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DGUSA: Enter the Dragon
by Kieren Lucas

July 28, 2013

-From Manhattan, NY.

Drew Gulak vs. John Davis

Kicking things off, we have the current CZW World Champion facing a wrestler I haven't seen before, in John Davis, and I have to say I was impressed with him. Firstly, John Davis hit several scoop slams. Next, Davis attempts a suplex but Gulak starts biting his head and hits a clothesline off the top. Davis then shows his power by hitting two buckle bombs and only gets a one count. Not selling for you! Then, in the best sequence of the match, Davis hits a power bomb into a German suplex into a clothesline. In my opinion it was a bad choice for the opening match.
Winner: John Davis
Rating: 1/5

Shane Strickland vs. Caleb Konley

Like the match before, I don't know any of these two wrestlers but they both impressed me. The first move of the match was a handstand into a head scissors into a handstand. TALENT. Then Strickland hits a foot stomp onto the head and a leaping DDT, and that is followed by a springboard moonsault. Then Larry Dallas appears on the ramp saying ?sorry" and Strickland wins with a roll up. The only issue I have with this match is that it was too quick, I was just getting into it when it finished. Also, this match should have been on first.
Winner: Shane Strickland
Rating: 1/5

Anthony Neese (with Mr. A and Su Young) vs. Uhaa Nation

Most general wrestling fans will know Neese from his short stint in TNA back in 2011 and know he has polished his wrestling skills and is really turning into a great pro wrestler. Uhaa?s first bit of offense of this match and that is a gorilla press onto the ramp. OUCH. Neese?s first bit of offense was a foot stomp into a rocker dropper and a running shooting star press over the top rope. This was followed by three German suplexes for a 2 count. Then, in the match winning sequence, was a 450 splash countered into a slam and Neese wins by hitting a 450 splash. Great stuff, I have to say I am a big fan of Neese. I see great things for his future.
Winner: Antony Neese
Rating: 2/5

EVOLVE Champion AR Fox vs. Trent Barreta

Ok, before you read this match review just go watch this match, you wont regret it. To start off the match of we get a tremendous arm drag sequence. Barreta then goes shoulder first straight into the turn buckle and lands hard on the floor. Fox then runs the ropes to go for a dive to the outside, when Barreta rolls him up to get the win. The match is restarted for the Evolve World Championship. Fox hits a split legged moonsault and a top rope leg drop with Barreta on the apron. Then Trent hits a slingshot stomp to the face followed by a cross body, but Fox moves and Barreta goes neck first in between the ropes. Trent hits a German suplex for two and Fox out of nowhere hits an inverted jumping DDT for a two count. Great match! Next, with Trent in the corner sat down Fox hits a skin the cat into a dropkick. Unreal. This is followed by a shooting star press but lands on his head and it looks horrible. Terrible botch, I hope he is okay. Then Trent hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron! Now with both men on the top, Trent hits a hurricanrana, but Fox rolls him up for the win. But no, this is not the end, Trent says it is one a piece, and challenges Fox to a rematch and it?s on! Fox hits a beautiful super kick but Trent no sells and hits a clothesline. With Trent in the crowd, Fox is in the ring and he runs flips over the turnbuckle onto Trent, WOW. Back in the ring now and Trent hits his running knee finisher but Fox kicks out! Great near fall! Fox hits a split legged C4 off the top to get the win. Great, GREAT match.
Winner: AR Fox ? Rating: 4/5

Open the United Gate Championship:
The Young Bucks (c) vs. Rich Swann and Ricochet

To start things of fwe have some great chain wrestling and that is followed by a tirt-a-whirl back breaker into a hurricanrana. Swann hits a spring board DDT and makes the hot tag to Ricochet, who hits a rocker dropper and a shooting star press. Talent! We then see about 10 double super kick sequences and a standing 450 splash. How? Ricochet hits a 630 splash of the top (yes i said 630 splash) and only gets two. The Young Bucks? real first bit of offense is a double tombstone and a More Bang For Your Buck for the win. Fast and to the point. Overall though great stuff.
Winners: The Young Bucks

Open the Freedom Gate Championship:
Johnny Gargano ? vs. Akira Tozawa

So the main event is for the Dragon Gate USA World Championship and it starts of with Akira hitting a brain buster and Gargano hitting a vicious suplex into the turnbuckle. Gargano hits a belly to back suplex and a bicycle kick. Great stuff, this has a big fight feel as well. Johnny then applies a cross face and the crowd is chanting "please don't tap" and I agree. Now both men are on the floor exchanging punches and I MEAN punches, these are stiff as you can get without hurting each other! Shining wizard by Akira! Then what happens next is one of the most horrible things i have ever seen in pro wrestling: Akira gets snake eyes through the turn buckle, Gargano completely missed and he goes head first through and has an awkward landing on the floor. Surprisingly, Akira is back in the ring and hits a dead lift German suplex. How? Gargano then elbows the ref and boots Akira in the private area and it sounds painful. Akira then hits another German and I swear to God I thought we had a new champion, but in the last split second Gargano kicks out. Tremendous near fall! Johnny then applies a cross face to get the win. Just fantastic and a great way to end a great show!
Winner: Johnny Gargano
Rating: 3.25/5

Overall- 6.75/10

Everything after the third match is simply world class and I fully recommend that anyone who is a fan of indy wrestling watch the Trent Barreta match and the main event. Overall though a solid and great iPPV!

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