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Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) June 4, 1986

by erick von erich

What the HECK?/Intro
Hello again from the Sunshine State. This is another WWE 24/7 re-broadcast of Championship Wrestling from Florida, a regional fed from... well, Florida, that at times acted as a farm club for Jim Crockett's NWA. Most of this episode centers around Lex Luger challenging NWA World Champion Ric Flair. But with so much going on in CWF, let's get down to Gordon Solie and Buddy Colt at ringside for our opening match!

Match 1: Sean Royal vs. Jerry Gray

Sean Royal is your generic babyface, a year before he went to the future and became a member of the New Breed. Jerry Gray is your regular jobber, and I'll go out on strong limb by firmly stating that's he not the former All-Pro cornerback of the same name from the Rams and Oilers. Gray opens with a waistlock, which Royal counters to the mat. Royal works a headlock and applies a leg scissors. Gray brings the back to a vertical base and hits an overhead suplex-- or waitasec, Gordon Solie's on the call, which means it's only proper to call it a "souffle". Gray drops an elbow, lifts Royal up for a slam, then misses a diving headbutt. Royal climbs up immediately to the top rope and launches a high cross-body press to score the 3 count.

Studio segment with Dan Miller and Gordon Solie

Miller's the locla promoter from Orlando, in town to tell Gordon about the recent 60-minute draw that occurred between Ric Flair and Lex Luger. Yes, someone booked a Luger match to go "broadway". Even worse, someone booked a green Luger to go the full 60. Cut to a psot-match promo from Flair. Bloody and pissed from having to carry Luger for a full hour, Flair says Luger is nothing and that he's "walked over better men in a bar, on the way to the restroom". Flair lists some of his former Florida victims, like Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.

Back from a commerical break and Gordon introduces some more Flair footage. This time, it's from a documentary being put together by "Gonzo Productions". No idea if was a real documentary, or even if "Gonzo Productions" was legit. That was the great thing about Gordon, he could announce anything and make it sound important. Anyways, we see some clips of Flair in a Florida ring with Kerry Von Erich and Wahoo McDaniel. Then a clip of Flair meeting "Cowboy" Ron Bass in a locker room. Finally, Flair walks into what he believes is his dressing room..and walks out when he finds Luger in it. Luger is there with his mentor Bob Roop, to ask for a rematch. This time, Luger is asking for a full 90 minutes.

Back to the CWF studio, where Luger and Roop have received their new contract for a Flair rematch. In typical heel fashion, Flair has signed his name to the rematch.. only it's now 2/3 falls with 5 minute rest periods in between each fall. Luger begrudingly signs.

Match 2: Fabulous Ones vs. The Shock Troops (w/Oliver Humperdink)

Usually I like to detail the teams in parenthesis, but we never find out who the Shock Troops are. They attack immediately and after roughly 8 seconds, Humperdink's guys Ed Gantner and Kareem Muhammed run in to demolish the Fabulous Ones. Muhammed's a big Fat Black Dude in Fatigues and thus gets the honor of splashing each Fab. No decision or DQ...take your pick. The Fabs were Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, by the way.

Match 3: "Cowboy" Ron Bass vs. Jim Backlund

Fairly certain Backlund's no relation to the more famous Mr. Bob Backlund. One of the regional fed gimmicks, using a popular last name for a guy. Similar to "Vic Steamboat" or "Troy Orndorf". Backlund starts off with a hammerlock, then hops over Bass to deliver a backdrop and two dropkicks. Backlund works the hammerlock, but Bass reverses, nails a flying back elbow and a slam. Bass misses a charge into the turnbuckle and Backlund tries to capitalize with a flying corss-body press off the top. In the words of Rocky the Flying Squirrel: "Again?! But that trick never works!" Flop goes the Backlund. Bass moves in with a nasty lariat to get the pin.

Bass is out at ringside to deliver some oratory lessons. He claims he invented the bulllrope match and challenges Barry Windham. Highlights of a recent Windham match against Kendo Nagasaki are shown.

Buddy Colt Interviews Oliver Humperdink

Colt interviews Humperdink about a recent "blackout" incident involving Kendo Nagasaki. Cut to a clip of Nagasaki interferring in a match between The Ninja and a Giant Tinker Toy Set. Oh my bad..it's not a Tinker Toy set, it's just the scrawny Kendall Windham.

Match 4: Ricky Santana vs. the Marauder

Remember what I said about using a familiar last name? But Santana has two names going for him, since the guy looks like the spawn of a Ricky Steamboat/Tito Santana marriage. Marauder? Well, he looks like the spawn of two masked guys! Marauder tries to chop, but Santana floats over and delivers two slams. Santana spins under Marauder for a takedown. Marauder tries a souffle and Santana reverses it and gets 2. Marauder goes for a slam, but Santana holds onto his arm and flips him over. Marauder whips him to the ropes for a flying back elbow and a headbutt. Santana goes to a hammerlock and Marauder counters with a Shemp Stooge Eye-Boink. Santana gets pounded and shoulder-blocked into the corner. Marauder misses a charge into the turnbuckle, when Santana hops up on his shoulders, then slides forward to roll him up for the pin.

More Roop and Luger

Yup...in case you haven't heard, Luger gets to face Flair again. In all fairness, this was big news for CWF. Their new rookie babyface gets to go against the NWA World Champ. For a comparison, imagine if the Indepedent League South Biloxi Rug-Bundlers got to play the St. Louis Cardinals.

Match 5: Kendall Windham vs. the Ninja (w/Oliver Humperdink)

Another EVIL masked guy. Gordon tells us that this match is "television time remaining", which automatically tells you that this will suck. They lock-up, but Kendo Nagasaki is immediately in the ring to attack Windham. Big Bro Barry Windham is out and a PIER SIXER errupts. Ninja gets a cheap shot on Kendall and rolls him up from behind to get the 3 count.

Why'd You Tape This??
To give my DVD recorder a workout. Really, unless you're putting together a retrospective on the lonnnng Flair/Luger rivalry, there's nothing to see. To make matters worse, the show is book-ended by host segments from Mike Graham, lounging at a hotel, errr.. "his home" in Tampa. Nothing against Graham, but I chopped out his segments since they were pure fluff. I shoulda' done the same for this show.

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