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Monday Night RAW October 26, 2009
by Bigelow34

HSBC Arena
Buffalo, NY
: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

- We start this week’s show off with a recap of last night’s PPV. We then head inside the HSBC Arena where Michael Cole welcomes us to Raw. We are immediately joined by Big Show and Chris Jericho. Jericho has his Smackdown shirt on and is carrying the Bragging Rights trophy high above his head. Cole calls Show “Brutus” for stabbing Raw in the back and King asks if he is referencing Beefcake. Show has the mic and he wants us to know that he is still a proud member of the Raw roster despite what happened last night. Jericho tells him that he doesn’t need to explain himself to all the germ incubators out there. He says Show did what he did out of loyalty and honor for Jericho and their team. Show has something to say, but Jericho wants to thank him for ending the reign of DX. There will be no mirth or hawking of cheap merchandise out of embarrassment. Show stood up for what was right by punching Triple H in the face and helping Smackdown win. Show has something to say, but Jericho keeps cutting him off and putting over Smackdown and himself. Show cuts him off and says he did what he did for himself, not for his team or show loyalty. He spoke with Teddy Long and struck a deal. Because Smackdown won Bragging Rights, Teddy gave Show a shot at Undertaker’s World Championship. Jericho isn’t happy with that and makes a fat joke. As they argue, Kyle Busch and Joey Logano are tearing up the parking lot in their cars. They speed into the arena and pull right up to the ramp to a nice pop. They hop out of the cars and head to the ring, accompanied by the Bella Twins. They both grab mics and play to the crowd a bit. Busch speaks first and lets us know they are huge fans and are happy to be here to host. Busch says the fans aren’t impressed with what Show did to Raw last night. He is a man’s man and he is with Show. Busch shakes Show’s hand but Logano doesn’t like what Show did. He calls his actions weak. Show tells Busch to teach Joey about respect. Kyle apologizes and calls Joey young and dumb. Busch says they are here to win championships and make Raw happen. He says Buffalo hasn’t made it to the playoffs since Hulkamania and then rags on Terrell Owens. He says they will be singing “Oh, Canada” soon as well. Logano says Show will take on Triple H here tonight. Jericho mocks sympathy and then shows off his “grail of greatness” off to Busch and Logano. Jericho wants to go back to their office and he will tell them how he won the trophy last night. Busch isn’t impressed and puts Jericho in a match with Kofi Johnson…err, Kingston here tonight. And that is happening right now, as Kofi comes jogging out. Before that happens, though, we are taking a break.

1) Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston
When we return, the bell sounds and we are under way. They lock up and get a clean break in the corner as Jericho bails to the floor. Jericho gets back and starts slugging away at Kofi. He shoots him into the corner but eats a Kofi boot on the charge. Kofi peppers him with rights and then plants him with a dropkick for two. Kofi hooks an armbar as Cole tells us that the Raw locker room is livid over Show’s actions. Jericho catches Kofi with a right hand and then slugs him down. He chokes him over the middle rope but Kofi sneaks a roll up in for two. Jericho comes back with some boots to the head before hooking a side headlock. He breaks the hold and puts Kofi down with a shoulderblock. Kofi is back up and nails Jericho with a back elbow but Chris bails to the floor. Kofi flies out with a plancha as the crowd is rocking a bit early here. Both men are back in and Kofi leaps up into the corner and hammers away but Jericho spikes him down to the mat with a powerbomb. Kofi slides out to the apron but Jericho meets him with a springboard dropkick. Kofi falls to the floor as we take a break. When we come back, Jericho sends Kofi neck first into the bottom rope with a slingshot. Jericho hooks a rear chinlock as we check out the action that happened during the break. Kofi fights free and gets a roll up for two. Jericho puts Kofi back down with a clothesline and gets two. Kofi tries to fight back with some right hands and is able to send Jericho flying into the corner as he attempted a bulldog. Kofi hits a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick and then puts Jericho down with a flying right hand. Kofi lands the Boomdrop but Jericho rolls through and goes for the Walls. Kofi flips free but Jericho meets him with an Enziguri for two. He stomps on Kofi and then smacks him around a bit. Kofi nails a kick as Jericho charges into the corner. He heads up top but Jericho meets him with a right hand. Jericho follows him up and tries for a superplex but Kofi blocks it and drops him to the mat with a gourdbuster. Kofi comes off with a high cross body but Jericho rolls through and gets two. Kofi is back up and takes Jericho down with a Russian legsweep. Kofi goes for the TIP but Jericho blocks it and goes for the Walls. Kofi blocks that and rolls Jericho up for a really close near fall. Both men are back up and Jericho nails him with the Codebreaker. He covers but Kofi just gets his foot on the bottom rope. Jericho jaws with Jack Doane and then turns around and walks right into TIP. Kofi covers and picks up the win to a big pop. That was a heck of a match and a big win for Kofi.
Kingston d. Jericho with the Trouble in Paradise; Grade: 3

- Kofi is pumped up as he heads to the back, leaving Jericho to shake off the loss in the ring. As he is walking back, Randy Orton comes flying out and just chucks Kofi off the ramp and to the floor. Orton stalks around as we head to break.

- We are back and King is putting over the Halloween themed goodies on WWE.com this week. Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with Randy Orton and asks why he assaulted Kofi. Orton says it was payback for Kofi interfering in his match last night. He has only just begun on Kofi. Rhodes and DiBiase come up to him and Orton wants to know what they want. They say he should be champion and that they agree and have a gift for him. They walk over and pull the tarp off a custom Randy Orton race car. Orton thinks it is incredible and can’t believe they bought it for him. Ted says it is a token of their appreciation. Cody says they have another surprise tonight involving John Cena and that it is only a matter of time before the title is back with Legacy. Orton stares at the car creepily as we cut over to the GMs chatting with Eve. They debate over who will win their upcoming race as Jack Swagger comes in for a chat. Swagger wants a title match with John Cena tonight. Busch says Cena wrestled for an hour last night so he won’t wrestle here but Logano says they will be choosing Cena’s next opponent tonight. Swagger likes that and then he introduces himself to Eve but Miz comes in to speak his piece as well. He says he is the only Raw member to win last night and that he should get the title shot at Survivor Series. Miz kisses Eve’s hand, grossing her out, before taking off. We cut elsewhere to see Santino Marella and Melina walking, surrounded by paparazzi. They are in action after this break.

- When we come back, Cole and King put over Sheamus, who has apparently been traded to Raw. We then head back to the ring for our next match.

2) Santino Marella & Melina vs. Chavo Guerrero & Jillian
Marella and Melina head down to the ring and they are followed by Chavo Guerrero and Jillian as we are in for some mixed tag action. Chavo and Santino start things off as Chavo shoves Santino. Santino comes back with a flurry and then drops Chavo with a back elbow. Chavo turns the tables and runs Santino into the corner. He chokes away with his boot and then lands an uppercut for two. Chavo hammers away in the corner and tries a hiptoss, but Santino cartwheels to his feet. Santino does a split to avoid a clothesline and then slugs Chavo down. Chavo tags in Jillian, who comes in and smacks Santino. He tags in Melina but Jillian drops her with a clothesline. Hornswoggle pops up from under the ring and distracts Chavo, allowing Melina to attempt her finisher. She botches it badly so Jillian hooks the ropes to break up the pin. Melina drops her with the Primal Scream for the win.
Marella & Melina d. Guerrero & Jillian when Melina pins Jillian with the Primal Scream; Grade: .5

- Hornswoggle celebrates with Melina and Santino until a suit comes in the ring and gives Horny a green envelope. He opens it and then runs over to Lawler to have him read it. King says it is a cease and desist order from DX to make Horny stop wearing his DX garb. Horny walks off dejectedly, shaking his head. We see Cena walking backstage as we go to break.

- Back from break, we check out the Just for Men Slam of the Week, which brings us stills of the Iron Man match from last night. Back live, Justin Roberts is introducing John Cena, but before he can finish, Legacy interrupts. Rhodes and DiBiase head down to the ring and grab mics. Cody says this would be a good time for Cena to parade out here and talk about his “epic victory” last night. But, Cena will have to wait because the Legacy is here. Just because Randy can’t fight Cena for the title, doesn’t mean they can’t. At Survivor Series, they will bring the Championship back to Legacy. Ted says they didn’t ask the guest hosts for permission because they don’t have to. They are making a direct challenge to Cena here and they invite him out to accept it. Cena obliges and heads out to the ring. Cena says he doesn’t have to brag about last night because it was what it needed to be. It was the best of WWE competing in one final showdown. He can speak for Orton in saying that both of them were exhausted physically and mentally when the clock ran out. They did it for themselves, for the title, for the fans and because they both knew that the Cena/Orton rivalry needed to end. And it did. That brings us to Raw the next night as the WWE Universe is tuned in to see who the next challenger is. And that wouldn’t be Randy Orton’s Legacy. Cody says that they aren’t Randy and Cena agrees, telling them they have a lot to learn. Cena says the fans will think this is a rerun as they keep running in circles. Last night, he beat Randy Orton and earned the right to say no more. Legacy can come out and make empty challenges and say they are bringing the title back to Legacy, but if they want a shot at the title, they need to lace their boots up tight and fall in line with everyone else. They need to work for it because that is how it is done. He is looking at them and thinks they haven’t earned it. He asks the fans if the “Baby Oil Boys Club” has earned everything. Cena says he was talking to the guest hosts about a match for Legacy tonight and they agreed. That match is happening right now and their opponents are headed to the ring…MVP and Mark Henry. They head down to the ring as we go to break.

3) Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Henry & MVP
When we return, Ted is picking up a near fall on MVP. He tags in Cody and they hit a double fist to the gut. Cody drops a knee and then hooks a rear chinlock. MVP fights out of the hold and hits a clothesline. He crawls over and tags in Henry. He nails Cody with a back elbow and a headbutt. He hoists Cody up in a choke but DiBiase come in and clips Henry’s knee. Cody gets a near fall before tagging in Ted. They quick tag and take turns working Henry over in the corner a bit. Cody hooks a front facelock but can’t get Henry to the mat. Henry tries to fight to his corner, but MVP ends up distracting the ref, allowing Ted to come in and kick the knee again. Cody gets two off a double dropkick. He goes back to the front facelock as the crowd starts to rally Henry. Henry finally tosses Cody off and both men make tags. MVP tosses DiBiase and then follows with some right hands and a facebreaker. MVP drops the Ballin elbow and gets two. MVP gets a sunset flip after a clothesline from Henry and ends up getting the win.
MVP & Henry d. Rhodes & DiBiase when MVP pins DiBiase with a sunset flip; Grade: 1

- DiBiase and Rhodes yell at the ref but that ends when Randy Orton heads to the ring with an angry look on his face. Orton says the guest hosts are searching for Cena’s next opponent and it officially looks like the next opponent will not be him. He understands the terms of his match last night but he doesn’t care. He is a former champion and is entitled to his rematch. He will take his case to the Board of Directors to get back what is his. Kofi shows up on the Tron and mocks Orton for losing, saying nobody cares about what he has to say. Orton calls him out to the ring to say it to his face. Kofi says that is an interesting choice of words, because he is already doing that right now. The camera pans down to see Kofi standing on Orton’s race car. Orton warns him not to hurt the car but Kofi keeps walking around on the hood. Kofi likes stock cars because they are so durable. He walks over and grabs a rolling trunk and pushes it into the door. Kofi says smaller things do more damage and he pulls out a key. He scratches up Orton’s car with it and then pulls out a crowbar and smashes the hood and windshield with it. Kofi wants to make things right after messing up the car, so he grabs a bucket and dumps red paint all over it. Orton is not happy as we go to break. That was some great work by Kofi and it looks like he is being elevated.

- We are back and checking out some Buffalo Bills players at ringside. Cole then sends us to a replay of the last segment. Justin Roberts then brings out Eve to announce our next bout.

4) Evan Bourne vs. Miz in a non title match
Bourne charges to the ring and he is followed by Miz, who picked up a big win last night. Miz mugs for Eve a bit and makes Roberts open the ropes for her to exit the ring. Miz lands a kneelift off the bell and picks up a one count off a leg sweep. Bourne comes back with some kicks but Miz regains control and chokes him out on the ropes. Miz drops Bourne with a back suplex and gets two. Miz rubs Bourne’s face into the mat and then hooks an armbar. He turns it into a double underhook surfboard style move. Bourne fights free and back drops Miz. Miz goes for a sunset flip but Bourne flips free and knees Miz in the face. Bourne kicks away some more and then hits a nice flying headscissors for two. The crowd has totally died off here. Miz hammers away in the corner as Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring. Swagger grabs a mic and tells him that nobody is watching him or his match. They are really watching Eve. And Eve is watching Swagger. Miz swats at Swagger and then rolls to the floor to confront him. They jaw with each other until Bourne flies out on to both of them. Bourne slides back in the ring and he beats the count as Miz is counted out. I was hoping for much more from those two.
ourne d. Miz by count out; Grade: 1

- Bourne takes off as Swagger and Miz stare each other down and we head to break.

- We are back and Cole tells us that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will be hosting Raw next week. Back in the arena, Jamie Noble is in the ring. Busch and Logano show up on the Tron and wish Noble luck against Raw’s newest star: Sheamus.

5) Jamie Noble vs. Sheamus
Sheamus heads out as Cole and King put him over for his destruction of ECW. Sheamus introduces himself and tells us that he is here to make an impression. Sheamus sends Noble to the floor with a shoulderblock. He follows him out and whips Noble into the steps. He tosses Chavo back in and drops a pair of stiff elbows onto him for two. He hoists Noble up into a hanging backbreaker but Noble goes to the eyes to break the hold. Sheamus tosses Noble into the corner but misses a charge. Noble goes for a roll up but Sheamus blocks it and pulls Noble up by his throat. Sheamus works Noble over as the crowd has gone flat again. Sheamus sticks him with a stiff backbreaker and then buries him with a big boot for the win. Despite the crowd apathy, Sheamus looked really good. I hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with Raw’s cluttered mid card.
Sheamus d. Noble with a boot to the face; Grade: 1

- DX is walking backstage as we head off to commercial.

- We are back from break and the Quiznos Rewind brings us still from last night’s Bragging Rights fourteen man war, which was won by Smackdown, thanks to Big Show turning his back on Raw. Cole then talks about Batista turning on Rey Mysterio last night, King talks about the Iron Man bout and Cole talks about the bragging rights tag bout. We then head up to the ring, where Big Show and Chris Jericho are chilling.

6) Triple H vs. Big Show in a no disqualification lumberjack match
Show is all business as Jericho prances around with his trophy. I hope he carries it around for the whole year because it has been awesome so far. Theme from DX fires up as Michaels and Triple H crotch chop and glow stick their way to the ring. As the bell sounds, Hunter grabs a mic and says he just met with Busch and Logano. They forgot to tell Show that this is a lumberjack match. And unfortunately for Show, the lumberjacks are all the guys Show screwed over last night. And on cue, the Raw locker room empties and they all head to ringside. Jericho quickly walks off through the crowd, trophy in hand, leaving Show to fend for himself against the Raw roster. Michaels now has the mic and lets us know this is also no disqualification. Michaels tells Charles Robinson that he can take off, because they have a special guest referee for the night: John Cena. Cena marches to the ring as Triple H knocks Show to the floor and we head to our final break. When we return, Hunter is hammering on Show in the ring. Hunter hops on Show’s back and hooks a sleeper as Show slowly starts to fade a bit. Show wakes up and mares Hunter down to the mat. Show misses a charge in the corner but he collapse on Hunter during a slam attempt. Hunter charges but Show meets him with a big spear. Show steps on Hunter’s chest as he jaws with Michaels. He chops Hunter and then steps on his back. Hunter tries to fight back but Show drops him with a sidewalk slam. Show covers and gets two and then goes to a nervehold. Hunter gets to his feet but Show puts him down with a headbutt. Hunter staggers around and gives Show a crotch chop but Show clubs him and slams him down. Chris Masters takes a swipe at Show, so Show yanks him into the ring and cracks him with a right hand to knock him out. Hunter comes back with a facebreaker and then slugs away, but Show catches him by the throat. Hunter slips out of a chokeslam attempt and drops Show with a DDT for two. Hunter goes for the Pedigree but Show back drops Hunter over to block it. Show heads to the middle rope and lands the Vader Bomb. He covers but Cena only gives him a two count before faking a shoulder injury. Show gets in Cena’s face and that allows Primo and Chavo to come in and land a double dropkick. Swagger, Miz and Henry hits splashes in the corner. MVP comes in and slugs Show down, allowing Bourne to drop the SSP to a huge pop. Santino sneaks in and goes for his cobra chop, but Show drops him with a chokeslam. Kofi comes in and nails Show with the TIP. Cena drops Show with the AA. Hunter puts a Smackdown shirt on Show’s neck as he struggles to his feet. Michaels nails Show with SCM and Hunter drops him with the Pedigree for the win. That was a hot ending to an OK match.
Triple H d. Show with the Pedigree; Grade: 2

- As Cena and DX celebrate, Logano and Busch come back out. The crowd isn’t happy to see them, but they are ready to announce the top contender for Survivor Series. They couldn’t agree on a choice until Hornswoggle for them on the same page. Horny comes out, still wearing his DX gear. Busch says Cena will take on both Triple H and Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series. All three stare each other down as we fade out.

- No great shakes here tonight coming off a solid PPV. The Jericho/Kofi match was really good and it looks like Kofi is set for a good push here. The crowd was pretty good for most of the night, but the rest of the show was just sort of there. Busch and Logano tried but just didn’t have the charisma to pull anything special off and none of the other matches were that good. Well, hopefully things pick up by the time we get to Survivor Series. See you next week as we all hop on the crazy train!

Final Grade: C-

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