan, as well as the character work from EJ Nduka, 5150, and Calvin Tankman. I wouldn't fault you for skipping this week.

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