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NWA Powerr
October 15, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 2: "Clickbait." Before we get going, I'd like to retroactively change my rating of last week's Aldis/Storm match to ****. It stuck with me throughout the week and I definitely undersold the nuanced, high quality story they were able to tell. The match is recapped in the opening package, and it does a great job putting over how agonizing it was for Tim Storm to come up short.

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Jim Cornette and Joe Galli. Dave Marquez is running the festivities at the studio desk.

Marquez introduces his special guest, Aaron Stevens, who gets a nice reception from the studio crowd. Stevens claims he's spent the past 2 years having a lot of success in television and film (I'll reserve judgment until I check IMDB) but he heard that professional wrestling is back, so he's back too! Stevens shifts from affable regular guy to snob again, and demands that Marquez not make eye contact with him. He demands silence from the fans, but uses their initial pop to argue that he's a big star and should be treated so accordingly. This was a really clever segment, as they got right past the "We remember you" fan reaction and ended on "You're welcome."

Trevor Murdoch vs. Ricky Starks

I'm sitting here thinking "Hey, that guy looks like Trevor Murdoch" and it totally is. I can't say I was expecting to see him ever again. They trade hard chops after a quick start. Murdoch lands a big boot. Murdoch missesa flying leg drop and Starks hits a running face kick for 2. Starks' neckbreaker gets 2. Missile dropkick by Starks but Murdoch gets a rope break. Murdoch counters a sliced bread and connects with a series of stiff blows. Starks' crucifix pin gets a surprising 3 count at 3:31. Good short match, and novel to see Trevor Murdoch back in action.
Winners: Ricky Starks

Murdoch shakes Starks' hand, admitting that it just wasn't his night. Starks talks to Marquez and gives Murdoch credit for walking out with dignity. Starks says he has a lot of goals in the NWA, which includes reaching a whole other level. Starks claims that people are always calling him sexy, and God didn't have much beauty left after making him. He is too blessed and too well dressed, and is counting other people's money. This guy is oozing charisma and I like it!

Earlier today, Galli interviewed NWA World Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille about how Aldis appeared to speak over her in their interview last week. I guess we'll hear this later as they move on without playing it.

Galli hosts Colt Cabana at the desk! Cabana is all smiles to be there. Galli asks him about James Storm and the National title. Cabana admits that Storm stole his title while he was down, but he's back, and feels ready to take any championship, including the tag titles, with his partner… MR. ANDERSON! Anderson joins Colt at the desk and the crowd is stoked to see him. Anderson isn't here to act tough and puts over his team of Mr. Cabana (Cabana) and Mr. Anderson (Cabana). Ken looks a bit put out by Colt inserting his name into his catchphrase.

Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson vs. Sal Rinauro and Jordan Kingsley

Crowd chants "welcome back" at the opening bell. Cabana puts his old buddy Rinauro into a wristlock. Sal loses track of Colt, who plays mind games by yelling "STOP" before knocking him down. Anderson tags and counters Rinauro's tilt-a-whirl into a sidewalk slam. Kingsley tags in but eats a loud chop from Anderson. Kingsley hits a Pele kick, but Anderson answers with a backdrop and clothesline. Cabana hits Kingsley with an elbow drop. Anderson and Cabana double team Kingsley with punches to the gut. Sal tags himself in while Anderson hits the rolling Samoan Drop. Anderson catchesSal with the rolling drop onto Kingsley! Cabana hits Sal with the flying Apple and Anderson finishes with the Flatliner at 3:30. Fantabulous squash match.
Winners: Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson

NWA Champion Nick Aldis is not pleased when a camera approaches him in the parking lot. He doesn't want to talk about Kamille and only wants to get back to business as NWA World Champion.

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Kyle Davis tries to interview Eddie Kington and Homicide, but Eddie yells over him. He doesn't think much of the Wild Cards, they ain't nothing!

NWA Women's Champion Allysin Kay vs. Ashley Vox

The time limit is TV TIME REMAINING! AEW and NWA are both dear to my heart for this simple, yet charming touch. There's like 26 minutes of time left though, so perhaps they are confused. Vox gets a hot start, catching the champion off guard with a flurry of offense. Kay counters with a power slam, but can't win via arrogant pin. Kay's fallaway slam gets 2. The smaller Vox fires desperation chops, but Kay counters with a wheelbarrow German suplex! Vox kicks out! Vox rallies with a shotgun dropkick and head scissors takedown. Vox's running cannonball gets a good 2 count. Kay counters with a Sunset Driver for the win at 3:50! Another good short match (not a squash). This is the sort of short TV match that WWE should be doing on Raw and Smackdown to help draw casual viewers.
Winner: Allysin Kay

Marquez interviews Kay at the desk. Kay switches place with him so the camera can catch her good side. She says this is a new era in the NWA and invites Vox over to pay her respect. Kay is happy that Vox is on the roster and has a bright future, but it won't involve her championship. I like the theme on this show that just because you lose a match, it doesn't mean you're worthless.

Last week, after the show ended, the fans gave Tim Storm a standing ovation. Kyle Davis tries to interview him in the hall, but Storm is too emotional to speak.

Galli interviews NWA National Champion James Storm at the desk. Storm pulls the mic away from him and dismisses the National title as a prop on his quest to regain the World title. Storm is a grown-ass man, listens to Johnny Cash, and is a man while the other guys in the locker room are children. He drinks beer and sings Amazing Grace in church, because he is THAT MAN. Eli Drake interrupts his catchphrase, and argues that the National title is a big deal. Drake speculates that Nick Aldis is ducking both of them. Drake says James is next in line for Aldis, but win or lose, he wants the National title when it's over.

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NWA Tag Team Championship:
The Wild Cards © (Royce Isaacs and Tom Lattimer) vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

Kingston and Lattimer lock up for a shoving contest. Wild clothesline by Kingston forces a tag to Isaacs. Reverse suplex by Kingston! Homicide and Kingston hit double shoulder blocks on both champs. Isaacs catches Homicide with a clothesline, and Lattimer returns to hit a belly to back suplex. The Wild Cards work Homicide over by making quick tags. Kingston distracts by spewing profanity, and Homicide counters Isaacs on the top rope to get the hot tag. The crowd gets behind Kingston as he cleans house! The Dawsons run in to hit Kingston with a low blow for the DQ at about 6:08! This was shaping up to be a perfectly good formula tag until the non-finish.
Winners via DQ: Eddie Kingston and Homicide

The crowd boos as The Dawsons continue beating up Homicide and Kingston. The official decision is no contest, but I know what I saw, dammit.

We finally get the very special interview with Nick Aldis and Kamille. Aldis is more than happy to talk about his reign as NWA Champion and is happy with himself for beating Tim Storm last week. Galli says Aldis is one of the greatest NWA Champions of the modern era, so why does he need Kamille? Aldis takes exception to the question and brings up All In, when he lost the title due to outside interference. Aldis decided to bring Kamille in as an insurance policy, and it paid off at the 70th Anniversary Show. Aldis challenges Galli to think of a time when Kamille acted illegally (aside from neutralizing Brandi Rhodes). Aldis says Kamille can speak whenever she wants to. Galli tries to question Kamille directly, but she remains silent. The segment ends on an awkward note.

The credits roll!

Final Thoughts: Nothing this week even came close to touching the Aldis/Storm match, but we got a couple of fun debuts from Aaron Stevens and Mr. Anderson, and Nick Aldis got to shine in the interview. In fact, all the interviews continue to be a strength. This is an incredibly easy show to watch, thumbs up.

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