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Monday Night RAW August 18, 2008
by Bigelow34

Allstate Arena
Chicago, IL
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

- We waste no time getting busy this week as we head right inside the arena and are joined by Chris Jericho. Nine years and a week to the date and in the same exact arena, his entrance here is a bit different than his debut that night as this time around he is decked out in a suit and isn’t here to tell jokes. The crowd is all over him from the start and he says off the bat he is not here to apologize for last night. If anyone is to blame for what happened to Rebecca, it is Shawn Michaels himself. He did not put her in harm’s way, Michaels did and we get the video proof. And the punch to Rebecca is just as stiff and nasty as it was last night. She is amazing for taking that shot. And back to live action as the crowd is just booing the shit out of Jericho. This feud is amazing and is the best stuff they have done in years. Jericho just stands there, glaring into the crowd as they continue to shower him with “you suck” chants and jeers. He says Michaels knew what he was doing last night, but instead of doing things in a classy way and sending in a letter or a video, he had to do things the HBK way. He had to see his name in the lights and placate his ego one last time by hearing the fans and listening to their cheers and pleading to not go home. And because of that, all of the fans are also responsible for what happened to Rebecca and they should be ashamed. Ultimately, Michaels is to blame because all he had to do was look Jericho in the eye and say that he ended his career with the eye injury. He didn’t do it, and look what happened. All he had to do was show some modesty for once, but now his career is over. As much as Michaels brags about everything, including all his nicknames, but the last moment of his career and in the ring was cradling the head of his injured wife, knowing he was responsible for it. He tarnished his legacy forever, and he and his family need to live with it for the rest of their lives. Jericho is being honest and says Michaels deserved it and he had it coming. The crowd is dying for Michaels here. Jericho quietly walks off and heads to the back as Cole and Lawler break the whole thing down for us.

- Next week, Raw will be on Sci-Fi, so keep that in mind everybody.

1) Batista defeats Paul Burchill with the Batistabomb
We are back and this Chicago crowd is insanely hot tonight as the Animal gets a mega pop. Cole talks about Batista’s injured knee from his match with Cena last night. And poor Burchill gets the “already in the ring” treatment. Batista wins a lockup but Burchill kicks the knee off the break. He keeps the attack on with some basic strikes, but Batista reverses a whip and hits a clothesline in the corner. Burchill slips out of a powerslam attempt and clips Batista’s knee. Burchill stomps away at Batista, but he stops to jaw with the ref and Batista kills him with a spear. He works the midsection in the corner and then drills him with a spinebuster. He pulls Burchill up and nails him with the Batistabomb for the win in a fun little squash. Grade: 1.5

- Backstage, GM Adamle is on hand and introduces the newest member of Raw: Primo Colon. He is the brother of Carlito, but Adamle quickly cuts him off to go talk to John Cena who was passing by. He wants to give Cena a heads up for his match tonight, but Cena walks away from him mid sentence to meet up with Batista. Cena says it was a great match and that the better man won and they shake hands. Batista thanks him, but Cena adds that was last night and walks off as we go to break.

2) Kelly & Mickie James defeat Jillian Hall & Katie Lea Burchill when Mickie pins Katie Lea with the DDT
We are back and Jillian is happy to be in Chicago, because she loves the city and the band as well, and she graces us with a beautiful rendition of “You’re the Inspiration”. The crowd doesn’t approve and they let her know it. Kelly’s music cuts off the vocal stylings of Ms. Hall and then she is joined by the former Women’s’ Champion, Mickie James. Mickie and Jillian start things off. Jillian tries a monkey flip, but Mickie lands on her feet and hits a spin kick for one. Jillian is able to tag Katie but Mickie takes them both down with a headlock-headscissor takeover. Mickie tags in Kelly, who sunset flips in for two. They trade forearms and Kelly hits a nice headscissors takeover. Katie blocks a second attempt and tags in Jillian, who yanks Kelly down for two. Jillian pulls on Kelly’s hair and then proceeds to stand on it while pulling Kelly’s hands. Katie tags back in and hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Katie locks in a camel clutch but Kelly works out of it. Katie tags in Jillian, who tosses Kelly around by her hair and then knocks Mickie off the apron. Kelly is able to knock Jillian down on a handspring elbow attempt and both ladies make tags. Mickie hits a pair of clotheslines on Katie and then puts her down with an Enziguri. She yanks Jillian in the ring and is all over both ladies. She kicks Jillian to the floor and then hits a neckbreaker on Katie. Jillian breaks up the pin attempt but she gets nailed with a double dropkick from Mickie and Kelly. Katie gets a roll up for two, but Mickie recovers and lands the DDT for the win. Wow, that was a fun little match. Kelly has improved a lot over the past year that is for sure. Grade: 2

- We are back and Michael Cole informs us that John Cena will take on Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes in a handicap match later tonight.

3) John Bradshaw Layfield defeats Jamie Noble by referee stoppage
Back inside the arena, JBL’s limo pulls into the aisle and the man himself slowly stalks to the ring. Cole tells us that JBL fired a bunch of people in his various companies today for no reason, other than being upset about last night’s match. Oh, poor Jamie, he is about to get murdered here. JBL slugs away off the bell but Noble sneaks away and hammers at JBL in the corner. He dropkicks the knee but JBL catches him on a cross body and tosses him with the fallaway slam. He clubs away at Noble with stiff right hands and then spikes him to the mat back first. He drops a series of elbows and then kills Jamie with the Clothesline from Hell. JBL drags him up and nails him with a second CFH and Noble is just out cold. He pulls Noble up again and hits a third CFH. JBL covers, but the ref just stops the match and says Noble cannot continue and calls for the bell. That was stiff and ugly, but expected. Grade: 1

- Stephanie and Shane McMahon are coming up next and they have a blockbuster announcement for us all.

- We are back from break and a few Chicago Cubs are in the crowd and b eating each other up. Cole thanks us for watching Summerslam and the King thanks Jet Black Stare for the Summerslam theme song. Now, back to the ring as our GM, Mike Adamle joins us on the ramp. He has a couple announcements for us with the first being an announcement that CM Punk will battle Chris Jericho here tonight. Also, Shane and Stephanie have compelled Adamle to make this announcement: at Unforgiven, five superstars will compete in a twenty minute match. Once the bell rings, anyone can score a pinfall or submission. The star that gets a win will become champion and will remain champion until he is beaten again or until the time limit is reached. Whoever is holding the belt at the end of twenty minutes will be the Champ. The participants are: CM Punk, Kane, JBL, Batista and John Cena. The concept is called the “Championship Scramble”. Adamle thanks us and heads off.

4) John Cena defeats Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes in a handicap match when he makes Rhodes tap to the STFU
The tag champs make their way out to the ring, but as they hit the ring, Cryme Tyme comes running out. Shad distracts DiBiase and Rhodes and JTG snags the belts and then both men run backstage. The champs are not happy, but before they can chase after Cryme Tyme, John Cena heads out for the match. The ref is trying to get one of the champs to the apron as we go to break. When we return, Cody and Cena are in the ring. Cody smacks Cena but bails to the floor and a chase is on. Cody tags DiBiase on the way in and Ted jumps Cena and beats him down. Ted gets a two and then tags in Cody. They hit a double suplex and Cody gets two. He tags DiBiase back in and Ted lands a nice dropkick for two. Another quick tag and they hit a double back elbow for a Rhodes two. Cody lands some right hands, but Cena fights back. Cody hits a side Russian legsweep and then drops a knee. Cena slides to the apron, but Cody pulls him up and slugs him back down. Cena hammers at Cody, but Cody shoves him off the apron into the barricade. Cody tosses him back inside and gets a near fall. Ted tags back in and Cena lands some rights, but he misses a charge in the corner and Ted takes him over with a back suplex. He drops a million dollar fist drop and then puts Cena down with a hard clothesline for two. He tags Cody back in and they drop a double elbow for two. Cody works Cena over in the corner and Ted gets a few shots in two. Cena takes shots at both men, but Ted hooks his arm and Rhodes slugs him down for two. Cody continues to slug away, but Cena fights loose. He hits the ropes but Cody ducks a shoulderblock attempt and Cena crashes to the floor. Cody heads outside and runs Cena into the steps. Back inside, Cody gets a near fall. Ted comes in and hits a snap suplex. He pulls Cena up and hits another one. Ted goes for a third, but Cena blocks it and hits one of his own. Cody tags in, but Cena lands some rights to come back. He puts Cody down with the back suplex and then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the FU, but DiBiase comes in. He drops Cody and clotheslines Ted from the ring. Cody charges, but Cena takes him down with a drop toehold and locks in the STFU for the quick tap. That was the best handicap match in a long time and it was due to Team Priceless’ tremendous teamwork. Grade: 3

- We are back and Handsome Harley Race is in the crowd and pumped up to be here. We again take a look at the highlights from the fantastic Jericho/Michaels showdown from last night. The King says Jericho’s punch was accidental but he is amazed that he shows no remorse. Cole said that rumors say Rebecca has a fractured jaw, but they haven’t been confirmed. We now have some special comments from Michaels that were captured after Summerslam last night. Cole walks up and asks HBK for an update on Rebecca. Michaels looks at her swollen mouth and starts to walk away. He stops, heads back to Cole and he says he is going home and will comfort his wife and kids, who just watched their mother get punched in the face because of him. He follows by saying “and then…and then…” and then nothing else, as Michaels walks off with his wife. Backstage, the Grish welcomes in CM Punk and the hometown boy gets a nice welcome. Punk says that Jericho did one of the lowest things he has ever seen and then he wants to say he isn’t responsible. In Chicago, they deal with guys like Jericho, guys who don’t want to be held accountable for what they say and do. He has a lot coming to him tonight and it is on Punk’s terms, Chicago style.

5) D-Lo Brown defeats Santino Marella by disqualification in a non-title match when Beth Phoenix interferes
Glamarella make their way out to the ring as Santino will defend his IC title against D-Lo Brown after this break. We are back and Cole tells us that Glamarella had their acceptance speech during the commercial and it will be on WWE.com later tonight. D-Lo makes his way out and is looking to get into title contention with a win here tonight. As D-Lo gets in the ring, Kofi Kingston’s catchy theme fires up and he comes running out to the commentary table. Cole says he invited Kofi out to join them on commentary. D-Lo hits a knee to start and puts Santino down with a leg lariat. He lands a suplex and heads to the middle rope but Santino dodges a dive. Santino gets a two count but D-Lo hits a big right hand and follows with a slam. He drops a leg and heads up top. Beth slides in the ring and stands over her man. D-Lo hops down and yells at her, telling her to get to stepping. Beth smacks D-Lo, drawing the DQ. Santino comes in, but D-Lo smacks him and slams him down. He clotheslines Santino over the top and he careens into the table. Kofi grabs him and rams him into the table, but Beth comes over to grab her man and walk off. Glamarella walks off, titles in tow but Kofi has the last laugh. Grade: .5

- Backstage, Kane is walking and he will join us next.

- Before we head back to the arena, WWE 24/7 presents a look back at the May 16, 2002 bikini contest between Stacey and Torrie. The contest was interrupted by Tajiri, who came out and dragged Torrie off. Trish Stratus came out and replaced Torrie and she would reveal a nice little lingerie number before running Stacey off. King and Cole put over 24/7, and so do I, as it is the best deal out there today. And we are quickly interrupted by Kane, who is sporting some new music that is basically a jazzed up version of his original theme. I like it a lot and he was due for a change. Kane has the mike and says it looked like everyone was shocked last week when he pulled Mysterio’s mask out of his bag. The bag made him feel good and it comforted him, putting a smile on his face. The people don’t realize that Rey hasn’t been seen in six weeks and there is a reason for it. He has never liked Rey Mysterio and he doesn’t like people who do. He is a slithering slime who hides behind a mask and a fly in the room that contaminates everything it touches. Six weeks ago in a parking lot, he figuratively eviscerated Rey, but spared his life. Rey is still alive, but his spirit is broken, crushed and dead. Is he alive…or is he dead? Kane laughs a bit but is interrupted by Batista, who comes storming to the ring. Kane attacks him as he slides in, but Batista puts him down with a spear and spinebuster. He goes for the Batistabomb, but Kane goes to the knee and then plants the Animal with a chokeslam before heading off.

- We are back and Cole reminds us that we will be on Sci-Fi next week and then we get some Unforgiven talk before hitting the ring for our main event.

6) Chris Jericho defeats CM Punk with the Codebreaker in a non title match
Jericho and Lance Cade head out to the ring as Chris prepares to battle the champ. Punk is out next to a monster pop from his hometown fans. Punk lands some kicks to start and then puts Jericho down with a back elbow. He mares Jericho over and kicks him in the back. Punk lands a backbreaker and follows with a series of kneelifts to the face. Jericho catches him with a forearm and then kicks away in the corner. He continues to hammer away as the crowd is 100% behind Punk here. Punk floats over on a charge and is able to lock in a modified Tarantula. Punk gets a sunset flip for two and then grabs a neck submission. Jericho kicks his way out but misses a charge in the corner and flies out to the floor between the middle ropes. Punk is fired up as we go to break. When we return, Jericho has a reverse chinlock cranked in as Cole tells us Chris took control during the break. Jericho hits a clothesline for two and then drops a few elbows. Jericho goes to a backbreaker submission but Punk is able to get out. Jericho continues to work the midsection and locks in an abdominal stretch. Jericho tries a bulldog, but Punk nails him with a kick. Punk lands some forearm shivers and follows with a dropkick. He hits a spin kick to the gut and then nails Jericho with a double underhook backbreaker for two. Punk hits the running knee in the corner and goes for the bulldog, but Jericho tosses him off. Chris hits the Lionsault and gets a near fall. Jericho takes Punk down and goes for the Walls, but Punk punches loose. Punk gets a roll up for a really close near fall. Jericho reverses a whip and hits a clothesline in the corner, but both men are spent. Punk hoists Jericho up for the G2S, but Jericho wriggles free. He takes Punk down and is able to lock in the Walls this time. Punk is trapped in the middle of the ring and Jericho has the hold cinched in. Punk is able to just grab the ropes and Jericho is frustrated. Jericho heads up top and Punk nails him with another high knee. He bulldogs him off the top but Punk is too hurt to cover. He gets to his feet and is setting up the G2S, but Cade hops up on the apron. Jericho nails him from behind and into Cade. He turns around and Jericho drills him with the Codebreaker for the clean win. That was a great TV match with a super hot crowd. Grade: 3.5

Final Analysis
Well, we come off the PPV with a solid show that had a mega hot crowd all night long. Chris Jericho was aces again tonight as he opened the show with a killer promo about last night’s fiasco. He is just drawing super heat and is at the top of his game for sure. I liked the Batista squash as it reminded me of the old days where a lower mid carder would face off with a big star to help get him a big win. Primo Colon had an inconspicuous debut, but I wonder if that will be part of his eventual gimmick: he is disrespected and ignored like his brother has been. The Diva tag was a fun little match and Kelly’s improvement is great to see. The women’s division has been really solid and this may actually be the best overall group of Divas they have ever had. Mickie is still over and gets a good win to rebound off her tough loss last night. JBL got a squash win as well to reestablish himself as a nasty prick heading into the title match next month. Noble took the beating like a man and did his best to help put JBL over as a monster. The Unforgiven match should be interesting and it will help Punk’s “beat the odds” character to overcome a four on one situation to walk out as champion. I really liked the handicap match, but that was a given as Cena sells like a champ and DiBiase & Rhodes are a phenomenal heel tag team. I wish they didn’t job again, but it is Cena and I get it. It didn’t have to be so quick and clean, but I know they want to put over the STFU as much as possible and tonight’s looked good. The Michaels comments from last night were intriguing and I hope they hold off on his comeback and don’t rush it to Unforgiven. With Jericho out of the title match, though, it looks like they may fight there. The Glamarella segment was quick and just a way to keep their feud with Kofi rolling and I am guessing we see a tag match between the four next week. Kane did a good job making some sense of the Rey thing and that may have been his best promo ever. Batista coming out worked on two levels: he is friends with Rey and it helps add some tension to the Unforgiven match. The Main Event was excellent stuff and Jericho certainly deserved the big win to help further his fantastic angle. I enjoyed the show tonight mainly due to the super hot crowd. We got a lot of in ring action and, with the next PPV just three weeks away, we already have the main event announced. All the major players got screen time and some wins to reestablish them or keep them rolling. I also think Cole and Lawler are really starting to gel and this was their best week yet. The show was hot coming off Summerslam and all of the current angles have some solid build and interest and some good heat as well. Grade: B+

MVP: Chris Jericho & CM Punk
Runner Up: Batista
Non MVP: Paul Burchill
Runner Up: Jamie Noble

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