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WWF Monday Night RAW - March 21, 1994

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Poughkeepsie, NY

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon (whoís voice is gone) and Randy Savage are on commentary. McMahon mentions that Bret Hart is the NEW WWF World Champion. Randy Savage mentions that he would have been a three time WWF World Champion if it wasnít for Crush.

Opening Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers defeated The Bushwhackers in a non-title match:

Bushwhackers attack the Quebecers before the bell and corner Johnny Polo until he is pulled out of the ring. Quebecers attack the Bushwhackers as they play to the crowd. Bushwhackers bite the buttocks of the champions. Double clothesline sends Pierre over the top to the floor. Pierre accidentally drops a forearm to his partnerís Jacque chest. Jacque accidentally hits Johnny Polo with a right hand. Bushwhackers work over Jacque for a few moments. Jacque scoop slams Luke down and manages to tag in Pierre but Pierre is worked on by Butch. Butch sends Pierre hard chest first into the corner and connects with a standing fist drop. Back from commercial, the Quebecers work over Luke. Jacque scoop slams Pierre onto Luke for a near fall. Jacque backdrops Pierre onto Luke for another near fall. Pierre misses a splash off the top as Luke got his boot up. Butch gets the tag and takes care of Pierre with a backdrop and a right hand to the midsection of Jacque. Battering ram to Jacque and Pierre. Johnny Polo enters the ring and attacks Butch during a pin attempt. The Bushwhackers have Polo but Pierre connects with a running knee to the back of Butch and picks up the win. *1/4
After the match, the Quebecers and Johnny Polo celebrate their win.

Vince McMahon is with Johnny Polo and the Quebecers. Johnny Polo says that they will take on anybody. Capt. Lou Albano asks if the Quebecers will accept a challenge from a tag team that Albano puts together. Albano wants them to put the belts on the line, and the Quebecers agree to that.

Stills from Wrestle Mania X is shown. Lex Lugerís dream of winning the title being ruined by Mr. Perfect. Razor Ramon retaining the WWF Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match. Bret Hart winning the WWF World Championship from Yokozuna.

Tatanka is getting ready for action backstage.

IRS presents reasons to pay taxes. IRS says that paying taxes is a privilege. IRS says that tax cheats like to see national debt rise. IRS will make everyone work everyday and holidays if he catches them cheating on their taxes.

Second Contest: Tatanka defeated Chris Hammrick

Tatanka with a atomic drop and a knee to the midsection of Hammrick. Tatanka with a backdrop and several chops. Back suplex by Tatanka. Tatanka avoids a attack by Hammrick who sails through the middle rope and crashes hard to the floor. Tatanka slingshots Hammrick from the apron into the ring. Tatanka with a vertical suplex and a power slam. This is a rather long squash match. Tatanka goes on a war path and connects with a overhand chop and a Samoan Drop for the win.

Todd Pettengill with another Wrestle Mania X Report. Pictures of the celebrities involved with Wrestle Mania X. Pettengill reminds everyone of the encore presentation.

Third Contest: Diesel defeated Luscious:

Diesel dominates the match with several blows to the midsection and head of the jobber. Diesel with a side slam and snake eyes. Diesel with a big boot and a power bomb for the easy win.

Video promoting next weekís match where Lex Luger will take on Rick Martel.

The NEW WWF World Champion Bret Hart makes his way for a special interview in the ring with Vince McMahon. McMahon believes that fate was on Bret Hartís side yesterday afternoon. Bret Hart says that he will take on all challengers and he will give Yokozuna a rematch. McMahon discusses Bret Hart the loss to Owen Hart at Wrestle Mania X. A few guys are cheering that news. Bret Hart says that Owen Hart won only one match. Bret Hart makes sure to point out that he is the WWF World Champion and not his brother.

Johnny Polo interviewed Burt Reynolds after Wrestle Mania X where Reynolds really puts over the wrestlers of the WWF.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Koko B. Ware:

Nikolai Volkoff is sitting in the front row booing Jeff Jarrett. Koko gets a entrance and a pretty solid reception from the crowd. Jarrett takes Ware down with a hip toss early on and taunts Ware. Ware with several shoulder blocks and Jarrett bails to the floor. Jarrett delivers a back elbow and a dropkick to stop Ware. Jarrett follows up with a snap suplex and a elbow drop. Jarrett misses a fist drop off the middle rope. Ware with a couple of shoulder blocks, a clothesline, scoop slam and elbow drop off the ropes for a near fall. Jarrett ducks a clothesline and plants Ware with a jumping DDT for the win.

After the match, Jeff Jarrett taunts Randy Savage who gets all fired up and wants to go after Jarrett but Vince McMahon holds him back. Savage breaks free and goes to the middle turnbuckle and enters the ring where he brawls with Jarrett. Savage sends Jarrett into Ware who delivers a axe handle off the middle rope and Jarrett is sent over the top to the floor.

Vince McMahon raises the hand of Randy Savage for fighting off Jeff Jarrett. McMahon goes over what will be on RAW next week. 1-2-3 Kid and Owen Hart will be in singles action. Lex Luger will face Rick Martel.

My Take: The Bushwhackers circa 1994 were pretty bad and their match on this show was no different than their others. They do not offer much to wrestling and arenít at all entertaining anymore. Koko B. Ware is another guy that doesnít belong in the WWF at the moment. If Vince McMahon were to pull the trigger on a Jarrett/Savage feud, I think it would be very successful in helping Jarrett become a huge name.

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