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NWA Powerrr
January 8, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Powerrr

Episode 13: "Who is the Third Man, Brother?"

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

Galli hosts Tim Storm at the desk. Storm says he would be proud to represent the NWA as TV Champion, as historically it's been a workhorse title. He is mad that Aldis ducked him last week, which also robbed the fans. Kamille interrupts and shoves Galli out of her way to get into Storm's face. She says nothing but holds the mic up to his face. Storm questions how Aldis can consider himself to be the face of the NWA but then no-show a main event, and wonders if he's a coward. That earns Storm a slap across the face. Kamille gives a rare smile and leaves on a salty note.

David Marquez has the Dawsons and Trevor Murdoch at the desk to pull more names for the TV title tourney. Murdoch says he's looked at the list of potential competitors and thinks he can beat them all. Marquez draws Zane Dawson vs. Dave Dawson from the jar. That leaves Thomas Lattimer vs. Trevor Murdoch by default.

NWA TV Championship Tournament Qualifier:
Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley

Once again, the 6:05 time limit is in effect, so both guys wrestle with a sense of urgency. Dice showboats and nearly gets rolled up. Dice continues showboating, and it lets Konley hit a dropkick. Konley scores a hard Irish whip and back body drop. Konley's head scissors takedown spikes the head of Dice. Back leg sweep by Konley and a back senton gets 2. Dice catches a bear hug to set up an overhead suplex. Konley hits a series of closed fists and a running boot to the corner. Powerslam by Konley is good, but he misses a springboard moonsault. Dice hits his patented neckbreaker for the win at 4:30. Lively match that was all action.
Winner: Zicky Dice

Galli hosts a pretaped sitdown interview with "Shooter" Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Stevens says he brought the Question Mark to America, fed, clothed, and civilized him. In turn, Mark has provided him with mental training. Now Steven is the 3rd Degree National Champion, and no one knows the bond between him and Question Mark, who happens to be a 10th degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate, and later they will be tag team champions. And Stevens will also become World Champion, because why not? Galli thinks Stevens should defend his National title first, and Stevens instantly tries to end the interview. Question Mark chimes in with "Kara-tay!"

Thunder Rosa vs. ODB

Allysin Kay joins commentary. Bell rings and Rosa quickly works a front headlock. ODB escapes and overwhelms Rosa with strikes. Rosa hangs ODB on the ropes with a drop toe hold and targets the head. ODB misses a head of steam and Rosa nails a dropkick. ODB fights to her feet and smashes Rosa into the buckles to break a chinlock. Rosa flies into ODB's fallaway slam counter. ODB misses a flying ax handle and lands on her knees, allowing Rosa to dropkick the head for 2. Backstabber by Rosa and flying double stomp to the back finishes at 5:50. Really strong showing for Rosa, who looked great picking up a dominant win over a much bigger opponent, **¾.
Winner: Thunder Rosa

Galli hosts NWA World Champion Nick Aldis at the desk and the fans HATE him now. Well, more like they love to hate him, which is even better, as they shower him with "coward" chants. Galli has a stack of questions, Aldis bets he wants to know about Kamille. Aldis says he told the truth when he said Kamille was no longer his insurance policy, he just didn't mention that she was a fully fledged member of Strictly Business. Aldis says that Tim Storm's time has come and gone and he's a mere relic in his rearview mirror. Aldis says people are accusing him of ducking Tim Storm because he couldn't get the job done in six minutes, but that's not true, because the only scenario where he needs more time is the bed room, you can ask his missus. That Mickie James is a lucky woman, I suppose. He's willing to face Ricky Starks and is going to "make him" like he's Oprah, or Tyler Perry, or something. I could listen to Aldis freewheel on the mic all night long (at least longer than six minutes).

6:05 Exhibition Match:
NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Starks

Aldis shows off early on, using a cartwheel to avoid Stark's attacks. Starks answers with a dropkick and mocks with a resting pose. Aldis responds with a brainbuster and takes over the match. With the time half gone, Aldis applies a chinlock. Starks escapes and builds steam with a Sling Blade. Missile dropkick by Starks gets 2. Suicide dive by Starks but he misses a moonsault. Starks reverses a Cloverleaf into a small package for 2. Aldis rolls Starks over into King's Landing with under a minute left. Starks manages to gut it out until the time expires at 6:05. This is awful similar to the recent Jericho vs. Jungle Boy bout on AEW, but this was enjoyable in it's own right, **½.
No Contest.

Aldis celebrates as if he's won the match, but the match is officially called a draw. That wipes the smile off Aldis' face. Starks is pleading with the referee for more time when Ricky Morton arrives on the scene. Morton dares Aldis to give the kid five more minutes. Aldis says he already gave Starks the match of his life and he couldn't get the job done, so the answer is no. Cue the "coward" chants. Morton challenges Aldis to give him five minutes instead. Aldis promptly rejects and leaves before things get any worse.

Eli Drake and James Storm vs. Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson

The Wild Cards were supposed to be in this match too, but are apparent no-shows. Cabana starts against Drake. Cabana sneaks through the legs of Drake and controls the wrist. Anderson tags himself in, which seems to bug Colt. Drake hits Anderson with a shoulder tackle, and tags in Storm for double elbow strikes. Storm skins the cat and catches Anderson with a hurricanrana! Anderson pulls the hair to get back into it. Storm gets isolated, let's call him the "heel in peril." Drake quickly gets the hot tag and runs wild through Anderson, hitting a power slam and leaping elbow drop. Colt's facial expressions convey a feeling that Anderson is being too rough when he pummels Drake in the ropes. Colt returns with a chinlock but Drake breaks out with a chinbreaker. Anderson boots Storm off the apron and puts his hands on the referee after Colt's jacknife cover only gets 2. Nice little story that seemingly dissolves the odd Cabana/Anderson pairing, **½.
Winners via DQ: Eli Drake and James Storm

Colt is visibly upset and argues with Anderson about what just happened. They leave together, so I guess ANderson will have to turn heel later.

Strictly Business returns to the desk for an impromptu interview. Aldis explains that the Wild Cards were not in the tag match because he has the power to take them out. Aldis wants to address the dinosaur in the room and invites the Rock N Roll Express to join them. Morton and Gibson answer the call. Aldis challenges them to a six man tag next week, and if his team loses, he'll give Morton a title shot. Morton says in his day, champions didn't go for 6 minutes, they went for 60 minutes. Morton tells Aldis to get his stooges together and it's on! Aldis clarifies that he and Morton won't be in the match, they'll have stand-ins, so there won't be any excuses if and when they face off. Aldis says his team will be the Wild Cards, and the third man, brother, will be the hired contractor, SCOTT STEINER! Steiner seems to have some trouble walking down the steps as he enters through the crowd, but cool little surprise anyway. I wonder if he'll treat us to any Steiner math next week.

Final Thoughts: This would be a great episode of Powerrr to start with if you haven't been watching. The matches were all brisk and entertaining, the promos were gold, and we got a surprise in Steiner. This continues to be the most joyful show in all of wrestling.

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