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Monday Night RAW October 27, 2008
by Bigelow34

Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, AZ
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

- We start the show with a quick graphic tribute to the late "Special Delivery" Jones and then take a look at a Cyber Sunday highlight package, focusing on the Jericho/Batista title match with Steve Austin as the guest referee. After that we hit the opening animation and then head inside the Tucson Convention Center where we are live and one day removed from Cyber Sunday. And we waste no time in getting started as Chris Jericho powerwalks to the ring, sans music and title. He says last night was the biggest screwjob in WWE history as Mike Adamle did everything in his power to make Batista the Champion. The fans aided him by picking the biased Steve Austin as the referee as he changed the rules and bullied Jericho, costing him his title. Batista should be embarrassed to call himself a Champion because he did not beat Jericho. It took an entire army to beat him: from Batista to Michaels to Austin to Adamle to all of the hypocrite fans. Mike Adamle has made a tag match for tonight’s show and he is happy because he is dying to get his hands on Batista and Michaels. Jericho wants more than that as he will use his rematch clause next week to regain his title. We are now joined by Mike Adamle who comes walking down the aisle and to the ring. He wants to ensure no interference in the rematch next week so he has decided to make the bout a steel cage match. Jericho doesn’t seem too happy about it as he paces around the ring. He slams the mike down and storms off angrily to a cascade of boos. As he walks out, Randy Orton passes him on the ramp and hits the ring. Orton asks Adamle if he is satisfied for himself. He sent Randy out last night to be an emergency referee, something he wax uncomfortable with and look what happened…he got a Stone Cold Stunner. It was inexcusable and he couldn’t defend himself properly. He will now make sure that Adamle does not get away with this. Orton calls out for Shane and Stephanie and asks them to come to Raw next week to fire Mike Adamle. If they don’t, he will walk out of the WWE as they need him more than he needs them. Adamle goes or he goes, next week. He asks Adamle what he is looking at and bullies him a bit. He calls Adamle spineless and says he is a failure as he failed at an interviewer, and announcer and a GM. And if he flew to Chicago he would ask his wife and children if he failed as a husband and father as well. Adamle has had enough and he smacks Orton to a big pop. Orton stares him down and then leaves the ring. We now take a look back at Orton’s action at Unforgiven, which ended up costing CM Punk his World title. Back live, we see Kofi Kingston and Punk walking as we go to break.

- Back from break and we are checking out WWE.com as Cole and King are thanking the fans for voting for Cyber Sunday and thanking Pendulum for providing the official theme song.

1) Kofi Kingston & CM Punk defeat Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase for the World Tag Team Championships when Punk pins DiBiase with the Go 2 Sleep
Punk is out first and is quickly joined by his buddy Kofi. All three members of Team Priceless are out next and this should be an interesting title match. Cody and Kofi start things off as Cody grabs a hammerlock and turns it into a side headlock. Kofi elbows free and is able to monkey flip Cody over. He tags in Punk who is able to knee Cody in the back allowing Kofi to hit a jawjacker. Punk gets a near fall, but Cody is able to catch him with a shot and tag in Ted. Punk takes him down and grabs a front facelock. Ted fights up and runs Punk into the corner. He misses a right hand and Punk starts kicking away. He lands some forearms, but Ted fires back and regains control. He slugs away at Punk in the corner and follows with some uppercuts. He shoots Punk across, but Punk floats over and hits a cross body block. Things break down from there and Priceless end up on the floor. Punk follows them out with a big dive onto Rhodes and DiBiase. He slides back in and the fans are digging it as we go to break. When we return, Cody is in control of Punk as he hits a side Russian legsweep for a near fall. Cody makes me proud and rakes the eyes with boot laces as the crowd tries to rally Punk. Punk catches Cody and hoists him up for the G2S, but Cody slips loose. Punk is able to sneak away and tag Kofi, who hits a high cross body on Cody. Kofi charges but Cody backdrops him to the apron. Kofi fights him off and tries to head up top, but Ted trips him up and sends him down to the floor. Cody heads out and shoots him back in for a near fall. Cody and Ted work Kofi over in the corner and DiBiase is tagged in off of that. Ted kicks away at Kofi on the match and then chokes him on the middle rope which allows Cody to kick him in the face. Kofi tries to fight back but Ted hammers him back down. Cody tags back in and he keeps control as Punk rallies the fans. Kofi fires away at Rhodes, but Cody hits a drop toehold and drags Kofi back to his corner where he tags in DiBiase. Ted catches a couple of Kofi boots to the gut, but he slugs Kofi down to maintain control. He goes to pull Kofi up, but Kofi gets an inside cradle for two. Ted pops up and hits a clothesline and then tags Cody back in. Cody grabs an armbar as the fans get riled up again. Kofi tries to fight loose, but Cody slams him hard to the mat. Cody talks some smack, but Kofi kicks him and then makes the tag to Punk. Punk is all over both men and sends Cody to the floor. He nails Ted with the high knee in the corner and then sends Manu off the apron and to the floor. Cody comes in, but Kingston leapfrogs Punk and hops onto Cody’s shoulders. He takes him to the floor with a headscissors as Punk stalks Ted. He scoops Ted up and nails the G2S to pick up the big win and the belts! We have new tag team champions and the crowd is rocking as Kofi and Punk celebrate and we go to break. Grade: 3.5

- We are back and visiting the announce table as King and Cole recap our events so far tonight. Lillian Garcia then brings out our special guest commentators: Roddy Piper, Goldust and Honky Tonk Man.

2) Santino Marella wrestles Glama-Haas to a no contest; Marella retains the Intercontinental Championship
As the legends head to the table, Glamarella make their way out for IC title action. Santino has a mike and has two things to say. First, unleash the Honk-a-meter! He has now been IC champion for 11 weeks and asks Honky if he is scared that in one week…and one year, he will catch Honky to become the greatest IC Champion of all the times! Looking at the three legends, he would like to call the attention to all the pregnant ladies in the crowd to look at the three and see what happens when you do drugs during pregnancy. They are not pretty like his girlfriend is and he asks the cameraman to zoom in on the Glamazon, who redefines grace and beauty. And with that, Beth’s music fires up and Charlie Haas comes out bedecked as the Glamazon. Piper thinks it is Hillary Clinton and Goldust says he doesn’t like cross dressers. Santino attacks from behind and sends Haas careening to the floor. He follows him out and then lands a cheap shot on Honky. The legends circle the ring as Santino slides back in. Santino turns around and Honky crushes him with his guitar to a nice pop. This was just for laughs and it delivered some good ones. Grade: N/A

- We get a Mike Knox video package and then head to break.

- When we return from break, Michael Cole is in the ring and he brings out our new World Heavyweight Champion: Batista! The champ and the fans are fired up as he heads to the ring with his newly won belt. Cole congratulates him and asks him how he feels. Batista can’t describe it and he feels quite good. It has been a long, slow journey back to the top but the WWE Universe was there with him and he thanks and shares the belt with them. Now that the belt is back where it belongs, it isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Cole recaps the rematch set for next week and asks if Batista is concerned. No, he isn’t concerned and couldn’t be happier as the cage is his home and his playground. Jericho will have nowhere to run or hide and at the end of the day, he will have no excuses as Batista will still be World champion. And that is that. Candice, Kelly and Mickie are walking backstage as we go to break.

- When we return we get a WWE Classics On Demand moment. This one is a recap of the Showdown at Shea from August 1980.

3) Mickie James, Candice Michelle & Kelly defeat Jillian Hall, Layla & Katie Lea Burchill when Kelly pins Katie Lea with the K2
Back in the arena, Kelly, Candice and Mickie all make their way out to a warm reception from the Arizona fans. Katie, Jillian and Layla all come out to Jillian’s theme as we look at clips from the Diva Halloween costume contest from last night. Jillian and Candice start off and Candice takes Jillian down and hits a neck snap for one. Candice floats over a charging Jillian and takes her down for another near fall. She mares Jillian over and tags in Mickie. They hit a double team monkey flip for a near fall. Jillian slugs Mickie down but Mickie hits a clothesline after ducking on a whip. She takes Jillian over with a flying headscissors and hits a low dropkick for two. Jillian finally puts Mickie down to gain control and tags in Layla. They hit a double clothesline and Layla covers for two. Mickie kicks Layla on a charge and then lands a boot to the face. Layla tags in Katie as Mickie tags Kelly. Kelly hits the big spinning headscissors and follows with a dropkick. She tries for a monkey flip out of the corner, but Katie spikes her down. A brawl erupts outside as Mickie hits a Thesz Press of the apron. Back inside, Kelly hits the K2 for the win. Grade: 1.5

- We cut to JBL backstage and he is all about business. Last night, Shawn Michaels cost him a great business deal. He had a deal with Chris Jericho to help him retain the belt and thus earn a title match. The title is worth a lot of money and Shawn cost him that money. Last night, Shawn got a taste but tonight he will pay and learn that nobody crosses JBL. And with that we are out to break.

- The Esurance Slam of the Week uses stills to recap the Mysterio/Kane No Holds Barred match from last night.

4) Rey Mysterio defeats Evan Bourne with a victory roll
Back inside the Tucson Convention Center, we are joined by Rey Mysterio who is coming off a big win last night. The Grish had a chance to catch up with Rey earlier and we get that in an inset promo. Rey talks about his match with Kane as he pushed through and won the bout. Evan Bourne popped in and says he has been waiting for this moment for his whole career and has every intention of beating Rey. Rey is used to being the underdog, but tonight Bourne is the underdog. Rey shakes his hand and wishes him luck. Bourne then makes his way out and we should be in for a great match. We get a handshake and a lockup to start. Bourne breaks clean in the corner and we get another lockup. Rey grabs a side headlock and grinds Bourne to a knee. Bourne shoots him off and is able to land a boot after some reversals. They reset and circle each other a bit. Bourne goes behind and Rey elbows out. Bourne goes for a clothesline and Rey flips him over with a headscissors. Bourne recovers and leapfrogs Rey and hits a springboard armdrag to send Rey to the floor. Bourne misses a baseball slide and both men dart back in the ring. They stare each other down as we go to break. When we return, Bourne has Rey win a bodyscissors. During the break, Bourne sent Rey to the floor and hit a beautiful Asai moonsault to the floor. Rey fights up but Bourne holds onto a reverse chinlock. The two men crash off a charge and go behind attempt and Bourne goes careening to the outside. Rey follows with a seated senton from the apron. Both men head back inside and Rey gets a near fall. Rey lands a boot, but Bourne catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Bourne kicks Rey in the spine and gets two. He then locks Rey in a surfboard submission. The crowd is trying to rally Rey as he fights out of the hold. Bourne shoots Rey in, but Rey floats over. Bourne leaps to the middle rope and comes off with a cross body but Rey dropkicks him in the gut and both men are down and out. Rey kicks Bourne and then tries a springboard, but he slips and crashes to the mat. Bourne gets two and works the knee a bit. Rey kicks Bourne on a charge, mares him over and hits a low dropkick for two. Rey catches Bourne on another charge, heads up top and hits a seated senton. Bourne kicks out and hits a running Enziguri on a charging Rey for two. Bourne sends Rey to the mat again and hits a standing moonsault for two. He drags Rey to the corner and then heads up top. Rey catches him and heads u pas well. Bourne shoves him off and comes off the top with a sunset flip. Rey reverses it and slingshots Bourne into the middle rope. Rey hits the 619 but Bourne ducks the West Coast Pop. Bourne gets a forward roll up but Rey reverses it and gets the win. Grade: 3

- As Rey helps Bourne up, we are joined by Kane. Rey attacks Kane as he enters, but Kane puts him down with a boot to the face. He tries to tear Rey’s mask off, but Bourne makes the save. They double team Kane and hit a variation of the old Total Elimination. Mark Henry now heads out but Bourne meets him with a baseball slide. He dives out onto Henry, but Mark catches him and runs him into the post. Kane catches Rey and plants him with a chokeslam and Henry crushes Bourne with the World’s Strongest Slam. The crowd is all over Kane and Henry as Bourne and Rey writhe on the mat and we go to break.

- AC/DC has provided WWE with "Spoilin' for a Fight" to use as the Survivor Series theme song. King and Cole tell us that Survivor Series will mark the in ring return of John Cena. We now get another Cena video package, this time focusing on his youth and eventual climb to the top as a wrestler, including some great home movies. And with that we are joined by John Morrison and the Miz. They stop at the top of the ramp, mikes in hand and ask for silence. They understand that many people think they crossed the line last week in mocking D-X. They understand that their sophisticated sense of humor is too much and that the fans are intimidated by their creativity. Morrison says if we don’t get it that is too bad. They will prove that they are on another level next week as they battle D-X. Also, tomorrow night we will get a special edition of the Dirt Sheet as they examine the rise and fall of D-X. After they beat Michaels and Triple H, those who get it can join Miz and Morrison in saying two words: “Be Jealous!” Batista is warming up backstage as we go to break.

- When we return, we turn back the clock to earlier tonight and watch the Orton/Adamle showdown before heading to the ring for our main event.

5) Batista & Shawn Michaels defeat Chris Jericho & John Bradshaw Layfield when Batista pins JBL with the Batistabomb
Jericho is out first but we cut backstage where JBL is brutalizing Shawn Michaels. He tosses him into a wall and then throws him into a locker room and slams the door shut. Back to the ring, JBL saunters out with a smirk on his face. Batista heads out now and it looks like we may get some handicapped action as the King gets word that Michaels can’t compete. Jericho starts things off as the bell sounds. Batista shoves him down off as lockup attempt and Jericho quickly tags JBL in. Batista pushes JBL to the corner but JBL fires out off the break. Batista recovers and plants JBL with a clothesline. He grabs a front facelock and takes JBL over with a suplex for two. JBL grabs a waistlock and spins Batista into his corner and tags Jericho. Jericho pounds away in the corner and then chokes Batista with his boot. JBL lands a cheap shot but Batista gets to his feet and puts Jericho down. He buries Jericho in the corner but Chris is able to kick the taped up knee to put Batista down. He tags in JBL and they lay in the boots to Batista. Batista fights off both men in the corner and puts JBL down with a shoulderblock. He sends JBL to the floor and then catches Jericho off a cross body attempt. He lays him across the top rope and then sends him flying into the announce table. Batista stands alone as we hit our final break. When we return, Jericho has Batista in a rear chinlock. Batista battles up and hits a clothesline. He slugs JBL off the apron but Jericho puts him down for a near fall. He tags JBL back in and JBL runs Batista to the buckle. He follows with a swinging neckbreaker and drops an elbow for two. JBL tags Jericho back in and he hits a big kick to Batista’s face in the corner. Batista rolls to the floor and Jericho baseball slide kicks him to the barricade. Batista slowly gets back in the ring as Jericho heads to the top. He comes flying off but Batista kills him with a clothesline. Jericho tags in JBL who grabs a side headlock, but Batista takes him over with a side suplex. The crowd is trying to rally Batista as Jericho tags back in. Batista meets him with some right hands and follows with a body block. Jericho charges but Batista plants him with a sidewalk slam. He shoves JBL to the floor and attempts the Batistabomb, but Jericho slips free and nails the Codebreaker. Jericho crawls over and gets a near fall. Jericho tags in JBL who hits a big boot to Batista’s face. Batista ducks the CFH and nails a spear, but he is too hurt to capitalize. The crowd starts cheering as we see Shawn Michaels limping to the ring. He climbs to the corner and Batista is able to tag, but the referee missed it as he was caught up with Jericho. Jericho grabs the belt but misses Batista and goes flying to the floor. Batista grabs JBL and nails the Batistabomb for the win. Grade: 2.5

- Michaels tends to Batista as Jericho stands on the ramp smirking. Cole and King run down the card for next week’s 800th episode and we are out!

Final Analysis
The opening segment was quite interesting as Jericho came out and delivered a great promo coming off a tough loss. He is such a great heel in that he can spin the loss as a fluke and a conspiracy and make himself even more hated. I loved the Orton/Adamle interaction as Orton clearly went over the edge and it was great that Adamle showed some spine and smacked him for it. They are clearly loading up next week’s three hour show and it will be interesting to see what Shane and Stephanie do and if they decide to pull the plug on Adamle. The tag match was really good stuff and the crowd was into it the whole way. We also got a great surprise ending and a cool TV title change as Punk got his revenge on Priceless. The Santino segment was great stuff and the legends were funny in their quick spot. Haas was good as Beth as well. Good stuff all around there and I hope the three legends stick around for a few more weeks and maybe a quick shot at Survivor Series. The Batista promo was solid and had an old school feel as he talked briefly and laid out his plans for a lengthy reign. The Divas match was decent enough and was mainly a platform for Kelly to pick up another win as she continues to improve. The Mysterio/Bourne match did not disappoint and the crowd was digging it the whole way through. That was definitely another star making performance for Bourne as they just let him go out there and fly around to get over. He hung all the way with Rey and that will be big in the fans’ eyes. Kane and Henry drew some great heat with the beatdown as well and the whole segment was just well done. The Cena video package was neat and it was cool seeing the old home videos of him and his brothers wrestling in the backyard. Miz and Morrison were funny as always and the Dirt Sheet will be great I am sure. Of course, they will be taken out next week, but that is fine as they continue to get over via their sharp wit and over the top comedy. The JBL beating on Michaels was effective and made JBL look legit by taking him out on his own. The main event ended up being a pretty solid little match and was used to build heat for the cage match next week. Well, Raw definitely rebounded nicely and put out a great effort tonight. The energy was high and the pace was fast throughout the night. The show was focused and crowd got into a nice groove. Every segment had a goal and they were all pretty much accomplished. We also got a great title change and some really good in ring action to boot. This was a rock solid outing coming off a PPV as the build for Survivor Series kicks off. The show kept me interested the whole way through and had some memorable moments and that is all I can ask for. Grade: B+

MVP: Kofi Kingston & CM Punk
Runner Up: Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne
Non MVP: Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
Runner Up: Katie Lea Burchill

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