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Monday Night RAW June 15, 2009
by Bigelow34

“Three For All”
Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

- We fade up inside the arena where we check in with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Cole tells us that Mr. McMahon is in the house tonight and he is expected to announce the new GM as Vickie Guerrero quit last week. King has heard rumors that he is actually here for a different reason. And with that we cut to a video recap of the brutal assault on Batista by Legacy and the ensuing fallout last week. We then hit the opening animation before heading back to the arena to kick off this three hour episode of Raw. Cole welcomes us to Charlotte and reminds us that we will have three Championship matches tonight. Striker, Matthews, Grisham and JR are also in the building and they set up their respective title matches for us before we head to the ring for our opening bout.

1) Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho heads to the ring as the Grish talks about his title win and unmaking of Mysterio at Extreme Rules. Jericho grabs the mic and talks about how Raw has gone into the toilet since he left. Raw has gone into a tailspin and it will never recover. The GM has quit, the Championship is vacant and all of the hypocritical fans are all the same insipid, hopeless manatees they have always been. Someday, we will realize what Jericho meant to the show and some day Mysterio will realize that his mask will be his downfall and only Jericho can lead him to salvation and set him free. Mysterio makes his way out next and we should be off to a hot start here tonight. Rey jumps Jericho off the bell and hammers away at him. He takes Chris over with a huracarrana and then sends Jericho flying to the floor. He kicks him in the face as he comes back in and then heads up top. Rey comes off with a guillotine legdrop for two. Rey charges but Jericho dodges him and send him into the post. Rey counters Jericho and sends him flying to the floor again. Rey comes off the apron with a seated senton but he hits his head on the table. Both men are down as we go to break. When we return, Jericho has Rey in a chinlock. Rey works free and drills Jericho with an Enziguri. He staggers into the middle rope and Rey smells the 619. He comes charging, but Jericho pops up, catches him, swings him around and drops him with a torture rack backbreaker. Jericho tries to pull off the mask, but Rey slips loose and bails to the floor. Rey comes back in and fights Jericho off. He drills a seated dropkick after slipping out of a sunset flip attempt by Jericho. Rey follows with a headscissors takeover and then snaps Jericho’s neck across the top rope. Rey comes off the top with a springboard seated senton for two. Rey shoves Jericho off on a bulldog attempt and Jericho ends up draped across the middle turnbuckle. Rey dropkicks him in the head and Jericho falls to the floor. Rey flies out with a suicide dive and both men are slow to get up as Scott Armstrong starts the count. Jericho rolls back in as Rey heads up top. Jericho meets him up there but Rey is able to snap him down with a sunset flip powerbomb for two. Rey tries a roll up, but Jericho sits on him to counter for a near fall. Jericho gets a double leg takedown, but Rey powers out and kicks him into the middle rope. Jericho dodges the 619 but Rey comes back with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope for two. Rey sends Jericho into the middle rope again and this time he nails the 619. He comes off the top rope with the West Coast Pop but Jericho catches him and goes for the mask. Rey protects it, allowing Jericho to drop him with the Codebreaker for the win in a great opener. Looks like Jericho was right in that Rey’s mask was his downfall. Both men looked great here and Rey was really moving out there.
Jericho d. Mysterio with the Codebreaker; Grade: 3

- We see Vince getting ready backstage as Cole tells us they will interview Vince after this break.

- When we return, Josh Matthews is backstage chatting with Randy Orton. Orton thinks Josh is trying to show him up by talking about Triple H. Everyone knows what happened last week and he will not sit there like an idiot while he recaps it. He did kick Triple H as well as Flair and Batista. Triple H returned with the sledgehammer because he can’t do it on his own. Tonight, no one will remember last week because he will take the Championship back and Triple H will be irrelevant. The camera zooms back and we see John Cena has taken the mic from Josh. He says the WWE Universe will be talking about Randy Orton. Instead of talking about him taking the Championship, they will wonder why he is the angry grand wizard of the baby oil boy’s club. Cena just wants to remind him that he and Show are also in that match and that they will not be taking the night off for Orton’s selfish reasons. His baby oil may be rotting his brain. Orton walks off and Cena smirks as we cut back to Cole and King. Cole takes us back to last week when Vickie quit the GM role and we take a look at her resignation speech. After that, Mr. McMahon joins us from backstage. Cole asks who the new GM is and Vince says he is indeed here to make that announcement. After much deliberation of the candidates, he is actually not going to announce the new GM, he is going to let someone else make the announcement. When opportunity knocks, you need to walk through that door and seize the moment. When someone gives you an off you can’t refuse, don’t refuse it. Therefore, with mixed emotions, Vince’s major announcement is that he is selling Monday Night Raw. King asks who the buyer is and Vince says that announcement will be made after the WWE Championship four way. If someone would have said to him that this person was the new owner of Raw, he would have said “no chance in hell” but it is happening. We quickly fade to commercial.

- Back from break and we check out Vince’s announcement once again. King says this is the biggest announcement he has ever heard since he started in 1993. It is now time for the first of our Championship matches, so let’s head to the ring.

1) Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship
Christian makes his way out as Matthews and Striker take over on commentary. Josh tells us that Christian invoked his rematch clause here tonight. The ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer is out next to a tepid reaction from the North Carolinians as Striker talks about Tommy sacrificing everything to win the title. Tommy grabs a side headlock off the bell but Christian breaks free and hits a spinning heel kick for one. They battle in the corner and Christian ends up getting spiked to the mat for a one count. Tommy puts Christian on the top rope, but he fights Tommy off and nails him with a back elbow for two. Christian tosses Tommy to the floor and comes off the middle rope with a cross body block. He tosses Tommy back inside and gets a near fall. Christian locks in a neck vise, but Tommy slugs free. He charges, but eats an elbow. Christian goes for a tornado DDT but Tommy tosses him off. He follows with an inverted DDT for two. Tommy plans him with a clothesline and gets two. Tommy misses a charge in the corner and Christian kicks him back. He heads up top and goes for a sunset flip, but Tommy sits down and gets two. Christian rolls him through and gets two as well. Christian heads up top, but Tommy dodges him and he tweaks his ankle when he lands. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Tommy turns out and goes for a back suplex. Christian lands on his feet but his ankle gives out and Tommy rolls him up with a small package for the win. They seemed to be moving in slow motion there and the crowd wasn’t really into it.
Dreamer d. Christian with a small package; Grade: 1.5

- Tommy stands tall as we go to break.

- Backstage, the Bellas and Kelly are discussing the sale of Raw and pondering possible buyers, including Oprah and Paris Hilton. We then take another look at that Legacy/Batista assault video package from earlier. We then get some graphic stills of Batista’s surgery and Cole tells us he will miss months of action. That is why we have this match here.

2) Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. John Cena vs. Triple H for the vacant WWE Championship
Randy Orton is the first man out in this match to determine a new Champion. Show is out next and he is followed by Cena and then finally Triple H, who gets the biggest pop. This is Hunter’s first match since Backlash. Lillian gives us the big time match ring announcements and then we are set to go. The bell sounds and all four men start going at it. Hunter and Orton end up on the floor as Show beats down Cena in the corner. Hunter clotheslines Orton into the crowd and heads back to the ring. Show tosses Cena across the ring as Cena goes for a bulldog. Hunter and Show stare each other down as we go to break. When we return, the four men are paired off by feud and hammering away at each other. Show chokes Cena on the ropes as Orton is in control on Triple H. Show eats a boot on a charge and Hunter comes over to hammer away at him after sending Orton to the floor. He hits Show with a facebreaker and he and Cena tee off on him. Cena sends him to the floor with a shoulderbreaker and that leaves Cena and Hunter alone in the ring. Hunter puts him down with a shoulderblock and the Cena retaliates with one of his own. Cena hits the spinning side suplex but Triple H pops up before the five knuckle shuffle and hits a spinebuster. He goes for the Pedigree, but Cena reverses to an AA attempt. Show comes in and knocks both men down while Cena had Hunter up. Orton is back as well and he knocks Hunter to the floor. He follows him out and hammers away as Show beats on Cena in the corner. Cena tries to slam Show, but Show shifts his weight and crashes on top for two before Orton breaks it up. Show turns to Orton, but he escapes to the floor. Show grabs Cena by the throat and does the same to Triple H when he comes to help. They break the grip and take Show over with a double suplex. Orton comes in and tries to punt Show, but he catches Randy’s foot. Show lands some headbutts and then drills Orton with a flurry of fists in the corner. He knocks all three men down with clotheslines and headbutts, sending Hunter and Orton to the floor. Show slams Cena down and heads to the middle rope. He drops down with a Vader Bomb but Orton breaks up the pin again. Show tosses Orton to the floor and then turns and crushes Hunter with a big spear for two. Show is working his ass off out there. Show tries a Vader Bomb on Hunter but he rolls out of the way. Orton sneaks back in and goes for the RKO, but Show tosses him off. Hunter comes back in and drops Show with a Pedigree. Cena comes over and sends Hunter over with the AA and then covers Show but only gets two. Cena hoists Show up and kills him with the AA but Orton breaks up the pin. He tosses Cena to the floor and then drops Show with the RKO and regains his Championship. That was a good match and all four men worked hard.
Orton d. Show, Triple H & Cena when he pins Show with the RKO; Grade: 2.5

- Orton heads off with his title as we check out some replays. Cena, Hunter and Show all have pained looks on their faces as they realize they lost out on a major opportunity. We see Vince walking backstage as we head to break.

- We are back from break and checking out another replay of Orton regaining his title last segment. No chance…that’s what you got! Mr. McMahon powerwalks to the ring with a shit eating grin on his face. Cole and Lawler give some last minute discussion on this topic and King tells us that D’Angelo Williams of the Panthers is sitting behind them. Vince has the mic and away we go. He comes to us with a heavy heart and he has done a lot of soul searching and conversations with family, friends and financial advisors. At this stage of his career, he has no made the right decisions. Raw will be independently owned and operated by a man he has done business with before. He has been compensated ion an overwhelming fashion. The new owner is joining us via satellite and he is…Donald J. Trump. Trump is on the Tron and congratulates Vince for making a smart business move. Trump says he is the sole owner of Raw. Vince never showed his appreciation for the audience. He will do stuff that has never been done or seen before. The people deserve something special. It is time for Vince to give back to the people. Vince doesn’t think it is too much to ask for the WWE Universe to give back to him. Trump pumps up Raw’s history and thanks the WWE Universe. They deserve appreciation for their loyalty. In his first act as owner, he will do something that Vince was too cheap to do. Next week, Raw will be commercial free on USA. That is because of Donald Trump. Vince thinks Donald has lost his marbles. He will personally be at Raw next week to run things the right way. He tells Vince not to get in his way and says Vince looked better bald. Vince yells to have the feed cut and he apologizes for his emotion. He wants to deliver his farewell address but he is too emotional right now. He will ask Trump to allow him to make that speech next week. He is still in charge tonight, so we will find out who will face Orton at the Bash before the show ends. We will have a ten man battle royal tonight to determine Orton’s opponent. So, he is going to do something that Trump doesn’t believe in: take the show to commercial break. Well, it has possibilities but the crowd didn’t seem to care much. Cole and King break things down as we go to break.

- We are back and get a quick video recap of last week’s segment. Cole and King talk about the purchase some more and then we head to the ring. Mickie skips to the ring and we take a quick break to check out the Red Faction Gorilla Rewind which takes us back a month ago when Maryse cost Mickie a battle royal win.

3) Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendes
Back live, Mickie is in the ring as Rosa and Beth head to the ring. Rosa tells Beth to go to the back because she wants to do it on her own. Before the match can start we are joined by the Reflection of Perfection Maryse. Ooh wee! The bell sounds and Rosa clubs Mickie in the back. Mickie fires back and puts Rosa down with a forearm. Rosa bails to the floor but Mickie tries to pull her back in, Rosa snaps her on the ropes and then comes back in and hits a neckbreaker for two. Rosa yanks on Mickie’s hair and then hammers away some more as Maryse looks on from ringside. Cole and King run down Trump’s portfolio as Rosa clamps on a rear chinlock. Mickie breaks free and runs Rosa into the corner as she avoids a charge. She follows with some flying elbows and a low dropkick for two. Rosa comes back with a kneelift but Mickie blocks a swinging neckbreaker and plants her with the DDT for the win.
Mickie d. Rosa with the DDT; Grade: 1

- Maryse quickly struts off as Mickie invites her into the ring. Maryse does an about face and hops up on the apron but she bails when Mickie comes at her. Maryse takes off as Mickie glares at her from the ring as we go to break.

- When we return, Goldust and Hornswoggle are in the ring shooting t-shirts into the crowd. We are then joined by the Miz, who is wearing his anti-Cena shirt. I bet some fans wish Goldust was shooting those shirts into the crowd. Miz has a message for Trump: if he is really looking to take this show to the next level and do something unprecedented, then the new face of Raw is the Miz! Cena is a face of the past and this is the money maker of the present and future. Last week, he told Maryse and the WWE Universe that he would back up what he said about Cena and he did. He left him unconscious in the ring and tonight he will toss Cena over the top rope and win that battle royal. He isn’t stopping at the WWE Championship because he wants it all: magazine covers, endorsements and movies. His face will be on everything and we will all eat up and beg for more. I can’t argue with that. He tells Goldust and Horny to get out of the ring. Goldust says he has been watching Miz trying to play mind games with Cena but it isn’t working. He asks Miz where his imagination and creativity are. He once gave Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth to get in his head, but Miz just runs his mouth about how awesome he is. Miz should change his name to the Wiz because when he starts talking, that is what everybody gets up to take. Miz calls Goldust a circus act and Goldust calls him a loser. Miz tells him to grow up and he shoves Horny. Goldust is in no position to talk to Miz about succeeding in this business. Crowd is all over the Miz here. This is Goldust’s fourth or fifth trip around WWE and he is trying to recapture the magic. Goldust in 1996 was cool and funny but Goldust 2009 is an irrelevant t-shirt shooting joke. He won’t even beat Goldust down because nobody would even care. Instead, he will show Trump he isn’t afraid to take risks and he smashes Goldust with the mic. Miz shoves Horny down and grabs the t-shirt gun. He tells Horny to get on his knees and then fires a t-shirt into his nuts from point blank range. Miz is so awesome and is drawing a ton of heat right now.

- The Popeye’s Slam of the Week brings us stills from Extreme Rules and the World Heavyweight Championship ladder match and ensuing bout with Punk cashing in and taking the belt. Backstage, Matthews is with Punk and talking about the draft benefiting Punk. He asks if Punk has any regrets cashing in on a vulnerable Hardy. Punk says a year ago, Batista beat up Edge and gave Punk a chance to beat him for the belt. Everyone loved it then and he won a Slammy. If Edge had won the ladder match, he would be here a conquering hero. But since he beat Jeff, he is supposed to have a morality crisis. He put his body on the line at Wrestlemania and earned this shot. He thinks most people agree with him, but some don’t. Matt Hardy comes in now and tells Punk not to feel bad because he would have done the exact same thing. Punk thinks that would be difficult since Matt has never won MITB or been World Champion. They are nothing alike because Matt thrives on jealousy and spite while Punk earns everything the hard way. Punk rocking wrist tape with Misawa’s name on it was a nice touch. Back at ringside, JR takes to last week to see footage of Edge breaking up with Vickie after she forfeited her GM position. We then head to the ring for our fourth title match.

4) Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge is out first and he is followed by Hardy, who gets a big pop, as we head to break. When we return, CM Punk makes his way out, belt in tow. Justin Roberts gives us the big match introductions, with Hardy getting the biggest pop, natch. Punk gets mostly boos which is good to see. All three men attack off the bell with Jeff taking early control. He rolls Punk up for two but Edge breaks it up. Edge rolls Jeff up for a near fall and Punk returns the favor and gets Edge with one as well. Punk clotheslines Edge to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Punk may have tweaked his knee as he hoists Edge up. Jeff comes flying over the top and takes out both men with a cross body block. Jeff tosses Punk back inside and gets a near fall. He mares Punk over and dropkicks him in the back for two. Jeff eats a boot on a charge and Punk puts him down with a clothesline for two. Punk slams Jeff and drops a corkscrew elbow for two. Punk locks in a rear chinlock as the crowd tries to rally Jeff. Edge pulls himself up to the apron and catches Punk as he comes to meet him. He kicks both men down with a big boot and then tosses Jeff to the floor. Edge covers Punk and gets two. He kicks away at punk and then lands some right hands. Edge runs him into the corner and follows with some elbows to the head. He sits Punk on the top rope and follows him up but Jeff comes over and yanks him off. Jeff heads up and tries a superplex, but Punk blocks it. Edge comes over and puts Jeff on his shoulders. Punk tries for a clothesline but Jeff ducks it and rolls forward to get two on Edge. All three men are down as we take a quick break. When we return, Jeff is on the floor and Punk is working Edge over with some elbows to the head. He drills Edge with a leg lariat as Jeff comes back in. He nails both men with the charging knee in the corner and then bulldogs Edge out of the corner, colliding with Jeff on the way by. Punk gets a near fall on both men. He pulls Hardy up and hoists him on his shoulders but Edge chop blocks Punk to take both men down. Edge hooks the Sharpshooter but Jeff comes from behind and locks Edge in a sleeperhold. Edge fades and breaks the hold, allowing Jeff to get two on Edge before Punk breaks it up. Edge recovers and whips Punk into Jeff in the corner. Punk avoids a spear and gets a sunset flip for two but Jeff breaks it up with a dropkick. He hits Edge with the double legdrop to the midsection and then nails Punk and gets a near fall. Punk blocks a jawjacker and takes him out. He heads over and tries to suplex Edge back into the ring, but Jeff slides to the floor and yanks Edge off the apron, snapping Punk’s neck across the rope as well. Jeff heads up top, but Edge shoves him off to the mat. Edge tries a spear on Punk, but Punk catches him with a powerslam for two. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Punk blocks it and tries for the G2S. Jeff slips free and Punk leapfrogs Edge and he ends up crushing Jeff with a spear for two. Punk gets pushed off the top rope and to the floor and he smacks his knee on the steel steps. The trainer comes out to check on him as Punk writhes on the floor in pain. Edge and Jeff collide in mid air as they go at each other with cross bodies. Punk is still being attended to as Edge picks Jeff up. Jeff fights him off and hits the Whisper in the Wind for two but Punk somehow makes it in and breaks it up. Jeff slides to the floor and violently kicks away at Punk’s leg to take him out. Jeff comes back and Edge gets him with a small package for two. Jeff recovers and drops Edge with the Twist of Fate. He heads up top and drills the Swanton to a huge pop. He covers but Punk pulls him to the floor at two in a great near fall. Punk sends Hardy into the steps and slides back in. He rolls Edge up and picks up the win to end a great match.
Punk d. Edge & Hardy when he pins Edge after Hardy Swanton Bomb; Grade: 3.5

- Punk stands tall with his belt, but the celebration is interrupted by the GM of Smackdown Teddy Long. He announces that Punk’s next title defense will be against Jeff Hardy at the Bash. Cole and King talk about Trump some more as well as recapping the WWE Championship match from earlier before we go to break.

- We are back and Cole and King have been joined by Rhodes & DiBiase at ringside. They are looking quite focused on our next match.

5) Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith vs. Primo & Carlito Colon in a non title match
The Hart Dynasty makes its way to the ring for a shot on Monday nights. DiBiase craps on Cole but Cole corrects his grammar and Ted goes silent. Cody covers for him as the Champions make their way out. Smith and Primo start of as Cody tells Cole and King to take a break as they will take over. Smith hammers away at primo and shoots him into the corner. He eats a back elbow on a charge and dropkicks Smith in the knee. Kidd distracts Primo, allowing Smith to take over. He drops Primo with a backbreaker and stomps away before hooking in a rear chinlock. Smith heads to the middle rope but Primo dodges the legdrop attempt. He flips over Smith and tags in Carlito. He fires away at Smith and boots him in the face. Carlito hits a springboard back elbow for two. Kidd comes in but he goes flying to the floor when Primo ducks him. Primo comes over the top with a cross body block. Smith tries a Powerslam, but Carlito slips free and hits the Backstabber. He covers but Legacy comes in to draw the DQ.
Colons d. Hart Dynasty by disqualification when Legacy interferes; Grade: 1

- Legacy pounds on Carlito and primo and tosses them to the floor. We see Triple H walking as we go to break.

- Back from break, we get a video package recapping the recent tour of Northern Europe. After that we take another look at the Vince/Trump segment from earlier. Backstage, Santino is sitting with Mr. McMahon. Vince asks what is going on. Santino wants to make sure he still has a job. What if a superstar had a twin sister and everyone thought they were the same person because she had no cleavage and a five o’clock shadow. Vince says Donald may be attracted to his sister. Trump will do whatever he wants to do. And Vince’s phone blows up with his theme song as the ring tone, which is awesome. Vince takes Trump to task for being rough on him and not making it a smooth transition. Trump says he wants to make an announcement tonight after the battle royal. Vince says he will make the announcement for Trump to save him some time. Vince says they will roll out the red carpet for Trump next week because everyone is waiting for it. Vince hangs up and says he can’t stand a billionaire with a massive ego. Santino says Vince must hate himself then. He back tracks and stammers all over himself and keeps making worse digs as he tries to make things better. Santino finally scampers off as we head back to the ring.

6) Battle Royal to earn a WWE Championship match at The Bash Participants
MVP, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, William Regal, Miz, Big Show, John Cena, Triple H, Kofi Kingston & Matt Hardy

Back to the ring, Legacy is still out there as it is battle royal time. MVP is out next, followed by Matt Hardy, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, Miz and Big Show before we go to break. When we return, Grish and JR tells us that Jeff Hardy will take on Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio will battle Edge this Friday night on Smackdown. Back to the battle royal, Triple H makes his way out to “King of Kings” which makes me happy. Cena is the last man out and this feels like an Indy show with the big battle royal at the end with the guys from earlier. The bell sounds and all ten men start to rumble. Cena and Show go at it, as expected and the rest pair off. Show smacks Miz with a chop as Cody almost gets tossed out. Show lights up Miz with another chop but Cena comes and unloads on Show. Randy Orton emerges from the back to watch from the ramp. Show drills MVP with a headbutt as he dominates the match. Matt almost tosses the Miz but he hangs on. Kofi works over Regal while Legacy tries to toss Triple H. Show beats on Kofi as Miz and Hardy try to eliminate Cena. All ten men are hanging tough as they continue to smack each other around. Show starts sending guys flying around the ring left and right as Matt bails to the floor under the bottom rope. Show pulls him up into the ring by the head, yanks him in the ring and then tosses him right back out over the top. MVP hits the Drive By, but Show tosses him to the floor off of that. Show chokeslams Miz and he rolls to the floor. The rest of the combatants converge and are able to toss Show. They all take a step back to reevaluate as we take another break. When we return, the remaining six are trying to eliminate each other. Legacy is working over Cena as Triple H and Regal throw down while Kofi takes a breather. Cena is able to toss Cody over the top, but he hangs on to the bottom rope to stay alive. Things plug along with some basic brawling and elimination teasing. Legacy almost tosses Hunter, but he barely hangs on until Cena helps him out. This may be the longest battle royal I have ever seen. Cena and Hunter have a big showdown in the ring and then start to throw down. Hunter hoists Cena up but Cena is able to slip out when Legacy comes to go after Hunter. Cena and Hunter end up taking each other out with a double clothesline as Legacy works over Kofi. Ted hot shots Kofi on the top rope and Legacy eliminates him with a double clothesline. Regal fights off Legacy by himself but they are able to overpower William and toss him out. And we are down to Legacy, Cena and Triple H. They pair off with Legacy gaining control. They take Cena down with a double flapjack and then hammer away on Hunter. Cena recovers and takes both members down with his usual offense. He sends Cody over with a big back body drop and then tosses DiBiase. Cena tosses Cody, but he hangs on and skins the cat back in. Hunter comes charging and clotheslines Cody to the floor as Orton freaks out. Hunter slips out of a AA and drills Cena with the Pedigree. Legacy comes back in and works over Hunter some more until the refs force them out. As both men are down, Miz pops up and peers over the apron as he was never eliminated. He slides in the ring and lines up both men as they pull themselves up. He comes charging but both men drop down and Miz goes flying over the top. Hunter takes the opportunity to toss Cena as well as Hunter wins the match to advance to the Bash.
Triple H wins the battle royal; Grade: N/A

- We are immediately joined by Donald Trump on the Tron. He congratulates Triple H on his win and reminds us that he will run Raw right. So, we aren’t going to wait until the Bash as Triple H and Randy Orton will face off next week on Raw in a Last Man Standing match instead. Orton doesn’t look happy but Triple H seems to like it as we fade out.

Final Grade: B-

MVP: Miz
Runner Up: Randy Orton
Non MVP: Major Announcement
Runner Up: Christian & Tommy Dreamer

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