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World Class Championship Wrestling - April 14, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Last week on World Class, the Freebirds and Devastation, Inc. continued their hostilities with a wild 6-man brawl. Bill Mercer also dropped some hints about Kerry Von Erich challenging Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship at an upcoming special event. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Encore Match: "Iceman" King Parsons & Andre the Giant vs. The Super Destroyers (w/Skandor Akbar)

Not unsual for the time; for any promotion; to re-run a popular match. Joined-in-progress at about the five minute mark, with Andre squashing both Super D's in the corner. You can check out the full match as well as more info on Andre in our World Class January 21, 1984 recap. Iceman's rivalry with the Super Destroyers over the tag straps has been forgotten in the past few episodes. He's been teasing a program with "Hacksaw" Butch Reed, instead. So I'm guessing this is an attempt to rekindle things, as Iceman (and a new partner) will be challenging for the tag straps, soon. Akbar also had some words for Andre, last week, so this would also re-draw attention to that issue...but I don't think anything substantial comes from it.

A Very Special Music Video of The Von Erichs

No idea what the original tune was, but what we get here is some ....strange... pop/rock tune. Random highlights of the brothers, in and out of the ring, over the last year or so. Even a few shots of David, for what that's worth. Nice footage of Kerry easily slamming King Kong Bundy.

Mike Gallagher vs. The Missing Link (w/General Skandor Akbar)

No idea who Mike Gallagher is/was. There was a guy in the 50's with that name, but this is obviously somebody different. No relation to "Gentleman Jack", either. Regardless, I'm not liking his chances. Link hops out to floor and wants to headbutt the ringposts, but Akbar talks him out of it. Gallagher gets a few shots in, but is easily dumped to the floor. Link lets him roll back in, then wraps Gallagher's left arm around the rope and headbutts it, several times. Gallagher makes a comeback and manages to dropkick Link through the ropes. Link's quickly back with more headbutt and a slam. Gallagher rolls out of two flying headbutt attempts, so Link acts like he was trying to splash him. Atomic drop and a flying headbutt gets the 3 count for Link...to a mild pop.

Kerry Von Erich vs. Super Destroyer #1 (w/General Skandor Akbar)

In a weird coincidence, here's another match we covered in a "future" episode: August 8, 1986. Yet this makes more sense "in context" and live, so a copy n' paste job is acceptable. The Penultimate Knucklelock Challenge to start. Kerry with a backdrop, then they fight over a wristlock, which Kerry turns into an armbar. Super D misses a dropkick, but Kerry's finds the mark, knocking him over the ropes. Back inside, Super D goes punchy/kicky, then whips Kerry in for a backdrop, a double-chop to the neck and a 2 count. Kerry slugs back, lands a discus punch and a charging shoulderblock, but misses another and gets shoved through the ropes. Super D suplexes him back in for 2. He goes for the super-pex, but Kerry shoves him and hits a reverse flying elbow to get the 3. As Mercer mentioned, this was a "tune up match for the Championship", as they were building Kerry for his upcoming shot against Ric Flair.

Kevin & Mike Von Erich vs. Buddy Roberts & Kelly Kinksi (w/Michael Hayes)

Mike's wearing a pair of chaps that look like they were borrowed from Evel Knievel. Still sore over last week's bout, KVE and Kiniski have words right as the bell rings. Brief fisticuffs, until KVE tosses him over the top rope; and Roberts wants a DQ; but referee David Manning insists that it was all before the bell. Kiniski and KVE get things started in the ring. Front facelock from Kevn, then a quick tag to Mike, who comes in from the top, then delivers a drop-kick. Roberts tags in and works with Mike for a bit, hooking an armbar, until Mike takes him down with a head scissors. Mike and Kevin take turns working on Roberts' leg. KVE with a slam and a flying elbow off the ropes for 2. Kiniski returns to deliver a slam...and the crowd goes nuclear as Kerry Von Erich arrives at ringside to stalk Michael Hayes. Meanwhile, KVE works a chinlock to slow things down. Kerry soon chases Hayes into the ring, for a brief instance. KVE and Kinisk become animated again, on cue. Kiniski slams Mike, then Roberts is in for a charging elbowsmash, slam and a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Kiniski thumps some more, then whips Mike to the ropes. Mike comes off the ropes with a very dainty flying bodypress for 1 count. Lukewarm tag to KVE, who cleans house. 4-way brawl in the ring, soon becomes a 6-way as Kerry and Hayes roll into the ring. Double disqualification, I'm guessing. Terry Gordy then runs in and the Freebirds try to nail Mike with a dreaded cowboy boot. Hayes "accidentally" hits Roberts and the boot flies into Mike's hands. The Von Erichs clear the ring as Kevin gets the house mic and says: "if you want that boot back-- come in an' get it"! CSU and Wyoming got NOTHING on the "Freebird Boot" (I'm sure all of maybe 2 people get that reference).

Why'd You Watch This?:
A slightly-better-than-average show. There hasn't been an official annoucement on these episodes, but things are officially ON for the upcoming Parade of Champions show at Texas Stadium. With Akbar's comments about Andre, last week, I'm curious if one of the original plans was to bring him back for the event? The brewing feuds between the Freebirds/Devastation and Parsons/Reed are also downplayed and put on the back burner, for the time being. I don't have encyclopedic knowledge of the next episodes, but I'm curious to see if they reset some of the booking and feuds, due to the upcoming Big Ol' Event.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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