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AEW Dynamite - December 7, 2022

by Doc Allen

Ricky Starks

Live from Austin, Texas. It looks as though they have a healthy live crowd on hand. Our hosts are Excalibur, Tony Shiavone, and Taz.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal:

Featuring Ricky Starks, Jungle Boy Jack Perry, Dustin Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, Ethan Page, Shawn Dean, Lee Moriarty, The Butcher, The Blade, Dalton Castle, Kip Sabian, Brian Cage, and Matt Hardy It's a kicking and punching contest at the bell. Fans chant "Let's go, Ricky!" Cassidy is about to skin the cat but Blade pulls him to the floor for an elimination. Dustin clotheslines Sabian outside for a nice pop. Butcher eliminates Dustin with a clothesline from behind. Cage knocks Castle out, but The Boys continuously put him back on the apron. Cage finally properly disposes of Castle with a scoop slam onto The Boys. I guess this is an insta-feud for Final Battle? Jungle Boy eliminates Cage with a Meteora onto the apron. Back from commercials, they're down to Ethan, Moriarty, Hardy, Perry, Butcher, Starks, and Dean. Starks quickly spears Butcher off the apron. Jungle Boy eliminates Moriarty with a leg lariat, but W. Morrissey illegally boots him down. Morrissey chokeslams Perry onto the ring frame for good measure. I've lost track of why Ethan has leverage over Matt Hardy, but Hardy seemingly has no choice but to help him. Dean gets a pop for a DDT onto Ethan, but Hardy helps with a Twist of Fate. Matt has enough pride to insist that Ethan toss Dean out himself. Matt teases a sudden turn on Ethan, instead goes after Ricky's taped ribs. Starks throws Matt over the ropes and then surprises Ethan with a tornado DDT. Ethan dodges a head of steam and delivers a roundhouse kick. Ethan attempts a running powerslam, but Ricky reverses and throws Page out to win at 13:08! Well paced battle royal that advanced numerous lower card angles, **¾.
Winner: Ricky Starks

AEW World Champion MJF immediately interrupts Starks' celebration. The Austin crowd HATES MJF and chants for Ricky. MJF has a lot to say, but first accuses of Bryan Danielson taking the night off out of fear. MJF tries to diminish Starks, and the fans chant "Shut the F*ck up." Since Ricky is a dollar-store Dwyane, MJF is going to call him "The Pebble." He's going to toss Starks back to Billy Corgan's NWA so he can wrestle on Youtube where he belongs. Starks marches through MJF to grab his own mic for a rebuttal. Ricky says he expected "Maxi-pad" to be a second rate Roddy Piper, and mocks him for the cheap heat tactics of trashing the city. Everything about Max screams "cheap" and Starks can't believe MJF thinks he's better than him. Starks makes the argument that he's rewarded the fans for believing in him, while MJF has let them down every time. Ricky claps back hard, the fans love it, and he makes a convincing case for himself when he wrestles MJF next week. MJF has nothing to say, so he kicks Ricky in the groin. MJF prepares a loaded punch, but Starks counters with a spear! This segment ruled and would have talked me into ordering a pay-per-view, but the match is free on Winter is Coming.

Darby Allin video promo making his mission statement against TNT Champion Samoa Joe.

Jon Moxley talks to the camera about his brawl with Hangman Adam Page. Mox is starting to like Hangman since he can do his talking with fists. He doesn't represent the Combat Microphone Club and promises the group will do plenty of @ss-kicking this weekend between Rampage and ROH Final Battle.

TNT Championship:
Samoa Joe © vs. Darby Allin

I assumed this would be the main event, so what a tweest. Darby tries to use his speed and tenacity for a hot start, but Joe casually walks away from his tope. Joe blocks a head scissors and swings Darby around like a battering ram. Joe exposes some concrete, but has to settle for a slam onto the padding. Darby blocks a power bomb, but Joe counters with a power slam onto the concrete floor. Back from commercials, Joe throws Darby over the ring post for a sickening bump into the rails. Allin crawls in to avoid a countout, but Joe is ready for an atomic drop, big boot, and back senton for 2. Darby avoids a dive, but then flies into Joe's arms. Darby counters with a shove into the steps and then hits a top rope Coffin Drop to outside! Darby tries a Coffin Splash, but has to settle for a stunner and Code Red, but Joe kicks out! Darby charges into Joe's Uranage, but bites the forehead to block the Muscle Buster! Joe reverses the Coffin Drop into a rear naked choke! Darby passes out at 10:28! Wow, this was the best version of Samoa Joe vs the best underdog version of Darby Allin. Darby had to kill himself to get the match over, but it worked ***½.
Winner and still TNT Champion: Samoa Joe

Darby pulls himself up for a shove, but Joe puts him down with a headbutt. Joe gives Darby a Muscle Buster onto an upside down skateboard, and Darby lands on the wheels for a gross, circus bump! Joe still isn't satisfied and puts Darby into a sleeper, and referees finally arrive to break it up. Wardlow runs in to chase Joe away.

Tony Shiavone is standing by with Orange Cassidy and Kip Sabian. Cassidy thinks if Kip wants a title shot, he should just ask. Sabian rejects the offer, so Cassidy orders him to find a challenger for Rampage. Color me confused.

Chris Jericho video promo, highlighting his recent attacks on former ROH champions and staff. He's looking forward to beating Claudio Castagnoli at Final Battle.

The Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, with Jon Moxley) vs. The JAS (Jake Hager and ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia, with Sammy Guevara)

Garcia doesn't want any part of Yuta and makes Hager start. Hager tosses his awesome, purple bucket hat at Claudio, who considers putting it on, but instead kicks it into the crowd. That rightfully upsets Hager and he takes it out on Yuta. Garcia and Yuta exchange chops and then Yuta hits a powerslam into a back senton. Claudio and Yuta drop Garcia with stereo big boots. Hager ignores a "We, the people" chant while on offense, but Claudio hits a hip throw. Garcia hits a double sledge on Hager and then a missile dropkick. Yuta meets Garcia with an Olympic Slam and then hits a dive onto the JAS! Sammy's distraction lets Hager hit the Hager Bomb for 2. Yuta takes a beating but answers with a superplex on Garcia to send us to commercials. They return with Yuta hitting Garcia with a release German suplex! Claudio gets the hot tag and unleashes a fury of uppercuts on Hager. Claudio hits a messy super rana for 2. Garcia prevents a Giant Swing, but Claudio slams him down for Yuta's flying splash! Hager tries an ankle lock, but Claudio reverses into a proper Giant Swing! Claudio's lariat gets 2 on Hager. Sammy interferes again, but Moxley neutralizes him. The damage might be done as Hager puts Claudio into an ankle lock. Garcia simultaneously puts Yuta into a Liontamer. Claudio escapes by launching Hager into Garcia, and then nails a brutal uppercut to win at 12:42! This might was a total barnburner, ***½.
Winners: Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta

Tony Shiovone interviews the Blackpool Combat Club after their victory. Tony airs footage of his recent interview with William Regal, in which Regal only wants it to air if something bad happens to him. Regal gave MJF what he wanted by helping him become champion, but now everyone in AEW will be chasing him. He wanted to teach the BCC to stay one step ahead and keep eyes open in the back of the head. Regal will be Blackpool Combat Club until the day he dies. Tony wants the group's reaction. Moxley ignores Regal's words, he wants this feud with the JAS to end at Final Battle. He issues an open challenge to anyone who wants to make a serious statement for pro wrestling.

Malakai Black talks to the camera about the sick and dying members of the AEW roster. It's the House of Black's job to put those people down. If anyone has a problem with their mission, they can find them in the ring next Wednesday.

Tony Shiavone sits down to chat with AEW Women's Champion Jamie Hayter. She is baffled why it's so hard for her to get some solo interview time. It's her duty as champion to dominate the division and will let the winner of a women's match on Rampage face her for the gold.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill, Red Velvet, and Leila Grey vs. Keira Hogan, Skye Blue, and Madison Rayne

Hogan just got fired from Jade's group and wants to show them what's up, but player-coach Madison insists that Skye starts instead. Skye trades holds with Velvet and hits an armdrag. Skye and Velvet trade nearfalls until reaching a stalemate. Velvet pulls the hair to gain the advantage for the Baddies. Grey tags and hits a knee lift in the corner. Skye answers with a low enziguri, and Rayne tags for a 2 on 1 attack. Velvet tags but eats Skye's thrust kick. Velvet traps Skye in the apron for some cheap shots to send us to commercials. They return with the Baddies working Blue over. It's worth noting that Jade hasn't tagged in at all yet. Skye and Velvet go down with double thrust kicks. Hogan gets the hot tag, but has to deal with a fresh Jade. She manages to run wild anyway, hitting Jade with a sliding boot. Jade answers with a brutal chokeslam. Hogan counters Jaded and tags Madison in for an enziguri. Jade counters with Jaded and pins Rayne at 8:12. This was decent and smartly booked, **.
Winners: Jade Cargill, Red Velvet, and Leila Grey

Tony Shiavone chats with Saraya backstage. They're immediately interrupted by Dr. Britt Baker, who sarcastically congratulates her for winning at Full Gear. Since Saraya gets everything handed to her, Britt gives her free tickets to an upcoming Dynamite, where she can watch her from the audience. Britt has the Women's Champion on her side, so Saraya better find a partner. I'm really confused again.

AEW Tag Team Championship:
The Acclaimed © (Max Caster and Anthony Owens with Daddy Ass Billy Gunn) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

The crowd is bracing for a special match, so let's see if these guys have it in them tonight. The fans seemingly love FTR, but also sing the "Scissor me, daddy" song. Bowens cautiously starts against Dax. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett watch on with great interest. In the ring, Bowens and Wheeler wrestle to a stalemate. Caster and Harwood tag in, Caster builds momentum for an armbar. Dax fights out of the Acclaimed's corner with chops. The match breaks down for a standoff and brawl. Caster scoop slams Dax into position for Bowen's Scissor-me-timbers leg drop. Dax tries a Sharpshooter, Bowens Caster reverses, and Bowens catches Wheeler in a double Sharpshooter. The fans love this. The Acclaimed celebrate with some scissoring, but it gives FTR an opening to catapult Caster into the ring apron! Back from commercials, Caster is in trouble, but blocks Wheeler's superplex and nails a flying crossbody! Dax tags, but Caster gives him a back body drop to make the hot tag. Bowens cleans house to strong crowd approval. Dax answers with rolling Germans on Bowens. O'Connor roll by Bowens gets 2, and a neckbreaker gets a sweet nearfall. FTR make a blind tag and hit Bowens with a doomsday piledriver for only 2! Caster interrupts a double suplex, and The Acclaimed follow with a tandem cutter for only 2! Dax shoves Caster into Bowens, but the Big Rig is blocked. The Acclaimed try to steal the Big Rig, but FTR reverse and hit the move, but BOWENS BREAKS THE COVER! The fans give them the "This is awesome!" treatment. The Acclaimed answer with The Arrival, but Caster misses a flying elbow! Bowens takes Dax out at ringside, but Cash hits him with a slam. Caster no sells for a rollup, but Cash hits a mean lariat! Cash hits two more lariats and then a powerbomb, but Caster reverses the rollup for a desperate pinfall at 16:46! Tremendous main event that left it all in the ring, but somehow left more in the tank for some compelling rematches, ****¼.
Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed

The Gunn Club appear on the big screen on behalf of The Briscoes to challenge FTR for a double dog collar match for Final Battle. This is a match minutes in the making!

Final Thoughts: This might be my favorite Dynamite of 2022. That might not be saying much, but I stand by it.

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