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Episode 7 - November 3, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

MLW Fusion

Taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini.

Cesar Duran comes to the ring to talk. He needs a human sacrifice for King Cuerno, which brings out 5150 as potential volunteers. Konnan gets into Duran's face to complain that he's been ducking him. The other 5150 guys (Rivera, Slice Boogie and Julius Smokes) pop the fans with their TV-MA mic work. Duran wants them to cut to the chase. Konnan says he's going to get serious like a "late period" and calls out Los Parks, who arrive on cue. A wild brawl breaks out while Los Parks' music plays throughout. Order is restored just as Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor and Kevin Ku) arrive. Lawlor whines to Duran that he's been treated like trash since winning the 2020 Opera Cup, and demands a title fight. Duran rewards Lawlor with a Casket Match against King Muertes.

Mads Kruggar video package interrupts the broadcast to threaten Alexander Hammerstone with destruction.

Willow Nightingale and Zoey Skye vs. The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo)

Vox and Skye run the ropes until Vox hits a dropkick for 1. Exo enters with a double axe handle, and then a vertical suplex. Exo whips Vox into a senton on Skye. Quick blind tag to Willow, who whips Skye into Vox. Willow cartwheels into a thrust kick and slams Skye onto Vox. Skye strings some offense but misses a high crossbody. Exo gets an alleged hot tag and runs wild. Northern Lights suplex on Willow gets 2. Skye sunset flips Exo to trip Vox on the top rope! The match breaks down, Holidead crawls out from under the ring to drag Willow back with her. The Sea Stars are free to finish Skye with the Tidal Wave at 4:45. Clunky match despite the effort, lacking in crowd heat, *.
Winners: The Sea Stars

Alex Kane talks to the camera. He's delighted to have taken Calvin Tankman out of the Opera Cup. He's in such a good mood, he's hosting a Prize Fight Open against anyone in the industry.

Alicia Atout announces that Calvin Tankman is not opting out of the Opera Cup afterall.

Open Prize Fight: Alex Kane (with King Mo) vs. WARHORSE

The fans are happy to see WARHORSE, who removes Mo from the ring with a headbutt. WARHORSE fends Kane off with jabs, but turns his back to chase Mo away. Kane attacks from behind, but WARHORSE smashes him into the rails. Back to the ring, WARHORSE lands a slick missile dropkick, but Mo grabs his leg. Kane is allowed to to hit an exploder suplex into the buckles. Kane dominates by targeting the back. A trilogy of suplexes has WARHORSE looking ready for the glue factory. Olympic Slam by Kane, who seems to be toying with his opponent now. A fifth and final suplex ends it at 5:42. This devolved into a glorified squash after the hot start. Kane looks like a monster, WARHORSE did well feeding him, **.
Winner: Alex Kane

Alicia Atout interviews Alex Kane on the stage, and accuses him of trying to bump off Tankman to take his spot. Kane and Mo don't deny the allegation, they're going to take what they want.

Tom Lawlor and Kevin Ku plan their strategy for the casket match. So far, Lawlor has doodled a "caskit" and caricature of King Muertes on a dry erase board. Ku confesses that he's losing out on sponsorship money by associating with Lawlor and abandons him. I smell a swerve.

Josef Samael video promo complaining about American propaganda and MLW management. He still has his CONTRA army and they are too much for Alexander Hammerstone. Everyone will bow down to CONTRA.

Alexander Hammerstone is approached in the parking garage about his War Chamber team. He's got nothing.

Alicia Atout asks Richard Holliday why he's still covered in bandages. He explains that he needs to take care of his valuable face, especially after signing a huge marketing campaign in Japan. He's endorsing a new brand of candy and would offer some to Alicia, but he finds Tajiri eating the entire stash.

We learn that Cesar Duran has given Holidead a bonus for "ambitious violence." That's amazing. Can I be the first to call this the "Ambitious Violence Era?""

Casket Match:
Tom Lawlor vs. Caribbean Champion King Muertes (with Karlee Perez)

There's some major league pageantry on display here, as Karlee controls Muertes with incense, and puts it out on a skull. Muertes worships death after having lost his family to a fire at age 7, as explained by commentary. Lawlor gets spooked by all of this and eats a quick spear. Lawlor tries to slip away but gets knocked against the casket. Muertes leans the casket against the ring apron for a sick DDT. TKO by Muertes allows him to roll Lawlor into the casket, but he can't get the lid shut. Lawlor fights his way out and dropkicks the knee. Muertes oversells Lawlor's offense and nearly gets closed into the casket. Muertes crotches Lawlor on the rails for a series of easy chops. Lawlor reverses a whip into the rails. Lawlor misses a chair shot and gets powerbombed onto the casket. They trade clubbing blows in the ring and Lawlor goes for a sleeper. Muertes falls asleep and Tom is poised for victory, but still can't shut the lid. Muertes throws the lid away and grabs Lawlor by the throat to escape. Power slam by Muertes, but Lawlor answers with a guillotine choke. Muertes breaks the hold with Straight to Hell! Muertes casually shuts Lawlor into the casket at 11:37. This match managed to capture my imagination, even though they skipped some chapters to go right to teasing finishes, **¾.
Winner: King Muertes

Final Thoughts: I really like this goofy show. This is some quality sports entertainment, give MLW a fresh look.

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