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WWF Survivor Series 1990
by Scrooge McSuck

- The series continues, and the overall quality continues to dip with these shows. The 1990 edition is notable for three moments and/or new ideas added to the already creative "entire card of tag matches with elimination rules." One of them bombed, one of them tanked, resulting in shorter matches with lamer eliminations, and the other blew up to a 20 year phenomenon that has yet to be stopped.

- Live from Hartford, CT, it's the 4th Annual Survivor Series, with Gorilla Monsoon and Rowdy Roddy Piper on the call. It's the first year without Ventura calling the action with Monsoon, and that always upsets me.

- The Warriors vs. The Perfect Team: (Ultimate Warrior (Captain), The Texas Tornado, Road Warrior Hawk & Animal vs. Mr. Perfect (Captain), Demolition Ax, Smash and Crush)
Interesting idea, bringing out the second most high profile match of the card, first, rather than something a little more midcard, but oh well. Tornado and Hennig had a thing over the IC Title, and the Warrior and LOD had been running house shows paired up with Demolition. You do remember Warrior was World Champion at this point, right? Starting off the match is Animal and Smash, with Animal tackling Smash and pounding away with rights. Smash gets hammered on by all the babyfaces, but has enough in him to fight out of it and take Animal down with a snap suplex for a two count. Perfect tags in, and he hammers away on Animal with chops. Smash is back in, and gets caught with a powerslam. Animal with an atomic drop to Perfect, and Warrior puts him down with a clothesline. Animal with another atomic drop to Animal, and here comes Von Erich to work him over. Ax tags in to club on the Tornado. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Von Erich applies the Claw! Warrior tags in, and well, it's over. Warrior with shoulder tackles and a splash for the three count at 3:23, and that would be the last we see of Ax on television, as it was announced on Superstars that weekend Demolition would have to be reduced to two members (kayfabe).

Crush comes in and quickly clotheslines Warrior, knocking the maniac down on his ass. Smash tags in and connects with a back breaker. Crush is back in with a knee drop from the top rope, but that's only enough for a two count. Whip to the corner, and Warrior boots Crush before flooring him with a clothesline. Hawk and Hennig tag in, and Hawk clearly wins the power match up. Hawk with a vicious clothesline, complete with Perfect over-selling. Whip to the corner is completely over-sold to the point Hennig loses his footing, so Hawk REPEATS the spot and rams his shoulder into the ring post. Smash tags in, and here's Crush for some Demolition clobbering. Crush with a weak-ass back breaker. Hennig tags in and hammers away on Hawk with rights. Smash tags in and gets pounded to the ground. Irish whip is reversed, and Hawk comes off the ropes with a diving shoulder tackle, followed by a fist drop. Hawk with a charging clothesline, then heads to the top rope for a flying variety. Crush breaks up the count, and now all members of the LOD and remaining Demolition members brawl, tossing the referee weakly in the process, and ALL FOUR MEN ARE DISQUALIFIED at 7:36. Wow, that was weak.

Warrior comes in to square off with Perfect, but Tornado wants in. Perfect ambushes him in the corner, but that doesn't help. Tornado cleans his clock and knocks him out of the ring with a spinning punch. Warrior tosses Perfect back in, and Tornado clotheslines Perfect back out, on the opposite side of the ring. Warrior noggin-knockers Heenan and Perfect, then tosses Heenan over the security rail. Back in the ring, and Tornado posts himself on a charge to the clothesline. Perfect hammers away on Tornado and connects with a knee lift. Tornado fights back, but gets thumbed in the eyes and rammed to the buckle. The Perfect-Plex connects, and that's enough to send Von Erich home at 11:02.

Warrior misses a charge to the corner, and Hennig with another Perfect-Plex, but Warrior manages to kick out of this one at the count of two. Perfect measures up Warrior, driving a knee into the chest. Warrior starts having a seizure, which means he's getting pumped up. Hennig with a standing dropkick for a two count, as Warrior continues to shake about, looking like he needs medical attention rather than getting an adrenaline rush for a wrestling match. Irish whip, and Perfect connects with a nasty clothesline for another two count. Warrior fights back with roundhouse rights. Charging clotheslines by Warrior, over-sold by Hennig. He connects with a dving shoulder tackle, and the big splash is enough to end Perfect's night at 14:20, making Warrior the Sole Survivor of his match for the third consecutive year, and ending Perfect's two year winning streak at the event. *1/2 Pretty weak match, for the most part, although I am surprised that they had both Von Erich and Mr. Perfect pinned clean, while protecting the Legion of Doom and Demolition for a feud that no one cared about. The Warrior is going on the grand finale match of survival...

- The Dream Team vs. The Million Dollar Team:
(Dusty Rhodes, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Koko B. Ware vs. Ted Dibiase, Honkytonk Man, Greg Valentine, Mystery Partner)

The big feud here was between Rhodes and Dibiase, stemming off of what happened at SummerSlam earlier in the year. There was a minor issue between the Foundation (tag champs) and Rhythm & Blues, but nothing major, and Koko is just here to job. Leading up to the show, I wonder what smart fans thought was going to happen, as in who was the mystery partner? I think I read somewhere one choice might've been a returning King Kong Bundy, but I'm not keen on that (Editor's Note: some of us just assumed it would've been Dustin Rhodes, doing a turn against his dad after selling out to DiBiase). Instead, Ted Dibiase introduces us to the man led to the ring by Brother Love, the Undertaker. It's Mean Mark Callous from WCW, portraying a... zombie? I don't know, but he's into his character, big time. Undertaker starts out with the Hitman. Undertaker with a boot to the midsection, and he catches Bret coming off the ropes with a version of a chokeslam. Neidhart tags in, and he is quickly slammed down to the canvas. Koko tags in next, and he misses a lunge, hanging himself across the top rope. Undertaker scoops him up, and he connects with the Tombstone Piledriver (thustly called by Monsoon) for the three count at 1:39.

Bret comes back in, and pounds away with a series of rights. Undertaker no-sells and tags out to Valentine with as little enthusiasm as one could imagine. Rhodes tags in, and they lockup into the corner. They exchange blows, with Rhodes coming out on top of that exchange. Anvil comes in and works over the arm. Bret tags back in and does some going-over on the Hammer, as well. Whip to the corner, and Valentine knees Bret in the face on a charge. Honky tags in and stomps away on the Hitman. Bret with a series of elbows to the midsection, followed by a shoulder block. Honky takes control again with a knee lift. Neidhart with a blind tag, and he catches Honky off the ropes with a powerslam for the three count at 4:16.

Dibiase chops away at Neidhart in the corner. Whip across the ring is reversed, and Neidhart floors Dibiase with a clothesline. Neidhart with a power slam, and here comes Rhodes to hammer away on Dibiase in the corner with the bionic elbow. Irish whip, and Rhodes throws a dropkick! Neidhart tags back in, and the two connect with a double back elbow for a two count. Neidhart with a suplex for another two count. Irish whip, and Neidhart gets tripped by Virgil. Dibiase connects with a clothesline, and that's enough for the three count at 5:49?

Bret comes in and pounds away on the Million Dollar Champ with rights and headbutts. Rhodes tags in and he punishes Dibiase with jabs. Dibiase rakes the eyes to take control, and drops Rhodes with a clothesline. Undertaker tags back in, and he stomps on Rhodes' head to my delight. Bret tags in, and quickly gets ambushed by the Undertaker. Valentine tags in as Undertaker chokes away on Bret. Bret battles back against Dibiase and connects with an inverted atomic drop. Rhodes comes back in and elbows Dibiase a few times. Undertaker tags in again, and he clobbers Rhodes from behind. Irish whip, and Undertaker with a knee to the gut. Undertaker to the top rope, and he walks the rope a bit before dropping an axehandle for the three count at 8:26!

Undertaker dumps Rhodes over the top rope, and here comes Bret to hammer away on him with roundhouse rights. Brother Love, in the mean time, is stomping away on Rhodes outside the ring. Rhodes goes after Love, bringing the Undertaker away from the action to assault Big Dust back to the locker room, and in the process, gets Counted Out at 9:17, despite not being the legal man in the ring. Currently, it's Valentine/Hart as the legal men. Valentine goes for the Figure-Four, but Bret counters with a small package for a three count at 9:57, and we're down to a 1-on-1 with Bret and Dibiase.

Bret hammers away on Dibiase and atomic drops him over the top rope, to the floor. Bret follows him out with a plancha, and continues to pound away on him with mounted rights. Dibiase with a rake of the eyes, but he gets introduced to the ring post by the Hitman. Back in the ring, and Bret maintains control. Bret with a series of nasty looking european uppercuts. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Bret with his signature bump. Dibiase covers, but that only gets a two count. Into the corner, and Dibiase chops away. Bret comes charging out with a surprise back slide for a two count, then goes to a side headlock. Criss-cross sees Bret trip over Dibiase, and seems to have injured his knee... oh wait, he was faking it, and rolls up Dibiase for a two count. Virgil grabs Bret from the apron (no DQ), but we get heel miscommunication, and Bret with a school boy for another two count. Bret with a side back breaker, followed by a second rope elbow drop, for two. Irish whip is reversed, and Bret comes off with a cross body, but Dibiase rolls through and scores the three count (cleanly) at 13:54, becoming the Sole Survivor of the match. In a funny side note, the camera clearly pans Bret mouthing a very naughty word after the count is made. ** Match was nothing special, but I enjoyed the mini-match between Bret and Dibiase, plus the Undertaker mopping the floor with Koko and Dusty is always entertaining to watch.

- The Vipers vs. The Visionaires: (Jake Roberts (Captain), Jimmy Snuka, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty vs. Rick Martel (Captain), The Warlord, Hercules, Paul Roma)
For those who forgot, this was during the middle of the "Martel accidentally on purpose blinds Roberts with his arrogance, and now Roberts is wrestling with an eye patch to get his revenge" angle. The Rockers still had beef with Power & Glory, and everyone else is just there to take up space. Roddy Piper quips "you think a coconut hit him in the head?" reffering to Jimmy Snuka, but Monsoon doesn't pick up on it. Jannetty starts out with the Warlord. Jannetty uses his speed to avoid the Warlord, but gets caught in the corner. Jannetty with a series of dropkicks, but Warlord swats him away like a high fly. Jannetty uses his agility to confuse the Warlord, and gets a sunset flip (with assistance) for a one count. Michaels is in, and he gets thrown into the heel corner. Martel tags in and he hammers away on Shawn. Irish whip, and a criss-cross leads to a Michaels hip toss, followed by a running dropkick and monkey flip. Roberts tags in, so Martel runs and tags out to Roma. Roma pounds away on Roberts, but eats a fist and gets caught in a wristlock. Snuka tags in to work over the arm of Roma, but he gets his eyes raked. Roma throws some rights, but that only hurts his hand. Hercules tags in, and he applies a side headlock. Snuka comes back with a big kinfe-edge chop, so the Warlord comes back in to do his usual garbage. Snuka tries a cross body, but gets slammed for it. Snuka with a dropkick, and here comes Jannetty. Warlord quickly takes control and applies a bearhug. Jannetty escapes, and comes off the top, into the arms of the Warlord, and a powerslam puts Jannetty away at 5:03.

Michaels comes in and somehow manages to take the Warlord over with a head scissors (with help from Jake). Roberts tags in and pounds away on the Warlord. Whip to the corner, and Roberts comes out with a clothesline. Roberts with a knee to the face followed by another clothesline. Roma and Michaels each tag in, and Roma drops Michaels like a bad habit and stomps away on him. Warlord tags in and back drops Michaels off screen. Hercules tags in and covers for a two count. Hercules kills Michaels with a clothesline, and Martel tags in to cover, for another two count. Martel with a back breaker for another two count. Roma tags in and whips Michaels to the corner, complete with over-sell. Martel tags back in to cover again, and again gets a two count. Martel posts himself on a charge attempt, and Snuka gets the hot tag. Snuka works over Martel in the corner and whips him across the ring. Snuka with a back drop, followed by a diving headbutt for a two count. Irish whip to the corner is reversed, and Martel rolls through a cross body for the three count at 9:28, with the help of a handful of tights.

Roberts goes after Martel again, but fails, and Hercules tags in. They lockup, and Hercules takes advantage. Irish whip, and Roberts nails Hercules with a knee lift, but fails to hit the DDT. The heels have a conference in their corner, before action resumes. Martel with a blind attack (pun intended) from the apron, and now Roberts is easy pickings, getting the snot stomped out of him by Hercules, and then Roma. Scoop slam by Roma, but he misses a top rope fist drop. Michaels tags in and he goes to work on Roma. Irish whip and diving elbow by Michaels, followed by a snap suplex. Michaels to the second turnbuckle with an elbow drop for a two count. Michaels with an atomic drop, but Hercules gets the blind tag and drops an elbow across the back of the head of Michaels. Hercules pounds away on Michaels, who looks to be not for long in this world. Hercules with a press slam, and it's smack talking time. Michaels continues to take a beating until being put away with the Power-Plex at 15:40, leaving Jake alone against all four opponents.

Jake goes at it with Hercules, and that doesn't go his way, as Hercules works him over in the corner. Warlord tags in with his usual clubbering offense. Whip to the corner, and Warlord catches Roberts coming out with a bearhug. Roberts fights free, but is quickly pounded on by Warlord. Roberts slips out of a slam and DDT's the Warlord, but here comes Martel to spray his arrogance at Roberts, but misses. Roberts unleashes Damian and chases Martel out of the ring and back to the locker room. Roberts, but not Martel, gets Counted-Out at 17:42, meaning the entire team of the Visionaires are the Survivors of the match. * Just a long and boring match. The only angle that meant anything was never given any time to actually have a physical confrontation, the jobbing out of both Rockers without any revenge against Power & Glory is baffling, and the match just overall fell flat on its face.

- The Hulkamaniacs vs. The Natural Disasters:
(Hulk Hogan (Captain), Big Boss Man, Tugboat, Jim Duggan vs. Earthquake (Captain), Dino Bravo, The Barbarian, Haku)

The big issue here is between Hogan and Quake, while you could say that Tugboat and Bravo were also involved in their fussin' and-a feudin'. Haku is a replacement for the recently fired Rick Rude, who was in the middle of a program with the Boss Man. Once Rude was canned, the focus of the angle shifted to Heenan and Mr. Perfect, instead. Did Jim Duggan do ANYTHING noteworthy since feuding with Randy Savage during the tail-end of 1989, up until his departure in the company? Duggan and Haku start, and we get a slugfest. Haku misses a cross body, and Duggan connects with a series of clotheslines. Irish whip, and Duggan with a back elbow, followed by a clothesline. Duggan misses an elbow drop, allowing Haku to tag in Bravo. Bravo with an inverted atomic drop, and the Barbarian tags in to pound away. Haku is back in, and he nails an elbow. Boss Man tags in and unloads with a series of rights. Irish whip is reversed, and Haku connects with a dropkick for a two count. Irish whip reversed, and the Boss Man Slam finishes Haku off at 3:15.

Barbarian attacks Boss Man from behind, and hammers away. Irish whip reversed, and Boss Man with a big boot and elbow. Heenan gets on the apron and gets his clock cleaned. Irish whip, but a hip toss is blocked. Barbarian with a suplex on the Boss Man, followed by a scoop slam. Barbarian to the middle rope, and of course, he misses the elbow drop. Duggan tags in and gets booted for his troubles. Irish whip reversed, and Duggan takes Barbarian over with a back drop. Bravo tags in to clobber Duggan again. Earthquake tags in and the Canadians connect with a double clothesline. Quake rams Duggan to the corner and squashes him with his big ass. Duggan escapes the torture, but gets nailed trying a slam. Irish whip, and Duggan comes charging with a series of shoulder blocks. Jimmy pulls the ropes down on Duggan, causing him to spill out of the ring... didn't this happen in 1989? Duggan runs in with his 2x4 and nails Earthquake, and he's Disqualified at 6:12. Did Duggan EVER lose by pinfall at a Survivor Series? 1987, Count-Out, 1988, Disqualification, 1989, Count-Out....

Hogan comes in and hammers away on everyone walking. Slams to Bravo and Barbarian, and he gets Quake up and slams him on the first attempt. Irish whip to the corner, and Hogan follows in with a clothesline, followed by mounted punches. Quake counters and plants Hogan with a powerslam. Bravo tags in, and connects with a series of elbow drops. Hogan surprises Bravo with a small package, and that gets a three count at 7:59. Didn't see that one coming.

Boss Man tags in and he unloads on the Quake. Whip to the corner, and Quake misses a charge. Boss Man to the top rope, but he gets caught in Quake's arms! Hogan pushes them over to have Boss Man land on top for a two count. Boss Man with a shoulder block, but he runs right into the Barbarian, who knees him in the back. Quake stomps away on the Boss Man, then drops a big elbow for the three count at 9:08. Damn, these eliminations are coming quick.

Hogan is back in to hammer away on the Quake, connecting with a big boot. Irish whip, and Hogan comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Earthquake blocks the next slam attempt, then falls on top of Hogan trying it for a third time, for a two count. Quake misses a big splash, in quite a bad looking spot. Tugboat FINALLY tags in for the first time (crowd: TOOOT!) and hammers away on the Quake. Irish whip, and a shoulder block sends him into the ropes. Hogan pulls Quake outside, and Tugboat follows, and the two big men brawl around the ring until both men are Counted-Out at 11:33, meaning Tugboat had the easiest pay day of the night, probably.

Hogan and Barbarian remain, and wow, I wonder who's going to the match of survival. Back in the ring, and the Barbarian pounds away with his methodical offense. Barbarian connects with a piledriver, but doesn't get Disqualified this year for it, like in 1989. That only gets a two count. Irish whip, and a double clothesline spot sees both men down and out. Barbarian measures up Hogan for a big boot, then heads to the top rope, connecting with a flying clothesline. Two count, and now Hogan is Hulking Up. You know the routine by now, I hope. Roundhouse rights, Irish whip, big boot, and a leg drop is enough to finish the Barbarian at 14:49 and to make Hogan the Sole Survivor. *1/2 Match wasn't good, but it was a bit more watchable than the previous match. After the match, Hogan pulls a giant banner from the crowd that says Hulk Rules and shows it off before wiping his bald head with it and tossing it back to the fan.

- The Alliance vs. The Mercenaries:
(Nikolai Volkoff (Captain), Tito Santana, Bushwhacker Butch & Luke vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Captain), Boris Zhukov, Sato, Tanaka)

Oh my God, what a collection of losers we've got here. The only issue here is between Volkoff and Slaughter. For the longest time as a kid, I thought Santana was the team captain, since Volkoff was probably more worthless than anyone on the face side. Zhukov is replacing Akeem, MIA for two straight years. This time, Akeem had left the company about a month before the show, so they just did the "Zhukov has dirt on Volkoff" plot to explain his addition to the team. Before the match, Slaughter cuts the most pathetically, drawn-out, and boring promo I think I've ever heard, and I've seen every episode of Raw from 2002-2003. Zhukov gets pounded on by Butch to start. Irish whip, and double clothesline from the Bushwhackers. Santana tags in and he comes off the ropes with the Flying Jalupeno for the three count at 0:48.

Sato rushes in to hammer away on Santana with chops and a few stomps to the head. Wristlock applied, followed by a spinning heel kick. Tanaka tags in, but accidentally nails his partner with a reverse crescent kick. Butch comes in and nails Tanaka with a series of rights. Battering ram to Sato, and Butch makes the cover for the three count at 1:46. Tanaka comes off the ropes to nail Butch with a diving forearm, but he misses a headbutt. Santana tags back in and nails Tanaka with a flying forearm, and that's a three count at 2:13, leaving Slaughter in a 4-on-1 situation.

Volkoff tags in and hammers away on Slaughter, quite weakly. Volkoff with a series of lame boots to the chest and head. Slaughter comes back with a clothesline, followed by several elbow drops. Irish whip, and Slaughter with an elbow to the midsection. Slaughter... very... slowly... hammers Volkoff against the ropes with forearms. This just seems like a sick way of torturing oneself, by watching. Irish whip, and Slaughter connects with a dropkick. Snapmare and elbow drop by Slaughter for a three count at 5:25. Butch comes in and does his usual crap. Double slam by the Bushwhackers, followed by a double clothesline, for a two count. Luke with a diving back elbow, then he heads to the top rope, splashing the knees. Slaughter with a stomach buster, and that's enough for the three count at 6:30. Butch comes in, pounding away, again. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Slaughter nails him with a shitty clothesline for a three count at 6:53.

Santana with a dropkick from behind. Santana with a flying clothesline from the top rope for a two count. Slaughter counters a monkey flip attempt in the corner with a simple shove. We get a few more near falls, but I've completely lost my mind trying to sit through this match. The referee gets bumped, and here's General Adnan to nail Santana with the Iraqi flag... pole, right after he hit the Flying Jalupeno. Slaughter applies the Camel Clutch, and the bell rings out of nowhere at 10:52. We find out that Slaughter has been Disqualified for outside interference, and thus Tito Santana is going to the match of Survival. DUD Match sucked.

- In probably the most nonsensical moments in WWE History, Gene Okerlund is standing by with the mysterious egg that had been carted around the country to every taping of WWE programming. The egg finally hatches, and out pops... a guy in a giant turkey costume. Correction. A terrible, cartoony turkey costume. This segment just bombs on so many levels. The bird dances around while a familiar tune blasts in the background, to the amusement of maybe three people. Gene Okerlund joins in on the fun, and even that's barely entertaining enough to not fast forward. Outside of a couple of house show appearences, the Gobbledy Gooker (the THING from the egg) would disappear without as much as a whimper. The gimmick from hell returned for the gimmick battle royale at WrestleMania X-Seven, but it was a completely new costume, making me think this one was burned so that no one could remember such a terrible idea.

- The Grand Finale Match of Survival:
Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Tito Santana vs. Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord, Hercules, Paul Roma:

I always found it funny that the faces and heels just teamed up with each other here, without so much as an explanation why. In a pre-match promo, the Warrior cracks me up stating that they had the power of Hulkamania, the Warriors, and Ariba-derci on their side. What the fuck is Ariba-derci!? Santana and Warlord start, and in moments, Santana connects with the flying forearm for the three count at 0:28. Roma tags in and quickly plants Santana with a powerslam. Dibiase tags in, and drops a knee across the throat, followed by his signature suplex for a two count. Irish whip, and Santana comes back with a big clothesline. Whip to the corner, and Santana with a back drop. Santana calls for the end, but he misses the forearm. Dibiase stun guns Santana across the top rope, and that's enough for the three count at 1:51.

Hogan comes in to scare Dibiase, then unloads on him with a series of roundhouse rights. Whip to the corner, and Hogan rams Dibiase into the boot of Warrior. Irish whip, and Dibiase comes back with a clothesline. Hercules tags in, and he clubs away on the back of Hogan. Irish whip, and Hercules drops Hogan with a clothesline. Roma to the top rope, and he connects with a sledge to the top of the head for a two count. Martel tags in to work over Hogan a bit, and here's Hercules again to do some more of the same. It's just all punching and kicking, right now. Hercules rams Hogan to the buckle a bunch of times, but I couldn't keep track 'cause the crowd didn't count along. Dibiase with an elbow from the top rope, followed by a knee drop for a two count. Dibiase with his signature fist drops, but that only gets two, as well. Hercules tags back in for the same he did before. Hercules sets Hogan up on the top rope. Power-Plex on Hogan... and he pops right back up. Hogan with a clothesline to Roma, and that's a three count at 5:57.

Martel rushes in to hammer away on Hogan. Irish whip, and Hogan boots the Model. Warrior gets the hot tag, and he's going psycho with boots to the midsection of Martel. Whip across the ring, and Warrior nails everything in site. Warrior with a series of scoop slams on the Model. Hogan tags back in, and he unloads with rights. Irish whip, and a big boot connects. Hogan clotheslines Martel through the ropes, and Martel decides he's done for the night, opting to take the Count-Out at 7:17. I think the heels are pretty much screwed, right about now.

Dibiase and Hogan lock-up into the corner, with Dibiase taking control. Whip across the ring is reversed, and Hogan follows into the corner with a clothesline, the deadliest move of the night, apparently. Irish whip, big boot, and leg drop by Hogan on Dibiase, and that's a three count at 8:30. Hercules runs in and gets powerslammed by Hogan. Warrior comes off the ropes with clotheslines. Warrior bounces off the ropes and connects with a diving shoulder tackle. Splash by the Warrior, and Hercules is gone at 9:07, making Warrior and Hogan the Super Grand Survivors of the night. * Match was just stuff happening to send the crowd home happy. The idea, while a neat one, was abandoned after it's first showing, and I don't believe we've seen such a thing since. See also: Wild Card Match.

Final Thoughts: A tremendously poor showing this year 'round. If not for the memorable debut of the Undertaker, this show would be lost in a sea of mediocrity. None of the matches were worth half of a damn, the booking decisions were questionable, the eliminations of most were pretty lame, with countless cop-out's and weak finishes, and an overall sense of rushing, with six matches and a stupid segment for a damn bird to worry about giving time. Strong Recommendation to Avoid, but watch the Undertaker's debut on one of the countless video releases since then focusing on his career.

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