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AWF Warriors of Wrestling: Episode 11

by Scrooge McSuck

- Last week on Warriors of Wrestling, the AWF featured a pedophile bust with Johnny Gunn, the debut/return of the Z-Man Tom Zenk, the introduction of AMBASSADOR Steve Casey, and some more random tag team action. What will we see this week? Will we see a feature match for once?

- Terry Taylor and Mick Karch are calling all the action, while Ken Resnick and Chris E. are going to be standing by 5 or 6 times total, handling interviews. Are you ready?

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Bobby Bradley:

Woah, what is 2 Cold Scorpio doing here? I thought he actually had a career at this point. I'm sure his stay in WCW was long over, but wasn't he "lighting it up" in ECW at the time, before eventually going to WWF and dressing up as a family-friendly pimp named Flash Funk? Yeah, 1996 WWF really did suck that bad. Scorpio quickly goes to work on the arm, then brings Bradley overhead with a takedown. Bradley blows a head scissors takedown, forcing Scorpio to turn it into a front facelock. Criss-cross sequence ends with a Scorpio dropkick, knocking Bradley out of the ring. Back inside, and Scorpio works a headlock. Criss-cross, and Bradley with a deep arm drag, followed by a hurricanrana and leg drop! Back inside, and Scorpio charges into the corner with a clothesline. Scorpio with a slam and second rope splash for a two count. Scorpio with a splash into the corner, and a slam, as the bell sounds. Scorpio misses a moonsault, but I guess he's not familiar with rounds. Taylor actually describes what a moonsault is, and to be fair, he's been pretty informative about everything every show.

Round 2: Bradley bum-rushes and pounds away on Scorpio, then puts him down with a slam. Bradley blows a split-leg moonsault, and still covers for a two count. Irish whip, and Scorpio with a superkick. Scorpio with a slam, followed by the 450 splash, and that's enough for the three count at :59 into Round 2. Well, that was an awesome finisher. The only problem I've ever had with Scorpio matches is that half of the match features blown spots. I guess that's a big problem.

- Chris E. is standing by with AWF Champion Tito Santana, who held a special celebration in Mexico, featuring sombreros and donkeys. Chris E. claims he's going to be defending the title in Japan, next. Sure you are, Tito.

Chief Charlie Norris vs. Tony Ramone:

I'm sure we're going to get a Ramones joke or two, before the match ends. What... the... fuck? CHIEF CHARLIE NORRIS? That might be the lamest, whitest, Indian name I've ever heard! After a brief research (Wikipedia.com), I guess he really is Native American, and had a cup of coffee in WCW. Karch makes a Ramones joke BEFORE the match starts. Lockup into the corner, as we get a promo from "The Family", Rico Suave, Greg Valentine, and Tommy Rich. Norris works the arm, and I'm already longing for a Tatanka match. Ramone gets some token Jobber offense, doing little more than punch and choke. Norris does some big chops and dancing, then hits a bicycle kick for the three count at 2:59. Well, that was pretty boring. Karch claims, and I quote "the fans are really into his package", while the camera takes a big lower-body shot of the guy. It's almost, but not quite, up there with Gorilla Monsoon clamoring for us to "take a look at that!" while the camera panned Hogan and Warrior's crotches for a good 10 seconds at Survivor Series '90.

- Ken Resnick is with Adnan Alkahassie and his Army of Assholes, Hercules and Hughes. What is this, the same interview from last week, or something? I bet this was probably a second take they did for the same promo, and they figured no one would notice it's basically the same thing, except with slightly different delivery.

Jeff Gaylord & The Warlord vs. Pretty Boy Floyd & Firefighter Jim:

I'm not sure, but this might be Jeff Gaylord's first in-ring appearance in the AWF. That seems to be a trend for the episode. I recognize Gaylord from some USWA footage, but I don't think he ever did anything for WCW or the WWF. We get a Ric Flair impersonation, and it doesn't sound too bad. If it's not Terry Taylor, I'm sorry for giving false claims, but he always disappears for them. Jimmy Powers and Johnny Gunn cut a promo, but no one cares. Warlord pounds away on Floyd, then Gaylord comes in and throws him around with a gorilla press slam. They give Floyd a knee drop version of the Demolition Decapitation, and Gaylord covers for the three count at 1:53. Jim never got in the ring, I don't think, but I was too bored by the Powers and Gunn promo to give enough of a crap.

- Ken Resnick is with Michael P.S. Hayes, and he claims to be touching somebody. I thought that was Johnny Gunn. Hayes continues to hype up a surprise he's going to be bringing from a "Badstreet." I don't recall the Freebirds being in the AWF, but who knows.

Konan 2000 vs. Ronnie Vegas:

Is this the Newcomer Spotlight or something for the AWF? Konan 2000 is Scott Putski, son of Polish Power, with basically the same wrestling skills. Okay, so maybe he's not that bad, but I just hate Ivan Putski so bad, I'm putting the flack on his son, too. Konan quickly takes Vegas down with arm drags and slaps on an arm bar. Close your eyes, punch yourself in the face, and you might see a hybrid of Warrior and Renagade. Irish whip, and Konan with a dropkick. Konan with a snapmare, followed by a jumping elbow drop. Konan with a scoop slam and knee drop, then a running elbow to the corner. Vegas gets some token offense, but Konan kills him with a clothesline. Konan with a scoop slam, and he calls for the end... a diving clothesline for the three count at 2:27. That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So maybe Scott Putski isn't too bad afterall.

The Samoan Swat Team vs. Terry Allen & Eric Freedom:

Impersonation of the match: Randy Savage. The SST appear to be the tandem of Samu, formerly of the Headshrinkers, and Tama, formerly of the Islanders. The SST attack before the bell, leaving Allen in the ring to be thrown into the air, off camera. AMBASSADOR Steve Casey is standing by in Warriors Corner. Who is this guy? Samu pulls Freedom into the ring, and catches him off the ropes with a clothesline. Double team pounding in the corner to obvious canned heat. Tama with some face biting, and the SST with a double crescent kick. Samu sets freedom up on the top turnbuckle, and brings him back down with a back suplex. Tama heads to the top rope, and the big splash finishes him off at 2:19. That was a rather enjoyable squash match. Real tag teams = good tag teams... kind of. It seemed fresh to have two guys work well as a team, compared to two obvious singles wrestlers just thrown out their and forced to be in a tag team.

- Ken Resnick is standing by with Koko B. Ware (w/ Frankie) and Mr. USA, Tony Atlas. Are these two going to be a tag team... because both men are black?! They will be facing the Texas Hangmen next week. Woah, a match that isn't a squash? Why must it feature Tony Atlas? Maybe Koko will do most of the work.

Fidel Sierra vs. Trevor Blanchard:

EW!?!? Fidel Sierra?! I seem to recall him hanging around in WCW for a little while during the mid 90's... at least he's more relevant than Tommy Rich. He's waving around the Cuban flag, and has the same generic evil heel music everyone else in the AWF uses. Sierra attacks Blanchard from behind and tosses him out of the ring. I love that Trevor Blanchard also hails from San Antonio, TX. Warriors Corner with the Hangmen. Remember, they face Koko and Mr. USA, next week! Sierra pounds away while Slaughter watches from the aisle. I thought he had issues with Tommy Rich, and now he's got a problem with Sierra, one minute into his AWF tenure?! Irish whip, and Sierra connects with a running high knee. Sierra starts barking at Slaughter, as this squash drags on. Sierra with a headbutt, and that ends the Round. We get more? Yay?

Round 2: Sierra yells at the camera s'more, then goes back to clubberin' on Not Tully Blanchard. Sierra with a form of the Fame-asser, but he just dances around instead of covering. Sierra slaps on a sleeper hold, and that finally ends it at 1:22 of Round 2. They call that the CASTRO Clutch. What a horrible squash to end a somewhat enjoyable episode. Sierra lays his flag across Blanchard to add insult to defeat.

- Ken Resnick with one more appearance with Konan 2000. These green-screen effects are AWFUL. Konan 2000 sure doesn't have much in terms of promo skills. He just cuts a generic promo, poses, then leaves.

Final Thoughts: I'm going to guess this was taped considerably after the last batch of episodes, just because of all the new blood. We've got, in this episode alone, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chief Charlie Norris, Jeff Gaylord, Samu and Tama of the SST, Konan 2000, and Fidel Sierra all making their debut in the AWF, and with zero fanfare leading up to it. It was a breath of fresh air to see different faces, and it made the squash matches seem a little more tolerable. The only negative from this episode has to be the Sierra squash. It just dragged... don't forget, next week: Koko B. Ware and Mr. USA vs. The Hangmen!

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