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Episode 6 - October 27, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

MLW Fusion

It's been a minute since I checked in on MLW, let's see what they've been up to.

Taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini.

They are incorporating the Lucha Underground universe going forward. Cesar Duran (formerly Dario Cueto) is approached by King Cuerno in a shadowy, professionally lit room. Cuerno demands that Duran fulfil his end of a bargain, which means handing over a glowing box that may or not grant him super powers.

Opera Cup Tournament - Opening Round:
Lee Moriarty vs. Bobby Fish

Both guys are representing AEW, thanks to their status as legitimate independent contractors and the Forbidden Door being wide open. Moriarty's inset promo displays a guy who is very much still working on finding his voice, so it's great that he's getting this opportunity to develop in MLW. Both guys look crisp as they feel each other out with tentative kicks leading to chain wrestling. They trade arm drags, and Lee ups the ante with a springboard arm drag. The ref stops Moriarty from hitting a kick on the apron, so Fish sweeps the legs to take control. Moriarty counters with an enziguri and makes a one legged comeback. Fish tackles Lee into the buckles and resumes targeting the knee. Desperation lariat by Moriarty gets 2. Moriarty repeatedly uses the buckles to break a sleeper and then double stomps the arm. Fish answers with an exploder suplex into the ropes. Moriarty uppercuts the arm, but Fish retaliates with a back drop driver for only 2! Moriarty takes some disrespectful head kicks and goes for a flurry of nearfalls. Fish counters into a heel hook (er, "Fish" Hook) and Lee taps at 11:55! Overwhelmingly competent, solid match, that exists mainly in order to give Moriarty experience working in a TV format, ***.
Winner: Bobby Fish

Cameras catch EJ Nduka arriving. He's tired of CONTRA running the show and is willing to help Alexander Hammerstone in exchange for a title shot.

Calvin Tankman talks to the camera. He makes the case that he's his own man and doesn't need any help. King Mo and Alex Kane disagree and lay Tankman out.

Los Parks offer a helpful PSA for how to best Trick or Treat. Apparently this includes beating up random strangers and taking their candy… for the children!

Cesar Duran tries to take care of business on the phone and gets interrupted by mlw-fusion-alpha-episode-6.php, who may be of some use to him. Duran encourages Krugger to "return to his roots."" Someone is about to get hurt.

Last week, Holidead left Nicole Savoy and Willow Nightingale down and out. Willow is interviewed at the merch table about the attack. Willow is too traumatized to talk about it and calls up Cesar to ask for a match with Holidead.

Dr. Dax (with Holidead) vs. Mads Kruggar (with CONTRA)

Holidead walks Dax to the ring on a leash while commentary wonders what kind of doctor he is. I doubt that man has ever been to medical school. Whatever his doctorate is, Kruggar has his number and hits a full nelson slam to win at 0:39. Holidead punishes Dax with kicks. Just a quick squash.
Winner: Mads Kruggar

Kruggar hopes Alexander Hammerstone watching this display of violence, because there's no stopping him. HAIL CONTRA! He's interrupted by Budd Heavy, with chair in hand. Looks like we're having another match.

Mads Kruggar vs. Budd Heavy

Budd's chair attack fails, so Kruggar hits a big boot and full nelson slam to win at 0:15. Another quick squash to further prove Kruggar's point.
Winner: Mads Kruggar

Konnan and Julius Smokes drop some rhymes on behalf of 5150. They want a shot at Los Parks and the MLW Tag Team Championship.

Alica Atout interviews MLW World Champion Alexander Hammerstone about his upcoming War Chamber match against CONTRA. He still has some recruiting to do, but brings in his partner Richard Holliday, wrapped up in bandages. He does a cute Kenny McCormick impression, and mumbles something crass that earns him a slap from an outraged Alica. Hammerstone gently reminds Holliday that he's on TV.

nZo is coming to MLW. Yay?

Alicia Atout talks to Alex Shelley about the pressure of the Opera Cup. Shelley wouldn't be here if he couldn't handle the stress.

Opera Cup Tournament - Opening Round:
TJP vs. Alex Shelley

TJP responds to the fans' dueling chant with a middle finger. They lock up and sprint through some clever chain wrestling, Shelley wins the exchange and channels his inner Jeff Jarrett. TJP tries to get dirty, but Shelley traps his arm against the ropes for some punishment. TJP hangs in the ropes to lure Shelley into a trap and nails a slingshot crossbody. TJP dominates with subtle cheap shots and obnoxiously athletic, clever holds. TJP blocks Shelley's comeback attempt and rolls him into a Muta Lock. Shelley hits a fiery DDT into the buckles and follows with a running knee to the head. Tornado DDT by Shelley and then a Frog Splash gets a hot nearfall. Fans chant “That was 3!” TJP knees the forehead and dropkicks the knee. They slug it out until Shelley blasts a superkick. TJP blocks Sliced Bread and delivers a nasty face wash. TJP misses a frog splash, and Shelley capitalizes with the Border City Stretch. TJP reverses into a Figure Four Deathlock, Shelley reverses with a roll-up. TJP uses the ropes to reverse the Border City Stretch into a pinning predicament for the win at 14:19! This was the very good match that you would expect from these two, and sets TJP up nicely as a tournament villain, ***¼.
Winner: TJP

Final Thoughts: This is an easy, breezy, lively show full that provides a good mix of in-ring action, soap opera melodrama, wacky characters, and quality campiness. Take some time and check this out on Youtube.

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