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GCW: No Compadre- January 12, 2024

by Doc Allen


Live from Thalia Hall in Chicago, Illinois. The city is getting hit by bad weather and there's rampant power outages in the area, so this one could get dicey. The building is a small theater with a balcony and looks pretty full. Our hosts are Dave Prazak and Carmen Michael.

GCW Tag Team Championship:
Violence is Forever © (Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku) vs. August Matthews and Davey Bang

Hometown heroes Bang and Matthews enjoy a hot start, at least until the champs block their topes and smash their spines together. ViF both do laps around the ring to hit stereo big boots. Matthews gets stuck in ViF's corner. Bang gets the inevitable hot tag and runs wild against the much bigger Garrini. Bang knocks Ku off of the apron for a springboard moonsault from the ring post. Matthews delivers a plancha to get the fans going. Bang splashes Garrini for 2. The match quickly breaks down, Bang and Matthews hit a nifty tandem stunner. Matthews' assisted leg drop gets a good nearfall. Garrini recovers for an inside out suplex and gutbuster. Ku blasts Matthews with a lariat for a convincing false finish. Matthews backdrops Garrini into Ku, setting up Bang's super rana! Bang and Matthews lock arms for a diving quadruple stomp. ViF answer with a tandem Saito suplex and a double stomp/Air Raid Crash, but Matthews kicks out! I thought that nearfall was silly, but the live crowd popped. Matthews counters with a rana to make Ku spear Garrini. Bang springboards off of Matthews' back to hit a clothesline. Bang hits a 450 splash on Ku, but Garrini pulls the ref away from a possible 3 count. Garrini gives Matthews a piledriver onto the ring frame while Ku gives Bang a brainbuster onto the buckles. ViF finish with an enziguri/suplex combo to win at 12:32. Indie-riffic opener that delivered a few cool spots as well as some goofy false finishes. The actual finish looked far less devastating than earlier spots, so this definitely extended past the crescendo, **½.
Winners and still GCW Tag Team Champions: Violence is Forever

Zack Ryder's WWE music plays, but gets cut off by Colt Cabana, subbing for Matt Cardona. Colt rebrands his partners as Boom Boom Jimmy Lloyd and Steph De Goldman. He has a special message for the fans from Matt Cardona: F*CK YOU! Don't blame the messenger, it's not Colt's fault that Matt hates everyone's guts. Cabana is filling in as the Indie God and berates Jimmy for screwing up his catchphrase.

Death Match Royalty (Broski Jimmy, Steph De Lander, and Colt Cabana) vs. SGBUSSY (Allie Katch, Effy, and 1 Called Manders)

Colt locks up with Manders and gets shoved down, so he forces a tag to Jimmy. Manders shoves Jimmy down, so Steph eagerly tags in to carry the load for her team. Jimmy makes a blind tag and catches Manders off guard. Colt runs into Manders' atomic drop. Effy and Katch humiliate Colt with stereo groin shots to the head. Manders helps deliver triple hip attacks on poor Colt. Steph has to grab Allie's ankle to save Colt from the onslaught. Colt is clearly enjoying himself as his team isolates Allie and hits triple Broski Boots. Allie saves herself with a tornado DDT and Effy runs wild on a hot tag. Effy drops his opponents into a Human Centipede position of sorts and drops a head butt onto Colt's nether region. The bad guys restore order with consecutive cutters. Colt leads Jimmy to a failed double Flying Apple attack, and Effy beats Colt with the Zack Ryder at 9:14. Funny and juvenile comedy match, **¾.
Winners: SGBUSSY

Manders and Allie try to talk some sense into Effy as he calls out Mance Warner.

Myron Reed vs. Joey Janela

Janela is all business while exchanging holds with Reed. Janela uses a handshake to lure Reed into a cheap shot. Reed answers with an explosive guillotine leg drop. Reed's tope sends them onto a delighted front row fan, Janela reverses into a rolling DVD. Reed absorbs some punishment before blasting a superkick. Round house superkick by Reed sets up a slingshot back suplex. Reed blocks a superplex but then flies into Joey's sitout powerbomb! Janela hauls Reed to the stage for a DDT. Janela spends too much time gloating and Reed nails a soaring plancha from the stage! Back to the ring, Janela wins a clothesline exchange, Reed blocks a DVD and reverses into a chinbreaker. Reed misses the 450 splash, Janela capitalizes with a DVD. Reed rebounds with a leaping cutter over the ropes! Springboard 450 by Reed but Janela kicks out! Fans chant “Myron!” Janela defiantly flips double birds and they slug it out. Reed mistimes a kip up dodge, but recovers for a kip up cutter. Reed pancakes Janela for only 2. Brainbuster by Janela gets another 2, Reed answers with a leg lariat. Janela gets back up to hit a package piledriver for the win at 15:45. They had a good groove going until Reed's botched kip up kind of sucked the wind from their sails. This still managed to be a good back and forth match, ***.
Winner: Joey Janela

Bullet Club Wardogs (Alex Coughlin and Gabriel Kidd) vs. Los Macizos (Miedo Extremo and Ciclope)

The Wardogs ambush Los Macizos before the bell. Kidd drags Ciclope to the stage for a piledriver. The match settles into the ring with the Wardogs working over Ciclope. Coughlin makes love to Ciclope's jacket, so he takes revenge with a spinebuster. Miedo gets a hot tag with only 3 and a half minutes gone, and meets Kidd for a slugfest. Hard lariat by Miedo gives them a breather. Ciclope and Coughlin bring in chairs for a Sabu-style game of catch. Los Macizos take control with calculated chair shots and biting. Double flapjack by Los Macizos, followed by a tandem chair-assisted splash on Kidd. Coughlin breaks the pin, Kidd blocks a Doomsday Device. Coughlin hits a deadlift gut wrench suplex, Ciclope breaks the pin with a frog splash! Miedo builds a door bridge for a Doomsday Device on Kidd, Coughlin breaks the cover. Coughlin impressively hoists Los Macizos for a delayed back suplex! The Wardogs hit Miedo with a double chokeslam, and a double vertical suplex on Ciclope! The Wardogs hit Ciclope with a spike piledriver onto a chair and win at 10:37! Not the outcome I was expecting. The Wardogs looked absolutely awesome in this fight. Crazy nonstop action, ***¾.
Winners: Bullet Club Wardogs

Lio Rush vs. Nick Wayne

Fans chant "Nick f'n Wayne" before the bell. Wayne is subbing for Jonathan Gresham, because Card Subject to Change. Despite some crude taunting by Rush, Nick allows a clean break in the corner. Rush doesn't return the favor, thrusting at the throat. Nick learns his lesson and cheap shots the back of Lio's skull. They exchange vicious slaps, Nick sprints into a lighting rana and uppercut. Lio slaps the face again and boots Nick's skull. Back suplex onto the apron by Rush, followed by a barrage of shots to the head. Aggressive crossface by Rush, but Nick gets the ropes. Nick comes back with a spinning uppercut. DDT by Wayne gets 2, Rush answers with a stunner, and a tope sends Wayne crashing into the front row. Falcon Arrow by Rush gets a routine nearfall. Rush goes back to the crossface, Nick escapes for an exchange of superkicks and big boots. Dragon Suplex by Wayne, but Lio kicks out the leg of Wayne with his last gasp. Wayne blocks a Frog Splash and hits Wayne's World to win at 15:01! Total banger for the sake of having a banger, ***¾.
Winner: Nick Wayne

Matt Cardona cuts a promo from his man cave. He's sick to his stomach that all these ex-WWE guys are coming to GCW, WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!? Cardona is the king of independent wrestling and his reign won't end until he says so. He issues a challenge to Nic Nemeth, because he once beat him for the WWE United States Championship and he can do it again. Then, now, forever!

Los Desperados (Arez, Latigo, and Demonic Flamita) vs. The Other Lucha Team (Cole Radrick, Oni El Bendito, and Aramis)

Flamita and Aramis square off at the bell. They get some obligatory chain wrestling out of the way before this turns into a total spotfest. Aramis removes Flamita with a furious rana. Latigo and Radrick tag in and reach a quick stalemate. Spinning rana by Radrick, and he gives a tribute cartwheel to the missing Jack Cartwheel. Arez blindsides Radrick, but Bendito is ready to rumble. The match breaks down into a charming sequence of rapid ranas. The Other Lucha Team hit triple dives. Flamita restores order with a standing Spanish Fly, and Los Desperados gain control of Aramis. Radrick gets a hot tag and cleans house with a tightrope walk armdrag/head scissors combo! Flamita trips Cole, Aramis trips Flamita, and Aramis outmaneuvers his opponents for a slick tope suicida. Everyone gathers for the consecutive diving sequence, highlighted by Bendito's springboard twisting press! Flamita drop toe holds Bendito into a Tiger Fade Kick, does a top rope cartwheel, and blasts a second Tiger Fade Kick. Tiger Driver by Flamita, but Cole breaks the pin! Stunner by Radrick and a springboard cutter! Latigo gives Cole a brainbuster, Aramis hits a sick corkscrew variation. Arez breaks the submission with vicious belt shots. Arez and Aramis flip around until Arez nails a sitout powerbomb, Bendito superkicks the pinfall away. Bendito hits a ridiculous wheelbarrow suplex! The match breaks down into a brawl. Los Desperados hit stereo vertical suplexes, Bendito flips Flamita in a wild slam and nails a superkick. Flamita answers with a desperation slam, everyone goes down for an ovation. Flamita gets up for a moonsault to ringside, Latigo hits a somersault senton onto the field, and Aramis nails a Spanish Fly onto everyone! Fans chant “holy sh!t” and I couldn't agree more. Arez gives Aramis a double stomp and driver for only 2! Los Desperados hits wild tandem splash on Aramis to win at 17:24! Wow, these guys are insanely talented and it would be easy to take for granted just how much work and preparation goes into these intricate, wild stunt shows, ****½.
Winners: Los Desperados

GCW World Championship:
Blake Christian © (with Shane Mercer) vs. Calvin Tankman

Blake flexes, but Tankman hits an immediate gut wrench slam. Blake targets the knee, Tankman knocks him down. Blake throws an ineffective chop, so Tankman flips him with a running shoulder tackle. Blake rakes the eyes, but Tankman cartwheels into a crossbody! Mercer distracts Tankman long enough for Blake to hit a springboard missile dropkick. Tankman blocks a plancha, but Blake reverses a DDT onto the hardwood floor. Tankman blocks Blake's springboard attempt, but Mercer grabs his ankles so Blake can tackle the knee. Tankman comes back with a brainbuster and holds on for a vertical suplex. Tankman follows up with a delayed vertical suplex but Blake kicks out! Blake comes back with quick attacks, including a Tiger Fade Kick to the bad knee. Tankman counters with a backbreaker, Blake no-sells on his way to a back handspring cutter. Roaring forearm by Tankman, superkick by Blake, then a nasty sitout piledriver by Tankman for only 2! Blake blocks a driver but flies into Tankman's spinning back fist. Mercer blatantly interferes to save Blake from an avalanche move. Mercer hits a Moonsault Battery, allowing Blake to easily win at 15:33. This was a laborious match that provided a few spots that would look awesome in a highlight reel. The lazy finish knocks this down a few pegs, **¾.
Winner and still GCW World Champion: Blake Christian

Scramble Match:
Alec Price vs. Joshua Bishop vs. Brayden Toon vs. Golden Dragon vs. Parrow vs. Shane Mercer

Total melee to start, everyone gangs up on Parrow. Bishop throws Price into a fallaway slam. Mercer clotheslines Bishop outside. Parros chokeslams Price and Toon. Parrow hits Dragon with a sitout powerbomb. Microman arrives as a surprise entrant and steps up to Parrow! Parrow lifts him like an infant, but Microman bites the forehead. Mercer shoves Microman aside and gives Parrow a jackhammer slam. Bishop hits Mercer with a chokeslam fallaway slam. Price dropkicks Bishop away, and kicks Microman in the face. Microman answers with a head scissors takedown and bites Price in the buttocks. Microman hits a Tiger Fade Kick on Price, and gives Toon a German suplex! Microman drop toe holds Dragon into Toon and hits a Vader Bomb! Mercer knocks Microman down to boos! Bishop and Parrow try to have a hoss fight but Microman comes between them. They play catch with Microman, until the little guy takes Bishop down with a bulldog! Parrow barely manages a dive onto everyone outside. Meanwhile, Microman throws Price out of an opera box! Microman takes everyone out with a dive from the box! Back to the ring, Bishop gives Mercer a Razor's Edge. Dragon and Toon double team Bishop, but can't decide on who should pin him. Price leaps off of Toon for a DDT on Dragon! Parrow gives Price a buckle bomb and Toon a fallaway slam. Price hits Bishop with running kicks, but Parrow ambushes with the Ganso Bomb! Parrow and Bishop brawl away, leaving Mercer to hit a Moonsault Battery on Toon to win at 10:59. Not everyone will be willing to suspend their disbelief, but I thought this was tons of fun, and a nice palate cleanser for the card, ***.
Winner: Shane Mercer

GCW Ultraviolent Championship:
Rina Yamashita © vs. John Wayne Murdoch

Rina enters on the balcony and leaps off for a very high crossbody! Murdoch recovers and goes right for the collection of plunder hidden under the ring. Rina jams some gusset plates into the arms of Murdoch. Rina jabs skewers into Murdoch's skull and hits a DDT! Murdoch puts the skewers into Rina's head and nails a suplex through a door for 2. Murdoch puts staples all over Rina's body. Rina absorbs a chairshot and grabs a testicular claw. Back suplex by Rina, followed by an Air Raid Crash onto chairs for only 2. Rina builds a door bridge and decorates it with her own blood. She piles on gusset plates, but Murdoch retaliates with the staple gun. Rina repeatedly attacks Murdoch's manhood and powerbombs him through the door! Rina gains the pinfall at 8:18! Brutal and efficient, short Death Matches are highly recommended, ***.
Winner and still GCW Ultraviolent Champion: Rina Yamashita

Mance Warner vs. Dan the Dad

Dan loves Mance but scolds him for betraying Effy.Still, Dan is willing to give him a second chance and enjoy some beer together. Mance sprays beer into Dan's face. Dan blocks a coffee mug attack and throws some jabs. High crossbody by Dan gets 2. Off comes Dan's shirt, but Mance hits a chokeslam. Mance could win but chooses to play with his food. Mance chokes Dan with a chain, Effy arrives and throws a chair at Warner's face for the DQ at 4:23. Way too long for what this was.
Winner via DQ: Mance Warner

Effy hits a suicide dive on Warner. They brawl their way to the balcony. Warner tries to throw Effy over the edge, but Allie Katch and Manders rush in to save their friend. Effy challenges Warner to a match at an upcoming event in Tampa.

Gringo Loco vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali recently achieved his boyhood dream of getting released from his WWE contract, so now he's moving on to his other boyhood dream of defeating Gringo Loco in a GCW main event. Ali is escorted to the ring by his own secret service. He looks happy to be here and the fans give him a warm reception. Bell rings, Ali easily outmaneuvers Gringo in the early going. Ali scores a snap rana and smiles at the fans. Gringo blocks another rana with a cartwheel. They trade arm drags, Ali hits a tilt-a-whirl armdrag and pats Gringo on the head. Gringo knocks Ali down. They trade hard strikes, Gringo hits a hard suplex. Hard Irish whip by Gringo softens Ali's spine. Gringo hits a piledriver variation for 2. Ali plays possum for a jackknife cover, and hits a running clothesline. Rolling neckbreaker by Ali, followed by a slick tope suicida into the third row! Ali then hits a top rope somersault press into the audience. Gringo answers with a powerbomb onto the ring frame! Gringo builds a door bridge on the floor, but Ali cuts him off with superkicks. Mean German suplex by Ali gets 2. Ali misses a 450 and then a head of steam into the buckles. Flying cutter by Gringo, then a sitout piledriver for only 2. I think the fans are tired, these nearfalls aren't getting much of a reaction. Gringo misses a Phoenix Splash. Pair of tornado DDT's by Ali, then a third DDT through the ringside door bridge! Fans chant “GCW!” Back to the ring, Ali nails a 450 splash for only 2. Ali then targets Gringo's arm with another 450. Ref checks on Gringo's arm, but Ali pulls him away for more easy shots. Gringo spits his gum at Ali and nails a clothesline. Ali blocks a powerbomb, but Gringo blasts a lariat. Springboard Destroyer by Gringo only gets 2. Crowd liked that nearfall. Ali escapes a Tree of Woe, but Gringo nails a backwards Spanish Fly! Ali reverses the pin into the Koji Clutch! Gringo passes out at 20:45! This was a well executed match, but somehow I didn't find it to be all that exciting. This was probably on the low end of what a successful indie debut for Ali would look like. The bad weather and late start time worked against them, ***.
Winner: Mustafa Ali

Ali cuts a promo about how he worked his way from a backup in the Cruiserweight Classic to the heart of 205 Live to beating the WWE Champion, and it was all thanks to Gringo Loco. He doesn't want to hear chants for GCW, he wants the fans to chant for Gringo. Nice moment, now let's go to bed.

Final Thoughts: The luchadores absolutely stole this show, which was otherwise filled with good-to-very-good matches and segments. GCW did well to salvage a card that was greatly disrupted by key stars missing their flights due to bad weather, this felt more like the main card it was intended to be and less like one of the old ROH Unscripted events. Overall, this was a fun way to spend a Friday evening and noteworthy for Ali's debut, so it's worth a viewing if you have the time.

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