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AWF Warriors of Wrestling; Episode 5
by Scrooge McSuck

- After about a three month stretch, here we go again with trying to pump out reviews of the AWF Warriors of Wrestling DVD set. Last week we saw Mr. Hughes, Sgt. Slaughter, Tommy Rich, Koko B. Ware, and Tito Santana advance to the second round of the AWF Championship Tournament. No doubt, we'll see the remaining matches from this first round on this weeks episode.

- Hosts are Mick Karch and Terry Taylor.

- Mr. USA Tony Atlas vs. Ron Powers:
Last week on Warriors of Wrestling, Atlas fell to Tommy Rich in a Tournament match, in what might've been the worst match in AWF's history. Lockup into the corner, and it just tumbles around the ring until giving a clean break. Shoving match, won by Atlas, of course. Powers applies a hammerlock, and now it's Warriors Corner time, with Sgt. Slaughter, who gets to face Tommy Rich, next week, on Warriors of Wrestling. Lockup, and Powers applies a full nelson, but Atlas uses his brute strength to escape, then applies his own form of the hold. Atlas with a wristlock, then bars the arm. Atlas with a side headlock, but Powers takes him to the corner and drives a series of shoulders to the midsection. Powers runs into a boot from Atlas, and Atlas puts him down with a headbutt. Atlas applies a rear chinlock as the round comes to an end. Round 2: Powers attacks at the bell and hammers away on Atlas. Irish whip and Powers connects with a big boot. Irish whip, and a shoulder block does nothing. They manage to blow a leap frog spot, and Atlas puts Powers down with a slam and splash for the quick three count at 1:00 of Round 2. DUD This match sucked, as if anyone expected otherwise.

- Ken Resnick is backstage with Tito Santana. He's hurting from the attacks of Hercules last week. Next up in the tournament, Santana will face Mr. Hughes, also managed by Sheik Adnan Kassie.

- Michael P.S. Hayes vs. Bobby Bradley:
Somewhat of a surprise to see Hayes here, sometime in between leaving WCW and signing with WWF to be on-air personality Dok Hendrix. Yes, the WWF is the only company that would give MICHAEL HAYES a new persona, and pretend he was some new shmuck. He's also got his Badstreet U.S.A. music piped in, which is never a bad thing, by the way. Lockup to start, and Hayes takes Bradley over with an arm drag. Lockup, and this time with a hip toss. Bradley applies a wristlock, then switches to the armbar, and surprises Hayes with a roll up for a two count, then a small package for a two count. Irish whip is reversed, but Bradley gets a boot to the face. Hayes with a scoop slam and elbow drop, followed by a fist across the throat. Snapmare by Hayes, and into a reverse chinlock. Bradley fights back, ramming Hayes to the buckle, but gets caught with a hook shot, and an elbow drop is all Hayes needs for the three count at 2:39 of Round 1. 3/4* Energetic match for a squash, but much like the WWF weekend shows from around 1990-91, the piped in heat is just too damn annoying at times.

- 1st Round Tournament Match:
"Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. The Warlord:

Talk about a contrast of styles, although that could be any match ever that's featured the Warlord. I don't expect this to be too good, but it might go a few rounds, sadly. The Warlord seems to have crossed his Powers of Pain make-up with his Steroid-Fueled Singles Push™ look from the WWF. Lockup to start, and the Warlord shoves Adams across the ring. Warriors Corner with Bob Orton Jr., who faces Johnny Gunn in the 1st Round of the Tournament. Lockup, and Adams comes off the ropes with a shoulder block, but the Warlord won't budge. Cross body attempt fails, and Warlord plants Adams with a slam, but misses an elbow drop. Adams with a series of dropkicks sends Warlord out of the ring for a breather. Warlord wants a test-of-strength, and we all know how that will end. Warlord boots Adams, then clubs him across the back. Whip across the ring, and Warlord misses a charge. Adams to the top rope, and a cross body press gets a two count. Adams tries a crucifix, but Warlord uses his strength to block and slam back down on top of Adams. Warlord with a side back breaker, but that only gets a two count. Adams with a small package for a two count of his own. Warlord stomps away as the bell sounds. Round 2: Warlord drives a knee to the midsection of Adams, and stomps away on his fallen opponent. Warlord connects with a side suplex, but that only gets a two count. Irish whip, and Warlord catches Adams in a bearhug, the most electrifying move in sports entertainment and oscar winner for best drama. Adams fights free with an elbow to the face, but runs into a big boot for his troubles. Warlord with a scoop slam, then heads to the second turnbuckle, missing an AXEHANDLE? Adams nails a superkick, but gets taken down with a belly-to-back suplex... and it's a pinning combination that sees Adams get the shoulder up, and the Warlord is counted down, making Chris Adams the winner at 2:30 of Round 2. Lame. 1/2* Not much to see here.

- Ken Resnick is with Chris Adams, talking about the strategy he brought with him into the previous match.

- 1st Round Tournament Match:
Johnny Gunn vs. Bob Orton Jr. (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink):

I know I've mentioned this before, but Johnny Gunn went on to "bigger fame" in the WWF as Salvatore Sincere, and under his presumed real name, Tom Brandi. For whatever reason, Terry Taylor goes into a pretty good impersonation of Randy Savage. Then we go to the Warriors Corner, with Mr. Hughes and Shiek Adnan Kassie. Back to the "live" action, we see Bob Orton in control of the match. Lockup into the corner, and Orton continues to drive shoulders into the midsection of Gunn. Gunn applies a side headlock, and this actually holds up for a good while. Orton with a cheap shot in the corner, using illegal closed fists to his advantage. Gunn blocks being rammed into the corner, and gives it to Orton, instead. Gunn is in control, and Orton wants none of it. Orton with a knee to the midsection, followed by a stiff forearm uppercut and scoop slam. Orton drives a fist into the ribs and covers for a two count. Whip to the corner, and Gunn surprises Orton with a sunset flip for a two count. Gunn with a back slide for another two count. Gunn hammers away on Orton, then comes off the top with a cross body, but Orton reverses, and gets the three count as the round comes to an end. The official result... Bob Orton Jr. via pinfall at 3:59.9998. 1/2* It got hot towards the end of the round, but it seemed like another styles clash, of old school grappler and flashy green horn.

- Back to Ken Resnick, and this time we have the victorious Bob Orton Jr., and his manager/full-sized troll doll, Oliver Humperdink. Orton gets to face Koko B. Ware in the next round of the Tournament.

- 1st Round Tournament Match:
Jim Powers vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (w/ Rico Suave):

For those two who care, both men would sign up with WCW not long after the AWF folded to shore up the undercard a.k.a anyone WCW could sign that WWF wouldn't. The final match of the First Round of the Tournament. This match could main event any independent promotion in the country! For some reason, Valentine and Suave come to ringside with some chick trying to pass off as Alexandra York, and she even has a lap-top with her. Jim Powers is not represented by anyone, so I'm sure he could use a personal agent or something. Lockup into the ropes, and Valentine gives a clean break. Valentine takes Powers down with a drop toe hold. Powers comes back with an enziguri, but it doesn't take Valentine off his feet. Powers applies a side headlock, but gets taken down again. Powers kicks Valentine off, then takes him over with a side headlock. Valentine comes back with an atomic drop, then works over the left leg of Powers. Valentine measures Powers up and drops him dead with a clothesline. Valentine continues working the leg, and applies a Boston Crab (with added leverage of the ropes). Irish whip, and Powers comes off the ropes with a cross body for a two count. Powers with a side headlock takeover as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Now we get the Hulk Hogan impersonation of Terry Taylor as the round begins. They try a test of strength, but Valentine knocks Powers off his feet with a series of chops. Powers surprises Valentine with a school bo for a two count. Irish whip, and Valentine drops an elbow across the back of the head of Powers. Valentine connects with a stomach buster, but Powers fights free of the Figure-Four attempt. Powers rams Valentine into the buckle ten times, and Valentine does his typical face-first bump. Irish whip to the corner is reversed, but Valentine misses a charge. Powers shoves Valentine down and goes for his own Figure-Four, but Valentine small packages him for the three count at 2:16 of Round 2. Karch calls Jim Powers a "new-comer", which is laughable, since he was hanging around the WWF since 1984. * Not the worst match I've ever seen, and I think the match of the night. Sad, isn't it?

- We preview the Quarter-Finals of the AWF Championship Tournament. All the matches will be featured next week! We've got Koko B. Ware taking on Bob Orton Jr., Gentleman Chris Adams squaring off against the Hammer, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana facing Mr. Hughes, and Sgt. Slaughter going up against Tommy Rich.

Final Thoughts: Incredibly weak looking card for the second half of a Championship Tournament. Outside of Adams vs. Warlord, there was no doubt about the other matches. Tony Atlas continuing to be featured on these shows is just brutal to sit through, and although I was excited to see Michael Hayes, the lack of a good ending for a squash just disappoints me. Total throw away show that was labeled important because of a few extended squash matches.

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