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WWE Superstars - January 15, 2015

by Scrooge McSuck

- A few days late on this oneÖ unless the situation with Main Event clears up, it looks like Superstars will be the only C-Show I cover from time to time. Iím not going through the trouble of looking for downloads of the UK only edition of Main Event, sorry.

- Taped from wherever the hell Monday Night Raw was last week, probably New Orleans, LA. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are at ringside to call all the action, unless otherwise noted. I still say itís false advertisement showing Cena, Reigns, Bryan, Rollins, etc. etc. in excess of the opening since none of them will ever work a match on Superstars.

Summer Rae vs. Cameron:

Ugh. Why is Cameron still allowed to work on television? Her gimmick still appears to be looking at a Dollar Tree brand mirror. Double UghÖ Summer Rae. This should be negative stars good. Cameron stalls to check herself in the mirror, and then Summer Rae grabs it and does the same. YOU GO GIRL! Whip to the ropes, and they instantly blow a leap frog spot. Cameron controls with stomping and choking. Amazingly, Cameron has gotten three near falls without performing an actual wrestling move. Cameron with a modified surfboard. The crowd is completely on their hands, even on a canned show. I am being serious when I say all of Cameronís offense, outside of the rest spots, is throwing Summer Rae down. Summer Rae avoids a leg drop, connects with a few clotheslines, and a goofy DDT. Spinning heel kick, and thatís all at 4:17. Would that be Summer Raeís version of Hulking Up? DUD This wasnít very good. I was tempted to go negatives, but it was only 4-minutes.

- Recap of the Authority throwing theirÖ uhÖ authority around.

- Highlights from the John Cena vs. Seth Rollins match from the January 12th episode of Monday Night Raw.

- Recap of Daniel Bryanís return to Monday Night Raw and physical confrontation with Corporate Kane.

Los Matadores & Justin Gabriel (w/ El Torito) vs. Goldust, Stardust, and Fandango (w/ Rosa):

25 minutes later, and we finally get our second match of the broadcast. Last week must have been the week of Tag Team Wrestling. Iím all for Six-Manís and all of the participants are decent workers. For a tie-breaker, my vote goes to El Torito. Stardust is rocking a white bodysuit for this one. Heís looking like Jushin Liger with that color scheme. Gabriel and Fandango start. Fandango grabs a headlock and comes off the ropes with a shoulder. Criss-cross ends with Gabriel taking him over with an arm drag and grabbing an armbar. Stardust comes in with a cartwheel and gets laid out with a right hand. Gabriel takes him down with a drop toe hold and quickly goes to work on the arm. Fernando with a swinging neckbreaker for two as we take a break, with Stardust hissing like a cat.

We return with Fernando getting worked over. Fandango is taken into the ropes with a drop toe hold and Diego comes off the ropes with a splash across the back. Fernando back in with a senton from the apron, but heís sucker punched from behind thanks to a Dust Distraction. Goldust with a spinebuster for two. Gold and Stardust with some double teaming in the corner. Goldust drops an elbow and grabs a chinlock. Fernando fights free, only to run into an elbow. Goldust with his uppercut and an inverted atomic drop. Fernando ducks under a clothesline and takes Goldust down in a double spot. Diego with the hot tag, coming off the top with an axehandle, followed by a pair of twisting elbows on Stardust. Whip to the corner, and a monkey flip takeover. Whip reversed and Diego with a corkscrew moonsault for two. Gabriel tosses Goldust to the floor, but takes a kick to the face going for a suicide dive. Fernando catches Toritoís attempts at a body press, and knocked down from a Diego suicide dive. Fernando escapes a Curtain Call attempt, but gets laid out by the Disaster Kick, and Stardust covers for three at 7:24. ** Fine for what is was, but other than a hot finishing sequence, thereís not much to get worked up about. I guess I was spoiled by a better 6-Man earlier in the week on Main Event.

- Randy Savageís Hall of Fame announcement and video is replayed.

- Recap of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contract signing for the Royal Rumble, featuring Seth Rollins standing tall after KOíing Brock Lesnar with the Curb Stomp.

Final Thoughts: Typical episode of Superstars. One Divas Match (a pretty crappy one this week) and another undercard filler match. Iím all for Tag Team Matches, especially 6-Manís, as it gives us more Superstars to enjoy. The recaps were a bit excessive, especially for someone who actually sat through every show WWE has to offer for the week, but if this is all youíre going to watch, then itís a good job in keeping everyone up to date with the important happenings from Raw.

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