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Coliseum Home Video: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

by erick von erich

Hoooooo! Hey folks, it's ol' "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Okay, so that intro sucks in print. But imagine if I had done it, in person, in full-on Hacksaw impersonation mode. Yeah, it'd be even more disturbing. Anyways, from the tortuous sons of bitches at Coliseum Home Video comes this compilation of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan matches titled, well, "Hacksaw Jim Duggan"! This was released around March 1989, right before WrestleMania V, and chronicles most of Hacksaw's exploits in the WWF up until that point. With the notable excception being the night he was busted with the Iron Sheik.

The video starts off with Hacksaw doing a George C. Scott/"Patton" homage, marching in front of the US flag. "Stars n' Stripes Forever" plays as we look back on a video package of Hacksaw throwing clotheslines and carrying his 2x4!

Cut to the Events Center, where Sean Mooney does another introduction, then covers Hacksaw's early WWF adventures. Including his crusade to prevent Nikolai Volkoff from singing the Russian national anthem. Also included is Hacksaw's pre-match rant at WrestleMania III. Coincedentally, the video was spliced to NOT include any footage of the Iron Sheik.

Flag Match: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Boris Zhukov

From an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event in November 1988. Arguably, the WORST episode of that famed series. In terms of ring work, this match was probably the highlight of the card, barely beating out Randy Savage vs. Andre the Giant. For you youngsters, "Flag Match" does not mean that a flagpole is in play. Just means that the winner gets the flag of their "home" country raised. If you think about it, EVERY match between two American wrestlers in any arena in the US could be a flag match, since most arenas already have the Stars n' Stripes hanging in the rafters. Yeah, I'm babbling, but do you really want to hear about this match? Well TS, cupcake... 'cuz here we go: they brawl to start, with Hacksaw delivering an atomic drop and a clothesline to send Boris out of the ring. Hacksaw puts his head down for the backdrop he never lands, and gets a boot from Boris. Boris punches away and Hacksaw puts his head down again. But this time he avoids the boot and Boris hits the canvas. Hacksaw with a clothesline, slam and the charging 3-point stance clothesline to get the 3 count victory. The Star Spangled Banner plays while Hacksaw salutes and sticks his tongue out.

Review of the Harley Race feud

This portion of the tape really isn't too bad, as it recaps abut every incident these two had. These two matched up quite well and, given their limitations, did they best they could have done. The feud begins in Fall 1987 on "Superstars on Wrestling"...

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Chung Lee

Coming back from a commerical break, "King" Harley Race is still in the ring area, waltzing around. Hacksaw comes down for his scheduled match against Lee and runs into the King. After a face-off and some arguing, Race shoves Hacksaw. Hacksaw then responds with a 2x4 push, sending Race to the floor. While officials restrain Race, Hacksaw enters the ring for a quick squash of Lee, pinning him with a slam and the running clothesline. Race hops into the ring with a chair, but Hacksaw bats it away with his lumber. Race tumbles down again as Hacksaw steals his crown and cape. Hacksaw walks around wearing the gear, while Howard Finkel announces the winner of the match: "Hacksaw, King for a Day, Duggan".

Cut to a Very Special Craig DeGeorge Podium Interview, probably from the same taping. Hacksaw barks that this is America, and we don't have any kings or queens with no "fancy-dan capes"! Okay, but remember this for 1989, when Hacksaw walked around for a good four months as the "King". Complete with fancy-dan cape. Bobby "the Brain" Heenan comes out to badmouth Hacksaw and you just know what's gonna' happen. Yup, Race attacks from behind and beats away on Duggan.

Footage from the 37th Annual Slammy Awards
Hacksaw is up on stage to announce the nominees for the Best Dressed Wrestler. The nominees are: Demolition (shown with little half-tuxedos on their spikes n' leather. Ha!), "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Honky Tonk Man, the British Bulldogs and "King" Harley Race. In another funny visual, we can see the Ultimate Warrior seated at a table, wearing suspenders and a bow-tie over his wrestling togs. To the surprise of one kid in New Hampshire, Race wins! Hacksaw is pissed and won't read the winner. Race arrives on stage and demands that Hacksaw bow before him (Heenan graciously demonstrates how). This sets off a big brawl as the two go HARDCORE and fight all over the awards ceremony. They start off with a BOILER ROOM BRAWL...when suddenly a donkey and some chickens walk by. Race sets up Hacksaw on a table, but Hacksaw rolls away and Race crashes through it.

They make it to the dressing rooms, where the Brain pauses to check out the showgirls. Hilarious. A llama walks by, and this can't get any better. They enter the banquet/dinner area and Race is atomic dropped into the buffet. After about 20 minutes (TV time) of brawling, they make it back to the Slammy Award stage, busting through a video screen. Gorilla Monsoon finally breaks it up. Okay, it might have sounded lame, but this was about as much fun as any bullshit "hardcore brawl" that was on TV in the 90's.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. "King" Harley Race

From Madison Square Garden on January 25, 1988. This was, most likely, the blow-off match for their feud. They brawl to start off, with Race bumping all over the place and flipping out of the ring. Hacksaw puts his head down for the backdrop he never lands and Race bops him in the noggin. Race with a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. He follows it up with a piledriver (it's doomsday for the skull). Hacksaw suddenly begins no-selling Race's shots and begins "hammering away" (tm Vince McMahon) on Race. Hacksaw misses a charging kneedrop and Race kicks the "injured" knee. Race headbutts him out of the ring and follows him out. In another trademark spot, Race misses his diving headbutt onto the floor. They roll back in, then out of the again, as Race plays border patrol and won't let Hacksaw back into the ring. Hacksaw finally crawls under the ring and surprises Race from the blindside. Charging clothesline and a shoulderblock sends Race back out, again. Race returns by headbutting his way in. Race goes up to the top turnbuckle for a flying bodypress! Hacksaw catches him, rolls through and scores the 3 count. Afterwards, he chases Race back to the dressing room with his 2x4. Really not a bad match, considering the participants.

Review of the Andre the Giant feud

Starts off with the ending of the Hacksaw-Ted DiBiase match at WrestlemMania IV, where Andre interferred to help the Million Dollar Man win. This is followed from a segment on "Superstars of Wrestling", where Hacksaw comes out to challenge Andre, face-to-face. After saying "tough guy" four or five times, Hacksaw gets into Andre's face. Andre chuckles, then begins choking Hacksaw with his singlet strap. Hacksaw bites down on a blood capsule for "internal bleeding"! He finally manages to knock-out Andre with a desparation shot from the 2x4. This was a pretty big angle at the time and probably the pinnacle of Hacksaw's WWF popularity.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Andre the Giant

From Boston Garden on June 4, 1988. This match-up headlined quite a few cards over the summer. One of the announcers sounds like Rodger Kent or Rod Traumgard as he breaks WWF Kayfabe, mentions Andre's last name (Rousimoff) and begins talking about his father. Andre stalls getting into the ring and threatens to walk out. He heads back to the locker room, but is ordered back by a field of officials (including Pedro Morales in a suit). Andre enters the ring and gets hit with a charging clotheslines from Hacksaw. Of course, this sets Andre up for his Special Move, as he gets his arms caught in ring ropes. Color commentator "Superstar" Billy Graham says: "I've never seen that happen to Andre!" Heh. As a commentator, it seemed that Graham would be perplexed and amazed at the sight of a doorknob. Andre escapes to chop and squish Hacksaw into the corner. He tries going after the 2x4, but instead delivers a kneelift. Andre chokes away and even applies a standing chickenwing. Andre whips Hacksaw to the ropes, but misses a kick. Hacksaw follows up with a charging clothesline, but runs into Andre's boot. Andre puts his feet on the ropes for "illegal leverage" and gets the pin.

Review of the Dino Bravo feud

As things start going downhill for Hacksaw. Starts with Hacksaw's appearance on the Brother Love Show at SummerSlam '88. Love starts talking about Dino Bravo and how much he loves Canada. Just like any other babyface appearance on the Brother Love Show, Love is chased off and makes his pouty face.

Flag Match: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin)

From Madison Square Garden on December 30, 1988 with the commentary team of Traumgard, Lord Alfred Hayes and Hillbilly Jim. Or, as we like to call Jim around here: "HBJ". Amazingly, Hacksaw actually LANDS his backdrop, then follows it up with two slams. Bravo bails to slap the apron and look frustrated. Back inside for more punchy/stompy "action". A chinlock happens. Hacksaw sets up for the 3 point stance clothesline, but Frenchy Martin interferes. Bravo with a knee, slam and a big elbowdrop for a 2 count. Bravo goes for the finish with his side suplex. 1..2...foot on the rope! Bravo gets up, thinking he's won. Hacksaw attacks as martin hops up on the apron. Martin tries to help, but in a typical Heel Miscoummincation spot, he accidentally nails Bravo with the Quebec flag. Hacksaw quickly rolls up Bravo and scores the 3. Of course, the US flag is raised and music plays.

Why'd You Tape This??
The stuff with Race and Andre is the only reason to watch this tape. That's assuming you actually like Hacksaw and can stand his barebones wrestling style. Both feuds follwed the WWF's standard late 80's Feud Formula: a confrontation or attack on "Superstars", then take it to the houseshow circuit. It is rather cool how the entire program with Race is included. But the match with Zhukov is complete garbage, as is the rather heat-less feud with Bravo. It's also somewhat strange that Hacksaw's victory in the inaugural Royal Rumble (or "Rumble Royale") isn't shown, or at least mentioned. So only watch this if Jim Duggan, circa 1988, gives you the Warm Fuzzies.

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