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WWE Home Video Presents... The Brothers of Destruction

by Scrooge McSuck

Brother of Destruction

- Something along the line of 7 years ago, WWE decided to release a 3-disc DVD set of everybody's (and by everybody, I mean me) favorite Christmas Ornament turned Evil Dentist turned Kevin Nash wanna-be turned evil, destructive brother of the Undertaker who may or may not have been horrible scarred in a fire during his childhood (spoiler alert: he wasn't). The set didn't sell well, and honestly, even as a huge Kane mark, I found myself having a hard time sitting through all of it, especially the unmotivated dreck from the period of 2004-2005.

Somewhere, somebody more mentally disturbed than me, decided that the WWE needed to compile a handful of matches featuring the Undertaker and Kane as a tag team, and do the most half-assed release possible. Not only is this a one-disc only DVD, but the most interesting match on the list is a Blu-Ray Exclusive... IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. For my own fairness (or punishment), I just made my own second disc with the Blu-Ray stuff not featured on my standard copy. Beware... there's going to be a lot of "going old school" and "flying clotheslines" to come. So buckle up and enjoy the (last) ride... straight to the bowels... of Hell.

WWF Tag Team Championship; No Disqualifications Match:
Edge & Christian © (w/ Rhyno) vs. The Undertaker & Kane:

From the April 19th, 2001 episode of Smackdown. Kane's selling an injured left arm, courtesy of Triple H and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Edge and Christian are sitting at 7-reigns as Tag Champions, and WWE of course edits Undertaker's generic theme from 2002 over Limp Bizkit's "Rollin." Team REC attacks Kane, but Undertaker quickly evens the odds. Kane with a one-arm side slam on Christian, followed by a clothesline. Running Powerslam to Christian, hip-toss and boot to Edge. Rhyno runs in with a Gore to Kane, because it's No DQ, so why the hell not, making Kane your Disfigured-Freak-in-Peril™. Edge with a single-arm DDT for two. Christian works the arm and applies a short-arm scissors. Kane rolls through with it and breaks it by slamming Christian down. Tag to Undertaker, but the referee didn't see it, allowing Edge to illegally switch and punish the arm some more. Kane sends Edge into the corner, takes him down with a back suplex, and Undertaker finally gets the hot tag. He pounds away on both with rights and lefts. Charging clotheslines into the corner. Rhyno with a chair shot to prevent a Chokeslam on Christian. That only gets two. Rhyno gets laid out with a boot and Chokeslam on the ramp. Austin and Triple H show up to work over Kane. Meanwhile, Undertaker ducks the con-chair-to, knocks Edge to the floor, and plants Christian with the Last Ride for three at 8:12. Post-match, Austin and Hunter attack Undertaker until Kane chases them off. **1/2 Gratuitous interference from Rhyno aside, a solid formula tag with Edge and Christian relentless working the arm of Kane.

Tag Team Tables Match:
The Undertaker & Kane (w/ Sara) vs. The Dudley Boyz:

From the July 30th, 2001 episode of Monday Night Raw. I guess the Dudley Boyz want to put Sara through a table REALLY badly. First team to put one member of the opposing team through a table is the winner. Crooked WCW Referee Nick Patrick™ is in charge of the match, so expect some shenanigans. All four men slug it out on the floor to start. Kane sends D'Von into the ring and plants him with his signature side slam, but misses the jumping elbow drop that always misses. Kane with a Powerslam, followed by the flying clothesline. He sets up for a chokeslam, but Bubba Ray makes the save. Bubba and 'Taker take over the ring while D'Von introduces Kane to the ring steps. Undertaker with his flying lariat, followed by a charging clothesline. He goes after D'Von and gets double teamed for it. Dudleys with a modified version of their 3D, and a table is quickly brought in the ring. D'Von goes for a suplex, but 'Taker blocks. Chokeslam, but Nick Patrick moves the table to keep the match alive. DDP runs in with a low blow and tries to help put Sara through a table. I don't know what the hell happened, but it looked like she had blood on her arm. The spot takes forever for 'Taker and Kane to make the save, and Bubba gets chokeslam'ed through, instead, at 4:55. * Standard junkie Tables Match.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:
Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo © vs. The Undertaker & Kane (w/ Sara):

From the August 9th, 2001 episode of Smackdown. The WCW guys offered a challenge to ANY WWF TAG TEAM to come and get them some, and of course, we all know how well that works for anyone. Tazz disputs the legality of 'Taker and Kane, but they are former Tag Team Champions, so we'll allow it. Kane and Palumbo start, trading blows. Whip to the ropes, Palumbo slips out og a Powerslam attempt and runs through Kane with a clothesline. O'Haire tags in and quickly gets taken over with a Powerslam. 'Taker sends him to the corner and follows in with a clothesline. Odd looking double leg pick-up and slam gets two. Undertaker with "old school". He takes the action to the floor, barely giving O'Haire anything until Palumbo cheap shots him. O'Haire with a chair shot behind the referee's back, because Undertaker can't sell, otherwise. Back in the ring, 'Taker almost instantly comes back with a DDT. Kane with the hot tag and a flying clothesline to Palumbo. He cleans house of both men until unwisely going for a Double Chokeslam. Undertaker quickly prevents any kind of a comeback, and a Double Chokeslam finishes the WCW tag Team Champions at 4:45. 1/2* This was a brutal squash that pretty much spelled the end for Palumbo and O'Haire until both would be repackaged following the Invasion angle.

WWF and WCW Tag Team Championship; Steel Cage Match:
The Undertaker & Kane (w/ Sara) vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon:

(Pardon the cheap Copy and Paste, but I sat through this turd two months ago, and my opinion isn't going to change any time soon.) The WWF guys are the WCW Title holders, and vice versa. Kanyon is the reigning US Champion, probably given to him by Booker T in a nonsensical booking choice. DDP gets almost zero reaction. Is BikerTaker so void of an interesting angle that his corpse of a wife (as in a corpse could act better than her at living) is thrown out there at random for an angle, giving her significant TV time despite showing zero ability at anything required of a television performer? Sara earns her check for the night by carrying the padlock used to keep the door shut. Kane and Undertaker dominate, only giving the occasional offense that's easily no-sold. 'Taker is polite enough to throw DDP into the cage, despite DDP bracing himself to be rammed. Either poor communication or 'Taker being a dick. After more beatings, 'Taker talks Kane into letting Kanyon leave, meaning it's DDP vs. The Brothers of Destruction. It doesn't end well for him. After even more punishment, 'Taker lies about letting DDP escape (and threatens MURDER), but changes his mind and casually puts him away with the Last Ride at 10:17. DUD You want a physical definition of what burying talent and a one-sided squash was? This match. If the burial on PPV wasn't enough, the next night on Raw, the Undertaker did a major league beatdown on DDP at ringside, setting up a pinfall loss to Sara. Yes, DDP LAID DOWN FOR SARA. Who did DDP piss off for this kind of treatment? DDP would be buried for the rest of the Invasion, coming back as a goofy, smiling guru like Tony Robbins, before fading away in 2002 after a brief program with Christian over the European Title.

- 5-years pass before the Brothers of Destruction unite once again...

The Undertaker & Kane vs. MVP & Mr. Kennedy:

From the December 15th, 2006 episode of Friday Night Smackdown. We're less than a week away from Armageddon, where Kane is scheduled to face MVP in an Inferno Match, and Undertaker is set to face Kennedy in a Last Ride Match. Undertaker's entrance alone eats up about 5-minutes. The match starts during the commercial (despite they tape between commercials, but whatever), with Kane putting a hurtin' on Kennedy. MVP tries his luck and gets planted with a side slam. Kane to the top rope for his signature flying clothesline. The BoD take turns working the arm. Whip to the corner, followed by a clothesline. Undertaker tries going Old School, but Kennedy with a distraction, allowing MVP to jerk him from the top rope. Kennedy pounds away, making 'Taker your Zombie-Enthusiast-in-Peril™. It's short-lived, because it's the Undertaker. Second attempt at Old School connects. MVP slips out of snake eyes, but runs into a big boot from Kane. He gets tossed to the floor, and Kennedy gets to taste a Double Chokeslam. They signal for the end, but MVP pulls Kennedy to safety. 'Taker chases MVP up the ramp, while Kennedy sends Kane into the steps. Somewhere in the confusion, the bell rings at 6:38, making it a double Count-Out. Kennedy tries to run Kane over with the Hearse that's been parked at ringside, but the lights go out and 'Taker calls Shotgun. *1/2 Standard TV tag team Main Event with a cheap finish.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. Mark Henry & Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker):

From the February 1st, 2008 episode of Friday Night Smackdown. No idea what the feuds were at this point, as I stopped watching WWE shortly before this. Was Big Daddy V honestly instructed to give the Vulcan hand-signal as part of his gimmick? Last Friday on Smackdown, 'Taker debuts the Hells Gate (before it had a name) and made Big Daddy Mabel tap out. Again, the match starts "during the break", with Kane pounding away on Henry. Kane goes for the legs and gets clobbered for it. Kane with a sloppy cross body press (not a typo). 'Taker goes to work on the arm, but Old School is blocked. Henry crushes Kane in the corner, and in comes Big Daddy V and his grotesque man-boobs from hell. Kane tries to slug it out with him, but Vis is too disgustingly fat. Undertaker tries to pull an Owen Hart, attempting to kick Viscera's leg from under his leg. Kane with clotheslines into the corner, followed by his signature flying clothesline. He teases a Chokeslam, but Striker creates a distraction. Kane gets to sent to the floor and introduced to the announcers table. Viscera with a few lazy forearms and an avalanche. Henry cranks it up a notch, slapping on a bearhug. Kane finds a way out of it and hits a second flying clothesline. Undertaker with the hot tag, unloading on Henry with rights. He charges into the corner with a pair of avalanches and comes off the top with Old School. DDT gets a two count. Viscera comes in and gets planted with a Double Chokeslam .Undertaker with a Chokeslam to Mark Henry, and Hell's Gate gets the tap out at 10:41. 1/2* Long and dull.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. John Morrison & The Miz:

From the April 15th, 2008 episode of ECW on SyFy... with Tazz and Mike Adamle on commentary. I'm saying it once, and only once: Adamle is fucking terrible, and that's an understatement. It's like Night of Champions here: The Undertaker is the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane is the ECW Champion (stops a second to laugh at ECW fanboys), and Miz and Morrison are the Tag Team Champions. Kane and Miz start. Miz tries pounding away, but gets knocked on his ass going for a shoulder tackle. 'Taker immediately tags in and connects with Old School. 'Taker goes for the guillotine leg drop, but Morrison interrupts, coming from out of camera range with a clothesline. We take a break, returning with 'Taker throwing Morrison into the corner and unloading with rights. Big boot gets a two count. Miz gets the tag and gets his clock cleaned. Kane with the side slam, but Morrison shoves him off going for a flying clothesline. Kane lands on his feet, but gets the knee clipped, allowing the Tag Champs to take control, working the leg. OK, I lied... there is so much dead air and awkward pauses on commentary, it's excruciating. Miz tripes clipping the leg again, but this time eats a boot. Undertaker gets the hot tag and beats the crap out of Morrison. Snake Eyes and a running boot gets two. Miz and Morrison fight out of a double Chokeslam from Undertaker, but Kane quickly evens it out and we get a pair of Chokeslam's, instead. Undertaker with the Tombstone on Morrison, and it gets the three count at 7:42. ** This was alright, but nothing special. If anything, the match loses watchability thanks to the poor commentary.

- And now, the Blu-Ray Exclusives that only lucky Brits get to see...

The Undertaker & Kane vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Billy Gunn:

From the September 21st, 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw, less than a week from Breakdown, the PPV that all but guarantees Austin wouldn't walk away as WWF Champion. Austin and 'Taker slug it out while Kane and Gunn take it to the floor. Whip to the ropes and Undertaker bounces back with a flying lariat. Whip, Austin ducks under a clothesline, and comes back with the Thesz Press, followed by the F-U Elbow. Gunn goes to work on the arm, but gets caught in the corner. They blow a fairly basic spot, and quickly repeat. Gunn with the Fame-Asser, but 'Taker kicks out at two. Austin tags in and quickly gets taken down with a clothesline. He returns the favor on Kane and splashes him across the middle rope for a two count. Gunn goes for the Fame-Asser, but 'Taker nails him from the apron. Kane with a clothesline, sending him to the floor, where 'Taker introduces him to the ring steps. Kane with a slam and elbow drop. 'Taker in with an extended choke hold. Cheap shot to Austin, opening the door for some illegal double teaming. Gunn slips out of a suplex, but runs into a boot. Kane with a short-arm clothesline, followed by the flying variety for a two count. Whip to the corner, Kane meets an elbow, and Gunn comes exploding out with a clothesline. Austin gets the hot tag and almost immediately nails Kane with the Stunner but Undertaker breaks the cover. We get a referee bump. Undertaker plants Gunn with the Chokeslam, and despite both men being illegal, it gets three at 8:38. Post-match, Austin lays out the Brothers of Destruction with chair shots. ** Formulatic tag match, but non-stop action and a pretty hot crowd, too.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. Steve Austin & The Rock:

From the October 12th, 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw, less than a week away from Judgment Day where we are expecting a NEW WWF Champion to be crowned. Earlier tonight, Austin filled Vince McMahon's Corvette with cement. Slugfests to start. Rock with a big clothesline on the Undertaker, and the People's Rattlesnake with a double back elbow. Whip to the ropes and Austin connects with a clothesline for barely a one count. Whip, and this time 'Taker comes back with his flying lariat. Meanwhile, Paul Bearer makes his way to ringside. Austin puts the boots to 'Taker and wraps the left leg around the post. Rock with a scoop slam. 'Taker sits up during the People's Elbow, but Rock boots him down and finishes delivering the blow in a cute spot. Kane comes in to prevent a Rock Bottom, allowing Undertaker to plant him with a Chokeslam. Suddenly, D'Lo "Bobblehead" Brown and Mark Henry show up at ringside. 'Taker controls with choking. Kane with a slam and leg drop, but Austin breaks the cover. Rock ducks under a clothesline and takes the Big Red Machine down with a DDT. It's mostly no-sold, though, and Kane remains in control, dropping Rock across the top rope with a front suplex, and leaping off the top rope with a clothesline across the back of the head. Kane with a snapmare... and chinlock?! Restholds during the Russo Era?! Rock from out of nowhere with a Samoan Drop, and it's hot tag time to Austin. He pounds away on 'Taker, meanwhile at ringside, D'Lo and Henry put a beating on the Rock behind the referee's back. 'Taker traps Austin in the ropes, but Austin frees himself and fights off both 'Taker and Kane. Suddenly a masked man runs in, lays out Austin with a nightstick, and reveals himself to be... the Big Boss Man. I'm guessing it's a Disqualification at 11:15. ** Nothing much to say other than what I described the previous match: standard stuff, hot crowd, mostly non-stop action. Cool return of the Boss Man, too.

Triple Championship Match:
Steve Austin (WWF Champion) & Triple H (IC Champion) (w/ Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Undertaker & Kane (Tag Team Champions):

From Backlash 2001. Stipulations are simple: Winner of the fall gets the Championship of the man he pins if Kane or Undertaker wins, and the Tag Titles obviously go to the Two Man Power Trip if they are successful. Kane is still selling an injured left arm. Lots of stalling until Kane and 'Taker bring the fight at the top of the entrance set. Kane controls with double choke lifts on both opponents. Hunter goes for the arm and eats a roundhouse right. Whip to the ropes and Hunter comes back with a running high knee. He goes for the arm again, but gets laid out with a clothesline. Both teams tag, and Austin plays chicken shit heel to 'Taker... that just seems wrong. Austin survives a mudhole stompin' and unloads with a flurry of rights. 'Taker sends him back and forth to the corners, and now Austin wants a handshake. 'Taker boots him instead and makes a reluctant tag to Kane (again, only the man who gets the pinfall wins a Championship). 'Taker goes Old School on both Hunter and Austin. They tease taking another walk, but Kane runs them down. 'Taker goes for the Last Ride, but Hunter makes the save.

After nearly 10-minutes, the Super Team of Austin and Triple H finally has the advantage following a lengthy double-team of the Undertaker, consisting mostly of stomping. 'Taker quickly comes back with a DDT on HHH, but won't tag out. Austin lays him out with a clothesline, then cheap shots Kane for the hell of it. Austin with the Thesz Press and a pair of FU Elbows. He goes for a third, but 'Taker catches him by the throat. He tries a Double Chokeslam, but has to settle for a Double Clothesline. Kane tags himself in and puts both men down with boots. Side slam to Austin, followed by the Flying Clothesline. Triple H goes to the top, only to get slammed off. He goes for a Chokeslam, but Hunter breaks it up. Kane counters a Stunner and continues to fight 2-on-1 until Austin takes him down with a single-arm DDT. They take turns punishing the arm, including a chair shot at ringside while the referee is distracted. Back in the ring, Hunter grounds Kane with a step-over armbar. Kane teases a comeback, but Austin slips out of a Powerslam and sends him elbow first into the turnbuckle. Hunter controls with a hammerlock, but Kane uses brute force to send him flying out of the ring. Hunter pulls 'Taker off the apron, preventing a tag. Back in the ring, Austin puts another beating on the arm. Whip is reversed, Kane grabs a side headlock(?), and Austin counters with a back suplex... that's an odd exchange. Hunter to the top, and this time he meets boot in a very contrived spot. Austin grabs a sleeper, and this time Kane counters with a back suplex. Hunter with single leg pick. Whip to the corner, kick to the midsection, and the Pedigree connects! He tags in Austin for the covers, but 'Taker breaks the count and Chokeslam's Austin! Kane crawls over for the cover, but it only gets two! Hunter picks the leg again, and this time Kane counters with an enziguri!

Undertaker with the hot tag, unloading on both men. Referee Earl Hebner keeps screaming him out of the ring, because he didn't see the tag. Last Ride to Triple H, but he doesn't make a count! Hebner gets bumped again, Austin low blows 'Taker, and hits Kane with the Stunner! 'Taker takes Austin to the floor for some senseless brawling. Inside the ring, Hunter has one of the Championship BELTS, but runs right into a big boot! Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Stephanie runs in and gets a boot to the face! Mr. McMahon runs in with a Sledgehammer and gets goozled. Hunter has the Sledgehammer, wallops Kane with it, and covers for the three count and Tag Team Championships at 27:10. ***1/2 Despite being a little too long, this was a (surprisingly) really good Main Event. There was slow down at times, but there was never any extended resting, the spots with Kane and 'Taker reluctantly tagging was a nice touch for obvious reasons, and Kane took a heck of a beating and definitely carried it for his team. The finish was a bit of an over-booked mess, but look at what we were faced with: something screwy had to happen to save face for everyone involved.

The Undertaker, Kane, Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield:

Finale of the [UK] Blu-Ray Exclusives, from the April 22nd, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw from London, England. I recall this being a big deal, since Undertaker hadn't worked a free T.V. match in about three years at this point. The Shield (Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns) were still undefeated, so expect Daniel Bryan to do the job. 'Taker's entrance "only" takes 3 1/2 minutes. The Shield triple team until Kane and Bryan come out, still selling injuries from earlier in the night. Ambrose and Bryan start, officially. Bryan immediately unloads with kicks. Whip to the ropes and a running knee to the midsection. Snapmare, and Bryan with a modified surfboard. Kane in with a basement dropkick for a one count. 'Taker tags in and pounds away on the left arm. He tries going Old School, but Ambrose fights him down. Whip to the corner, Ambrose meets a boot, and 'Taker connects with Old School on attempt #2. Reigns tags in and gets stomped down by Kane. Bryan gets launched into the corner with a dropkick for a two count. Kane with a slam and snap elbow drop for two. Reigns comes off the ropes with the Superman Punch, but it only gets two. Ambrose and Rollins with a pair of running dropkicks for two. The Shield take turns working Kane over in their corner. Reigns grabs a chinlock, but Kane quickly counters with a back suplex. Rollins leaps into a roundhouse right, and the tag is made to Daniel Bryan. He unloads on Rollins with his signature kicks. Whip to the corner, Bryan does his flip kicking off the buckle, and comes off the ropes with a clothesline, turning Rollins inside out. He punishes Rollins with more Yes!-Kicks for two. Bryan sends Rollins to the floor and follows with a suicide dive, complete with awesome sell from Rollins.

Back in the ring, Bryan comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. He tries to hit the running dropkick in the corner, but meets nothing but turnbuckle. We return from commercial, with Reigns holding onto a chinlock. Rollins tags in, stomping away in the corner. He trash talks Undertaker and goes back to punishing Bryan. Ambrose with a short-arm clothesline and twisting elbow drop for two. Ambrose traps Bryan in a bow-and-arrow while Rollins comes down from the top with a knee across the chest. Reigns misses a charge to the corner, and it's hot tag time to Taker. He knocks Reigns out of the ring, throws Ambrose in from the apron, and knocks Rollins to the floor, as well. Charging clothesline, snake eyes, and running boot to Ambrose, followed by a leg drop for two. He grabs Rollins and Ambrose for a Double Chokeslam, but Reigns interrupts with the Spear... but it only gets two! Rollins tries his luck, but 'Taker bounces off the ropes with his flying lariat for two. Kane charges in with a clothesline and big boot. Whip to the corner and side slam connects. Kane to the top rope for his signature flying clothesline. Rollins escapes a Chokeslam and connects with a modified enziguri. Ambrose to the top, only to get caught by the throat and planted with the Chokeslam! Bryan to the top, but Reigns crotches him along the buckle. It's a brawl at ringside! Bryan fights Ambrose off the top rope and goes for the Swan Dive Headbutt, but Ambrose rolls away and cradles Bryan for the three count at 16:04! ***3/4 Hot match with a quick-pace, minimal resting, and overall fluid action. I could've gone for an extended heat segment with Bryan getting worked over, but he, along with Ambrose and Rollins, carried the work while 'Taker was explosive the few times he was in the ring, and Kane and Reigns were kept in there for short offensive rushes to mask their weaknesses.

Final Thoughts: Considering the only available version is the 7-match, 90-minute version, I cannot stress enough what a failure this DVD was. I almost said let-down, but that would imply actual effort in putting together a collection of matches worth watching. No, I didn't expect 5-star classics, but I expected at least a mild effort in putting out something worth my money as a Kane mark. The two best matches aren't even available in the United States! 2 of the 7 matches are awful reminders at how much the WCW guys were buried during the Invasion, and other than oddball matches (Mark Henry and Big Daddy V?!), most of the matches don't offer enough quality wrestling to make up for it. WWE has put out some lame DVD's over the years, but this is the worst. Strongest Recommendation to Avoid.

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