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Episode 11 - December 1, 2021

by Doc Allen

MLW Fusion

Well, I'm sorry to announce that SamoaRowe has retired from recapping and reviewing wrestling. He had a decent 16 year run, but he's moved on to greener pastures. Luckily for you, my name is Doc Allen and I am taking over for Rowe. You might find that our writing has some subtle similarities.

Taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Joe Dombrowkski and Rich Bocchini.

KC Navarro vs. WARHORSE

WARHORSE has reportedly recorded his own metal album, but he cannot release it because it rocks so hard that every other metal band would have to retire. Navarro doesn't like metal music and controls the early action. Luckily for WARHORSE, he's spent so much time headbanging that turnbuckle shots have no effect on him, and he nails a power slam. Navarro tries to block a sunset flip, but WARHORSE grabs his pink hair for the advantage. Navarro survives with a springboard tornado DDT for 2. WARHORSE absorbs a superkick and answers with a big lariat. WARHORSE misses the flying double stomp, and Navarro slips into a sunset bomb for 2. Navarro finishes with the Jesus Peace (running Sliced Bread) at 5:32. Decent and TV friendly match between two good prospects, **¼.
Winner: KC Navarro

Myron Reed denies allegations that he sent Alex Kane after Calvin Tankman.

Emilio Sparks hides behind a corner and spots Cesar Duran exiting his office with a handful of cash.

Willow Nightingale joins commentary to scout her competition.

Top Dogs (Davienne and Skylar) vs. The Sea Stars (Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox)

Top Dogs blindside the Sea Stars before the bell. Sea Stars both hang up Top Dogs in the ropes for stereo back stabbers and tope suiciadas. Davienne comes back with a Judo throw on Exo, allowing Top Dogs to isolate her in their corner. Vox gets the hot tag and enters with a double missile dropkick. Vox fish hooks Skylar's face for a clothesline. Top Dogs stop Vox with a tandem powerbomb, but Exo saves the match. Exo hits Skylar with an exploder suplex, Vox finishes with the Tidal Wave at 4:51. Spirited, yet clunky match that didn't overstay it's welcome, *¾.
Winners: The Sea Stars

Willow gets ambushed by Holidead but fights back. They brawl out of the arena.

Emilio Sparks continues spying on Cesar Duran, who seems to be up to something.

Press conference with National Champion Alex Kane. He is establishing his own Bomaye Fight Club and is ready to buy his own gym.

5150 video package. MLW f*cked up by giving them a title shot. They put themselves over as gangsters from the slums and threaten to unmask Los Parks and take their gold.

NZO will debut next week. Is that a promise or a threat?

Emilio Sparks follows Cesar Duran and watches him enter a spooky door with what may be the gifts that Hammerstone and Holliday rejected.

Opera Cup Tournament - Finals:
TJP vs. Davey Richards

They feel each other out with some catch-as-catch-can grappling. TJP cartwheels into a rana, but Davey cartwheels to safety and applies a tight head scissors. TJP tries to escape with a head stand, and Davey blocks with an "abbreviated piledriver."" TJP ultimately reverses into a trailer hitch and then a Muta lock. Davey gets the ropes, but the damage may have been done, as TJP stays on offense with attacks to the face. Davey aggressively returns the favor, but TJP surprises with a dropkick to the knee. TJP hits a fireman carry slam onto the apron and sends us to commercials. They return with TJP relentlessly attacking Davey's bad knee. TJP blocks a drop toe hold and applies a Figure Four. Davey reverses the hold, but TJP gets the ropes. TJP wrenches the leg while hammerlocking the arm and then hits a slingshot senton. They trade hard shots until Richards nails a desperation lariat. The fans miss their cue for an ovation. They try another slugfest until Davey hits a dragon screw in the ropes. Davey misses a flying double stomp but recovers with the Trailer Hitch. TJP gets the ropes and hits the Detonation Kick for 2. Fans chant “This is awesome.” TJP reverses a suplex onto the apron, nails a frog splash, but DAVEY KICKS OUT! TJP delivers more boot scrapes, but Davey explodes from the corner, howls, and hits a flying double stomp onto the apron. Richards nails another flying double stomp, but TJP KICKS OUT! Brainbuster also gets 2, so Davey applies the ankle lock. TJP escapes, can't quite get a Sharpshooter, and Davey reverses into the ankle lock for the win at 18:36. This was really cooking towards the end. I think most fans are sick of TJP's social media antics are were reluctant to get into this one, but they had the crowd before it was over, ***½.
2021 Opera Cup Winner: Davey Richards

Cesar Duran presents Davey with the Opera Cup trophy. Davey takes the mic and puts the fans over as the only family he's ever known. He dedicates his victory to the Philadelphia fans for always being there for him.

Final Thoughts: Good episode built around the Opera Cup finals and the feelgood nature of Davey Richards' comeback. They showcased some developing talent and also continued the story thread of Cesar Duran ordering the reporters to get scoops, only to have him seemingly become the focus of the story.

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