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GCW: The Coldest Winter 2- February 3, 2024

by Doc Allen


Live from the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, California. There's a robust crowd packed into the small venue. Dave Prazak and Jordan Castle are on commentary.

Matt Cardona (with Steph De Lander) vs. Nic Nemeth

Cardona does his own ring introductions and orders us to Hail the Death Match King. He's upset that his long awaited rematch against Nemeth is happening in front of a bunch of f'n marks at GCW and not at Wrestlemania. Bell rings, but Cardona keeps yapping on the mic. Nemeth has been collecting checks on his couch while Cardona was becoming the Death Match King, so he should drop out like The Rock and allow him to Finish His Story. Nemeth plays dead to lure Cardona into a superkick for an early nearfall. Steph's distraction allows Cardona to hit a low blow and Radio Silence for 2. Nemeth backdrops Cardona outside onto De Lander. Nemeth unloads chair shots until De Lander takes it away. Cardona launches a chair between Nic's eyes and chokes him with his ripped t-shirt. Cardona misses a chair shot that bounces into his own head, Nemeth nails a Fame-asser for 2. Cardona answers with a Uranage and The Peoples' Elbow for 2. Cardona stops to set a door, but Nemeth cuts him off with a spinning neckbreaker. Cardona throws powder into the eyes and De Lander spears Nemeth through the door. Nemeth kicks out at 2 to a big pop. Ryan Nemeth runs in to attack Cardona, De Lander takes out Ryan, Nic takes out De Lander, and Cardona hits Radio Silence for a hot nearfall. De Lander grabs a beer bottle but inadvertently smashes Cardona in the face. Nic removes Steph with a superkick and finishes Cardona with the Danger Zone at 12:43. These guys were WWE lifers in another life, so it's not surprising that they had a very WWE-iffic hardcore match full of bells and whistles. The fans were buying what they were selling, fun way to start the show, ***.
Winner: Nic Nemeth

Man Like DeReiss vs. Chris Bey

They start with a fast paced exchange and stalemate. Bey offers a handshake, DeReiss is ready for the inevitable cheap shot. DeReiss hits a body slam for 2. Bey reverses a powerbomb into a rana outside. Tope suicida by Bey, followed by a guillotine leg drop. DeReiss absorbs a beating before hitting a shotgun missile dropkick. DeReiss elbows the spine but Bey blocks a straightjacket German. Bey strings together quick attacks and nails a brainbuster for 2. They flip around jockeying for position, DeReiss misses a 450 splash. Roundhouse kick by Bey, but DeReiss reverses a rana into an electric chair slam! Sitout powerbomb by DeReiss only gets 2! DeReiss gives Bey too much time to recover, and they trade rapid counters. Bey blocks a cutter with a pushup, but DeReiss tries again. Bey answers with a leaping armdrag. They take a breather to “GCW” chants. Both guys look dazed while they resume trading desperate attacks. DeReiss crashes on a 450 splash, and Bey nails a springboard cutter to win at 14:10! What started like a routine exhibition morphed into an athletic war with Bey's pride on the line. Exciting match, ***½.
Winner: Chris Bey

Action Mike Jackson vs. Kerry Morton

Jackson is a 50 year veteran making his southern California debut at the tender young age of 74. Sometimes, boyhood dreams do come true. Kerry is Ricky Morton's 22 year old brat son and the fans hate him. Kerry cuts a promo against the fans and comes across like Kurt Angle circa 2000. They lock up, Kerry has the size and youth advantage, and forces a break. He pats Action on the face, prompting the veteran to take him to school with a wristlock. Kerry reverses, but Jackson recovers with an armdrag to a huge pop. Pair of shoulder blocks by Jackson gets 2. Jackson works the arm, forcing Kerry to flee the ring. Jackson pursues, but Kerry rams him into the ring apron. Kerry misses a punch and hits the ring post. Jackson applies a torturous knuckle lock and tightrope walks around all 4 corners before hitting the sledgehammer. Fans chant “holy sh!t!” Kerry answers with a vertical suplex but misses a running boot. Kerry rakes the eyes but misfires a running knee. Jackson nails a Canadian Destroyer! Neckbreaker by Jackson only gets 2! Kerry tries a powerbomb, Jackson reverses into a sunset flip. Kerry puts his feet on the ropes to pin Jackson at 9:41! Boooooooo! This was so much fun, totally different than almost anything you'd see in GCW, and the fans were with them the entire time. A million and three quarter stars.
Winner: Kerry Morton

Charles Mason vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Mason wrestles in formal work clothes, which instantly annoys me. Like, you can see his sweat far too easily as his matches continue. It grosses me out. Anyways, Hammerstone is bigger and stronger than him, so Mason uses cheap sneak attacks to gain an early advantage. Hammerstone grins and delivers a reverse hard Irish whip. Hammerstone press slams Mason through three rows of chairs! Hammerstone's relentless onslaught continues until Mason dodges a head of steam and boots him in the head. Mason focuses his attacks on Hammerstone's newly bloodied forehead. Hammerstone answers with a desperation lariat. Back body drop, power slam, and butterfly suplex by Hammerstone gets 2. Mason throws an adult beverage into the eyes and hits a DDT onto the ring frame. Hammerstone “hammers up” and nails a vicious Uranage. Spinning side slam by Hammerstone gets 2. Mason recovers with a guillotine choke, but Hammerstone reverses into a Nightmare Pendulum to win at 14:22. Pretty good slow burn fight. They took their time and built the tension up for a good crescendo, ***¼.
Winner: Alexander Hammerstone

Hammerstone trash talks Richard Holliday on the mic. The fans chant for Hammerstone, but Mason takes advantage with chair shots to the knee.

Guys From the West Coast (Starboy Charlie, Bodhi Young Prodigy, and Titus Alexander) vs. Los Desperados (Arez, Latigo, and Gringo Loco)

Did someone order a shameless spotfest? Gringo starts against Bodhi and shows off with somersaults. Bodhi looks like he's 12 years old and surprises with a swinging rana. Gringo cartwheels through another rana. Alexander makes a rescue tag and mixes it up with Arez until reaching a stalemate. Charlie and Latigo force their ways in, Charlie builds steam with an atomic drop, dropkick, and standing SSP for 2. Latigo's superkicks give control to Los Desperados. Latigo works a Romero special while Arez jumps off Gringo's back for a dropkick onto Titus! Bodhi tries to help, but gets triple teamed into a wild powerbomb! Los Desperados swarm Alexander and the fans approve. They slow things down to pick Charlie apart. Bodhi gets a hot tag and cleans house, allowing Charlie to hit Latigo with a poison rana. The West Coast Boys put together a sequence of dives and earn a “GCW” chant. Match restarts with Titus deflecting Arez for a cutter on Latigo. Titus gives Arez a Dragon Suplex and Code Red, Latigo saves the match. Titus hits Latigo with a backbreaker, Gringo flies in for the save. Charlie stuns Gringo with a dropkick, Titus throws Bodhi at him. Neckbreaker by Titus, moonsault by Charlie, and 450 splash by Bodhi, but Latigo breaks the pin. Los Desperados make a comeback, hitting Bodhi with a single legged moonsault and Vader Bomb splash. Gringo hits a splatting senton to ringside. The match begins to overstay its welcome with more drive by finishers and last second saves. Los Desperados hit a double stacked electric chair powerbomb and stereo frog splashes! Double sitout powerbombs followed by a moonsault finishes Titus at 18:31! This had lots of cool tricks like you'd expect, but would have benefited greatly from shaving off about 5 minutes. They missed the crescendo but were able to recover with some inspired tandem offense at the very end, ***.
Winners: Los Desperados

BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) vs. Masha Slamovich and Rina Yamashita

Masha and Effy begin by exchanging blows. Tags are made, Allie and Rina trade shoulder blocks and chest bumps. A series of reversals leads to Allie's hip attack. BUSSY hit a double atomic drop, hit attack, and pelvic thrust on Rina. BUSSY work Rina over in their corner. Masha forces a non-hot tag and traps Allie for Rina's running chop to the buttocks. They give Effy the same treatment and a DDT. Effy forces a tag and flies in with double shoulder blocks. Effy runs wild and takes Rina and Masha down with a single Rough Ryder. Rina recovers, but Allie blocks a Razor's Edge. Allie superplexes Masha, but Rina is ready with a frog splash. Effy spears Rina, and they take a breather for a "GCW" chant. They stump up to brawl. Rina flips Effy off and grabs double testicular claws. Allie counters by forcing a big kiss on Rina! Effy helps with a running boot, and BUSSY hit Rina with an avalanche Rough Ryder for only 2. Masha and Rina powerbomb Effy, but Allie breaks the pin. Allie and Rina find themselves alone to brawl. Allie hits a piledriver, but Mance Warner runs in to prevent a pinfall. The bell rings at 14:38! Match was fine, but not really holding my attention until the nonfinish, **¼.
No Contest

Mance drives a screwdriver into Allie's skull. Fans chant "f*ck you" while Mance continues his attack. Effy, Rina, and Masha team up to save Allie, but Mance runs away like a thief in the night.

Cole Radrick, Mr. Danger, and Bobby Flaco vs. Los Macizos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) and Sandra Moone

Mr. Danger greets his enemies with a dive. Mr. Danger follows with a springboard moonsault on Moone for 2. Danger and Flaco then hit stereo planchas to ringside, while Cole suplexes Moone for 2. Moone fights out of enemy territory, and hits Flaco with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Extremo gets the hot tag and hits a mean backbreaker and springboard moonsault. Extremo holds Danger's legs open for Ciclope's diving headbutt. Los Macizos slam Moone onto Flaco. Extremo helps Moone up for a falling crossbody outside. Ciclope hits a top rope moonsault onto everyone. Flaco faces a triple cover, but Mr. Danger flies in to break it up. Radrick helps set up a door bridge, but Moone saves Extremo from destruction. Mr. Danger puts Moone through the door with a 450 splash! Los Macizos break the cover, but Radrick returns with a neckbreaker on Ciclope. Cole builds another door bridge, but he gets placed on it for Los Macizos to powerbomb Moone through him! Extremo powerbombs Flaco from the top rope to win at 10:18. This was sloppy but still managed to be a good time. Los Macizos continually using Moone as a weapon was a nice tough, **½.
Winners: Los Macizos and Sandra Moone

Su Yung vs. Santana Jackson

Santana is playing a Michael Jackson impersonator gimmick, which I don't find to be all that charming. They taunt each other early on. Su looks for a lock up, but Jackson fakes her out for some dancing. They finally lock knuckles, Santana moonwalks into the corner to escape. Santana builds some steam while not forgetting to stay in character. Jackson dances on the top rope and hits a spinning plancha onto Yung. Su answers with a side slam onto the ring frame. She seats Santana for a cannonball senton from the ring apron. Su applies the Mandible Claw, but Santana puts on a glittery glove for the reversal. Su's sitout powerbomb gets an ice cold nearfall. Santana wins a game of dueling chairs, but Su responds with a suplex into the buckles. Su exposes Santana's chest for some chops. Su hits a superplex through two standing chairs, but is too hurt to make a quick cover. Santana disappears, "Thriller" starts playing, and he returns as a werewolf. The stunt doesn't work, Su hits a DDT, but the wolf is revealed to be a decoy. Another decoy werewolf crawls in and suffers Su's Mandible Claw. A third werewolf is dismantled, and the joke is getting old. An extra scary werewolf arrives to spear Su. This time it's really Santana and he hits a moonwalker elbow drop for only 2. Santana loses his mask but still hits the Moonwalking DDT to win at 15:17. Most of this was heatless and laborious. The werewolf bit almost saved this, and could be a neat idea with a few tweaks. Overall, not good, *½.
Winner: Santana Jackson

GCW World Championship:
Blake Christian © vs. Dark Sheik

Sheik smashes a chair over Blake at the bell and hits a quick tope. Missile dropkick by Sheik and then a powerbomb for only 2. Blake answers with a bulldog onto the ring frame, then a low dropkick through the ropes. Tope by Blake sends Sheik into the first row. Blake body slams Sheik onto the theater stage, and flexes while applying a Texas Cloverleaf. Blake slows things down for a methodical attack, and reapplies the Cloverleaf from the top rope. Sheik comes back with a sequence of quick kicks. Sheik hits a nasty wind up knee to the face for 2. Blake answers with a back handspring kick to the forehead. Blake hits a low Tiger Fade Kick and high flying elbow drop for 2. Blake back handsprings his way into Sheik's German suplex! Sheik fetches a door, but Blake smashes it into her face with a tope! Blake sells a head injury and Sheik is bleeding from the eye. Sheik gets propped against a door, pops up, but Blake leaps off a chair to smash her through the door! Blake reapplies the Cloverleaf, Sheik gets the ropes. Sheik hits a head scissors slam from the buckles! Flying guillotine leg drop by Sheik only gets 2. Blake sets up five chairs in the center of the ring, but Sheik chokes him with her sash. She drapes Blake onto the collection of chairs and climbs the ropes, but Blake pops up to throw her through a ringside door bridge! Blake misses a springboard 450, so Sheik punches him in the manhood. Sheik hits a flying leg drop off a ladder onto the five chairs! Blake gets a rope break! Tombstone piledriver, double stomp, and step up curb stomp by Blake finishes it at 24:34. Good action and stunts, but felt like a routine title defense of the weekend for Blake. He's a 3 star champion having 3 star matches and this was no exception, ***.
Winner and still GCW World Champion: Blake Christian

Final Thoughts: Another generally enjoyable but skippable show from the good people at GCW. I get the sense that they're building for The Collective at 'Mania weekend, which I totally understand, but in the meantime we're left with shows that are fun but kind of slight. The show was stolen by a 74 year old man taking a 22 year old to school, so that says a lot. Thumb solidly in the middle.

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