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WWE Main Event - June 10, 2014

by Erick Von Erich

After watching watching Main Event, exclusively on the WWE Network, I thought I'd try my first-ever recap of the show, exclusively on Da' Wrestling Site. Our hosts are Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips and I'll be damned if I can tell their voices apart. We're in Some Arena in Green Bay, Wisconsin for tonight's action! Daniel Bryan has been stripped of the WWE Championship and Seth Rollins has turned on the Shield in the Chair Shot Heard 'Round the Wor, errrrr, "the WWE Universe". But with so much going on in World Wrestling Entertainment, let's get down to ringside for...

A Very Special In-Ring Interview with Triple H

Well, I guess it's just a "promo", since nobody's actually interviewing him. We're told this is the first time that COO Triple H has ever been on Main Event, live. Am I lucky or what?! H basically recaps what I typed about 5 sentences ago. We get replays of Dr. Maroon and Rollins' turn. H explains that he did what was best for the fans by stripping the title(s) from Bryan. You have to give H credit for his delivery, becuase if the same exact words had been said by, say, Gorilla Monsoon in 1988, the fans would've accepted it. H then calls out the "future of the WWE", Seth Rollins. Decked out in a suit and hair tied back, Rollins further expounds on why he turned. Basically, he didn't want to keep with the same ol', same ol' and decided to Create His Own Opportunity™. He'd screw his friends over, again, if it meant he could get to the top. This brings out Dolph Ziggler to the entrance ramp, where he runs down Rollins for being a selfish backstabber. Ziggler tells him to "sharpen that knife. You're gonna' need it".

Luke Harper (w/Erick Rowan) vs. Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso)

Since I'm sure I'll forget in a year or two, Uso is one-half of the tag champs. This is the typical feuding tag-teams' "Roadblock match: a match that only one team member can perform" (™ Phil Keoghan). DIT! It's kinda' funny how Harper and Rowan don't get theme music when they're without Bray Wyatt. They lock-up right away as Harper forces Uso into the corner with some uppercuts. Uso with a super-kick, a series of chops, then gets caught coming off the top. Harper knees him into the ropes, but slips and kinda' waits there in the "619 setup Position" so Uso can run and straddle-splash him. They criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) and Uso lands a flying crossbody. Harper tosses him into the ropes, stomps, then performs a suplex for a 2 count. Side-headlock on the mat to slow things down. Irish-whip to the corner, but Uso gets his foot up, then comes off the top turnbuckles with a twisting back-splash. Big boot from Harper allows him to take over and they fight on the apron. Harper is flipped out to the floor, so Uso runs to the other side for his usual dive-to-the-floor, but Harper is up and shoulderblocks him on the apron! Into the center of the ring, where Harper misses a charging clothesline. Uso with a super-kick, then rolls up Harper with an underhook to get the pin. Well, this kinda' tells me that Harper and Rowan will win the tag straps, soon. DIT!

After commerical, Kofi Kingston talks about how America is the lands of dreams and he's confused why Rusev hates it so. Then, it's time to please welcome "The Ravishing Russian, Lana". Lana runs down American women, saying they're fat and their men desire her more. Cheap heat by name-dropping Vladimir Putin, too. Y'know, I'm no political science stud, but it seems to me that you can't cheer for either side in the current Russian conflict. Anyways, the audience is told to welcome Rusev, as we lead into...

Kofi Kingston vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

It almost feels appropriate to write "(w/Frankie") for Kingston, cuz' that's all he's missing. Rusev and Lana take their time removing his new "Gold Star Medal". Match starts as Kofi kicks away then goes into duck n' dodge mode. Rusev catches him and clubs him in the external occipital protuberance. Kofi with more kicks, a leaping forearm shot and a high cross-body for a quick count. Kofi connects with a kick to the head, then forces Rusev to the corner, where he jumps up on his shoulders. Rusev carries him to the ropes to deliver a series of knee-lifts and a fallaway slam. At Lana's urging, he tosses Kofi out to the floor, where he tosses him into the apron and the barrier. He tosses Kofi back in and is met with a drop-kick upon his return. Rusev comes right back with a super-kick to the mush. "Rusev: cruuuuuush", as he stomps the back then applies "the Accolade" (camel clutch) to get the quick submission win. A big flag of the Russian Federation drops from the ceiling. Sayyyyy...this wasn't a "Flag Match"!

A Very Special Backstage Interview with Summer Rae

Yes, it IS an interview, since Renee Young is conducting it. We see a RAW flashback, where Summer attacked Layla with a jug of milk. Why a jug of milk? Summer says it's because milk is best for a "catty little twat". Layla then runs in to attack Summer with a jug of kitty litter and her own milk jug. Summer is left gasping on the floor. I'm sure this will lead to something monumental like a "Litter Box Match" on some pre-show.

Dolph Zigger vs. Seth Rollins

I'm a little bummed that Rollins is still wearing his flack-jacket. They start with some go-behind waistlocks, until Rollins bails. Rollins returns to fake the knucklelock, then kicks Ziggler and takes him to the mat. Back up for some criss-corssing and shoulderblocks. Ziggler gets a hip-toss for a 1 count, then goes to a side headlock on the mat. Ziggler gets a drop-kick, then tries another but Rollins catches him and turns it into a catapult. Ziggler hits the turnbuckle and oversells it as he flips to the floor to cue the "commercial break". Back inside, Rollins delivers 3 suplexes in a row, then whips Ziggler hard into the corner, twice. He taunts Ziggler then paintbrushes him with his boot. To the corner again, but this time Ziggler is able to twist up and hook a sleeper. Rollins breaks it by backing him into the corner. Ziggler punches away and delivers a backdrop. A furious series of elbows gets 2 for Ziggler. He pulls up Rollins for a neckbreaker, but it's countered into a backslide pin attempt. Rollins throws Ziggler to the ropes, then connects with a flying clothesline/bulldog manuever. Both men are down, so Rollins hops up top. On the delivery, Ziggler meets him in mid-air with a drop-kick to the tummy for 2. Ziggler applies a front face-lock, but is shoved off the apron. Rollins connects, on the apron, with a kick to the temple, then leaps into the ring with a somersault for good measure. Ziggler gets the "Famouser", but only for 2! To the corner, where Ziggler jumps on Rollins to pound away. Rollins picks him and powerbombs into the opposite turnbuckle. The Curb Stomp from Rollins finally scores the 3. The last 3 minutes were decent, but the first 5 were very "meh". I think Rollins may need a better finisher than the Curb Stomp, too. Or at least another signature high-impact setup move.

Why'd You Watch This?
It's shorter than RAW and I can pause it, that's why. It's a fairly brisk 54 minutes, but still feels like a helping of leftovers. The only match that had any suspense was Harper/Uso, but once it reached its decision, I was thinking: "yeah, that makes sense. I shoulda' seen that". I doubt I'll many more future Main Event recaps, but at least I have this one, fairly watchable, show archived.

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