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Wednesday, July 17th 2019.
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Staff Blogs/Profiles of the dWs Superstars

Exclusive content, available only on the staff blogs! Reviews, pictures, blogcrap, etc!

  • SamoaRowe
    The Samoan (writing) Submission Machine from the isle of Samoa who looks like a Samoan, Samoa Rowe was actually named after the famous Girl Scout Cookie of the same name.
  • Erick Von Erich
    The forgotten eighth Von Erich boy, E was kicked in the head by the Von Erich's mule at a young age and wandered Texas aimlessly for 30 years. In May 2007, he was rescued and given the (non-paying) job of recapping World Class episodes and running this dive.
  • Roy Preppy
    Roy keeps you informed, frequently, regarding all things soccer-ish.
  • ProjectLoveHewitt
    PSR's blog continues his analytical breakdowns of key matches. Plus other stuff.

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