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NWA Powerrr
December 23, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 11: "Not a Christmas Movie."

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

David Marquez interviews Trevor Murdoch at the desk. He announces that he now has an NWA contract, which pops the crowd. He's interrupted by Zicky Dice, who is still hungover from celebrating his victory from last week. They exchange zingers but are interrupted by the surprise debut of The Pope (D'Angelo Dinero/Elijah Burke). Pope pays lip service to the NWA legends and declares that he is in the NWA to find his superpowers and to run a new trail across the wrestling industry. Dice suggests he's the talent Pope is looking for but gets blown off.

Television Championship Tournament Qualifier:
Eddie Kingston vs. Ricky Starks

The 6:05 time limit is in effect! Kingston works a side headlock but Starks reverses into a hammerlock. Kingston escapes, but Starks hits a flying shoulder block and high crossbody for 2. Starks targets the head with stiff shots but Kingston defiantly returns shots from his knees. Exploder suplex by Kingston who then punches the head before going for a late cover. Starks hits Sling Blade and a tornado DDT for another 2 count (fans are eating this all up). Starks hits the double underhook slam for the win at 4:08. This was nonstop action before a hot crowd.
Winner: Ricky Starks

David Marquez interviews Royce Isaacs and his new lady valet at the desk. Royce admits that he's considered by many to be a grump, but now he's in a good mood, thanks to his new lady friend, Mae Valentine. Royce whispers something in Marquez' ear, which weird him out. "Why would you tell me that on the air?" Valentine says it's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, her mom tells her to be proud of it. (I think they're talking about s-e-x). Royce wants to fight someone to show how his gal just how tough he is. Unfortunately for him, James Storm answers the call. Storm will beat Royce's ass and tip Valentine's ass. That's just uncalled for.

James Storm vs. Royce Isaacs (with Mae Valentine)

Royce spends too much time kissing Valentine and getting warmed up, so Storm jumps him at ringside. Isaacs looks hapless as Storm knocks him off his feet with punches. Isaacs flees the ring to avoid the Last Call and takes off with his gal. The ref counts, to which Storm humorously states "What are you doing, he's not coming back?" They ham up the 10 count and Storm wins via count-out at 1:04. This was fun.
Winner via count-out: James Storm

David Marquez interviews Eli Drake at the desk. Drake is enjoying a lil bit of the bubbly and cuts a drunken promo about his new year's resolutions, which are mainly getting some gold around his waist. Drake is joined by a Santa (Jocephus) and Mrs. Claus and the crowd pops big time for some Christmas carols. The good mood is spoiled by the arrival of NWA Champion Nick Aldis, and his new faction of Kamille, Thomas Lattimer, and Royce Isaacs. Aldis is feeling festive and has some gifts for his friends in the form of matching jackets. Aldis mocks Marquez for asking about Kamille yet again, and brags that they worked everyone for weeks. He reiterate that he rebuilt the NWA himself and calls out the Rock N Roll Express, who oblige. Aldis confronts Ricky Morton about his comments last week. Morton doesn't shy away, and while it's nice that Aldis spent 2 years building this place, in another time guys like the Rock N Roll Express and Harley Race spent their entire lives building the wrestling industry. Aldis leaves Morton with a warning to think real hard before opening his mouth again. Great segment.

Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Marti Belle vs. Women's Champion Allysin Kay, ODB, and Ashley Vox

There's a vague stip that whoever gains the winning fall gets to hand select a future match. Rosa starts with a hammerlock on ODB and pulls the hair, but ODB quickly powers her way back into it. Rosa avoids Kay's powerbomb and hits a neckbreaker. Belle knees Kay in the face for 1. Kay counters Belle with a Samoan drop. Vox squares off with Melina and blasts her with a dropkick. Melina rakes the eye and whips Vox into Rosa's boots. Vox gets isolated and picked apart. Kay gets the hot tag and drops Melina with a big boot. Melina saves herself with a jawbreaker. ODB hits Rosa with a fallaway slam, and Vox's blind tag allows her to hit a missile dropkick. Match breaks down as Belle and Rosa hit Kay with a double Stun Gun. Vox saves the match with a neck vice on Rosa, but Rosa bites to break it up and hit a sick shoulder breaker combination for the win at 5:49. This was a lively and strong showcase for this division.
Winners: Thunder Rosa, Melina, and Marti Belle

Marquez asks Rosa who she's picking for her next opponent. Melina interrupts and insists Rosa choose ODB, and Rosa just kind of goes along with it.

Tim Storm and the Dawsons watch as Marquez hosts Anatasia Fletcher to pick the next names for the TV tournament from the bowl. The next names drawn are Stom and Nick Aldis, meaning they'll have a big rematch from the first episode of Powerrr. Storm says that Mama Storm turned 95 this week (earning a "Mama Storm" chant) and she hadn't retired until she was 75, but asked him how much longer he intends to wrestle. Tim got his work ethic from his mother, who went to work everyday after Papa Storm left them with nothing. Storm channels Dusty Rhodes and says that his body might be a little bit old and broken down, but he's bad, and everyone knows he's bad!

Television Championship Tournament Qualifer:
?The Question Mark? vs. Colt Cabana

The 6:05 time limit is in effect. Cabana hits a quick knife edge chop, but Mark karate chops the forehead. Colt lands some punches and uses his legs to turn Mark over for a pinning predicament. Colt seems well aware of the time limit as he goes for more quick covers. Question Mark answers with Mongrovian karate shots. Colt rallies with a bionic elbow, flying apple, and elbow drop for 2. Colt cuts off Mark's comeback but his flying axe handle is countered with the Mongrovian Spike o the face and Mark gets the clean win at 3:08. Fun short match.
Winner: The Question Mark

"Shooter" Aron Stevens puts over Question Mark's victory in a backstage promo. He declares that he and Mark will soon have all the belts, thanks to the power of karate.

Final Thoughts: I love this show a lot. It's the easiest wrestling show in the world to watch and enjoy. Check it out.

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