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Monday, August 19th 2019.
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WWF Superstars - June 27, 1992

by Erick Von Erich

Due to a diminishing number of requests, it's another random episode of "WWF Superstars". This episode finds us in Hamilton, Ontario, hosted by Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect. Perfect spends some time trying to cook up some "jokes" about Hamilton. "Well, George Hamilton's from here!" Wow...Perfect was usually pretty clever, but this whole sequence leaves a lot to be desired. Like, pretty much everything. But with so much going on in the World Wrestling Federation, let's get down to ringside for...

  • Match 1: The British Bulldog vs. Nick Danger

    Pay attention and you'll hear McMahon actually calling him "Davey Boy Smith" at one point...and that he's been using his Ico-Pro. Includes an in-set promo from Bulldog, threatening to take the Repo Man to obedience school.
  • WWF Update with "Mean" Gene Okerlund

    Brought to you by Ico-Pro! Tatanka visits the "Awkwasazi Indian Reservation". And I'm truly sorry for butchering that name. Anyways, Tatanka took time to walk around and do his spirutal yell, twice. Then he told kids to stay in school, he'll beat up Rick Martel, don't do drugs and listen to their elders...all in one sentence.
  • Match 2: The Nasty Boys vs. Rick Johnson & Chico Martinez

    In-set promo flies in from High Energy. Or, as Koko B. Ware puts it: "Hiiiiigh En-er-geeeeee"; which always cracked me up because they didn't have an actual song or anything, Koko just like singing their name. Usual stuff from the Nasties, including their pit-stop and power-slam/elbow-drop finisher.
  • Events Center with Sean Mooney

    Local hype for a Worcester card, as we get and a promo from the team of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Bret "Hitman" Hart, then their opponents, Shawn Michaels and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Hart tries another failed phrase: "You gotta' be bold to wear the gold" and how they're gonna' be excellent executors. Then Macho steals the promos when he concludes: "we're space cowboys, yeah!"
  • Into vignette from Razor Ramon, down in Miami Beach. He's interrupted by a "chica", some broad wearing black spandex pants with hiked-up denim jorts pulled over them! Razor's through with chicas, they're just for fun.

  • Match 3: Virgil vs. Glen Ruth

    Virgil's very agrresive and is "hammering away", making McMahon wonder if he, too, is taking his Ico-Pro. Ruth lands awakwardly after a back-drop. Virg picks up the win with a Russian Leg-sweep.
  • Quick plug for the Colisuem Video, "Battle of the Sueprstars", including the Bushwhackers' aerobic routine. Yes, that's supposed to make you buy it.

  • Events Center with Sean Mooney

    Another awesome tag-team event is coming to Worcester, so let's hear from the Berzerker and Papa Shango. Then their opponents, Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker. It's as insane as you'd imagine. Warrior says something about the heavens, hell and the enitre universe. Taker plays into the gimmick, a bit, by mentioning he came from the depths of hell. Oh great goolie-goo, it's just a wrestling match.
  • Match 4: The Berzerker vs. Bruce Mitchell

    McMahon takes a shot at Mitchell's under-developed chest...and misses a chance to plug Ico-Pro. Fly-in promo from 'Zerker, threatening to rip off the Undertaker's stinkin' head. After some clubbering and kneedrops, Mitchell gets chucked over the top rope with a side suplex as 'Zerker wins by count-out.
  • A Very Special Interview with the Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering

    The LOD returns to the remains of a "burnt-out, cockroach infested slum", where they grew up in Chicago. Hawk and Animal investigate the rubble...and find Rocco. They try their best to pump this up as significant. Animal: "Paul, this was the guy we always talked about! Y'know the Wrestling Buddies that all the little Legion of Doomers play with, out there?! This was our Wrestling Buddy!" Way to work in the product plug, Animal. Paul suggests they bring Rocco to the ring with them so they'll always remember where they came from. Yes, you just saw the baddest tag team in the universe get castrated before your eyes.
  • Match 5: Nailz vs. John Gullen

    Greco-Roman Mouth-stretch from Nailz, then some choking and a clothesline. Nailz finishes him off with a "blatant chokehold" for the win. Some more refs come in to stop the extra-curricular pummeling, but Nailz chases them off as the fans chant for the Big Bossman.
  • We get quick highlights of the 1992 World Bodybuilding Federation Championships... yes, they used their Ico-Pro.

  • Match 6: "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich vs. Duane Gill

    Makes me smile that he's introduced as Kerry Von Erich and they name-drop Fritz. Gill makes a brief comeback, but wanders right into a discus punch.
  • Promo for WBF Bodystars with Cameo Kneuer. McMahon and Pefect talk about how hot she is. Perfect evens wonders if she could be "Mrs. Perfect".

  • Match 7: Kamala (w/Kim Chee and Harvey Whippleman) vs. Johnny Lee

    For whatever reason, McMahon and Perfect start talking abut Jane Fonda. McMahon says that her significant other, Ted Turner, would make a great Kim Chee. Quick match, as it takes Kamala longer than usual to figure out that the match is over.
  • Events Center with Sean Mooney

    Look out, Worcester, you're getting Nailz vs. the the Big Bossman! Here's a promo from Nailz; complete with voice-over. Then another stumbling promo from the British Bulldog, who'll be taking on the Repo Man.
Why'd You Watch This?
I had insomnia while stuck in Germany, Netflix doesn't work over there and the only thing remotely interesting on German TV was "Bernd das Brot", so I hopped to YouTube. But I digress. This originally aired around the final days of my WWF fandom. I literally think I stopped my religious streak of watching WWF TV about a week after this show. It's basically "where I left off" as there wasn't much to keep me interested at this time. Like all syndicated shows, it's just a prolonged commercial for other stuff...and Ico-Pro. Nothing worth tracking down here, unless you really want to see the debut of Rocco.

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