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WWF Shotgun Saturday Night - January 30, 1999

by Scrooge McSuck

- There's some debate for the name of this show. The graphics for matches reads "Shotgun", while other stuff says "Superstars." The show opens with photos from the previous weeks Royal Rumble PPV, which fearured Vince McMahon winning the Royal Rumble Match, with assistance from the Rock.

- Commentary by Dr. Tom Prichard and Michael Cole… AND GORILLA MONSOON! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! They do all the exclusive matches. Cole and Jerry Lawler’s commentary remains for the Raw is War matches.

The JOB Squad vs. The Dicyples of Apocalypse:

(Scorpio & Bob Holly vs. 8-Ball & Skull)
I didn’t even know the D.O.A. were still around at this point. No feud going on here. It’s just an undercard match not good enough to be on Raw. 8-Ball knees Scorpio in the midsection and hammers away. Irish whip, and 8-Ball with a back elbow. Elbows in the corner, and a whip across the ring leads to an 8-Ball clothesline. Again, but this time Scorpio ducks, and bounces off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Scorpio with a dropkick, and now Skull is in, who runs into a drop toe hold. “Not Yet Hardcore” Holly tags in as Gorilla rambles about the Cage Match at St. Valentines Day Massacre. Lockup into the corner, and Skull with a series of elbows into the midsection. Whip into the corner, and Holly with a boot to the face. Holly stomps away on Skull in the corner. Irish whip, and Holly with his signature dropkick. Holly connects with a suplex, but just stands around, waiting for 8-Ball to get in place for the next spot, which sees 8-Ball trip him up. Double boot by the D.O.A., and 8-Ball drops an elbow. Cole claims the crowd is into this, but I can hear the toilets flushing in the background. Irish whip, and 8-Ball with a side suplex for a two count. Krull… I mean Skull, tags back in and both men go down because of clotheslines. Scorpio tags back in to trade blows with 8-Ball. Irish whip, and Scorpio with a flying clothesline. Irish whip is reversed, and Scorpio nails Skull off the apron. Super-kick by Scorpio to 8-Ball, followed by a front powerslam. Scorpio nails Skull off the apron again and comes off the top with a moonsault, but Too Much run out to distract the referee, missing their que of course. Brian Christopher comes off the top with the Tennessee Jam to Scorpio, and rolls 8-Ball on top for the three count at 5:12. Yeah, this match wasn’t too good. I guess there was an angle going on between the JOB Squad and Too Much on the C-List Shows that no one remembers.

- Commercial for the New Generation, featuring the old timers talking about their glory days. Still kinda’ brings a tear to my eye.

- Highlights from Raw Is War. Vince McMahon’s celebration speech following his Royal Rumble win. He gives up his #1 Contender spot… and that brings us to a video of Shawn Michaels (commissioner of the time) and Steve Austin downing some brews. With McMahon giving up his shot, that gives Austin the right to challenge for the belt at WrestleMania. This leads to the signing of a Steel Cage Match at St. Valentines Day Massacre between Austin and McMahon.

“Bad Ass” Billy Gunn vs. Goldust:

From the past weeks episode of Raw Is War. Goldust has Al Snow’s head in his posserssion. I don’t remember much of that angle, either. Goldust attacks from behind with a series of rights. Goldust snaps Gunn backwards, and throws him into the corner for more punching. Goldust sets Gunn up for some Shattered Dreams, but the referee prevents this from happening. Gunn escapes the position and moons Goldust. Irish whip, and Goldust comes off the ropes, missing a cross body. Suddenly Goldust’s music plays… and out comes the Blue Meanie, dressed up as Goldust. Yep, it’s the debut of BLUEDUST, a gimmick that lasted all of 3 weeks. This distracts Gunn, who gets rolled up for a two count. Goldust with a spine buster, and Meanie nails Goldust with head! Gunn with a piledriver, and he gets the three count at 1:58. What-the-fuck-ever.

- The WWF Slam of the Week: Kane Chokeslams the Rock on Raw Is War.

Tag Team Championship Match:
Ken Shamrock & Big Boss Man © vs. Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra):

Another replay from Raw Is War. Highlights from previous weeks of action, showing highlights of Owen and Jarrett picking up victories over various teams on Heat, back when it was the B-Show. Boss Man starts the match to unload on Jarrett. Irish whip, and Boss Man with a big boot. Irish whip, and Jarrett comes back with a back elbow and dropkick. Jarrett crotches himself on the ropes, and Boss Man connects with an inverted atomic drop. Boss Man slides out of the ring to nail Jarrett with an uppercut to the jaw. Boss Man with a scoop slam for a two count. Irish whip into the corner, but Boss Man misses a charge. Owen tags in for a double clothesline and stomping. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter, but Boss Man kicks him away. Shamrock tags in and floors Owen with a clothesline. Shamrock with a high knee, followed by some boots to the chest. Irish whip, and Owen comes back with the enziguri for a two count. Shamrock ducks a clothesline and takes Owen down with the ugliest Russian leg sweep in history for a two count. Jarrett and Debra talk strategy while Owen takes a beating. Irish whip, and Owen with a snap powerslam for a two count. Spinning heel kick by Owen connects, and Owen heads to the top rope. The missile dropkick misses, and now Debra is on the ring apron. She unbuttons her top to no avail. Shamrock with a belly-to-belly suplex on Owen, and he’s still not phased. Ankle Lock is applied, but Jarrett breaks it. All heck breaks loose as THE BLACK BLUE BLAZER runs in and gives Shamrock the El Kabong. Owen covers for the three count at 4:41! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Decent enough match, but considering the fact that 3 of the 4 men in this ring were at least adequate in the ring, it’s a disappointment the match got less than 5-minutes, and over-shadowed with the Debra nonsense.

Val Venis vs. Test:

More from Raw Is War. Venis ducks a clothesline and quickly hammers away on Test. Venis with a series of whips to the ropes and knees to the midsection. Venis with a side Russian leg sweep, followed by his trademark posing over Test. Test comes back with a sleeper hold, but Venis fights free and plants Test with a spine buster. Venis gets dumped out of the ring, and Shamrock nails him with a steel chair. Back in the ring, and Test connects with a pump-handle slam for the three count at 1:25. Wow, another match that gets less than 2-minutes. Afterwards, Billy Gunn makes the save, attacking Ken Shamrock, his feud partner of the time.

- WWF Attitude video, featuring highlights of various WWF action. Yep.

WWF Championship; I Quit Match:
The Rock © vs. Triple H (w/ Chyna):

Once again, a replay from Raw Is War. We get to see the challenge laid down before the match by Triple H, and Rocky’s acceptance of it. The sucker that I was, I actually thought Triple H had a chance of winning the title that night. The Rock wears his work-out outfit for the match again. Was he injured or something and wore that to hide braces or something, because Rock wore that outfit for about 3-months. Still on the subject of the Rock, who doesn’t love those long sideburns? Both men trade blows to start, with Triple H getting on top of things. Whip into the ropes, and Rock runs out of the ring. Rock charges back in, and HHH connects with a high knee. Trips with a series of rights, followed by mounted punches in the corner. Rocky comes back with roundhouse rights. Irish whip is reversed, and Trips dumps Rock over the top rope. Trips with a baseball slide, and Rock teases leaving the ring area. Trips stops his … uh… trip, and hammers him up the ramp. CLIP! The Rock whips Trips to the ropes, but gets nailed with a knee to the face. Triple H with the Pedigree! But it’s a I QUIT match, so the Rock can’t be pinned. Trips says he’s not done, and you know somethings up. Trips dumps Rock out of the ring and gives him a Pedigree on the floor… and we CLIP again, with the match over. For those who care, the Corporation “kidnapped” Chyna and threatened to harm her of Triple H didn’t say “I Quit”, so he did. Afterwards, Chyna gives Triple H a low blow, and pie faces him for good measure. Who didn’t see that heel turn coming? Okay, I didn’t. The match from what I remember, was okay, but you know who booked this finish.

D’Lo Brown (w/ PMS) vs. The Godfather (w/ The Ho's):

Another exclusive match. Is this a babyface vs. babyface match? I seem to remember that D’Lo turned face sometime before Royal Rumble, and the Godfather was for quite a while at this point. For those who forgot, PMS is Terri Runnels and Jacqueline, after being snubbed by their protégés at the same time back in November. Lockup to start, and Godfather applies a side headlock. Godfather comes off the ropes, and puts D’Lo down with a shoulder block. Godfather with another side headlock, and a criss-cross leads to a Godfather clothesline after blocking a hip toss. Godfather with stomping in the corner. Irish whip across the ring, but a charge misses. D’Lo with the Sky High and some posing. Brown chokes Godfather across the middle rope in front of his ho’s, and one of them looks like Ivory. Brown with some stomping some more, followed by choking. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME! Godfather fights back with stomps, but Brown remains in control, and connects with a jumping heel kick for a two count. Snapmare and leg drop by D’Lo, followed by some taunting. Brown with a scoop slam, and he heads to the top rope. Brown misses a moonsault as Prichard actually makes a good joke about PMS (the other meaning). Irish whip, and Godfather with a back elbow, followed by a scoop slam. Godfather comes off the ropes with a leg drop. Irish whip to the corner, and the HO Train connects. Godfather with some head bobble until Jacqueline low blows him for the Disqualification at 3:33. One of the Ho’s (Ivory?) runs into the ring to confront Jacqueline and gets her clock cleaned for good measure. Another bad match in a series of them on this show, but at least it’s over.

Final Thoughts: Wow, I forgot how shitty the WWF was back in 1999. Too Much acting gay, the Blue Meanie as Goldust rip-off, the nonsensical heel turn of Chyna on DX, PMS, 90-second matches a common thing on Raw… yeah, I don’t know who was booking the shows around this time frame. Not a good show at all, and not worth downloading either. It’s just that bad.

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