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MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving
November 28, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

MLW Fusion

Now that I'm awake from my food coma, let's take a look at MLW's extra special Thanksgiving (Thumpin') edition of Fusion! The broadcast kicks off with a Contra-cized holiday video package, where they encourage families to gather around to witness the destruction of Ross Von Erich.

From Orlando, Florida. The venue has an intimate night club sort of feel to it, and the room is packed.

Survivor Team Rules:
Injustice (Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver, with MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed) vs. Zenshi and Gringo Loco

Injustice cuts a promo against Thanksgiving, as it's a white man's holiday, and they are only hungry for justice. Crowd is properly annoyed by this. Hot start for Zenshi and Loco, as they put Oliver down with a double spinebuster. Zenshi uses Matrix-like moves to avoid getting knocked off the apron, distracting Injustice so Loco can hit a sweet plancha to ringside. Loco's back handspring moonsault gets 2. Brazil's cheap shot allows a tag and a vicious looking backstagger, giving Injustice the upper hand. Zenshi gets the hot tag and enters with a 450 CLOTHESLINE! Zenshi displays insane athleticism as he runs wild through Injustice. Zenshi's 450 splash off the bottom rope sets up Loco's bomb for a nearfall. Zenshi hits a coast to coast somersault dropkick! Sadly, Injustice catch Zenshi with a tandem neckbreaker to eliminate him at 8:17. Loco fortunately catches Brazil in a Tombstone piledriver to eliminate him at 8:50! Oliver runs into Loco's Michinoku Driver for 2. Reed sneaks in for a cheap shot, and Oliver's springboard Ace Crusher finishes Loco at 9:51. Good performances from the crew, but this didn't do anything interesting with the stipulations, **¾.
Winners: Injustice

King Mo has arrived in MLW, but he seems annoyed that he has to wrestle on Thanksgiving. He's going to expose his opponent, Ricky Martinez, to be a peasant.

A lady interviewer is looking for Priscilla Kelly backstage but can't seem to find her. Kelly them ambushes and beats her down into a heap. Frankly, I'm disappointed that the MLW roster isn't seen having a Thanksgiving feast that eventually devolves into a food fight. No one has overeaten and vomited on a heel either. Are they even trying?

Ricky Martinez vs. King Mo

King Mo is a somewhat notorious MMA fighter (or must be, as I have a passing awareness of him) and he's making his MLW in-ring debut here. Martinez isn't scared of him and talks a lot of smack before putting him down with a neckbreaker. Mo goes down in a heap but turns it around with an attempted leg lock. Martinez leaps into Mo's headbutt counter. Mo hits a gut wrench powerbomb and applies his leg scissors for the win at 1:44. Okay squash that somewhat exposed just how Green Mo is.
Winner: King Mo

Last week, Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc brawled all over the neighborhood in a show-long match. That's the kind of silly sports entertainment I like to see. Warner cuts a promo brushing off all the horrible things Havoc has put him through, because it's only pissed him off and he's coming for his eye.

Life Styles of the Rich and Dynastic: The Dynasty are visiting with MJF via face time. Alexander Hammerstone has a gift for his Dynasty brothers, which turns out to be a ridiculously tall hoss bodyguard.

Tom Lawlor pumps Ross Von Erich up for his World title match. Lawlor offers an unlimited amount of support and massages his back. I'm starting to think there will be no mashed potatoes being shoved in anyone's face tonight. Why do I even watch wrestling?

MLW World Championship:
Jacob Fatu © (with Josef Samael) vs. Ross Von Erich (with Filthy Tom Lawlor)

Sadly, no one has come out dressed as a turkey yet. I feel so let down. Guess I'll just have to make due with this really interesting title match. Fatu corners Ross and palms him in the face. Fatu spins Ross around in a lockup and seems to be toying with the rook. Ross leap frogs to set up a dropkick, but then runs into Fatu's uppercut. Fatu misses a bronco buster and takes a running cannonball for 2. Fatu picks Ross apart, including biting the fingers just to be mean. Fatu slips a bit while countering Ross' crossbody into a sit out powerbomb. Both guys go for crossbodies for a sick collision. Ross puts together a string of offense, with multiple Sling Blades. Missile dropkick by Ross sends Fatu rolling to ringside. Ross scores a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Ross uses an iron claw to block a powerbomb, and Fatu drives him through the ropes to break the hold. Fatu clears fans from their seats during a beatdown, but then misses a chop and hits the ring post. Fatu's hip check sends Ross into the referee, who goes down like a bag of bricks. Fatu then further attacks the official with a running hip check in the buckles. Fatu's Samoan drop and back back handspring moonsault should end Ross, but there's obviously no ref. Ross dodges a charge and hits a springboard crossbody, and dropkicks a chair into the face of the interfering Samael. Lawlor storms the ring with a chair and TURNS ON ROSS! Fatu hits a moonsault and the ref wakes up to count the pinfall at 14:59. Crowd reacted well to that swerve, but I'm left shaking my head because Fatu previously had Ross totally beat, with the match only continuing because he'd beaten up the referee. Match was pretty plodding and the booking logic was all over the place, **.
Winner and still MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu

Final Thoughts: This was less of a Thanksgiving Special and more of a normal episode of Fusion. That's fine, but I was hoping for some campy stupidity. Even AEW had Orange Cassidy in a turkey outfit. Oh well, let's go storm Walmart for some cheap electronics.

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