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WWE Smackdown- August 8, 2008
by Sassy

Smackdown is broadcast on the CW Network from Atlanta, GA.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Last week, Rated R Superstar Edge begged Mick Foley to help him prepare for his Hell in a Cell Match against The Undertaker. When Foley refused and told Edge he needed to go back and find the Edge that awed fans and earned respect, Edge seemed to have changed his tune and to show it, he decimated Foley in and of the ring. Will the new and improved Edge make fans want to hate him and love him at the same time? The audience sees a replay of what happened at the end of last weekís Smackdown.

Tazz has taken an injured Mick Foleyís place at the announcerís table and Jim Ross welcomes Tazz as his partner. Tonight The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, WWE United States Wrestling Champion will face Jeff Hardy and The Great Khali will face The Game Triple H in an Indian Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Contest.

Olympic Tag Team Match
Maryse from Montreal, Quebec, Canada in a tennis outfit
Victoria from Los Angeles, CA in a gymnast outfit
Natalya from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in an equestrian outfit
Michelle McCool from Jacksonville, FL in a volleyball outfit
WWE Divaís Champion
Cherry from the Other Side of the Tracks in a boxing outfit
Maria from Chicago, IL in a skier outfit

Iíd say ďhow cuteĒ but Iíd rather see a wrestling match and Iím still having a problem believing Natalya ever tapped out to McCool. Iíve lost track of who is supposed to be in the ring but Natalya delivers the sharpshooter to Maria and Maria taps out. Time: 3 minutes.

Winners: Natalya with a sharpshooter & Victoria & Maryse

Natalya must have been applying that sharpshooter from the time she was still in diapers. She goes into the move with no hesitation and locks it in with ease.

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder are backstage digging under something for Bam Neely. Neely is on the floor and looks like he is out of it. Chavo Guerrero pushes Vickie Guerrero in her wheelchair to the scene and Chavo picks up a black rose that has been left with Neely. We go to commercial break.

Non-Title Match
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
WWE World Tag Team Champions
Jimmy Wang Yang
Shannon Moore

I donít understand why WWE released Moore. Heís good at what he does in the ring and beats out quite a few of the roster members who are still employed. Moore & Yang do work well together as a tag team although Hawkins & Ryder are doing a better job in the ring since they got their hands on those tag team titles. Hawkins & Ryder deliver a double DDT behind the refereeís back and get the win. Time: 5 minutes.

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Lena Yada is backstage with M.V.P. MVP wants to talk about his match against Jeff Hardy at Summerslam. Yada introduces a replay of the Saturday Night Main Event match between Hardy and Edge with interference from MVP. MVP says he wonít have to beat Jeff Hardy. MVP says that Jeff Hardy will beat himself. We go to commercial break.

Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 225 lbs.
The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC
WWE United States Champion
Iím having a terrible time hearing the ring announcer. Iím sure he stated Benjaminís weight but I couldnít hear it. I donít have to tell you whom the fans are cheering for in this match up. Hardy is good in the ring but Benjamin is a good wrestler. He has some great moves and counter moves when he is in the ring. Tazz remarks that Hardy is wrestling Benjaminís game and Hardy is spending more time on the mat than he normally does. Hardy delivers a kick that sends Benjamin out to the floor. Hardy then delivers a cross body block, taking Benjamin down to the floor again before rolling Benjamin back into the ring. Hardy delivers a body slam and goes out to the top turnbuckle but Benjamin goes up after Hardy. Hardy shoves Benjamin down to the mat and Hardy goes for the Swanton, but Benjamin rolls out of the way and Hardy meets the mat. We go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back in the ring, Benjamin has Hardy down on the mat. It turns into a slugfest and Benjamin has the upper hand. Benjamin goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out at the count of two. Benjamin goes to work on Hardyís left leg, which JR says was injured during Hardyís match against Edge on Saturday night. Benjamin again goes for a cover but Hardy gets a shoulder off the mat. Benjamin attempts a submission hold putting pressure on Hardyís knee. Benjamin goes for a single leg Boston crab and then delivers a knee to the back of Hardyís knee. Hardy comes of the mat swinging but a kick to the leg by Benjamin sends Hardy back down to the canvas. Hardy makes it to the bottom rope when Benjamin goes for another Boston crab. Hardy rolls out to the floor and Benjamin goes out after him. Benjamin leaps off the ring apron but Hardy comes up with two boots to catch Benjamin as he lands. Hardy rolls Benjamin back into the ring. Hardy goes for a cover but Benjamin gets a shoulder up at the count of two. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind and goes for the cover but Benjamin kicks out after the two count. Benjamin catches Hardy, Benjamin delivers a body slam and goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out at the count of two. Hardy hits the twist of fate, goes up to the top turnbuckle and delivers the Swanton bomb. Before Hardy can cover Benjamin, MVP enters the ring and delivers a kick to Hardyís head. Time: 15 minutes.

Winner: No winner was announced.

Chavo is backstage with Vickie. Chavo thinks the black rose is from Undertaker. Hawkins appears and says he canít find Ryder anywhere. He has looked everywhere, but Vickie suggests looking in the parking lot. We go to commercial break.

Indian Glass Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Contest
The Game Triple H
WWE Champion
The Great Khali
With Ranjin Singh

Does one time an arm wrestling contest? Singh takes the mic and says that Khali has something he would like to say to HHH. Khali takes the mic and, of course, he says it all in a foreign language. HHH takes the mic and tells Khali that itís a really good point. HHH tells Singh he has no idea what Khali says. Singh says Khali says HHH should get out while he can. HHH has never gone one on one with the 7í3Ē, 440 lb. Punjabi Nightmare, The Great Kahli. HHH tells Singh needs to get a lamp and rub the sides until Khali goes back in where he came from and then put the cork in the lamp to protect him. HHH says The Great Khali has never been in the ring with The Game. HHH says he is going to break Khaliís legs and then he is going to beat him. HHH has a problem locking hands with Khali. HHH goes down to the floor to try to get a jump on Khali but Khali stops him and itís going the other way. HHH has brought Khaliís arm close to the glass but Khali grabs HHH by the hair, delivers a head butt and throws the table out of the way. Khali unties their wrists and has HHH by the throat. HHH breaks out of the choke slam and tries for the pedigree. Khali sends HHH into the ropes and delivers a chop and then has HHH in a vice grip. HHH fights back but itís not doing much good. HHH is down to one knee. HHH is out. Singh says that Khali has two words for him: Game Over. Time: 5 minutes for the entire segment. We go to commercial break.

Curt Hawkins is on the floor somewhere in the back of the building with a black rose across his chest. Tazz says there is something ominous going on. JR introduces another video of R-Truth, coming soon to Smackdown. Chavo is backstage with Vickie and he tells her that the entire family has been wiped out and both he and she are vulnerable. Chavo says they need to find the only person that can help them and that is Edge. Vickie says that she isnít going to do it, but Chavo says that he will do it because they have no choice. We go to commercial break.

Vladimir Kozlov enters the ring with a mic in his hand. Kozlov says he is undefeated and he demands better competition. Iíve been yelling for that for weeks. Jesse and Festus appear with a ref in tow and head to the ring.

Vladimir Kozlov
When the bell rings, Festus goes wild and the ref and Jesse have to get him out of the ring so that Jesse can face Kozlov. Is there a reason Festus isnít the one facing Kozlov? I have a lot of faith in Jesse but stillÖJesse does go for a cover but Kozlov kicks out. As Jesse tries to come off the top rope, Kozlov nails him with a head butt, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 2 minutes.
Winner: Vladimir Kozlov with a head butt and we go to commercial break.

Chavo is backstage with Vickie and he says that he talked to Edge and Edge has agreed to come see her but that Vickie has to be nice to Edge because itís about their survival. We go to commercial break.

The Brian Kendrick from Venice, CA weighing 184 lbs.
With Ezekiel
Super Crazy from Mexico weighing 210 lbs.

Kendrick goes after Crazy to keep him on the mat. Kendrick goes for an early cover and gets a two count. Kendrick uses a few well-placed kicks and goes for the cover again getting only a two count. Crazy is back to his feet but he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Kendrick nails him with a dropkick and goes for the cover but Crazy kicks out. Kendrick runs across the ring and delivers a kick, but he still canít get the three count. Crazy delivers a back breaker and Kendrick is in the ropes. Crazy delivers a standing moonsault and goes for the cover. Kendrick kicks out after the count of two. Crazy goes up to the second rope. Zeke distracts Crazy, Kendrick hits The Kendrick and gets the three count and the win. Time: 4 minutes.
Winner: The Brian Kendrick with The Kendrick

I could stand longer matches with The Brian Kendrick just to see him work the ring. Heís good in the ring although he could use a few dancing lessons for his celebratory dance after the match.

Chavo and Vickie are backstage when Edge enters the room. Edge tries to talk but Vickieís temper keeps getting in the way. Edge says they will get past this but they canít let Undertaker do to them what he has done to everyone else. Edge says he has a plan and they have to do things Edgeís way. Edge asks Vickie if she will do this his way. Vickie says she will. Does anyone else think that Edge is the one who planted those black roses? We go to commercial break.

Edge, Vickie and Chavo enter the arena and head to the ring. Edge grabs a couple of chairs and a mic. Edge addresses Undertaker and tells him to come out to the ring. When Undertaker doesnít appear, Edge says thatís what he thought. He says that because they are ready for Undertaker, Undertaker wonít show. Edge has both chairs in his hands and he nails Chavo in the back with a chair. He then slams Chavoís head into a steel chair. Yes it was Edge and he goes for the conchairto, finishing off Chavo. He then rolls up his sleeves and heads toward Vickie. Edge then dumps Vickie over in her wheelchair and grabs the mic again. He backs her into the corner. Edge asks her whatís wrong and he wants to know if she knows that the person she should worried about isnít Undertaker but Edge. He says this is the Edge that needs to step into Hell in a Cell with Undertaker. He says that if he goes down, he will take Undertaker and the entire family down to hell with him and more than anyone else, he will take her down to hell with him.

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