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World Class Championship Wrestling - January 21, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

This month's show starts off with Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich putting over Andre the Giant. Kevin tells a story of how he faced Andre in a batle royal in Puerto Rico. Andre slapped a bearhug on him, but was possibly inebriated, slipped and Kevin ending up injuring his back. No anymosity, though, as Kevin still loved the big guy.

As we jump back to 1984, Bill Mercer recaps all the incidents between "Iceman" King Parsons and the Super Destroyers. Including the Thanksgiving Star Wars flame incident and their bout at the Christmas show. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Rick Rudd vs. Kimala (w/Skandar Akbar & Friday)

Believe it or not, but here's none other than Rick Rude in his pre-ravishing days! He's not as ripped, but has that mustache which makes him look like Tom Selleck (or a skinny, dark-haired Magnum TA if you want to stick to wrestling comparisons). Aside from this trivial appearance, it's another Kimala squash. Chops, chokes, belly-slaps, etc. Rudd makes a brief comeback with two forearm shots and two drop-kicks, but Kimala brushes him off and hits two splashes to score the easy 3 count at 2:40. Afterwards, Kimala wants to flatten Rudd by coming off the top turnbuckle, but Akbar and Friday talk him down.

Update on Chris Adams and Sunshine

Footage is shown of last week's Adams vs. Black Gordman bout and Jimmy Garvin's subsequent attack. Then it's a pre-taped interview with Adams and Sunshine. Adams has improved, somewhat, in his promo skills as he targets Garvin and regaining the American Championship. Sunshine interrupts and says it's not about the title, that Garvin just "needs to be HURT!"

Match 2: Kevin Von Erich vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious)

The crowd is loudly chanting "We Want Sunshine" as things begin. Garvin does his usual stall tactics, works the crowd and complains of a hair-pull. He tries an armbar, but Kevin rolls out of it and lands a drop-kick to the eyebrows. Garvin then tries a headlock, but Kevin counters that into a head-scissors to the mat. They repeat this formula 3 or 4 more times. Finally, Kevin pulls him up for a slam and a flying splash, but only gets 2. It isn't often that you see a babyface work a "wear-down" hold then cleanly pull his guy up for a finishing move. Usually, the face just sits there applying the hold in a vain hope of getting a submission or leverage pin.

Garvin fights off an overhead wristlock into a takedown. Kevin whips him to the corner for a kneesmash, then a forearm from the top rope for another 2. Kevin slams him and applies a chinlock, which is when Chris Adams and Sunshine appear at ringside. Garvin tosses Kevin over the top rope, but Kev does the skin-the-cat move and comes back in. Adams is up on the apron and briefly grabs Garvin. Garvin shakes him off, but then walks right into a roll-up from behind, as Kevin scores the 3 count pin at 11:01. Garvn and Precious try to protest, but Adams and Sunshine chase them out of the ring. As we go to commercial, Mercer tells us to stick around and evokes World Class's old name by saying this is "Big Time".

Interview with "Iceman" King Parsons

In a pre-recorded bit, Mercer is backstage with Parsons, who is still looking for revenge against Akbar and the Suepr Destroyers. "You can beat my body, burn my face, but you can't keep a good man down". Ice then brings in his special surprise for the Super D's and Akbar-- Andre the Giant! Andre says he's just there to be a policeman and make sure Ice gets his revenge.

Match 3: "Iceman" King Parsons & Andre the Giant vs. Super Destroyers (w/Skandar Akbar)

The Super D's have since regained the American Tag Team Championship from Iceman and Brian Adias, but the belts aren't seen here and that change hasn't been acknowledged on TV. So this is one of those pseudo tag title matches. Big pops as Andre is introduced. He actually billed as being "from Canada", here. Andre intimidates the SD's, but lets Iceman start. Ice slams SD1, followed by a lock-up, rope bounce and a shoulder-block into a headlock. SD2 comes in and gets slammed as well. Andre enters and squashes both Super D's in their own corner and tosses them out. They try stallingm but Andre easily pulls them in and stands on SD2's hands. SD2 tries to bounce off the ropes, but runs right into Andre's butt. Andre puts his head down and gets kicked in the head as the Super D's take over. They thump away and do a double-team forearm on him.

Andre absorbs blows from SD2, then tags in Iceman. Whip, backdrop and a headbutt from Ice send SD2 wobbling around the ring. Ice whips him into Andre's knee and gets a 2 count. SD2 gets a quick shot to Ice's throat and tags out. SD1 drops Iceman on the rop rope and chokes away. Whip to the ropes, chop and a kneedrop gets 2. SD's double-team Ice for awhile and isolate him in their corner. SD2 whips Iceman to the corner and hits him with a charging knee. To the other corner, but this time SD2 misses a flying splash. Hot Tag to Andre who cleans house! Both SD's come in, which is when Iceman and Andre team up for a Rocket Launcher! Or a Fastball Special if you're an X-men fan. Ice is thrown onto both SD's and pandemonium breaks out as it's a 4-way brawl. The Super D's Devastation, Inc. stable mate, Kimala, suddenly enters the ring and begins attacking Andre. It's officially a disqualification win for Ice and Andre.

Of course, Andre and Iceman fight off the bad guys and stand tall in the ring. Andre even manages to steal Akbar's headdress and uses it to shine Iceman's shoes! They celebrate with hugs, handshakes and even a butt-butt which Iceman sells. Technically, this match was just average, but it was a load of FUN.

Bill Mercer wraps things up at ringside as the DRUMS hit. Next week, we'll have Iceman team up with Kevin and Kerry Von Erich to take on the Super Destroyers and the Missing Link.

Why'd You Tape This?:
Loved this episode, primarily for the main event. I believe this was Andre's final foray into World Class and it was a definite highlight. Andre did his usual travelling attraction role, where he came in and acted like Iceman's big brother, so to speak. Strangely enough, I think he continued to feud with Kimala, as the two carried their program over into the WWF later in the year. The Super D's did some great heel work by not only delivering some punishment to both guys, but by cutting off the ring in their tag teamin'. It was also nice to see a united front on Devastation's part, as they're operating like an actual stable, now. Before, it was just Akbar teaming guys up, but they rarely ran in to back up The Boss's other charges. Add in a decent Von Erich/Garvin match and a surprise appearance by Rick Rude and you've got another solid episode.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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