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NWA Powerrr
February 25, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Powerrr

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett. The Pantera theme song still doesn't work. Is there a petition somewhere to bring back "Into the Fire" yet? I'd love to sign one.

David Marquez hosts Tim Storm at the podium. Storm has a lot on his mind, and despite losing to Thom Latimer, he's not close to giving up. Mama Storm didn't raise any quitter. Thom Latimer interrupts and is angry that Storm suggested that fake Mama Storm helped him win. Latimer could kick Storm's ass on any day of the week, but he's moving on because Storm is old news, and leaves. Storm anticipates the arrival of fake Mama Storm, but instead Danny Deals comes out as himself, wearing an oversized jacket. Deals offers to find Storm a tag partner to get him back on his winning ways. Storm isn't interested in any deal that doesn't let him get his hands on Deals for disrespecting his mama. Deals says Storm can choose door #1 which is unicorns and cute things, or door #2 which consists of hellfire. Storm wants to kick down both doors and take door #3 which is just him beating up Deals. Deals proposes that Storm face his guy, but when Storm loses, his mystery guy gets an NWA contract, but if Storm somehow wins, he gets five minutes alone with Deals in the ring. Deals accuses Storm of stealing his guy's spot and brings out Jax Dane. This brings out Jax, who stands forehead to foreheard with Storm. Excellent mic work and story development here.

Nikita Koloff invites you to join him and Lex Luger at Man Camp. I honestly can't tell if this is a parody or real. A quick Google search reveals that this is all very real, and is actually kind of creepy and cult-ish. Like, you could imagine a similar Dark Order PSA on Dynamite. Maybe it would be best if NWA were not promoting this...

David Marquez hosts Matt Cross at the podium. Cross is happy to be a part of the NWA, because he has many of the same qualities that makes this company great. He emotionally declares that wrestling is forever, and in that ring Matt Cross can live forever.

Matt Cross vs. Zicky Dice vs. NWA TV Champion Ricky Starks

This is non-title, so there is no 6:05 time limit. Dice has a loud tantrum when a ring boy tries to remove his expensive fanny pack. Dice gets chased out of the ring and waits for an opportunity to trip Starks and pulls him into a brawl. Fans chant "We don't like you" at Dice, which is instantly the most hilariously straightforward chant ever. Cross catches both opponents with a dive and fans chant "NWA." Starks escapes Cross' roll-up and knocks Dice off the apron. Cross and Starks knock each other down and Dice tries to steal pinfalls on both guys. Dice's showboating catches up to him again as he suffers a double back drop. Back handspring Cross cutter and SSP on Starks, but Dice steals the pinfall at 3:17! Good TV friendly sprint, even if that finish is completely played out, **.
Winner: Zicky Dice

May Valentine's Vlog! She puts the love of her life, Royce Isaacs, over for beating two guys she "guesses were a big deal" in the Rock N Roll Express. She celebrated by giving her new BFF, Sal Rinauro, a beauty makeover. Rinauro looks good in pig tails. Valentine also enjoys time with Kamille, who isn't as scary as everyone thinks. These segments have a great slightly aware charm to them, as I think Valentine, the character, secretly knows how much sh!t she's stirring.

Joe Galli hosts National Champion Aron Stevens at the podium. Stevens is feeling good about his successful title defenses, which Galli points out where the results of him running away. Stevens childishly denies and reminds us that he has the largest third degree black belt in the world (which he's draped over Galli's shoulder). Stevens would love to talk about himself all show long, but demands that Galli give some attention to his mentor, The Question Mark, who has a big match against Trevor Murdoch.

The Question Mark (with Aron Stevens) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch is aggressive with consecutive clotheslines and dodges the Mongrovian spike. Flying bulldog by Murdoch finishes at 0:38! This was fine and served a purpose.
Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Aron Stevens jumps Murdoch after the bell and puts the boots to him. Stevens gets carried away dishing out Mongrovian elbow shots to the face and Murdoch is out cold.

Sean Mooney hosts NWA World Champion Nick Aldis at the podium. Aldis feels as fresh as a daisy and feels like he's heading to the Kentucky Derby, because he's the ultimate thoroughbred in this business. Not only did he defeat "Flop Gordon" at Hard Times, but he took care of the Rock N Roll Express, which proves that carrying the NWA through "Nickle down economics." That will be on a T-shirt by the end of the hour. Aldis wants to give Scurll an out of potentially having to write him a half-million dollar check, but only if he admits that he's the better man. Marty Scurll joins the conversation and isn't backing out of anything, and would like to fight here and now. The Wild Cards arrive and Aldis asks Scurll if he's sure he wants to do this now. Brody King runs through the crowd to prevent a Strictly Business beatdown and security has to break up a brawl. More great fun, this feud continues to be extremely well planned.

Marquez hosts Eddie Kingston at the podium. Marquez wants to know about his problems with The Pope and those Dawson guys, and Kingston teases him for his journalism skills. Marquez says he's a 2 time Emmy winner, and Kingston teases him for getting over at his expense. Kingston then gets serious and wants that snitch, Pope, to come out and fight him. The Pope joins the conversation, but keeps his distance from Kingston, because he doesn't like to stand near "trash." Pope puts himself over as the most charismatic, pimp-tastic, hand clapping member of the roster, and Kingston blew his offer to help him to the top. Pope bombastically claims he's going to do whatever he wants to do. The Bouncers arrive to back up Eddie. Pope says he doesn't drink, but does have the money to buy some beer. Pope snaps his fingers and the Bouncers turn on Eddie! They drag him into the ring and hit the Last Call leg drop. This gets over extremely well with the live crowd. All around great segment.

Sean Mooney hosts the Powerrr Update, highlighting the developing Crockett Cup card.

NWA Women's Championship:
Thunder Rosa © vs. Melina

Melina seems to be negotiating with Rosa, who's hungry for a fight. Rosa shoves Melina for calling her disrespectful and dares "the legend" to fight her. Melina refuses to let Rosa control the situation and walks out for the countout loss at 1:45. This was all angle.
Winner via countout: Thunder Rosa

Allysin Kay meets Melina in the crowd and forces her back into the ring. Rosa just watches as Kamille sneaks in for a spear on Kay. Kamille turns her attention to Rosa, who doesn't back down. Looks like Rosa has found her next challenger.

Final Thoughts: There was virtually no wrestling on the show this week, but that's okay with me, because the promos, interviews, and face to face segments were all high quality and provided important chapters to ongoing feuds and storylines. I feel like had I skipped this episode, I would be missing a lot of important information.

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