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WWF Superstars - January 2, 1993

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Green Bay, WI


  1. Mr. Perfect defeated the Berzerker
  2. Yokozuna defeated George Anderson
  3. Marty Jannetty defeated Tom Stone
  4. Damien Demento defeated Mitch Bishop
  5. Crush defeated Dave Sigfrids

Angle Developments/Notes:

  1. To open the show, commentators Jerry Lawler and Randy Savage announce they are going to take part in the Royal Rumble match. Savage notes that he is shocked that Lawler would be part of the match because he thought Lawler would be too scared to compete.
  2. Mr. Perfect kicked off the show by taking on the Berzerker. Both men will be competing in the Royal Rumble match. During the bout, Perfect’s rival Ric Flair came down to ringside to distract Perfect but was soon forced back to the backstage area by referees. Perfect picks up the win over Berzeker with the Perfect Plex.
  3. Mean Gene hosts the Update segment. The segment sees Bobby Heenan hype up the Narcissis. Heenen believes that when Perfect sees Narcissis he will wish that he was still with Heenan and Flair.
  4. Yokozuna disposes George Anderson easily after hitting the Bonsai Drop.
  5. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. Bret Hart will defend the WWF World Championship against Bam-Bam Bigelow at Madison Square Garden. He believes he will retain the championship because he will put the Sharpshooter on Bigelow!
  6. Marty Jannetty pinned Tom Stone, but more importantly the mystery clown showed up yet again. This time the clown has a bucket and tosses the contents of bucket at Jannetty, but there wasn’t anything in it.
  7. Damien Demento was in action when he prevailed over Mitch Bishop. After the match, Jerry Lawler used his Magistrator to reveal that he knows who Demento listens to. Lawler thinks he listens to the clown!
  8. Mean Gene hosts the Royal Rumble Report. We hear from the WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. who say that the money and title will be leaving with them. Should it come down to DiBiase and IRS in the ring the best man shall win it. We also hear from Ric Flair who is confident that he will repeat the Royal Rumble winner and will also be going after Mr. Perfect. Lastly, the Steiner Brothers hype up their match against the Beverly Brothers.
  9. The clown makes his appearance yet again as Crush forces Dave Sigfrids to give up to the Kona Vice. After the match, Crush confronted the clown.
  10. Sean Mooney hosts the Event Center. We hear from Razor Ramon who will be wrestling against Mr. Perfect at the Meadowlands. Ramon says that he thrives in the Spotlight and that he isn’t convinced that Mr. Perfect is truly perfect. We also hear from Marty Jannetty who will wrestle WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and is out looking to get revenge!
  11. To close the show, Raymond Rougeau interviewed Crush regarding what he said to the clown. Crush says that his grandfather was a clown and worked hard to cheer people up. So, this clown hurting others really gets under his skin. Crush gave the clown a warning and he better take notice of it.

Final Thoughts:
The show was average, I thought. The featured match wasn’t all that appealing, but the interaction between Flair and Perfect is always entertaining.

I really liked how much air time the clown was given on the program. The only negative regarding the clown and Crush feud is the back story for Crush. I mean, he is fighting for the honor of his grandfather was a clown? They should’ve just kept it to Crush wanting to protect the fans and not make it so corny.

Overall, if you liked the clown then the show is probably a lot more fun than what I thought it was.

Thanks for reading.

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