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WWE Smackdown- February 11, 2011

by SamoaRowe

-From Green Bay, Wisconsin.

-Tonight: Edge defends his World title against Dolph Ziggler. To make matters worse, Vickie Guerrero is the special guest referee.

-We kick off with Alberto Del Rio riding out to the ring to entertain us. Alberto lists the loves of his life, including his cars, Mexico, and destiny, because destiny loves him. He offers a visual aide in the form of an oversize Valentine’s heart. Kofi Kingston interrupts the self-love-fest. Kofi doesn’t know about the future, but he’s an expert on the present and he storms the ring with a kendo stick. Del Rio begs for mercy as Kofi is reluctant to take a swing. Kofi contemplates mercy but instead winks and unloads with a series of swings. Del Rio escapes while Kofi destroys Del Rio’s ring decorations.

-Booker T, Josh Matthews, and Michael Cole are our hosts for the evening. Booker offers the insight that Kofi won’t take any mess here in the WWE anymore. Cole is typically outraged over what just happened.

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio is aggressive in the early going, apparently having shaken off the kendo shots. Kofi returns the aggression and the referee has to pull him off. Kofi misses a running stomp, allowing Del Rio to take control. Kofi dodges a charge, sending Del Rio to ringside. Kofi builds momentum with his signature spots. A flying cross body by Kingston isn’t enough. Kofi plants Del Rio but they’re in the ropes. Del Rio dodges Trouble in Paradise and takes a hike. Kofi pursues but Del Rio slams his arm into the ring steps. Back to the ring, the cross arm-breaker finishes it at 4:51. This was pretty good for a short match, this is probably building to something bigger between these two.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

-Todd Grisham interviews Edge about his match against Dolph Ziggler tonight. Edge says Vickie will call the match down the middle the day pigs fly, and Vickie in an airplane doesn’t count. Hey, Edge, you’re the one who married her. Edge is uncharacteristically hopeless about the prospects of retaining the title tonight.

-The Green Bay Packers are in attendance tonight. Isn’t that fun.

Vladimir Kozlov (with Santino Marella) vs. Justin Gabriel (with Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson and Heath Slater)

Kozlov goes right to work tossing Gabriel around. Gabriel takes control with a wicked awesome chinlock. Kozlov easily breaks out and unleashes his trademark head butts. Slater trips Kozlov while Jackson distracts. Slater is ambushed by Santino’s cobra. Gabriel counters an elbow drop and nails the 450 splash for the win at 2:14. This was more angle than match.
Winner: Justin Gabriel

-The Corre aren’t finished and punish Kozlov and Marella with a round of finishers.

-Later tonight, Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett… for the first time ever!

-2.21.11 video package. There’s thunder and lightning, and possibly some wolves! The door to a spooky house opens and man in a trench coat enters.

Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is heading into the Elimination Chamber match and Chris Masters is fondly remembering the time when he had that spot… like five years ago. In other words, watch your back, Drew. Drew takes a moment to address Kelly on the mic, which allows Masters the opportunity to almost pull off a quick win. Masters misses a splash, allowing Drew to stretch him on his back. Masters reverses but Drew counters with his Future Shock DDT. Drew picks up the win at 1:54. See ya on Superstars, Chris!
Winner: Drew McIntyre

-Michael Cole announces that Cody Rhodes has had successful facial reconstruction surgery.

-Todd Grisham asks Rey Mysterio if he has any words for Cody Rhodes. Rey scoffs, saying that it was only a broken nose and that he didn’t do it on purpose. Rey says that injuries are typical in this line of work and sarcastically adds that he hopes Cody has the courage to make it through this difficult time.

-Wade Barrett comes to the ring. He talks about how he is representing the Corre in the Elimination Chamber match, but reminds us that the Corre members are equals. The next part of their plan to revolutionize Smackdown involves Rey Mysterio.

Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio

Barrett uses his strength advantage to pummel Rey in the early going. Rey answers with his quickness, but Barrett cuts him off. Rey bounces back with a drop-kick to the face. Barrett trips Rey on the ropes and punishes him in a tree of woe. Rey attempts 619 but it’s too soon. Rey lands a senton to the floor but Barrett back drops him into the barricade. Cue the commercial. After the break, Wade is in firm control, as per usual. Rey fights back with a flurry of trademark spots. Barrett answers with a Bossman slam but gets positioned for 619. Justin Gabriel runs in, allowing a big boot by Barrett. Wasteland finishes Rey at 7:27 (shown). This was your typical Rey Mysterio formula match.
Winner: Wade Barrett

-The Corre storms the ring for a group beat-down on Mysterio. The Big Show makes the save for a man he was swung into the ring post on a stretcher. Big Show cleans house in spectacular form until Ezekiel Jackson wipes him out. Jackson suplexes Show for the exclamation mark.

JTG vs. Kane

Hmm, do I sense a time limit draw? JTG targets the head of Kane. It doesn’t take long for Kane to swat JTG off and unleash his fury. The choke slam finishes it at 1:48. That lasted about 90 seconds longer than I thought it would. Kane had to huff and puff through all his signature spots.
Winner: Kane

-Michelle McCool and Layla are strolling backstage, still upset over Eve Torres winning the Divas title at the Royal Rumble. Vickie and Dolph Ziggler join them and are blaming Layla for losing the match last week to Kelly Kelly. There are signs of dissension between LayCool.

Layla (with Michelle McCool) vs. Eve Torres

Layla immediately rolls out of the ring to beg Michelle for support. Eve breaks it up and attacks. Back to the ring, Layla is on offense. Eve counters with a fireman’s carry and builds some momentum. Standing moonsault by Eve isn’t enough. Eve plants and goes for the top rope moonsault, but Michelle distracts. Layla still can’t get the cover as Eve reverses for the win at 2:55. Next!
Winner: Eve Torres

World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge © vs. Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero is the special guest referee. Before the bell rings, Vickie reminds us that the spear is still banned. Dolph goes for a quick cover and Vickie provides a quick count. Edge lands some punches and Vickie prematurely pulls him off Dolph. Ziggler unloads some punches of his own and Vickie lets it go. The fight goes back and forth for a stretch. Edge blocks the Zig Zag and nails a DDT. Edge makes a cover but Vickie puts Dolph’s leg on the ropes. Dolph gets another unfair near fall after a Fame-asser. Vickie signals a spear of her own. Vickie bounces off Edge, who completely no-sells her spear attempt. Vickie appears to have injured her ankle and gets carried out by a medic. Edge takes the opportunity to hit a spear on Ziggler, but there’s no referee. Vickie watches as Edge nails a second spear. One of the Green Bay Packers comes out in a referee uniform and counts Edge’s cover. That’s some quality crowd pandering, Smackdown writers. Obviously, this was not on the level of the first Edge/Ziggler match at the Rumble, but was fine for a Smackdown match.
Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

-Well, this episode kept the ball rolling towards the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Alberto Del Rio continues to look like a star, Edge and Vickie still hate one another, and I’m actually interested in the Corre storyline, so huzzah. Thumbs up, I sez.

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