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WCW World Championship Wrestling– October 20, 1990

by Scrooge McSuck

WCW Renegade Warriors

- We're only one week away from Halloween Havoc '90, and the entire card has already been announced (but don't expect the under-card to play out as listed, there's going to be a bunch of changes. You could argue the matches are meaningless, but false advertising several matches, even if they're undercard stuff, is still false advertisement. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any taping date information, but this was taped from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA. This week, WCW is brought to us by Nintendo's Game-Boy. Does the Turbo-Grafix-16 know WCW is cheating on them?

- Jim Ross and Bob Caudle are hosting, running down a short list of all the talent we're about to see.

The Renegade Warriors (w/ Allen Iron Eagle) vs. The Ring Lords:

Didn't we just see this turd on the October 6th episode?! The Ring Lords still don't have names, nor do they have names on their tights. WHICH ONE IS RICK LORD?! All my research from the October 13th episode, down the drain. Mark starts with Lord #1 (it doesn't matter which is which, so every match, #1 starts). Lord #1 with rights but Mark quickly comes back with back drops. The Fabulous Freebirds walk-in on commentary to hype a 6-Man Tag on "Main Event" where the Freebirds team with a Mystery Partner to take on the Warriors and Eagle. Crisscross and Mark with an arm drag into the arm-bar. Michael Hayes claims to be a descendent of General Custer. They make their way to ringside, and I completely forgot Rocky King (a former NWA enhancement talent) working as their lackey under the name "Little Richard Marley." The Ring Lords work over Chris. I'm sorry, I can't take them seriously when they don't wear masks and don't have names defining who they are other than "#1" and "#2." Crowd chants Freebird, proving modern audiences didn't break from the script first. Lord #2 with the weakest Super-Kick I've ever seen. Absolutely NO enthusiasm behind the execution. Whip and a power-slam for two. I stand corrected, the tights do have names on them. I'm not editing out my original joke. Chris avoids a splash and hot tags Mark. Mark with chops and a bicycle kick. He picks up the Lord in a Gory Special and Chris comes off the top with a big chop for three at 8:27. After three weeks, I take it back, the Warriors weren't THAT bad, but feuding with the Freebirds gives them a stink that's hard to shake. Spoiler Alert: The Freebirds partner was Barry Horowitz... and they WON.

The Fabulous Freebirds (w/ Little Richard Marley) vs. Mark White & Jim Corbin:

I cannot stress how bloated and out of shape Hayes and Jimmy Garvin look. Heck, Hayes has his tights up to his chest to poorly cover his gut. If not for Badstreet U.S.A., there'd be nothing redeeming about their run at this point. I wonder if Jim had a nephew named Baron that made it in the business? Crowd chants "DDT" (Freebirds finisher). Hayes offers a handshake and throws Corbin out of the ring. Marley gets a few shots in, but the camera is more concerned with Hayes' mugging. Garvin with a pair of slams and knee across the top of the head. Corbin fights out of an arm-bar, only to get decked with a left hand. White gets to tag in and is dumped out of the ring, too. Marley with one of the world's worst DDT's on the floor. Maybe they should've captured it from the other side where we don't see the lack of contact on the floor. Back inside, Garvin with a slam. Hayes with a whip and elbow. Garvin and Hayes with synchronized DDT's for three at 4:33. The Freebirds, the biggest jerks of the division, get cheered like they're top babyfaces.

- Jim Cornette is standing by with "The Louisville Slugger" to get a word from the Fabulous Freebirds. They hype their match tomorrow night where they have a mystery partner (which we've already covered). Cornette asks if it's Buddy Roberts or Terry Gordy against "the three Indians", but they will only tell him in private, away from the cameras. Hayes says the Indians don't know anything because their ancestors drank too much fire water. The Youngbloods and Iron Eagle storm the set, saying they wear war paint because they're warriors, not sissies.

- Gordon Solie is standing by with the Wrestling News Network. We see the clips for the third week in a row where the Nasty Boys attacked the Steiner Brothers during the contract signing from the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. The Nasty Boys promise to leave Chicago as the new U.S. Tag Team Champions. Rick and Scott say they like things rough and tough, but when they go back to Chicago, the Nasty Boys better watch out. We follow that with footage from Clash of Champions XII where Stan Hansen attacked Lex Luger following his US Title defense against Ric Flair. Paul E. Dangerously enters the set taking credit for Luger being given the wrong directions for the interview location. He invites everyone to the victory celebration for Stan Hansen next Saturday Night after the Halloween Havoc.

Terry Taylor vs. "Dirty" Dutch Mantell:

Dutch wasn't much more than depth on the roster yet was featured in the trading cards of WCW stars released midway through 1991. You could say these two men are looking to "build momentum." Lockup and Taylor shoves Dutch to the canvas. Whip to the ropes, Taylor with an arm drag... and twist. Dutch with a hip throw to escape, followed by a knee across the chest. Whip and Dutch with a short-clothesline for two. Where is Oil Trough, TX? Probably far from Truth or Consequences, NM... what do you mean that's a real place?! Whip to the corner and Taylor meets a boot charging in. Dutch with the abdominal stretch, and yes, he uses the ropes for leverage (it's not Rotunda's spot anymore, he's a babyface). Mantell wastes time arguing with the referee and gets rolled up for two. Taylor misses a dropkick and Dutch covers for two. They trade strikes until Dutch goes to the eyes and clotheslines Taylor over the top rope. No DQ called, since the finish didn't call for it. Taylor fights back from the apron and connects with a jaw breaker. Atomic drop and back suplex combo for two. Mantell avoids an elbow drop and hooks a sleeper. Taylor escapes with another jaw breaker and unloads in the corner with rights. Mantell rakes the eyes again and snaps Taylor over with a suplex. Taylor avoids a knee drop and hooks a rolling cradle for three at 6:27. Perfectly acceptable wrestling. **1/2

- We run down the card for Halloween Havoc '90! It's the same, original lineup that was advertised last week on World Championship Wrestling. (Damn you, false advertisement!)

Moondog Rex vs. Rick Ford:

Gary Michael Cappetta doing ring introductions means the Moondog gets introduced with his name! What a concept, doing your job right. GMC could make even the dumbest things sound decent, like some of the ridiculous hometowns. Ford runs away, proving not all enhancement talent are brainless geeks (unlike most people employed by WWE, where EVERYONE is presented as such). Ross hypes JYD vs. Moondog in a battle of the biggest dog ("maybe the winner gets a case of Alpo.). Ford throws forearms but gets knocked down with a single headbutt. Rex unloads with short rights. Ford picks the legs and returns favor, but the comeback is cut short. Rex with a hangman's neck breaker and knees across the forehead. Rex with a 1990 version of the Olympic Slam for three at 2:56. Just a basic squash. Don't forget to order Halloween Havoc to see Rex vs. The JYD.

- Ricky Morton is standing by with comments hyping a match with the Nasty Boys. Robert Gibson isn't here, but Wildfire Tommy Rich will step up to the plate to see how nasty the Nasty Boys can be.

Allen Iron Eagle vs. Gregg Sawyer:

I'm not sure if I mentioned it anywhere, but Eagle went on to gain fame as "Joe Gomez." What do you mean you've never heard of Joe Gomez? I'm not one to question anyone's Native American heritage, but I don't think Joe Gomez is an authentic Native American. The Renegade Warriors come to ringside to support their blood. Sawyer with a whip and elbow, followed by a clothesline for a one-count. Wait, sorry, the Warriors are giving feathers to fans while Eagle can't beat a jobber. Ross claims Eagle is 19, but he's got to be... (reads DOB: 7/02/1973) 17?!?! IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?! Sawyer takes the most awkward route to miss a clothesline but remains in control because Iron Eagle's trash. I guess his gimmick is a plucky underdog learning on the job. That explains why he sucks. The guy blows a leap frog and throws two ugly dropkicks (still not as bad as Erik Watts at Starrcade '92, but close). Whip and a back drop from Sawyer. This match is making me beg for some Black Scorpion. Eagle Gomez comes back with chops and obvious spot calling for three at 3:28. Aren't squash matches supposed to make the pushed talent look good?

Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich vs. The Nasty Boys:

The Nasty Boys are getting a lot of TV time considering they are working without contracts. Because WCW. Robert Gibson is nursing a badly injured leg and is out of action for the next 6 months, so Rich is filling in for him as Morton's partner for the time being. Morton and Knobbs start with a lockup and the obvious result of over-matched strength. Morton sends Knobbs from corner to corner, takes him over with a hip toss, and knocks him out of the ring with a dropkick. Back inside, Knobbs with a knee to the chest and forearms. Sags punishes Morton in the corner but meets the post on a failed charge. Rich in to work on the left arm. Rich with a pair of arm drags before going back to work. Sags plants Morton with a slam but misses an elbow. Have I pointed out that Morton is only 34 here? Again, the platinum blonde look enhances age when you're not 21. Knobbs back in, finding himself in the same position as his partner moments ago. Rich fights out of the Nasty Boys' corner, but lets Knobbs catch a breather instead of going in for the kill. THAT'S WHY YOU ONLY HELD THE NWA TITLE FOR A WEEK, TOMMY! If you like arm bars and wrist-locks, this is your match. Knobbs knocks Rich to the floor, where Sags greets him with a clothesline. We come back from commercial, with Rich playing Ricky Morton. Sags with a back breaker for two. Knobbs with a delayed suplex for two. Nasty Boys take turns with the abdominal stretch, but it looks like crap with how Rich is positioned. Sags with a whip and back drop for two. Sags with a leg sweep and Knobbs drops an elbow for two. Rich with a neck breaker (out of nowhere) on Sags and hot tag to Morton. He runs wild with right hands on both Nasties. Whip and Morton with a Thesz Press on Knobbs for two. Hell breaks loose. Morton with a roll-up on Knobbs, but Sags lays him out with a clothesline, allowing Knobbs to get the three count at 10:30 (shown). This was fine, but under-whelming, and it always feels weird when MORTON gets the hot tag. **


(Editor's Note: which we don't have.....sorry)

- Gordon Solie is standing by with the Wrestling Wrap-Up (the name of WCW's publication at the time, much like how Update and Special Report were brought to us by WWF Magazine). We see highlights of a match from the Greensboro Coliseum between the Horsemen (Anderson and Flair) and Doom. The referee blatantly called pin attempts for both members of Doom seconds apart... is this a Texas Tornado Match, or a referee doing a bad job? Teddy Long claims he was talking to Oprah Winfrey and promises that Doom will walk out of Halloween Havoc with the Tag Team Titles. Ric Flair says it'll be the night of Kings when royalty takes all the titles. Speaking of the Horsemen, Sid Vicious is challenging Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, and we see their contract signing, AGAIN. Sid cuts his usual promo, then Paul E. Dangerously interrupts, asking Sid to bring the World Title to his Stan Hansen victory celebration.

The Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Tommy Angel & Brett Holliday:

The Midnights get a good babyface pop despite being heels. These fans obviously spawned and are the reason for the crowds we have today. I immediately came up with the team name "Holliday Angel" for our enhancement buddies. Eaton and Mr. Angel start... with a handshake? THEN EATON DOUBLE HIGH FIVES HOLLIDAY?! STOP BREAKING KAYFABE! Lockup to the ropes and a clean break. Another lockup and Angel with an arm drag. Whip to the ropes and Angel with a shoulder tackle. Eaton fights out of the corner of Holliday Angel. Holliday throws some AWFUL overhand punches. Whip and Lane comes in via blind-tag with a spinning heel kick. Angel comes in, planting Lane with a pair of slams. He climbs the ropes and misses a flying elbow. Lane with his signature kicks and an atomic drop, directly into a clothesline from Eaton. Whip and Lane with a clothesline. Angel with a surprise inside cradle for two. Angel meets an elbow in the corner and Eaton follows with a double under-hook suplex. Lane punishes the back as the match has jumped the shark. Eaton with a swinging neck breaker. Lane gets caught with another roll-up for two. Holliday tries his best, but the Express aren't playing around anymore. Lane with a Boston crab as Eaton comes off the top with the flying knee to finish at 7:07. They played up the finishing move as knocking Holliday completely out. What an oddly worked match.

The Juicer vs. J.D. Wolff:

Kevin Dunn would've loved Art Barr, as he directs the kid to the hard camera for his big spot. Wolff attacks from behind, but the Juicer scares him out of the ring with SILLY STRING. He removes his head-band, shooting baby powder all over the place. Juicer springs off the ropes to counter a wrist-lock and connects with a clothesline. Wolff goes for a suicide dive and misses. Juicer teases one, doing a 6-1-9 as Wolff moved away, then hits him with one on the second attempt. Back inside, Wolff unloads with right hands that Juicer gradually starts no-selling. Whip and Juicer with a Super-Kick. Whip to the corner and he takes Wolff over with a back drop, then finishes with a flying Thesz Press at 2:48. Regardless of talent, Art Barr's legal troubles already had him in the hot seat, not to mention a go-nowhere gimmick.

- Trucker Norm is standing by with the WCW faithful and The Juicer. Order Halloween Havoc '90!

J.W. Storm vs. James Solomon:

Solomon is from Panama City, Panama. Come on, WCW, you can do worse than that. Storm goes for the arm while Ross puts over Storm's undefeated streak and bad attitude. Whip to the ropes and Storm with a hip toss, followed by a running clothesline. He tosses Solomon to the outside and plants him with a slam. Back inside, Storm shrugs off Solomon's offense attempts and hits a soft dropkick. BREAKING NEWS! EL GIGANTE IN ACTION FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE SHOW NEXT WEEK. Whip and a choke-slam (choke grab drop version) finishes Solomon at 1:46. The El Gigante news trumped the finish of the match.

- Missy Hyatt is with Paul E. Dangerously to hype tomorrow night's Main Event between the Three Little Indians and the Fabulous Freebirds.

The Southern Boys vs. Mark Kyle & Ralph Hodges:

How many matches can you squeeze into 20-minutes?! Mark Kyle would gain minor-fame as a well-pushed heavy in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as "Killer Kyle." He looks much smaller here in regular gear instead of the Big Bubba Rogers knock-off look. Armstrong starts, working the left arm of Kyle. BREAKING NEWS! The Southern Boys will receive a special award from the fans, courtesy of the Wrestling Wrap-Up. Armstrong with a pair of dropkicks, sending Kyle to the floor for a breather. Back inside, Smothers comes off the top with an elbow and works the arm. Smothers with Super-Kicks to both opponents, clearing the ring, again. Southern Boys with a double wrist-lock and chop on Hodges. Armstrong with a suplex. Whip to the ropes and Smothers sling-shots in with a boot to the chest. Crowd chants "Shave your back" at Kyle BUT DIDN'T WITH DUTCH MANTELL. Crisscross and Armstrong takes Kyle down with a drop toe hold. We get a "Bullet" Bob Armstrong reference as things stay in cruise control. Smothers with a rolling crucifix for two. We get heel miscommunication in the corner. Hodges comes back in and is quickly punished. Kyle misses a dive, going over the top rope. Meanwhile, the Southern Boys finish Hodges with the missile dropkick at 7:56. Another squash that went way too long.

- Jim Ross and Bob Caudle wrap-up the show, talking about the award for the Southern Boys, but Jim Cornette storms the set to dispute this so-called award. He says the only award they could win is "The Jed Clampett Memorial Award". Armstrong and Smothers take exception to Cornette's comments. He'll be here next week to see this, saying it'll be better than back-to-back episodes of Hee-Haw.

Final Thoughts: We're coasting on fumes on the road to Halloween Havoc. All the big angles were done weeks ago, and we get the same footage recycled week after week as the show approaches. The only angle being developed on TV with fresh content is a bottom of the tag team division program with the newcomers, The Renegade Warriors and Fabulous Freebirds. The seeds seem to be planted for a Midnights/Southern Boys, but we'll see why I'm not talking highly of the potential there. There were a couple of decent star vs. star matches, but nothing to go out of your way to see.

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